So said one of you, Mick, in a comment on my recent YouTube video, one of my last for a while.

Indeed, that's the crux of the matter. Sick of it.

A core group of wealthy people in a cult or "Cabal" took over majority share in the US corporate media, and majority share in the US political system until the national upset - Trump's election I am referring to, of course.

In other countries, this cult's level of influence is similar, yet many of those countries have not yet had their "Trump moment." Many won't - honor their journey as they fall. They were led by sworn enemies internally for too long; America came close to a similar fate, remember. The Bush and Clinton families are members of the Cabal - rich, greedy, traitorous.

What we know for sure so far is the following. This is a dissection of what the Cabal owned until recently, where they went wrong, and where we may go from here. (No part of this post is intended as financial advice, nor is any part intended as an endorsement of extrajudicial execution of traitors.)

This post is not a comprehensive gathering or compendium of the Cabal's many sins, over many decades. It would take too long, and there's no way I'd be aware of them all. In the interest of time, this is what you need to know now. Feel free to share with others or re-post if you find the information helpful.

Media - the CIA jewel

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele mentioned to me in an interview the CIA used to refer to the US media as "the Great Wurlitzer" - controlling it was that important, and that mighty. Control the thoughts of millions and their opinions and tastes, what do you get? Currency loyalty. Regime loyalty. The ability to send them to war, on false pretenses. Depopulation - through those wars, through pushing unhealthy diets, through villainizing beneficial naturally found panaceas like cannabis. 

Populations used to celebrate cannabis, not outlaw its use: the signature cannabis leaf is even shown held up by Egyptian gods in hieroglyphics - no wonder the Cabal think that plant is too good for the "commoners" they "ruled."

(The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America by Hugh Wilford goes into much of the deepstate's past media infiltration operations in detail, for those interested.)

Diet and drugs - the chemical war for your mind

A recent FOX News poll suggested American support nationwide for marijuana legalization has reached new highs - no pun intended. For nearly 50 years, Americans have been systematically lied to about cannabis by 'authority figures' and the media. Nice little Cabal members, looking out for their masters dutifully, not your health.

The health benefits of cannabis are now known definitively to millions of us around the world in legal territories, states, and countries. 

The religious man or woman finds promise in it also.

Genesis 1:29 of the Holy Bible states "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

To imprison our fellow citizens for enjoying a God given healing panacea which naturally grew even without cultivation throughout North America before the DEA's well-funded "eradication program" began...

My God! Forgive our country all this Cabal folly. Ruined lives over something that's been fun, important, and legal in my state for the past four years. Prohibition is Godless legislation, literally, and it needs to end.

Aside from the mindblowing level of deception around this one flowering plant, cannabis, there was mindblowing deception targeted toward the American population on the topic of FLUORIDE.

See, this is why owning the media was crucial. Control the narrative. Celebrate poison as medicine and market cruel Prohibition as Reason.

In small topical doses (i.e. ritualistically rubbed on your tooth in a "paste," if you will), it is true that sodium fluoride aids in mineral binding and can strengthen teeth. The science supports this well. And that's where the science ends, and the Cabal propaganda pseudoscience began.

In chronic daily ingested doses (i.e. treated tap water in a fluoridated US city), it is flat out poison. A neurotoxin which also negatively impacts many other organs in the body, leading to eventual death. Until the 1950s, sodium flouride was used in the West primarily as a distributed rat poison and general use pesticide.

Are we pests to the Cabal?

Even just months of daily exposure can permanently stunt a developing human's intelligence. And hexafluorosilicic acid, a form of fluoride now found in many US beverages and products (thanks, globalist food companies!), binds to the pineal gland in the human brain much faster than other forms of fluoride. The pineal calcifies, leading to substantial reduction in health and disruption of key hormone production.

As an intelligent person who can see things with ease, does it make me angry knowing... knowing what I could have been if not dosed with fluoride for my entire life up until about four months ago, when I went intentionally fluoride-free?

Thanks for treating us like unwanted sewer rats in our own country, Daddy Bush! Thanks for destroying our young minds, Soros family and Bilderberg Group! (You're not true power; you're Weakness and we will bring you all down with ease.)

Does it make me angry... there are moments when a kaleidoscope of brilliance nears my thinking, and then drifts off, like a summer butterfly just out of the net's reach.

Yes, angry. I am going to use whatever is left of this mind and this heart and this soul to bring all these people down and leave something very, very beautiful for the next generations - and I would urge you do likewise. If you plan on having kids, find the smartest mate possible: our planet's next generation will be capable of more than we can imagine, in part because they won't be poisoned from day one. So that's something to look forward to.

Currency - the Rothschild openair prison

An important member of the Cabal, the Rothschild family, has been systematically culling and oppressing a very significant number of people through artificial financial constructs which are harmful, and not necessary in their existing form, at all.

Modern anthropology confidently tell us at least 100 Billion humans have lived and died on this planet already over many millennia, and only over the last century of that has there been such a concentration of unbacked paper currencies owned by one family: the Rothschilds.

Prior to that, "central banking" was not really a thing in its existing form, as populations usually fell upon gold and silver and decentralized value standards.

Fiat currency, fluoride poisoning, cannabis prohibition - these are very new tools for our planet's prison wardens. I suggest we decimate these tools. Time for some tools of our own.

Celebrate the solutions!

Cryptocurrency got a fair shake at the recent US Senate hearing about the subject. The questions those old powerful politicians asked weren't much different from the questions posed of the young/nerdy at dinner tables around the country: "What is Bitcoin? How does it work? Do you like it?"

Bitcoin and Ethereum will change our world, irreversibly.

So: gold, silver, cryptocurrency.

So: get a fluoride filter for your house, and heal your mind!

So: spend a weekend in a "weed legal" state and give that pineal gland something to remember. Cannabis is a car wash for the pineal gland, which is why the Cabal hates it so much. Cannabis should only be enjoyed by those 21+ in states where allowed by law.

The good news is that we win. Many major wins.

For instance: if you don't like central banking slavery, there's a way out now, and estimates put the number of cryptocurrency users at 40 to 60 million already. More are coming soon, so keep the cryptographic liferafts warm! Everyone's welcome! No man or woman or child left behind! This is modern 2018 after all, not a re-tread of the "Titanic."

Everyone gets saved in time.