Dust The Plan: How QANON Put Trump's Base To Sleep, When He Needed Them "On Deck"


I try to see the silver linings in things whenever possible, and if there’s a positive to the QANON Trump populist base “pacification hoax” (as WikiLeaks has described it publicly), it is that it has somewhat alienated me from some Trump supporters on social media, and has caused me to no longer identify as strictly one of them. They get some things right, and some things wrong.

I support Trump, not these keyboard warriors on 8chan defrauding older people out of their hard earned cash. These are people on a fixed income in many cases, so taking their money to “decode” QANON riddles is morally wrong, and possibly illegal.

They represent QANON as some kind of government insider or representative of Trump, when they know that is not true.

18 U.S. Code § 912 states “Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

What kind of person says “trust the plan” for 14 months as suspected high level pedophiles remain completely free, and even attack their victims in some cases? (Ed.: See our last article about the connections between IAC chairman Barry Diller and suspected pedophile John Podesta; IAC owns the Daily Beast, which has attacked our founder and other Pedogate researchers without cause.)

What kind of person believes, evidence completely absent, that leading truthers like myself and Alex Jones who have sacrificed much for the country are “Mossad-funded” traitors? What kind of person goes along with such knuckle-dragging idiocy?

And more important:

What does this QANON thing mean and how did we get here?

After being one of the first journalists in the US to cover John Podesta’s bizarre occult WikiLeaks released in late 2016, just weeks ahead of the Presidential election, I did not think we would be here more than two years later. (Podesta was, of course, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and a longtime Clinton insider.)

I thought the Podesta spirit-cooking and pizza reference stuff would go from fringe to viral mainstream within two months at the most, winding Podesta up in a thorough and swift federal investigation. Yet, this never happened. Instead, there’s some evidence that federal authorities may have launched initial inquiries into the private individuals—including researchers, journalists—who took it upon themselves to disseminate the Podesta WikiLeaks to a wider audience.

Even if you were to discount every pizza-related email in Podesta’s WikiLeaks, troubling emails about occult spiritcooking and invitations from occultist Marina Abramovic still appear front and center in the emails, as do communications between Podesta and Google’s former chairman, Eric Schmidt.

“Pizzagate” was always real. Podesta and his code language need a proper look, as does his interest in occult spiritcooking ceremonies.

“Pizzagate” was always real. Podesta and his code language need a proper look, as does his interest in occult spiritcooking ceremonies.

And just as the Pizzagate scandal began to reach fever pitch in the States, with me reaching more than 162,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and with Alex Jones’ multi-billion views Infowars YouTube channel hammering away about the allegations of occult child trafficking networks tied to the Clintons and their wealthy globalist backers… a claim also made by conservative journalistic firebrand Andrew Breitbart just months before his untimely death, he specifically called out John Podesta as a cover-up operative for these child trafficking efforts… (Update: find my new videos on censorship proof ETH.video, which we own! Weekly new shows and 24/7 news chatbox.)

Just as all this is starting to finally mainline in the public consciousness, they ban everybody. Alex Jones’ Infowars, both my decade old personal channel, and FULCRUM News’ company account.

And then QANON and its “bakers” (self-proclaimed analysts who unpacked the Q postings or “crumbs” to ever growing, oddly never censored YouTube & Facebook livestream audiences) moved in, taking up seemingly significant percent of the truth community’s mindshare—and attacking Alex Jones, myself, and other censored truthers close to the Pizzagate scandal, at a time we could least afford such attacks reputationally and financially. 

Crazed Q followers waiting for riddles on 8chan, listening to “Trust Sessions” and other pacification nonsense to keep the base on the couch and not outside Yellow Vesting. 

As the snakes close in on Trump here in D.C., Q followers say they “sleep well at night” thanks to its postings. Definite base pacification scam, in my view. Its attacks on de-platformed pro-Trump truthers should tell us all we need to know about its intent. 

And for the record, their claims about me are outrageous and untrue. I’ve never taken money from any Israeli group, much less the Mossad, to criticize QANON. The QANON scam is simply outrageous to anyone with a good mind, or anyone under the age of 40 who has spent sufficient time online. These kinds of Internet impersonation scams, we’ve seen them all before. I guess the older Trump supporters haven’t. Their loss reputationally, not mine. 

