How QANON Almost Destroyed The Truth Community

You have to wonder about QANON, who parrots the ambitions of David Brock and George Soros. Don’t focus on the Podesta emails and the blatant pedophilic criminality flaunted throughout them (“walnut saucing,” “pizza” appointments, etc). Those emails are real, and admissible in court if we ever get a real Attorney General who isn’t a Clinton buttplug. Don’t focus on the Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks and the blatant favoritism shown to the Soros, Rockefeller, and Rothschild families by Hillary as Secretary of State—so blatant it’s like something out of a bad fan fiction chapter, which brings us to Q.

QANON spun a narrative that “paytriots” have been profiting from the great Q’s message (whatever that convoluted, 9 months in narrative happens to be), yet FULCRUM lost money and took significant heat from misguided members of the public for explaining that Q is no more than a fraud run by a stay at home daddy and his Internet friends in alleged need of those precious ad revenue dollars.

Q supporters, from large social media accounts all begun on or around January 2018 (a full year after the inauguration of President Trump in Washington, DC), urge prospective “believers” to review the “Q proofs” on a number of malware-laden sites which have popped up, exalting Q’s correct predictions with some egregious leaps of logic, and honesty.

Q appears to take many vague guesses, and the majority of those guesses have come out wrong, which is what you’d statistically expect from a guesser (not a psychic savant or administration insider) at the roulette table of worldly events.

When Q gets something right, or in the neighborhood of right, its promoters hype it as if it is lost gospel material.

When Q gets something wrong, which is often, it is silently ignored and the herd is urged to visit the CBTS (“Calm Before The Storm”) message board communities, a staging ground for complex character attacks and completely made-up narratives causing real harm to leading Trump supporters, and leading members of the pro-Trump independent media.

CBTS thought leaders throw around terms like “paytriot” and “traitor” with reckless abandon, yet seem to conveniently always sidestep the biggest actual traitors in the room: the Clintons, the Podestas, SOROS, and the lingering deepstate.

Why would so called patriots, in need of justice and a restored country free from Clinton crime, focus on attacking the reputations and livelihoods of the very Internet journalists who tirelessly promoted Trump before the election, and have supported him afterward as well?

It’s almost as if Q is a psyop to herd all these angry people, and to redirect their righteous anger expertly away from the incriminating Podesta emails — the closest the public will ever come to a free, no holds barred peek down the rabbit hole — and instead deploy them against the very thought leaders who will be needed to secure a successful midterms sweep…

Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is.

We are not paid to discredit QANON, not paid by anybody, and the numerous posts on CBTS suggesting otherwise are so unhinged and desperate in their claims, that any objective observer can see through them and can glimpse the amateur, cruel, idiotic core of the “Q movement,” which again, arrived a full year after Trump was already inaugurated.

Q promoters never seem to focus on Podesta or demanding prison time for the Clintons. Instead, they focus on Alex Jones’ custody battle, they focus on FULCRUM’s fantastical connections to Israel which exist only in the minds of CBTS cat ladies, and with increasing bizarreness Q’s communications seem designed to make the right appear paranoid, and downright awful.

The Pope didn’t have a terrible May, as Q anticipated he would. We know this because it’s now mid-July. Minorly inconvenient May, sure; the papacy had to sign off on some bishops and clerical staff resigning in South America, a move that had been announced as early as January 2018 publicly.

There aren’t 30,000, nor 35,000, nor even 40,000 sealed indictments. No Q promoter has shown a coherent list of that many sealed indictments across all US jurisdictions, nor anything close. What happened evidently is that dishonest Q promoters on Twitter and elsewhere began circulating screenshots of “tallies” suggesting these numbers, and the source numbers were either a) completely made up in many instances, a LARP or b) the dishonest cumulative total of all sealed activities in the court system, not sealed indictments—i.e. adding up search warrants, subpoenas, all other requests for information as if they are individual indictment actions, when there is no evidence to suggest that. And simply emailing us saying “Search PACER” isn’t a rebuttal, because we have lawyers who do have subscriptions to PACER, and the indictments simply aren’t there.

Those numbers, again, were arrived at by dishonest or ignorant means.

Members of the natsec community can corroborate these claims, as can former members of the legal system: stacking up super secret indictments for nearly 2 years just isn’t how the justice system works here in the USA.

The Q-driven narrative that the court system can’t “handle” the white collar Clinton corruption, nor the Podesta emails, until some unknown date when the system will be purged and replaced by “whitehats”—that’s a childish and dangerous narrative for any rational adult to hold.

The court system handles serial killers, rapists, terrorists, Bernie Madoff level fraud on a daily basis. To think it can’t handle the big fish yet, because some huckster on a message board says so, is so stupid it defies explanation.

In reality, the indictments aren’t popping up because aside from isolated instances like the now unsealed indictments of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack on sex trafficking charges, the justice system is stuck—and stuck fully in favor of the elites doing all these alleged crimes.

Why? Ask Jeff Sessions. “Trust Sessions”—another Q ploy—was disastrous to President Trump’s short-term aims and his base; instead of taking Trump’s repeated criticisms of Sessions seriously, and backing Trump up vocally in a way that would show the establishment a shake-up would be supported by the base, members of the public who followed Q thought they were witnessing a multilevel drama—one message for the public, the other for the Q “army” sitting at home on the message boards.

These people believe the President is speaking to them in code, on 8chan, an unsecure public message board community known for hoaxes, LARPs, and impersonation attempts. They believe anyone calling into question the motive of this bizarre phenomenon is paid by Israel’s Mossad or a deepstate faction of the CIA. So damaging are Q’s incorrect predictions to the deepstate that all detractors must be paid!

In reality, the opposite may be the case. Some popular YouTubers have turned vehemently “pro-Q” in recent weeks, as Q’s stranglehold over the truth community has been (finally) weakened. These YouTubers started their broadcasts with broadly pro-Q statements, allowing no room for uncertainty, without a focus on any specific claims or reasons.

Aside from the botched predictions, a widely circulated image of Trump pointing to a rallygoer wearing a Q t-shirt—as if to endorse Q—is deceptive at best. The full video clip from which it was taken reveals Trump was gesturing to the entire crowd, and the rallygoer was screaming for Trump’s attention only feet from the President’s face; not indicative of someone who knows him.

Meanwhile, the Clintons remain on never-ending global book tour, which is not indicative of people under secret federal indictment. Soros has been spotted publicly recently, as have the Podestas.


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