Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and ZCash: 2019's Crypto Majors

The ever-less-mainstream media, which parrots the views of the establishment fiat financial oligopoly, continues to give cryptocurrency markets less than their fair shake, in our view.

When cryptocurrency markets pull back - corrections being a natural part of economics, they do from time to time pull back - it is always hailed by the Rothschild/Soros-influenced press as the end of the cryptocurrency world.

This theme has now been played out countless times in the decade since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, launched. From Mt. Gox to regulatory hurdles to contentious software forks, each conquerable challenge was re-branded as Total Irreversible Calamity by the people who stand to lose the most from the rest of us going peer-to-peer on the issue of money creation, and maybe on the issue of Internet content as well.

Disastrous - for them. Fun - for us.

Despite the apocalypse theatrics, when you look at the growth in userbase and even growth in fiat price, crypto is doing just fine. The nerdy, but interesting video below - which shows off what was, at the time, reportedly the largest Ether mining facility in the world - was released when Ether was “just under $10.” Today one Ether is $106.27, a more than 10x increase in value since that mining video was released.

Similarly, where is the actual Bitcoin apocalypse we keep hearing about? In January 2017, one Bitcoin could be bought for less than $1,000. Today, one Bitcoin goes for $3,421 as of writing this. Bitcoin alternatives Litecoin and ZCash, a privacy-focused currency, have also seen substantial gains during a similar time frame. Don’t buy the hype, but don’t buy the fear porn either. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and many here in Washington, DC follow it enthusiastically.


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10 Things We Know That Will Blow Your Mind


The world is run by occult child traffickers, and human trafficking for sexual & sacrificial purposes is one of the largest shadow economies on planet Earth. Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the US Department of Homeland Security and ICE (which reports to that Department) have made the war against human trafficking a top enforcement priority.

From ICE: "In fiscal year 2016, HSI initiated 1,029 investigations with a nexus to human trafficking and recorded 1,952 arrests, 1,176 indictments, and 631 convictions; 435 victims were identified and assisted.  ICE continues to make human trafficking cases a top investigative priority, bringing traffickers to justice and connecting victims to services to help them restore their lives." (source:


Global elites are mostly pagan, not Christian, Jewish, or any other monotheistic mainline religion. The Bohemian Grove, an annual occult gathering of business and political elites, reportedly features worship of an owl-like demon entity known as Moloch. In ancient times, Moloch was known as a deity that responded favorably to child sacrifice, and in the now unclassified U.S. Department of State emails WikiLeaks released several years ago - now collectively referred to as the Clinton Emails ( - a State Dept staffer apparently informs Hillary Clinton "With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch" ( - and Hillary Clinton doesn't reply with LOL or WHAT?!! or anything of the sort. Instead, she appears to forward the email to her aide Huma Abedin, only asking her to print out a copy for reference's sake: "Pls print."

In an Instagram account at the center of the bizarre Pizzagate scandal, a Clinton-connected DC elite known as jimmycomet on Instagram posted a number of photos of infants unrelated to him. In one of the photos, a caption is given "chicken lover," leading some researchers to assert that chicken may be a code word for a human infant. Even if it's just a chicken being sacrificed to the owl-god of child sacrifice or whatever, this email exchange still moves the dial on our creep radar significantly!

A signed, personal thank you letter from Hillary Clinton to jimmycomet is also posted on his Instagram, apparent thanks for hosting an event at his restaurant. Clinton supporters claimed there was zero connection between Hillary and this individual, but that thank you letter proves this is clearly not the case.


In the past, although banks were influential, money itself was a mostly neutral mechanism - whether it took the form of gold, silver, animal pelts, or private credits between consenting parties - for centuries money was neutral, and bankers made their money from prudent investments and loans.

Today, the opposite is the case: our money is not neutral at all, and the banks which are allowed to store and shuttle it around the globe for us are interchangeable servants to the money itself. And what is our money? Since 1913-onward, when the Federal Reserve was chartered into existence, money has gradually become a "Debt token" issued and controlled by a handful of unelected families - this token became totally unredeemable for gold after President Nixon "temporarily" closed the gold window. To this day, nearly a generation later, and this "temporary" decision has not been reversed.

"The Nixon shock was a series of economic measures undertaken by United States President Richard Nixon in 1971, the most significant of which was the unilateral cancellation of the direct international convertibility of the United States dollar to gold," according to Wikipedia.


