SQREWED: Understanding The QANON Phenomenon

They’re all still free.

7 months after the unusual Q postings on the Internet began, and roughly 18 months after the Podesta emails were released by Wikileaks, the globalist lobbyist class that enshrined Obama’s rise to power is still alive and well.

Trust the deepstate! QAnon wanted us to trust A.G. Sessions back in February. Sessions has not delivered, on anything.

Trust the deepstate! QAnon wanted us to trust A.G. Sessions back in February. Sessions has not delivered, on anything.

And free. We’ve even seen Heather Podesta out and about in DC recently. If she’s worried about the “Q army,” she’s definitely not showing it publicly, and she is wearing no ankle bracelet.

Q has stated twice “TRUST SESSIONS,” yet our sourcing in Washington suggests Jeff Sessions is either a deepstate plant, or terrified of taking them on. Either way, not the chessman that the MAGA base has been waiting for patiently. If you think we are wrong about Sessions' intent, ask Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch if Sessions is doing an admirable job with his office. He is not. Even FOX's Sean Hannity - beloved by the President - has recently asked if Sessions is a deepstate operative.

That’s disappointing, because like many others, I was hopeful Q was showing us a takedown in its advanced stages.

As others have pointed out, it would be illegal and ill-advised for anyone connected to the administration to be warning us ahead of time of takedowns.

Sorry, folks. Q is theatre. Was it always? Many people believe Q was dropping relevant insider information from its start until January 2018, at which point the material became demonstrably recycled content. Some have speculated the Q poster is using a content aggregator; basically stealing viral tweets and articles, concentrating their themes into short little posts.

This would explain why some popular truthers feel they have been “quoted” or “noticed” by Q.

And while we’re on the subject of popular truthers. David Wilcock is a friend of mine, and has done a lot to promote awareness of FULCRUM and my work, but I don’t really share his worldview. At all.

I don’t believe aliens are at the top of the political food chain, because I see no evidence of it; I’m not convinced they’re a part of the picture at all. Our world can be explained entirely by central banking oligarchs who have compromised the elected leadership in the West with pedophilic blackmail and strict secret societies. This has occurred gradually over the last century, and the roots of this practice date back to ancient times.

This is demonstrably true, and there are some details on this subject FULCRUM is not yet allowed to disclose.

What about Antarctica? I think they found something down there. The historical record we are taught in school is puerile and incomplete, if only because it leaves out the fact that biologically identical humans (Homo sapiens) have lived and died on this planet much longer than our convenient Western-centric history allows for.

For instance, anthropologists estimate 100 billion humans lived and died on this planet so far. That’s a lot of people, and it’s unlikely much of their advanced tech - if they had any - would survive into the present day. Sophisticated electronics are typically metallic, and oxidize into non-existence within a few centuries. Landmarks and architecture are also wiped from the record by the hand of time.

If they found something in Antarctica, it’s likely to be an architectural find that challenges our incomplete historical record. It may be much older, and more advanced, than we give “ancient” human civilizations credit for.

Whatever they found, it is believed to be a human architectural find. And the recent visits to Antarctica by many US officials suggest it is not insignificant, although who knows for certain without actually visiting. We haven’t been there, so we can’t say for certain.

Hillary Clinton, the Podestas, and other well-known political families have engaged in occult practices that demand punishment and justice.

We can’t move on until justice is served, and it has not been served.

Q serves up a titillating sense that you’re in the know and that it’s “all happening,” but as someone who lives just blocks from where the Podestas are rumored to live, I can tell you with certainty:

Justice has not been served.

And with every day they all remain free, it’s a mockery to our Creator.

So keep Q-riding if you want to. I’m off the boat, I want a peaceful march on Washington, and the public to demand arrests.

Judge a tree by its fruit. Q wants you locked on the couch in an information daze, I want you off the couch and angry. Guess which one will lead us to justice sooner?

David Seaman