Founder's Thoughts: QANON, What Comes After MSM, & Trump vs. Deepstate DC

The heat our organization has taken regarding our views on QANON, which are District-sourced fact, should not distract from other pressing issues. If we don't cover these topics accurately, who will?

Parkland woke many up to the extent of the mainstream media (MSM) coordination in dishonesty across personalities and networks -- why were only 2 students out of nearly 3,000 students at the school getting all the air time, confused television viewers wondered. Focusing on 2 witnesses out of a possible vocal pool of 3,000, isn't even bias. It's fucking journalistic malpractice.

For those who weren't paying attention at all, or for those who wanted to buy in to the false MSM narrative one last time for convenience's sake, another shockwave came just the other day:

The President of the United States, during a televised and unedited conference, said he regarded MS-13 members as "animals." The organized transnational crime ring, largely consisting of Mexican nationals interested in the occult, is responsible for a growing network of underage sex-trafficked girls, some of whom are brutally beaten and murdered if they fail to meet profit quotas or otherwise annoy their captors. The ring also profits from opioid pushing and heroin sales, which are destroying an American generation.

The threat this organized crime ring poses to the livelihood and safety of everyday Americans across our country is literally unprecedented, yet the MSM took President Trump's clear words against the crime ring and intentionally spun them, to serve a dwindling and sad leftist agenda.

He called illegal immigrants animals, they blasted across the airwaves, in clear violation of the truth of the President's own words.


What else do you call that? The MSM still reaches millions, and they could use that platform to rally around the President's efforts to eradicate MS-13. They could provide tiplines to call into, other ways to help, etc. Instead, they used it as yet another opportunity to sow division and hatred. And in the wake of today's deadly shooting at Trump Doral resort, by an eccentric who shouted anti-Trump jingoisms he got from MSM (it is believed), it's clear that what MSM tells millions at night on the tube has an impact on public discourse, and opinion, even during waking hours.

Part of why I've been singularly against the QANON phenomenon is that it amounts to shouting "no fire, stay calm, stay in your seats!" when there is, in fact, a theatre fire. That's not compassionate. It's sinister.

The public, in a daze from newfound economic prosperity and Internet riddlers, has not been kept well apprised of the overall continuing culture of corruption in government and media, at all levels. Chaos, rather than a meticulous 'whitehat'-led cleanup, may be ahead for US politics.

This morning's angry tweets from President Trump underscore that troubling reality. "Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a “hot” Fake News story. If true - all time biggest political scandal!," the President wrote in one of the tweets.

A corrupted federal law enforcement agency, possibly assisted by other federal agencies, embedded operatives in a Presidential candidate's campaign - and had a material interest in the candidate's opponent winning the election. That would, indeed, be the biggest political scandal in modern US history, as well as one of the biggest scandals in Western democratic history.

The "deepstate" believed it knew better, and that the American people's national election choice should not be carried out, if it were to happen. And it did happen. That's unprecedented, and unforgivable.