Why They Fear The Great Awakening Underway

It has been rumored in the District that so many good things have occurred under Trump, yet aside from the presidential Executive Orders posted on whitehouse.gov in compliance with government disclosure laws, the good things have no way of being easily validated... the "mainstream" media is not covering them, social media is censoring their mentions from going viral organically. The administration's achievements are getting memoryholed by a media cartel which was hoping for a Hillary win.

The Trump White House web site remains one of the few relatively neutral sources for accurate policy information, devoid of hysteria

The Trump White House web site remains one of the few relatively neutral sources for accurate policy information, devoid of hysteria

Take, for example, rumors the Trump Admin is marching toward cannabis legalization or decriminalization - almost no MSM mentions, and a top-rated discussion of this topic on Reddit's r/trees (a  popular cannabis enthusiasts' community) was hastily memoryholed by Reddit mods, to the amazement of r/The_Donald members (Donald Trump's unofficial Reddit community). Why can't the media give Trump credit for recently reassuring one of Colorado's Senators that his administration will not go after state legalization efforts? Total rigged media, beholden to absolute freak monsters - the Soros family, the Rothschilds, and a few others.

Monstrous, flat-out demonic comments made by the British royals and American super-affluent lines such as the Rockefellers, have been dismissed for years by the MSM on both continents as being quaint and charming. Nope, not charming at all, what the hell is going on here - in all seriousness?

Well, Discovery Networks' owned US cable network AHC (airs on Verizon FiOS and many other carriers as a default option) recently aired an hour-long special "Inside the Cult of Satan," which went into surprising depth - for television media of any kind - about how a pre-Biblical, Satan worshipping global cult appears to have infiltrated British nobility, and later American political lines, influencing world events in many unattributed ways.

Are they prepping the public so that disclosure of the quiet takedown of this cult is not so shocking?

Millions of people, thanks to the Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks, are aware that US political elites engage in occult activities. And some of the YouTube videos about the occult weirdness of the Rothschild banking clan have already gone beyond 4,000,000 views on some researchers' channels.

It all comes down to money. Anthropologists tell us 100 billion or so modern humans have lived and died on this planet. During that vast span of time, it's only over the last century or so that central banking devoid of real value has been practiced at scale, and it's been an absolute tragedy and disaster for everyone involved, aside from the ruling families who instituted and maintained such a usury-based system of value.

Multi-generational wealth in the many hundreds of billions of dollars has led to what can only be described as perversion, and distortion, of the systems of public trust in the West.

Families became so wealthy, they decided to conspire against everybody else. To buy up the media. To retain control over the funny money banks. To try to enslave us all, slowly and surely. They failed. Hillary was unlikable and lost. Now President Trump, with the full powers of the US military and NSA behind him, can pinpoint where our country went so wrong, and bring all these monsters to justice. (Which is what is happening, if Swamp rumors are to be believed. The sealed indictments are demonstrably real. Why isn't CNN covering the unsealed indictment and arrest of Keith Raniere, alleged head of sex cult NXIVM? Can't be related to the fact NXIVM allegedly shares wealthy members with the Clinton Global Initiative, can it?)

To give you an idea of how truly bizarre the Clintons and their social world are, Hillary Clinton was recently seen hanging out with a literal witches' coven.

The super-wealthy treated our world as a game board, and that was a mistake. Rumor is, the US military was ready to step in and do a "Reset" - that's how bad all the occult-connected degeneracy has gotten.

Liberal politicians allowing opioids to be pushed on the American middle class in a "depopulation" scheme, while remaining steadfastly anti-cannabis legalization. Turning an institutional blind eye to human trafficking, especially the trafficking of children. The prior administration was arguably monstrous, if researchers' claims are to be believed.

And rumor is, the military - wanting to honor the continuity of power and Constitutional principles if possible - watched Donald J. Trump's organic rise in popularity, and supported it. A "Reset" would be done if the other side attempted to call Hillary's obvious losing cards a Win in national media the next day, and they came close to doing so.

All of this leads back to money. A handful of families own too much, because central banking is a scam.

Gold and silver can be hoarded, but at some point they need to be mined or earned, by somebody.

Paper money created through political decree by a handful of families expert at blackmailing and threatening everybody else, can be hoarded and created out of thin air. Not a good combination.

Mineable money, even digital mineable money like Bitcoin, is superior to the paper issued by occult weirdo families who are clinging on for dear life. The Great Awakening is their death knell. Banking won't be the same in the future. And media will never be owned by the few again.

Bitcoins are, at core, a non-political rare collectors item that can be used across the world as a payment layer or transactional medium. Similar to how non-political, rare precious earth metals like silver and gold were used as money in the past. (Get your first Bitcoin balance quickly and easily here, plus a limited time referral bonus.)

The number of Bitcoins in the world is far less than the number of US dollars or ounces of gold in the world, a Bitcoin can be broken into much smaller amounts since Bitcoin values go out to seven or eight decimal places usually, and the eventual amount of total Bitcoin in the world is strictly capped by the software code at 21 million coins.

The rich (many wealthy people aren't members of the cult) hate elite central banking for different reasons. Why should they buy into a value transfer tension layer, which they don't have any control over? They have to use currencies where they have no seat at the table? Distasteful, and crypto gives them a workaround.

Under central banking, even innovative and wealthy individuals remain little more than servants to the funny money masters behind the curtain, so to speak, working to earn money that was created by elites without an expenditure of value. Mining ensures an expenditure of value at the beginning of the currency's lifecycle; someone sacrificed time and energy to mine it.

Regardless of what you think of Bitcoin and its recent volatility value-wise, the number of Bitcoin users around the world appears to only be growing.

John Boehner does the all-American thing and is putting money ahead of hypocritical outdated party orthodoxy on weed

John Boehner does the all-American thing and is putting money ahead of hypocritical outdated party orthodoxy on weed

Aside from cryptocurrency, another fringe interest is rapidly becoming mainstream throughout the halls of power in America, and that interest is marijuana. Republican mainstay and former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who once famously pledged to never support cannabis legalization of any kind, has recently joined a prominent "marijuana firm" which already produces product in 11 US states.

Additionally, the federally funded cancer.gov late last year quietly published a piece which appeared to suggest delta-9-THC, among other compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant, can lead to cancer cell growth death and inhibition.

At the least, many in the District seem to think a federal re-scheduling of marijuana is ahead, especially now that California has recreationally legalized, making enforcement more difficult than ever - and since Mitch Mcconnell is among the influential Republicans leading a charge for hemp legalization this year, as farmers on the east coast see it as a possible cash crop.

The tides of change are upon us. From currency policy, to marijuana, to clean-up of entrenched corrupt occult interests - anyone who thinks the Trump administration is conducting dysfunctional business as usual in Washington is going to be sorely disappointed.