The Rothschilds, widely regarded as the wealthiest family in the world, were close personal friends of the Clintons throughout the 1990s and are among their most ardent financial supporters to this day. A New York Times article before the 2016 Presidential election noted that the Rothschilds' held an exorbitant fundraising dinner at their Martha's Vineyard mansion for the Clintons, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Rothschild banking family appears throughout the Fritz Springmeier dossier uploaded to the CIA's web site under the Trump administration (see: As Springmeier writes on the first page of the document, "I am not a conspiracy theorist. I deal with real facts, not theory. Some of the people I write about, I have met. Some of the people I expose are alive and very dangerous."

"I do not fear the Illuminati taking over this country and doing away with the Constitution, because they took over this country long ago, and  the Constitution has not technically been in effect due to Presidential emergency decrees since W.W. II," Springmeier states with authority.

His bizarre primer on the ruling bloodline or Illuminati families has a strange story of its own. Although in circulation since the mid-1990s, when it was published, the book became very hard to find at all for a while - and digital copies fetched as much as several hundred dollars each on Amazon. When a copy of the manuscript was found in Bin Laden's Abbottabad compound, it gave Trump's CIA a reason to archive and upload the entire document uncensored to their web site, alongside other pieces of data retrieved from the Abbottabad site.

Was Bin Laden retaliating not against the United States, but against a cabal of trillionaire banker families outed in Springmeier's manuscript? I suppose we will never know for certain what his intended targets were, or his goals.



Although it is common knowledge that Hitler committed suicide in 1945, the year World War II ended, credible intelligence community accounts portray an entirely different picture. When the JFK Files were released as prescribed by law in late 2017 with only limited analysis by anybody in the US media afterward, a trove of documents relating to Hitler's post-War life were included in the release. You can view them and our analysis of them here ( As our research team noted at the time, "even as we gather more information, it does appear formerly top secret USG documents - declassified just days ago - indicate Hitler survived the end of WWII and lived for at least another ten years somewhere in South America. Wild if true!"

Aside from Hitler's probable survival for at least a decade after the official end of World War II, many leading German aeronautic scientists were brought over to the US as part of a secret government program called Operation Paperclip. The goal was to bring these German scientists and engineers to the US, so that their work could continue. The American space program was the direct result of this, with leading American NASA rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun the most visible scientist to emerge from the program.

As NASA's history web site today finally admits (, "Von Braun is well known as the leader of what has been called the 'rocket team' which developed the V–2 ballistic missile for the Nazis during World War II. The V–2s were manufactured at a forced labor factory called Mittelwerk. Scholars are still reassessing his role in these controversial activities."


A number of studies have demonstrated water fluoridation leads to limited or nonexistent reduction in tooth cavities, while having a detrimental effect on adult IQs. Fluoride has also been linked to a number of serious medical conditions and disorders in humans, and is regarded as a neurotoxin.

If you're a long time FULCRUM reader, you may remember that our "fluoride free challenge" began around October 2017.

Since then, I've switched to a fluoride-free toothpaste brand and use a ceramic filter to remove fluoride from my drinking water at home. I now also have an inexpensive fluoride filter shower head, allowing me to take "fluoride-free" (or close to it) showers every morning.

The results have been remarkable: I sleep less, I feel more focused throughout the day, and my sex drive is higher on average.

Fluoride is believed to interact and interfere with the pineal gland, a small gland toward the center of the brain that was revered by ancient societies as the seat of the soul. To modern science, the pineal gland is known to regulate a number of key hormones, including melatonin (the sleep hormone). Many believe that fluoride interferes with and degrades our sleep cycle, leading to reduced health over time.


In one of the more bizarre WikiLeaks reveals, an August 1, 1973 State Department cable appears to show the orchestration of a large "SHIPMENT OF FROZEN PENGUIN GLANDS."


3. The glowing "eye" atop the pyramid on the back of the US $1 bill, as well as the eye depicted in ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs, is believed to be a reference to the pineal gland - and its purported powers.

2. Bitcoin, which launched to a mostly volunteer userbase one decade ago (January 2009) for the equivalent of less than one penny each at the time, is today worth US $3,455.06 per coin, or US $60,523,952,715 collectively.

The world's first central bank free, person-to-person cryptocurrency went from a presumed market capitalization of near $0 to about $60.5 billion in only ten years.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, has never revealed himself and has not been heard from since 2010. Assuming he still has access to his bitcoins, and assuming he is still alive somewhere, the software developer would be one of the wealthiest people on the planet... but still poor compared to any of the banking families profiled in Fritz Springmeier's "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" manuscript.