Trump truly is not on 8chan sharing riddles about the permanent security state, nor is anyone close to him, nor is anyone in a genuine position of political power. It is a scam.

Some of the Q supporters called me a loud “k***” in my livestream comments section, something that actually doesn’t bother me much at all, I guess because I don’t identify entirely as Jewish. I don’t go to Synagogue, I’ve never been to Israel, and the fact that Q followers have chosen to ridicule and focus on my deep personal faith reflects poorly on them, and whatever they believe about the complex world we live in.

Thank God that wasn’t the side of MAGA I saw in choosing to support Trump’s political ambitions publicly from 2015 onward, but sadly that side must be there: many MAGA supporters also support Q, and Q attacks its detractors as Mossad-funded frauds, when it is the fraud. 

These are the people we stuck by Pizzagate for? This is the public we gravely risked our lives, money, and reputations to enlighten?

These Q people are losers. They should have demanded Hillary’s head on a DOJ-delivered silver platter, not been satisfied with flaming Q t-shirts. They should have had Alex Jones’ back, and Owen Shroyer’s, and Roger Stone’s, and mine. Not thrown us all under the bus simultaneously.

The way I’ve been treated by the Q promoters for being loyal to the President, and not 8chan scammers who impersonate the federal government, is vexing.

Their reliance on riddles and outright hucksters’ hope porn, rather than demanding investigations into the Podesta brothers and other sick elites at the core of Pizzagate, is not acceptable either.


We need to be compassionate to each other, and calling me a loud “k***” and Mossad agent for simply opposing the idiocy of Q, is not compassionate. 

I want my voice back—my YouTube channel which I spent a lifetime building, and which created many friendships and opened many doors.

I want my reputation back—that process is already well underway, with one federal lawsuit against IAC, and a second one against Google and YouTube. (See Seaman v. YouTube et al on PACER.)

If you won’t help me get those things, at least get out of my way. Nothing will stop me, and nothing will stop the team at FULCRUM in 2019. We are coming for them all, very peacefully and with a righteous rage that is nearly cosmic. 

Speaking of rage, do you understand how bad this scandal is and how deep it goes? Do you understand how many good people have died, been falsely sent to prison, or otherwise neutralized for simply saying what we now know to be completely true about these occult pedophiles?

If you have time, I’d recommend watching the hour long interview Tim Holmseth gave to someone recently on YouTube. When a friend sent it to me, it was already at 80,000 views or so, showing the continued public interest in this scandal.

Like me, Holmseth is former corporate media (he was a celebrated investigative newspaper reporter in the Midwest) who went down the Pizzagate rabbit hole – his investigation into the Satanic child trafficking networks in America has cost him, both reputationally and in terms of the vastly negative element of the establishment going after him. He gets into some of that in the interview, and from his experiences (similar to mine), I sense he is absolutely telling the truth. With a mild manner, there is no possible way that authorities would consider this man Holmseth such a threat, aside from the fact he’s naming wealthy alleged pedovores and not afraid to back up his claims, in court and in public, with ample evidence. He’s a hero in my view.

It’s too bad the interviewer of Holmseth on YouTube is an apparent believer of the Q hoax, believing that a positive secret element of the government will somehow overnight heal us from vast child trafficking, institutionalized and protected by the government for many decades. No such magical Band-Aid exists.

Maybe the facts of what Holmseth, Alex Jones, and I have uncovered are so unacceptable to good people, that they need to believe in an absurd riddling caped hero like QANON. They need to believe those of us “peddling” Pizzagate are well paid Mossad hustlers, and not complete truthtellers at the head of the pack. It’s going to be one angry, large pack pretty soon—because we have been telling the truth, and people on both sides of the political fence are starting to realize that. I don’t care that Podesta is a Democrat, I care that he is a suspected child trafficker and pedovore. 

Maybe the public clings to fictions like QANON for now because the truth of the matter is so horrific, and is barely palatable, even to a disciplined reporter like Holmseth. And even to a person like me, who found unraveling the occult deep state to be largely fascinating, rather than terrifying as some have found it to be—I guess I have my whole life ahead of me, whereas they don’t, some of these older confused truthers hating on beautiful FULCRUM, when there should be only respect. 

Yet they have been poisoned and played by globalist puppeteers their whole lives, and if the QANON scam helps them sleep at night, who am I to deny them temporary solace?

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