Not Financial Advice: The Bitcoin Saga

Money: more modern and programmable than ever before.

Money: more modern and programmable than ever before.

Gold/silver bugs: "it's rare and has intrinsic use cases- used in industry"
Bitcoin bugs: "it's rare"
Ethereum savants: "it's rare and has intrinsic use cases- prediction markets, derivatives platforms, zkSNARKs, CryptoKitties MSM Trojan horse to get the normies in the door"

Those spreading anti Bitcoin and anti crypto acidity because they missed out on this wave: can't say we didn't tell you, a thousand times. Everybody in independent media with a brain loves and holds some Bitcoin. Tell your children you missed out on crypto because of a 4chan LARP

Satoshi = Robin Hood the elite will never find or kill. And if they do- no matter. Game over. Clean sweep. Bitcoin and the Ethereum World Computer can technically take it all, now will they?

Look at Ether volume, both fiat and network transaction volume? (MORPHEUS VOICE) What. Do. You. See.

"Derp derp CryptoKitties network traffic is killing Ethereum." Fact check: Ethereum is a blockchain. Transactions cost money (gas) on that blockchain; no free rides. It was designed to handle 100s/1000s of simultaneous apps, stupid and brilliant alike. This. Is. Good.

Those are some of my choice tweets from earlier today in response to questions about the broad crypto rally happening around the world, sending total cryptocurrency values to nearly US $430.2 billion as of filing this post. Maybe because I have a slightly higher opinion of myself lately, or maybe because I'm just so busy and don't even have time for friends, you'll have to take those tweets copied & pasted above for now - as opposed to a proper analysis article or newsletter. A new issue of the newsletter will come soon.

I remain very bullish about Bitcoin and Ether specifically, for different reasons. I think the economic schedule of Bitcoin is superior - a better foundational "terms of service" from unknown overlord Satoshi, if you will. And I think the technicals/computer science brawn of Ether is superior - a better foundational base layer protocol for the crypto dreams of the future, a broader canvas for crypto app developers. This unresolved dichotomy between a tightly capped market economy and an unknown new futuristic crypto has led to a strong trading pair between BTC and ETH that, in many cases, is superseding fiat cashout demand.

In other words, when a BTC owner is tired of the rollercoaster, they often opt for futuristic R&D freakshow ETH and cash out into Ether, rather than back into USD, Canadian dollars, euro, et al.

And when they grow tired of Vitalik's tyranny and weird tweets (if +6,000% in about one year can really be considered tyranny), ETH owners cash back out into market leader BTC, rather than into non-performers USD, EUR, et al.

Beautiful swamp drain, happening on the financial base level of currency, every day, 24/7.

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Not financial advice; no warranties or guarantees provided.