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THE EVIDENCE: Did Roger Stone Help Uncover a Satanic 'Cabal' Involving the Clintons?

To understand this bizarre, but true story - the largest political scandal of recent times, and one that entangles the Clintons, as well as the Soros and Rothschild international banking families - you have to go back to 2010.

Many have been threatened, sued, falsely imprisoned and in some rare cases even killed in pursuit of the details of this scandal.

Yet now we have all the pieces, and accountability for these people is needed. FULCRUM is not a law enforcement agency, we are researchers and a media outlet in Washington. After this information becomes widely known and validated worldwide, it will be up to those in law enforcement to take broad action.

Beginning around 2010, approximately a year after President Obama took office, rumors began to swirl in the truth community that some kind of Satanic cult or club had quietly seized the reins of control in Washington, D.C., and was beginning to assert itself.

Famed conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart called out John Podesta, a long time Clinton insider, and Bill Clinton's former White House chief of staff, as being a key part of this occult child abuse effort. 

"What's in your closet, John Podesta? Big Podesta? Big Soros? Do you want us to play these games?" Breitbart asked mockingly into a Slate reporter's recorder in one of his last known interviews, clearly exasperated with the "politics of personal destruction" he was experiencing for calling out these powerful men, and their alleged links to some of the absolute seediest activities on planet Earth. "F**k you, John Podesta," Breitbart appears to conclude in the interview, which can still be found on YouTube HERE.


On February 4, 2011 the above was tweeted about John Podesta from Andrew Breitbart's verified Twitter account, and several months later Breitbart died of sudden heart failure, only in his early 40s.

The rumors somewhat subside after Breitbart's death, and during his two terms Barack Obama is able to enact a surprising amount of his agenda, with the help of his Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Rumors continue to swirl that Obama is some kind of Rothschild/Soros operative, and this culminates with Secretary Clinton extrajudicially wiping out Libya's leader and leadership, ruthlessly (he was sodomized and beaten to death in the street by his own people, if you remember). His crime? As we would later learn, Libya's leader was pushing for a pan-African gold backed currency, which put him in direct conflict with the Rothschild banking deepstate's doctrine.

The banking deepstate wants the world to use debt backed paper currencies - their currencies - now and forever more. Things like gold and cryptocurrency are not debt backed, and exist in discrete quantities that can't be inflated or deflated at will by a handful of banking families. They can't be easily controlled from all angles.

John Podesta largely escapes mass public negative attention after Breitbart's death, until in late 2016 when his private emails begin to be leaked by WikiLeaks in suspenseful batches (, hitting a crescendo just days before the US Presidential election in which newcomer Republican candidate Donald Trump was pitted against establishment Democratic darling Hillary Clinton, the same woman who decimated Libya at the behest of the Rothschilds.

As Podesta's emails have been examined by millions in the more than two years since their release, a scandal known as "Pizzagate" has exploded into the public consciousness, despite mainstream media opposition and unprecedented attempts at censorship.

Pizzagate, as outlined in our 8 minute documentary viewed 215,000+ times on Bitchute so far, focuses around the fact that Podesta repeatedly uses "pizza" as a code word for an item of some kind - many researchers believe pizza is a code word for a young female child.

It has nothing to do with pizza shops, although a bizarre pizza shop owner does pop up repeatedly in Podesta's emails, and that pizza shop owner was curiously labeled by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the most powerful men in DC. He also visited the Obama White House a minimum of five times according to publicly accessible logs.

John Podesta, who received spiritcooking invitations (, has personally dined with Lynn Forester de Rothschild and George Soros as far back as 2007, according to WikiLeaks emails (

John Podesta is not a mere gopher; he's a fixer to the two wealthiest and most powerful families in the West.


This is very bad for Soros and the Rothschilds as Podesta's perversion goes properly viral around the world, thanks to Roger Stone's recent indictment and arrest. Millions of smart people have read the WikiLeaks, including many here in Washington, DC.

Roger Stone must have known exactly what he was doing in late 2016 when he drew voters' attention to John Podesta's bizarre emails. He did nothing wrong by promoting the emails, of course. 

General Michael Flynn also drew attention to the Podesta emails from his verified Twitter account just four days before the Presidential election in 2016.


Vast changes of some kind lay ahead.

-David Seaman

Hemp CBD Legalization Benefiting Dogs & Cats Already?!

