What We Think Of QANON: An Analysis of the Storm

As we shared on last night's livestream from DC, things are not as they seem. "Sleepy Sessions" was a false meme to distract the traitorous mainstream media & Cabal members simultaneously; he's been highly efficient from day one, or Trump would not have picked him for such a crucial role. The Stormy Daniels stuff is just distraction. The FBI raid reveals the Clinton-loyal holdovers in that agency, and within DOJ. All Good. Trust the plan.

Fresh QANON postings 4/10/2018

Fresh QANON postings 4/10/2018

Regarding all this trust the plan and QANON stuff, where do we actually stand? Back in November and December 2017, we found the QANON phenomenon—an unknown presumed highly-placed insider within the Trump Admin or US military—intriguing. He or she was reaching millions of young people on 4chan, then later on 8chan. The information was, in our view, largely a true representation of the subtle global power structure that would be difficult for an impostor or mere "LARP" to gain understanding of to the extent that Q has.

Then, the information appeared to degrade—a Q posting, quickly deleted afterward, appeared to point readers to a fake Podesta email that had circulated, which vexed us. Other information was essentially recycled from years' earlier info drops on sites like Infowars. Wouldn't an insider have better stuff?

We came to the conclusion Q's account had been handed off to a "benchwarmer" or "cheerleader," maintaining and growing the Q following across the Internet, and bringing normies up to speed... but now unsatisfying for the veteran truthers out there, we don't need rehashes of what we already know. We need what Q has been dropping the last couple days; insider images of true acts of treason against the United States. Justice ahead, we hear.

When the Q postings went back to being original insider information, and when it was suggested to us that was the case, we began covering the QANON phenomenon as a newsworthy development again—and will continue to.

Trust the plan. Lucky dogs.