Barry Diller's IAC Behind Attacks On Pedogate Researchers


Barry Diller, a Clinton friend who is referenced in the John Podesta WikiLeaks emails (Diller appears on Podesta's call list, and an aide writes that Diller is "very fond of" Podesta), is head of East coast Internet conglomerate IAC, which owns brands including, Tinder, CollegeHumor, and The Daily Beast.

One of those brands, The Daily Beast, published a defamatory and absurd piece against our founder, which they knew was disingenuous. When our founder asked the Daily Beast freelancer why he wasn't looking into the Podesta emails, he said it was above his paygrade, whatever that means.

Podesta is, of course, Hillary Clinton's disgraced campaign chairman. After his private emails were published to WikiLeaks just weeks before the 2016 US Presidential election (, millions on the Internet speculated that Podesta was employing a code language known to federal law enforcement as in use by child traffickers and prevalent wealthy pedophiles.

These claims have not yet been debunked.

Barry Diller, IAC's 76-year-old chairman, reportedly left for human trafficking friendly Morocco about a week ago with his family for vacation. As the U.S. State Department has noted on its website, Morocco lacks modern anti-trafficking laws of any kind at the national level, and is therefore a destination, source, and transit point for traffickers, especially of young children and sexual workers.

Pedogate, sometimes referred to as Pizzagate, is a scandal at the heart of the human trafficking epidemic in the West. The Podesta emails revealed that child trafficking has been occurring, and child abuse has been disgustingly glorified, by Democratic lobbyists close to the Clinton family. 

What the Podestas are into - from their child abuse-inspired artwork to despicable WikiLeaks - is not something that will go away with sloppy hit pieces like the one orchestrated by IAC's chief online rag.

Barry Diller won't get his friends out of dodge by appropriating his publicly traded company's media assets in this manner, and the fact that Chelsea Clinton sits on IAC's board of directors certainly won't help the optics here as this goes to court in Virginia.

The public doesn't demand more sloppy hit pieces on private individuals concerned about the human trafficking epidemic. It demands investigations, indictments, and arrests.

Since The Daily Beast has not yet corrected or removed the defamatory content designed to make Pedogate look false, we charge ahead. As this case - filed about eight months ago in Federal court - progresses rapidly, we are eager to use tools available to a Federal Complaint plaintiff, including discovery. We need access to the communications between disgraced John Podesta and IAC's senior leadership, if any such communication exists.

These attacks against Pedogate researchers - private individuals with limited capacity to take blows from an aging billionaire like Diller - are not organic. It is not as if freelancers are just overwhelmed with desire to wallpaper over elite human trafficking, instead this is a coordinated attack led by billionaires who are close personal friends of the Clintons, and who appear in the Podesta emails and have much to lose if their significance becomes widely known to the public.

We will keep you posted as the lawsuit progresses, thank you all for your support.


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