When we report on the significant changes in public policy toward non-psychoactive hemp based healing compounds like cannabidiol, or CBD, we often focus on ourselves rather than our pets.

Yet the recent passage of the 2018 farm bill, and total legalization of hemp based CBD products within the United States as a result, have caused interest in many CBD pet products to skyrocket. If humans are not the only mammals with a sophisticated endocannabinoid system in their bodies, if other mammals including dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system as well, would they benefit?

Does CBD ease their pain and suffering? Does it even prolong a pet’s life in some cases?

Hemp CBD gave Simba a second run at life.

Hemp CBD gave Simba a second run at life.

Our family’s dear 10 and a half year old chihuahua, Simba, was on his last leg (we thought!) not long ago.

The vet tested his liver enzymes and they were 5 times above normal levels. The prognosis was not good.

As a last resort, we ordered Simba some vet-formulated hemp CBD, dosed him with it for about 3 days before remarkable results began to show up.

Instead of curling up in the closet or at the foot of the bed, which he does when very sick, Simba began to play with his toys again, even bringing one to us to throw for him.

Results over the following weeks were simply extraordinary, in my view. We feel like we got our little guy back - his appetite is excellent again, he bounds with energy into the evening hours as he used to. Although we can’t guarantee your pet will experience the same results, I was simply blown away as a person who researches and investigates things for a living. Our dog was given a second lease on life, and it caused FULCRUM to look further into the doggie CBD craze.

The anecdotal reports and evidence posted online by dog and cat owners are promising, I definitely noticed more “positive” than negative or neutral reports from owners posted online, although this is still a very new area of research - hemp CBD products have been entirely legal in the USA for a very short period of time, as the farm bill just passed late last year. There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding these products, with concerns about quality, where to get it, etc.

Where to get your dog/cat formulated CBD? It is important to find a manufacturer that is both high quality and aware that dogs and cats are more sensitive to the phytocannabinoids found naturally in hemp oil.

As FULCRUM loves researching things, we secured a large batch of high quality dog/cat formulated CBD tincture, and a 30 to 60 day supply is included with every Spring Gift Bag order. So that would be one easy way to get your first pet CBD experience! You don’t need to be a subscriber of FULCRUM to order the gift bag, and it also includes a signed copy of my acclaimed paperback Lighting The Way about cannabis modernization, decentralized money, and my other topics of interest.

The gift bag is designed to be convenient, discreet and we are thrilled with the surge in orders recently.

Our high quality dog/cat formulated CBD tincture contains organic cold-pressed hemp CBD oil, designed to be easy on the sensitive digestive systems of dogs and cats. Some extracts are more harsh, ours is not. Dosing instructions are included on the bottle. The oil is sourced from a reputable Colorado company that grows the hemp, I’ve visited their facility outside of Denver personally as we do not include anything in our FULCRUM gift bag without significant testing and research beforehand. The oil is also lab tested for purity and strength, which is something many CBD producers aren’t yet doing across the board.

Regardless of whether you order from us or elsewhere, we would love to hear your experiences with using hemp to heal your dog or cat! -Ed.

Kyle Mantyla: Covering For Suspected Podesta Crimes Is Not a Good Thing


From the website of the People For the American Way: "Kyle Mantyla serves as a senior fellow for People For the American Way and reports for the organization's Right Wing Watch project. First hired as a research assistant by People For the American Way in 1999, he has now for more than 15 years provided daily coverage and expertise on a wide range of right-wing organizations activists."

And who is behind People For the American Way? From Right Wing Watch's own web site: "Tony and John Podesta, the former People For the American Way president and the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, respectively."

Mantyla has attacked our founder as a right wing extremist, yet as we've pointed out here before (, our founder voted both times for Barack Obama and was a columnist at Huffington Post, a left-leaning publication in the view of many media critics. Before that, he contributed to Business Insider and, neither of which are known as being right wing, much less extreme.

FULCRUM sources have seen Mantyla before here in D.C., eating or drinking alone with a laptop out, presumably writing his attack pieces against people like our founder. What ghoulish behavior, and if he has been working for these people since 1999 as his web site states, what a hollowed out man inside he must be. The Podestas are not good people, and Mantyla must know it.

How much is Kyle Mantyla compensated to smear private individuals concerned about the Podesta brothers' criminality?

His blog appears in Google News results, so he must understand the impact of his smears, and there must be some kind of intentionality driving these smears.

