QAnon: A Warning

Q Anon is an internet sensation, who emerged shortly after Trump became president. Q Anon started dropping riddles on 4 Chan's /pol/ board about things happening within the government. Many people speculate and post on Twitter and other platforms daily after each post, giving their own ideas to what Q posts mean.  

Even Roseanne Barr, posted about Q ahead of her own controversial post on Trump. Her post spoke of how his administration is freeing kids from bondage all over the world, which sparked an Internet-wide debate.  

Roseanne Roseanne Keeps Promoting QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory That Makes Pizzagate Look Tame

On the heels of Q Anon's new post, Q warned of infiltrators using Trump's movement for ulterior gains. He warned Patriots to be alert and to pay attention. 


Q's post reminded me of a highly controversial figure, who became embattled within the Trump movement as a fraud, who was using Scientology to profit off Trump's MAGA movement.  

Joy Villa, a musical artist who was not well known before jumping on the MAGA movement, made a debut by wearing a statement MAGA dress on the red carpet. Soon after, she became more known and started profiting from the movement as people purchased her MAGA song and got it trending to number 1 on iTunes.

Joy Villa's "MAGA" Dress at the Grammys Paid Off

Not long after, people began recognizing a connection between Joy and Scientology. People began questioning her motives, as Scientology is not a Christian based religion. 


Then, Joy upon confrontation, called those questioning her motives, fake supporters.  She then asked those who supported her to unfollow the fake supporters, who dared to even question her. 


Kaya Jones, who initially supported Joy, also posted a tweet in reference to the duplicity of Scientology and Joy's connection. 


The designer of the infamous MAGA dress, also spoke out, tweeting how he received a scientology recruitment kit from Joy. Kaya also commented, saying she recieved the same. 


Recently, Joy Villa wrote an article for Fox, about Kanye and praising him for his role in the movement. 

Joy Villa: Kanye West supports Trump -- Here’s why his actions are so monumental

Whether or not anyone believes in Q Anon, the post does lead credence to the fact that MAGA has been an opportune movement for some. MAGA is such an energetic movement, that one can only imagine how many may be fake supporters. I think a little skepticism is always healthy, no matter which movement is being supported.

As Q stated, "True freedom is the only profit we should all be striving for". 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt