Censorship Out Of Control?

In the wake of a YouTube shooting by a woman named Nasim Ahgdam, recent information coming out seems to point to her motive as frustration over censorship on the YouTube platform. 


The woman seemed to be upset over her own channel being demonetized and censored, in which she also posted a video discussing her frustration. 

Female shooter at YouTube headquarters identified

Nasim, like countless others, had been vastly affected by the censorship giant, who has been in a string of controversies over their censoring of many accounts, most especially conservative accounts the past year. 

'I can’t trust YouTube any more': creators speak out in Google advertising row

Advertisers themselves,  have questioned the way Google bans certain content, advocating that they would prefer more transparency over exactly how they filter what is "ad friendly" or not. 

Users, in the wake of the dubbed "YouTube purge" have begun migrating to other platforms such as Bitchute and Steemit for their brand after mass banning and demonetization of their own accounts, such as Fulcrum News (founder, David Seaman). 

Controversial YouTubers head to alternative platforms in wake of ‘purge’

Free speech has been a controversial subject in which media giants such as Twitter, and even Facebook are under pressure from both silicon valley and advertisers, who are questioning the extent of abuse and pushback from consumers. The wake of lawsuits such as James Damore, who has sued Google after his termination, is one that may map out the future of regulating media giants from discrimination against political beliefs. Such ideas as an internet bill of rights had begun circulating among platforms as one idea to protect consumers from discrimination. 

James Damore's Lawsuit Is Designed to Embarrass Google

In the wake of the YouTube shooting, will this wake up the media giants and create even more equal change? Or will this create even more mass censorship? Free speech has never been in more dire straits, as frustration among users, across all walks of platforms, have them speaking out and pushing back. 

The storm has only begun. 




Written By: @PinkAboutIt