Does he find it to be a conflict of interest that a Podesta brother was a president of his own organization? We do, we find that to be a profound and basic conflict of interest.

It's a weird tack, a man trying to cover up the growing international public anger against the disgusting Podesta lobbyist brothers, and trying to brand that anger as "right wing" or fringe, when it's neither strictly speaking.

Conservatives and liberals alike demand answers into the Podestas, there is enough there:

Spiritcooking invitations and dinners with Marina Abramovic

Use of a residential torture chamber

Pizza "for an hour"

"Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy."

"We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure."

These strange emails demand investigation, not further personal character attacks from Kyle Mantyla or anyone else connected to the disgusting Podestas. For more information on the growing Pizzagate scandal, watch our original 8 minute legally vetted documentary on the subject, now viewed 214,000+ times on Bitchute: 

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Dust The Plan: How QANON Put Trump's Base To Sleep, When He Needed Them "On Deck"


I try to see the silver linings in things whenever possible, and if there’s a positive to the QANON Trump populist base “pacification hoax” (as WikiLeaks has described it publicly), it is that it has somewhat alienated me from some Trump supporters on social media, and has caused me to no longer identify as strictly one of them. They get some things right, and some things wrong.

I support Trump, not these keyboard warriors on 8chan defrauding older people out of their hard earned cash. These are people on a fixed income in many cases, so taking their money to “decode” QANON riddles is morally wrong, and possibly illegal.

They represent QANON as some kind of government insider or representative of Trump, when they know that is not true.

18 U.S. Code § 912 states “Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

What kind of person says “trust the plan” for 14 months as suspected high level pedophiles remain completely free, and even attack their victims in some cases? (Ed.: See our last article about the connections between IAC chairman Barry Diller and suspected pedophile John Podesta; IAC owns the Daily Beast, which has attacked our founder and other Pedogate researchers without cause.)

What kind of person believes, evidence completely absent, that leading truthers like myself and Alex Jones who have sacrificed much for the country are “Mossad-funded” traitors? What kind of person goes along with such knuckle-dragging idiocy?

And more important:

What does this QANON thing mean and how did we get here?

After being one of the first journalists in the US to cover John Podesta’s bizarre occult WikiLeaks released in late 2016, just weeks ahead of the Presidential election, I did not think we would be here more than two years later. (Podesta was, of course, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and a longtime Clinton insider.)

I thought the Podesta spirit-cooking and pizza reference stuff would go from fringe to viral mainstream within two months at the most, winding Podesta up in a thorough and swift federal investigation. Yet, this never happened. Instead, there’s some evidence that federal authorities may have launched initial inquiries into the private individuals—including researchers, journalists—who took it upon themselves to disseminate the Podesta WikiLeaks to a wider audience.

Even if you were to discount every pizza-related email in Podesta’s WikiLeaks, troubling emails about occult spiritcooking and invitations from occultist Marina Abramovic still appear front and center in the emails, as do communications between Podesta and Google’s former chairman, Eric Schmidt.

“Pizzagate” was always real. Podesta and his code language need a proper look, as does his interest in occult spiritcooking ceremonies.

“Pizzagate” was always real. Podesta and his code language need a proper look, as does his interest in occult spiritcooking ceremonies.

And just as the Pizzagate scandal began to reach fever pitch in the States, with me reaching more than 162,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and with Alex Jones’ multi-billion views Infowars YouTube channel hammering away about the allegations of occult child trafficking networks tied to the Clintons and their wealthy globalist backers… a claim also made by conservative journalistic firebrand Andrew Breitbart just months before his untimely death, he specifically called out John Podesta as a cover-up operative for these child trafficking efforts… (Update: find my new videos on censorship proof, which we own! Weekly new shows and 24/7 news chatbox.)

Just as all this is starting to finally mainline in the public consciousness, they ban everybody. Alex Jones’ Infowars, both my decade old personal channel, and FULCRUM News’ company account.

And then QANON and its “bakers” (self-proclaimed analysts who unpacked the Q postings or “crumbs” to ever growing, oddly never censored YouTube & Facebook livestream audiences) moved in, taking up seemingly significant percent of the truth community’s mindshare—and attacking Alex Jones, myself, and other censored truthers close to the Pizzagate scandal, at a time we could least afford such attacks reputationally and financially. 

Crazed Q followers waiting for riddles on 8chan, listening to “Trust Sessions” and other pacification nonsense to keep the base on the couch and not outside Yellow Vesting. 

