Why I Was Unpersoned For Blowing The Illuminati's Cover (& What's Next)

PayPal account temporarily frozen twice, without any explanation to this day.

Gmail/Google account terminated, without any explanation to this day. (We were later able to get our Gmail account back.)

10 year old YouTube channel with 162,000 subscribers and more than 11,000,000 views in 2017 alone frozen from making new uploads and livestreams, then later terminated, without any explanation to this day. 505 videos were deleted from our channel, many of them about the Cabal which Donald Trump's election upended.

One of the wealthiest families on Earth, the Trumps are working to restore the planet's vital systems after nearly 50 years of Luciferian "enemy rule."

One of the wealthiest families on Earth, the Trumps are working to restore the planet's vital systems after nearly 50 years of Luciferian "enemy rule."

Some have asserted I was banned from our 10 year old YouTube channel for 'cursing,' but this is simply disinformation. Plenty of people curse on YouTube, with no repercussions. And other popular researchers including Titus Frost and Destroy the Illusion (Jordan Sather) experienced YouTube account problems around the exact same time, suggesting something greater at play.

Before an attempt on my life last year, and near constant harassment from David Brock trolls (Brock, funded directly by Cabal member George Soros, targets those who cover Pizzagate with vicious character attacks), I did not curse nearly so much. A perusal of my old podcast show will easily confirm this. In fact, taking these people on has changed my personality. That's okay. These people did this to me through their actions, I did not do it to myself. It's not my fault - I mean, the cursing obviously is, but not everything else.

We outed John Podesta's serial pedophilia, and membership in a Satanic global control cult in viral videos viewed by millions of people collectively. And in online memes and other materials which may have reached many more people. (John Podesta was Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, and before that the White House chief of staff during the Bill Clinton administration.)

Our team's mission was to punch a hole through the existing understanding so vast, and so gaping, that no amount of repair could fix the damage done.

And we succeeded in that aim.

Yet, I paid for it, and still do. FULCRUM is now failing without our largest traffic driver, the YouTube channel. It will be months or years before alternatives we are now on including DTUBE and Bitchute gain even a fraction of YouTube's mammoth market share. And our Facebook page has not yet even broken 5,000 Likes despite the generous heavy push we have given it and the size of my following from years of being a journalist. This suggests a level of censorship and suppression at Facebook that, although less obvious than what YouTube did, is equally toxic to growth.

If everyone got the newsletter, FULCRUM's funding issues would be solved overnight. That was the plan, and it was working until the YouTube ban - we were putting out hours of free content every week, and news livestreams. A percentage of viewers appreciated our work and would sign up for the newsletter to get our weekly research report, as well as the monthly podcast interview.

That business model disintegrated in the weeks after the YouTube ban, and we were not helped by the heavy-handed "algorithmic changes" (aka CENSORSHIP!) at Facebook.

Not enough people find us any more, and therefore people don't sign up. FULCRUM spends money on our research. A lot of money. And we spend money on our web site: have you ever found our news site down, even once, over the last 15 months? Or has it always loaded fast and reliably, regardless of where you view it from?

The Great Awakening underway, as well as the mass awareness that the majority of our media is not honest - Fake News - has created an environment where people who get stoned on Facebook and then channel "alien entities" develop organic followings, and become experts.

We find that toxic, and counterproductive, which is part of why FULCRUM invested so heavily in our research and original reporting. We report the TRUTH. From the truth about fluoride poisoning, the pineal gland, and what the Illuminati (the Cabal) believe from a religious standpoint to the Marina Abramovic "spirit cookers" that ensnared John Podesta and many other prominent individuals.

We always told you the truth.

We didn't betray your trust, as nearly everybody else did.

Getting banned from YouTube wasn't our fault, but it affected our business materially.

Whether we continue beyond next month's planned termination of FULCRUM is up to all of you. The subscription is affordable, and it's not the only way you can help us. Simply spreading the word about our web site and where we publish now (Bitchute and DTUBE) also help us immensely. Remember, we are where we are because of an unasked for YouTube ban and heavy suppression of our content on Facebook and Twitter.

Yet either way, we have fulfilled our contract. The public now knows about the Cabal. They now know about the serial pedophilia of the Podesta Brothers, until the election of Trump two of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington, D.C. - with a net worth that would surprise many.

They now know much about cryptocurrency, and why it is important. And, most important of all, the public knows the Cabal is not a "conspiracy theory" - in fact, that very phrase was invented by them.

Some of our best coverage since we launched:

We have worked hard for you all since our launch in January 2017, and it has been an absolute pleasure. Regardless of where we go from here, this community of truth hungry patriots has achieved incredible things, and I'm very proud of you all.

God bless you, and thank you very much for the last 15 months.

-David Seaman and the FULCRUM News staff