Can't Beat Lucifer: John Podesta Still Free

Is the global corporate media totally controlled by Luciferians? Well: "we report, you decide," as one network which airs  Lucifer  on primetime network television likes to say.

Is the global corporate media totally controlled by Luciferians? Well: "we report, you decide," as one network which airs Lucifer on primetime network television likes to say.

Earlier tonight, disgraced Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta returned to Twitter with a predictably anti-Trump tweet, ending 6 days of radio silence on the social media platform - which had some researchers hopeful that Podesta had finally been hauled in by the F.B.I. or D.H.S. for formal questioning, as popular reporter and former CBS News staffer Jack Posobiec has claimed on Twitter there is now an open case into Podesta, specifically.

Is John Podesta above U.S. law and her law enforcement agencies?

Well, basically: yes.

John is a Luciferian, and before the Hillary campaign, was the most prominent lobbyist in Washington. The Podesta Group boasted some of the largest military-industrial contractors in the world and Google Inc as lobbying clients. Before that, Podesta served as Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff.

Podesta needs to be protected by the deep state, because he can bring down a lot of large interests, and he won't hesitate to pull the dirty laundry out of the closet. That's the kind of man he appears to be. Not loyal to his own, and that scares them.

Speaking of the outrageously sinister and well-financed (trillions in dark funds) deep state, an obscure channeled Luciferian text posted as a live q&a on a popular web forum in late 2008 is regarded by top US deep state officials and Illuminati/Luciferian practitioners as a holy text.

It is rumored the N.S.A. keeps tabs on anyone searching for or publishing content on the channeled text, published by the so-called "Hidden Hand" representing Lucifer here on Earth. Among other theories, the Hidden Hand reveals to an astonished public that the Bushes, Rockefellers, and Rothschild family are indeed members of the millennia old secret society/religious order, yet are only "lesser lines" in the overall organization of the Illuminati.

How I truly wish we didn't have to report these things, and how I wish none of this were true.

But since it is abundantly real in our view, after significant sourcing... we've taken an interest in a FULCRUM staffer's new part-time hobby - a novelty Twitter account popularizing some of the rumored views & practices of the Illuminati. "All Thoughts Matter," a recent tweet reads, a reference to the Illuminati view that what we think at every moment of the day - what we focus our conscious and subconscious attention on - is far more important than financial systems, real estate, or physicality itself. They've held control of the financial system and most national governments allegedly for centuries, but what really seems to interest them even more is influencing the popular consciousness in certain ways.

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--David Seaman

FULCRUM Programming Director

filed in New York, NY