As the snakes close in on Trump here in D.C., Q followers say they “sleep well at night” thanks to its postings. Definite base pacification scam, in my view. Its attacks on de-platformed pro-Trump truthers should tell us all we need to know about its intent. 

And for the record, their claims about me are outrageous and untrue. I’ve never taken money from any Israeli group, much less the Mossad, to criticize QANON. The QANON scam is simply outrageous to anyone with a good mind, or anyone under the age of 40 who has spent sufficient time online. These kinds of Internet impersonation scams, we’ve seen them all before. I guess the older Trump supporters haven’t. Their loss reputationally, not mine. 

Trump truly is not on 8chan sharing riddles about the permanent security state, nor is anyone close to him, nor is anyone in a genuine position of political power. It is a scam.

Some of the Q supporters called me a loud “k***” in my livestream comments section, something that actually doesn’t bother me much at all, I guess because I don’t identify entirely as Jewish. I don’t go to Synagogue, I’ve never been to Israel, and the fact that Q followers have chosen to ridicule and focus on my deep personal faith reflects poorly on them, and whatever they believe about the complex world we live in.

Thank God that wasn’t the side of MAGA I saw in choosing to support Trump’s political ambitions publicly from 2015 onward, but sadly that side must be there: many MAGA supporters also support Q, and Q attacks its detractors as Mossad-funded frauds, when it is the fraud. 

These are the people we stuck by Pizzagate for? This is the public we gravely risked our lives, money, and reputations to enlighten?

These Q people are losers. They should have demanded Hillary’s head on a DOJ-delivered silver platter, not been satisfied with flaming Q t-shirts. They should have had Alex Jones’ back, and Owen Shroyer’s, and Roger Stone’s, and mine. Not thrown us all under the bus simultaneously.

The way I’ve been treated by the Q promoters for being loyal to the President, and not 8chan scammers who impersonate the federal government, is vexing.

Their reliance on riddles and outright hucksters’ hope porn, rather than demanding investigations into the Podesta brothers and other sick elites at the core of Pizzagate, is not acceptable either.


We need to be compassionate to each other, and calling me a loud “k***” and Mossad agent for simply opposing the idiocy of Q, is not compassionate. 

I want my voice back—my YouTube channel which I spent a lifetime building, and which created many friendships and opened many doors.

I want my reputation back—that process is already well underway, with one federal lawsuit against IAC, and a second one against Google and YouTube. (See Seaman v. YouTube et al on PACER.)

If you won’t help me get those things, at least get out of my way. Nothing will stop me, and nothing will stop the team at FULCRUM in 2019. We are coming for them all, very peacefully and with a righteous rage that is nearly cosmic. 

Speaking of rage, do you understand how bad this scandal is and how deep it goes? Do you understand how many good people have died, been falsely sent to prison, or otherwise neutralized for simply saying what we now know to be completely true about these occult pedophiles?

If you have time, I’d recommend watching the hour long interview Tim Holmseth gave to someone recently on YouTube. When a friend sent it to me, it was already at 80,000 views or so, showing the continued public interest in this scandal.

Like me, Holmseth is former corporate media (he was a celebrated investigative newspaper reporter in the Midwest) who went down the Pizzagate rabbit hole – his investigation into the Satanic child trafficking networks in America has cost him, both reputationally and in terms of the vastly negative element of the establishment going after him. He gets into some of that in the interview, and from his experiences (similar to mine), I sense he is absolutely telling the truth. With a mild manner, there is no possible way that authorities would consider this man Holmseth such a threat, aside from the fact he’s naming wealthy alleged pedovores and not afraid to back up his claims, in court and in public, with ample evidence. He’s a hero in my view.

It’s too bad the interviewer of Holmseth on YouTube is an apparent believer of the Q hoax, believing that a positive secret element of the government will somehow overnight heal us from vast child trafficking, institutionalized and protected by the government for many decades. No such magical Band-Aid exists.

Maybe the facts of what Holmseth, Alex Jones, and I have uncovered are so unacceptable to good people, that they need to believe in an absurd riddling caped hero like QANON. They need to believe those of us “peddling” Pizzagate are well paid Mossad hustlers, and not complete truthtellers at the head of the pack. It’s going to be one angry, large pack pretty soon—because we have been telling the truth, and people on both sides of the political fence are starting to realize that. I don’t care that Podesta is a Democrat, I care that he is a suspected child trafficker and pedovore. 

