We Are In Control Now, And Never Letting Go

The 21st century won't be governed by "Illuminati" behind the scenes. Their scam is just about up.

The 21st century won't be governed by "Illuminati" behind the scenes. Their scam is just about up.

The American people are in control again.

The John Podestas and Harvey Weinsteins of the world should fear the Great Awakening ahead.

We know what goons these people are, and their clubs will crumble. Their associations and friendships will sour as they turn on each other in an attempt at self-preservation.

What large themes does FULCRUM perceive into the fall and early next year? They are:


I've never seen so much Internet censorship originating in my own country. Who would have known Google and Facebook resent the American people, truly - and our sacred First Amendment - even more than Hollywood?

Big Tech has gone evil, unequivocally evil.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt opines on TV shows about moving "results off the page" he doesn't like, which is Neo-Bolshevik globalist goon talk at its finest.

Eric, you're just a human being. You have no right to silence us, or anyone else on your company's platform. You will fail, and your company will crumble as user outrage mounts. Next, the shareholder anger comes.

YouTube's embattled CEO, Susan Wojcicki, is the sister of Google founder ex-wife Anne Wojcicki, who runs the creepy "23 And Me" genomics company that always advertises on TV.

Don't give these goons your blood, or genetic data. Don't give them your clicks. They are godless and don't respect their own users. I have seen Google's failure ahead. When I see something, it always comes to pass.

Continued division

NFL players burn American flags and taunt our elected President. They complain of being oppressed while earning annual salaries the majority of the NFL's viewers will never see in an entire lifetime, much less in a year.

This level of disrespect shows that national cohesion and national identity are under attack.

More scandal

Pizzagate is real; Hillary Clinton's long time personal aide, Huma Abedin, had to see her husband off to federal prison recently - he's now a convicted pedophile.

And now details about Clinton financier and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein - a founder of Miramax Films - are emerging. His alleged "casting couch" practices and decades of alleged abuse may not play well with everyday Americans.

Currency collapse

It amazes me how many respected people in finance are nothing more than US dollar order takers. They do whatever Janet Yellen and the deep state tells them to do, and that's it. Not original thinkers. Not even good at math, or money.

As national cohesion continues to deteriorate, rigged national currencies which mostly enrich the Rothschild family, the Soros family, and the corrupt military-industrial complex will lose favor.

The national debt increased by 86% under Obama, and that debt will come home to roost.

The banks are also planning a credit freeze and "cash crunch" - ATM shortages ahead and so forth, in our view.

Further Rothschild/Soros disclosures

The U.S. corporate media is largely an echo chamber financed and maintained by George Soros' media advocacy organizations, and organizations like the AP and Reuters which the Rothschilds are major investors in. (The Rothschilds also own and publish the influential Economist, their failed attempt to control the economic narrative in the years ahead.)

Further occult disclosures

9/11 was a ritual human sacrifice carried out by the deep state, and also was used as a ploy to launch a second Iraqi slaughter. These elites love human sacrifice, as the public will unearth in the days and months ahead.

The deep state's ability to control information has never been weaker.

Libya was destroyed at the behest of the Rothschilds; Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State when Libya's leader was toppled and then sodomized to death in the street by his own people.

He was planning a Pan-African gold based currency that would have provided Africans with a choice other than Rothschild-controlled financial institutions. They didn't like that.

Bohemian Grove should be shut down, and public anger at these occult practices and clubs will scale in a superlinear fashion. The deep state can't stop the scrutiny ahead.