QANON, Satan's Pedo Ring, And The Biggest Coverup In U.S. History

I have been almost destroyed here, and will not be continuing this project, contrary to my strong desire to continue. If I could go back in time and not be the one to have called out John Podesta on his WikiLeaks emails in late 2016, and pretty much ever since, I'd go back in time and not be the one. 

Not because John Podesta isn't any of the things I've claimed: I strongly believe he's a Satanic pedophile, based on all of the evidence, both his verified emails and the circumstantial evidence around him, such as his DC associate James Alefantis' unacceptably macabre and baby-focused Instagram. In the emails, Podesta schedules delivery of a six year old to his heated pool for "entertainment" from wealthy DC socialite Tamara Luzzatto, one of the single physically ugliest and strangest human beings you'll ever look into, I assure you with God as my witness.

Nothing I said about these people was knowingly false, and in two years of tracking this story, they've not sent me so much as a cease & desist letter or a takedown request, because what we are publishing is factually accurate.

I believe this is the biggest scandal of recent times in the West, if not of all time: Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign chairman strongly appears to be a Satanic pedophile, based on his own leaked emails, and that's a belief shared by millions of people online who have actually looked through the WikiLeaks.

Despite a lack of any formal legal or PR response from these accused Satanic pedophiles - that's what they are, let's use accurate terms when discussing this, always - the informal pushback has been tremendous.

Threats, non-stop harassment, and of course the deletion of every single video I've ever uploaded to YouTube, including irretrievable interviews with journalists, researchers, and pioneers in cryptocurrency I truly respect. In the place of my 505 or so videos on my channel, you now find paid character attack pieces against me when you search for my name on YouTube.

Even critics have agreed the attacks uploaded to YouTube are likely paid, as the claims are so arduous that even people who don't like me find them to be baseless. In one video, I'm accused of being a Satanic pedophile myself, because I sometimes wear baseball caps. I'm not kidding; to this likely paid character attack loser who ranks toward the top of search results for my name, on the basis that I sometimes wear hats, that is apparently a "code" I am sending to the pedophiles, to let them know I am one of them. What sheer bullshit.

In another well ranked video for my name, I'm derided as a garden variety con man and liar, and Pizzagate is dismissed as fake news I capitalized on to sell my out of print marketing book from more than a decade ago. More sheer bullshit.

I've now weathered this bizarre attacks for about a year on YouTube, without the ability to upload a lengthy reply or two, since YouTube/Google has banned me from uploading any further content there. 

This ban, and the arbitrary deletion of my life's work as an investigative video journalist, is the subject of a Federal Complaint against Google and YouTube we filed last year. The case can be followed on PACER, Seaman v. YouTube.

Simultaneously to the videos attacking me, people in the QANON community have attacked my reputation relentlessly, because I don't believe in their scam. I don't believe QANON is President Trump, nor anyone close to him. I don't believe QANON is a genuine government insider. I don't believe it is a savant or clairvoyant person; I think it is a fraud being used to divide and discredit what is left of the online truth community.

If I thought QANON was anything note worthy, that belief would have faded after "Trust Sessions" - the counterintuitive thesis of QANON and its most ardent supporters for months on end - turned out to be baseless, and after numerous other predictions - including the claim that Jack Dorsey would leave Twitter last year, and free speech would be restored there, including the claim that Mark Zuckerberg would be leaving the country last year, and free speech would be restored to his company's platform, Facebook - these are hopes and predictions that simply did not come to pass.

Anyway, I'm over the abuse. Want to believe in QANON? Then believe in it. Want to call me a scammer all day because I read a wealthy Satanic pedophile's WikiLeaks emails on my YouTube channel, and some of those videos went viral? Then go for it.

One of the more peculiar claims from the QANON folks is that I received $160 million, or a substantial part of it, from Mossad (the Israeli security service) to discredit QANON.

Despite this unhinged nonsense, I'm actually poor for the first time in years. I'd love $160 million right about now, where is it? People ask "how's your crypto now?" cynically, and yet when crypto was doing very, very well - some of you bought homes, one of you even bought a small plane - not one person congratulated me on my success. Isn't that wild? Not one person. Yet now that crypto is down, the Rothschild currency slaves who don't even understand why they are slaves, ask "how's your crypto now?"

It's down by a lot, and I'm now poor, and I still believe in it. I still believe in cryptocurrency (peer-to-peer money) and I still believe John Podesta is precisely what he is, and the fact that so many of you no longer support me - in fact, try your best to harm me, is the only reason I wish I hadn't been the one to break this two years ago.

Why be a hero for a public that is totally undeserving? Why take any arrows for you bastards? I mean, for two years John Podesta has been free, and somehow these people are satisfied with some riddles on 8chan posted by the great "QANON." It's laughable, if I could still laugh about it.

No, enough abuse of me, enough abuse of the truthtellers. Alex Jones, me, Roger Stone, Mike Adams and many, many others who are informed about the world around us - and we aren't allowed to be ourselves anymore, in America.

I'm not allowed to operate a Twitter account in my own name. The personal account I had, before it was banned, had 70,000 followers - many of them were interested in our research into the Podesta and Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks.

I'm not allowed to upload videos to the largest video site in the world, which reaches nearly 2 billion unique viewers every month.

I'm not allowed to respond to lengthy video attacks against me on that platform, so the attacks continue and even intensify in the absence of my rebuttal.

Far from the successful man I once was, I'm poor and censored in my own country. And they tell us we've been made Great. I'm not so sure, at all, these days. Is America great again yet?

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