Maybe the public clings to fictions like QANON for now because the truth of the matter is so horrific, and is barely palatable, even to a disciplined reporter like Holmseth. And even to a person like me, who found unraveling the occult deep state to be largely fascinating, rather than terrifying as some have found it to be—I guess I have my whole life ahead of me, whereas they don’t, some of these older confused truthers hating on beautiful FULCRUM, when there should be only respect. 

Yet they have been poisoned and played by globalist puppeteers their whole lives, and if the QANON scam helps them sleep at night, who am I to deny them temporary solace?

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Barry Diller's IAC Behind Attacks On Pedogate Researchers


Barry Diller, a Clinton friend who is referenced in the John Podesta WikiLeaks emails (Diller appears on Podesta's call list, and an aide writes that Diller is "very fond of" Podesta), is head of East coast Internet conglomerate IAC, which owns brands including, Tinder, CollegeHumor, and The Daily Beast.

One of those brands, The Daily Beast, published a defamatory and absurd piece against our founder, which they knew was disingenuous. When our founder asked the Daily Beast freelancer why he wasn't looking into the Podesta emails, he said it was above his paygrade, whatever that means.

Podesta is, of course, Hillary Clinton's disgraced campaign chairman. After his private emails were published to WikiLeaks just weeks before the 2016 US Presidential election (, millions on the Internet speculated that Podesta was employing a code language known to federal law enforcement as in use by child traffickers and prevalent wealthy pedophiles.

These claims have not yet been debunked.

Barry Diller, IAC's 76-year-old chairman, reportedly left for human trafficking friendly Morocco about a week ago with his family for vacation. As the U.S. State Department has noted on its website, Morocco lacks modern anti-trafficking laws of any kind at the national level, and is therefore a destination, source, and transit point for traffickers, especially of young children and sexual workers.

Pedogate, sometimes referred to as Pizzagate, is a scandal at the heart of the human trafficking epidemic in the West. The Podesta emails revealed that child trafficking has been occurring, and child abuse has been disgustingly glorified, by Democratic lobbyists close to the Clinton family. 

What the Podestas are into - from their child abuse-inspired artwork to despicable WikiLeaks - is not something that will go away with sloppy hit pieces like the one orchestrated by IAC's chief online rag.

Barry Diller won't get his friends out of dodge by appropriating his publicly traded company's media assets in this manner, and the fact that Chelsea Clinton sits on IAC's board of directors certainly won't help the optics here as this goes to court in Virginia.

The public doesn't demand more sloppy hit pieces on private individuals concerned about the human trafficking epidemic. It demands investigations, indictments, and arrests.

Since The Daily Beast has not yet corrected or removed the defamatory content designed to make Pedogate look false, we charge ahead. As this case - filed about eight months ago in Federal court - progresses rapidly, we are eager to use tools available to a Federal Complaint plaintiff, including discovery. We need access to the communications between disgraced John Podesta and IAC's senior leadership, if any such communication exists.

These attacks against Pedogate researchers - private individuals with limited capacity to take blows from an aging billionaire like Diller - are not organic. It is not as if freelancers are just overwhelmed with desire to wallpaper over elite human trafficking, instead this is a coordinated attack led by billionaires who are close personal friends of the Clintons, and who appear in the Podesta emails and have much to lose if their significance becomes widely known to the public.

We will keep you posted as the lawsuit progresses, thank you all for your support.


The video that changed the world: Pizzagate in 8 minutes, legally vetted mini documentary banned on YouTube, already has 215,000 views on censorship-resistant platform Bitchute:

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Wendy Davis at Media Post Seems To Not Understand 'Pizzagate'

In an article for MediaPost, journalist Wendy Davis summarizes our founder’s federal lawsuit filing against Google and YouTube on civil rights grounds, as well as on perceived material VCPA violations.

Davis’ article goes wildly astray in only its third paragraph, by asserting “Like some other right-wing conspiracy theorists, Seaman promoted the false theory that Hillary Clinton was running a fictitious child sex ring from a Washington, D.C. pizza shop.”

  • David Seaman voted, both times, for Barack Obama. (He voted for Donald J. Trump as he supported Trump’s populist views, and saw Hillary Clinton was and is essentially corrupt.)

  • Seaman was never a promoter of conspiracy theories, and has a long track record of publication at mostly left-leaning outlets, including Huffington Post and Business Insider (source).

