PRESIDENT TRUMP & BANNON FEUD: Mainstream Media Fooled Again?

Speculation has reached unprecedented heights with the recent fallout between former chief strategist Steven Bannon and President Trump. According to reports, Steve Bannon decidedly corroborated with author Michael Wolff in relation to newly released, controversial book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The book alleges Bannon called Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the 2016 election “traitorous.” President Trump swiftly replied stating Bannon had “lost his mind” and coined a new nickname: “Sloppy Steve.”


Ben Shapiro, former Breitbart employee under Bannon, expressed exuberant relief towards Bannon’s final departure. Shapiro states Bannon is nothing more than a “con man” thriving by “riding the waves” of arising figureheads within the conservative movement. 

Conversely Milo Yiannopoulos, also previously under Bannon, manages to view Bannon in a positive light and believes the feud will simmer out relatively soon. He explains to FOX 5 DC, “My feeling is the two will reconcile very quickly.” 

Feud or Feigned? 

As the Bannon/Trump feud began unfolding, Q Anon took to 8Chan with a curious posting. He writes: 

    “What makes a movie GOOD? 

    GREAT actors?” 

The mysterious Q Anon figure has been able to provide several tips and insight into the Trump sphere; one instance includes a forewarning of an attack on the Rothschild family. Afterwards, reports of a helicopter crash near the Buckinghamshire’s Rothschild Domain happened. 4 people were pronounced deceased after the crash; 3 bodies identified, 1 still remains unidentified. Interestingly, Lord Jacob de Rothschild has not been seen since. 

As the Q Anon phenomenon expands in intrigue and credibility, it has been used as a significant reference for current events. In relation to the Trump and Bannon feud his recent tip seems to suggest Trump and Bannon are acting. 

q anon.jpg

If the world is a stage, Trump and Bannon certainly know how to put on a show. President Trump has proved time and time again how simple it is to manipulate the mainstream news. Recall Q Anon continuously saying “These people are stupid!” Could this be yet another pointless rabbit hole for the media to chase as fundamental change is being put forward? 

After all, the premise of the argument seems to make little to no sense. If Trump and even the mainstream press agree the book Fire and Fury is largely a fabrication slapped together by an attention seeking author with a history of made up tales, why would anyone believe its claims of negative commentaries made by one of Trump’s most loyal allies? 

Additionally, the timing of the feud seems quite interesting. This arrives at a time of recent announcements involving the FBI and the Department of Justice opening 2 new investigations into Hillary Clinton. Instead of this being the main topic of conversation within the news cycle, the reality show style feud between Bannon and Trump has suddenly taken center stage. 

As of January 11th, it was being reported that Steve Bannon will be testifying on the Trump/Russia investigation this Tuesday, January 16th. The appearance to the layperson is the Russian investigation lead by Robert Mueller is “heating up” against Donald Trump. Of course this is certainly not the case based on the following:  

1) Michael Flynn’s single count of lying to the FBI is likely null and void considering the agent he allegedly lied to was Agent Peter Strzok. According to Strzok’s exposed text messages, he was politically geared towards Hillary Clinton and plotted to take down President Trump. Strzok may now be facing charges of Treason.

2) Papadopoulos was a low level aide who tried setting Donald Trump up with Vladimir Putin but was denied.

3) Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are being investigated for shady dealings years prior to joining the Trump campaign. More specifically, they are being investigated for their ties to the Podesta Group. Podesta Group was the lobbying firm involved in the Uranium One Deal.  

To any person paying attention to the more intricate details of this grandiose case, it is clear the Russian investigation is truly “heating up” towards Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. 

Additionally, the first sealed indictment in the Uranium One case has been released to the public. Maryland resident Mark Lambert was indicted with 11 counts of Bribery and Fraud as it pertains to the Uranium One Scandal. Allegedly, Lambert (former co president Transport Logistic International Inc) arranged a scheme to bribe Russian official Vadim Mikerin in exchange for nuclear fuel. 

Since the mainstream media has massively underreported these important revelations, it seems by basic outward appearance Bannon’s testimony will be the “nail in the coffin” in regards to President Trump collusion. However, the notion that Steve Bannon will testify against Donald Trump is disillusionment (at best). Bannon has scoffed at the Trump Russia conspiracy theory from its infancy. It seems more likely that the appearance of Trump and Bannon being at odds prior to his Russian testimony, is orchestrated. 

This is quite comical when you put this into perspective:

Democrats and establishment sycophants now believe the entire fate of their Russian investigation lies with none other than... Steven Bannon. 

Yes, the person whom they’ve called an evil Nazi puppeteer for 2 years straight, is now “on their side” and will be the savior who takes down Donald Trump to “save the Republic.”


Recall what Bannon said at CPAC in early of 2017: 

“If you think they (globalists) are going to give you your country back without a fight you are sadly mistaken. Everyday is going to be a fight.”

Couple this with his statement shortly after his White House departure to 60 Minutes: 

“I’m going to be Trump’s wingman on the outside...When you side with a man you side with him.”

Written By: Yvonne Parkinson