  • Seaman was a leading journalist on the NDAA indefinite detention fiasco recognized by the liberal ACLU as a grave threat to liberty, and NSA warrantless wiretapping. Far from conspiracy theory - his coverage was featured on the Joe Rogan Experience, The Young Turks, BBC, HuffPost LIVE and elsewhere at the time.

  • Pizzagate has nothing to do with the erroneous claim that Hillary Clinton maims or kills children in the basement of a Washington, DC pizza shop - a claim surfaced almost entirely by the “mainstream” media itself, and not by reputable researchers (some former law enforcement) close to the widening Pizzagate scandal.

  • Pizzagate is, instead, the demonstrably true claim that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, was using a food-based code language in his emails which were leaked and published on WikiLeaks just weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

  • This food-based code language, in which “pizza” is believed to represent a young female child, is known to federal and state law enforcement investigators as similar - if not identical to - a code set used by wealthy first world child traffickers.

  • We covered these emails and their purported meanings in-depth in our 8 minute documentary on the subject, which has since been scrubbed from YouTube and banned from being surfaced by Siri in the Safari search bar. A censorship-proof backup of the video on Bitchute has already been viewed approximately 211,000 times.

Wendy Davis’ daft coverage of Seaman and his lawsuit against YouTube is part of an ongoing, accelerating behavior set from journalists at large online media outlets. Months ago, as FULCRUM readers may remember, freshman The Hill writer Emily Birnbaum (from the purported Birnbaum DC lobbying family!) accused Seaman (who is Jewish) of being a possible white supremacist, with no basis for her claims. She also attacked his character and mental composure for believing in the Pizzagate scandal.

Within hours of her hit piece on The Hill being published, private researchers located a variety of disturbing posts in Emily Birnbaum’s social media past, including a baby (with no known biological or caretaker relationship to Birnbaum) with a terrified expression on its face, wrapped only in a soft taco or similar dough shell, in some kind of prep kitchen. Another photo in the same photo set from Birnbaum’s now locked down Facebook account showed a pet guinea pig, wrapped in aluminum foil, and with butter on its back - as if about to be placed in an oven of some kind. In a caption, Birnbaum expressed that the guinea pig’s situation made her “happy.”

FULCRUM’s founder David Seaman’s legal counsel has been notified of Wendy Davis’ erroneous reporting, and if necessary formal action will be forthcoming. Thank you all for your continued support.

For additional information:

  • Seaman v. YouTube, LLC et al (Court: Virginia Eastern Nature of Suit: 440(Civil Rights: Other) Judge: District Judge Henry E. Hudson)

  • Pizzagate is real, and implicates Democratic Party-linked lobbyists still in positions of great power in our society. According to DHS/ICE, child trafficking is a leading activity of transnational criminal organizations, and shortly before his death the conservative investigative journalist Andrew Breitbart via Twitter called out John Podesta as connected to underage human trafficking cover-up efforts.

The Art of the Deal: Mexico

One of Trump's infamous campaign promises was to curb illegal immigration and the flow of drugs by focusing on having a wall built between Mexico and the United States.....with Mexico paying for it. 

Liberal pundits everywhere have always scoffed at the idea that Trump would ever be able to convince Mexico to pay for it. Even as the border crisis becomes the primary focus on the news cycle and a looming budget deadline set for December, many think Trump will not win this promise. 

But is it really that far fetched? 

Trump is a man who doesn't let obstacles stop him. Even while Congress stalls at his request to fund the border wall, there are multiple ways the wall would be indirectly paid for by Mexico, and they know it.

To start with, even if Congress funded the wall, Mexico would indirectly end up paying for the wall via remittance fees and through the new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

Trump also hints Mexico would be wise to cooperate with his administration in efforts to deal with the border crisis.


Trump also threatened to shut down the government if Congress doesn't fund the wall, something that would directly affect Mexico in the process, as export revenue is the economic lifeblood for Mexico. 


With the recent migrant caravan crisis, it seems as if the new political stunt funded by globalists may backfire on them, as Mexico agreed to deport the violent migrants involved in throwing rocks at border patrol during a border rush. 


Mexico also recently granted Jared Kushner the highest honor it offers, the order of the Aztec Eagle, for his role in negotiating the new trade agreement between Mexico and the United States. 


In the end, Trump is always two steps ahead.  A President who wrote the Art Of The Deal, may just prove once more on the heels of his historic summit with North Korea, that the 45th President is the man who always finds a way to win. 

Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt