American Censorship Is Destroying American Lives, And Crushing Creativity

Something has gone very wrong on the Internet. I say this as someone who built my life and career on the Internet, first as an entrepreneur then as a columnist for a range of popular outlets, including Huffington Post and Business Insider.

Back in the heyday of my YouTube channel, in the months before and after the 2016 election, we were reaching as many as 50,000 people per video at times. My channel had stacked up 17 million views and the 500+ videos on my channel were the lifeblood of my existence as a researcher and pundit.

Now, if you search for my name on YouTube, all that appears is the retired soccer player (retired for 20+ years already!) who shares my name, and appearances I've made on the popular Joe Rogan program 5 years ago, and longer ago than that.

I guess YouTube doesn't want to mess with Rogan's sterling, very popular account. Without his channel's appearances, I'd not exist at all as an adult journalist in America. According to Google and YouTube, despite a life of video journalism and research, it is as if I no longer exist at all.

Yet what was my crime? What was my great transgression, to warrant virtually wiping me from the face of the Earth?

Well, I support President Trump. And I was one of the first to talk about the criminality in the Podesta Emails, which were leaked by WikiLeaks back in 2016.

This is a topic we stand by here at FULCRUM. Our original documentary on the Podesta Emails was banned from YouTube, yet a mirror copy of it prudently uploaded to Bitchute as a back up (watch it here: has attracted 223,000 views so far, showing the continued public interest in my work.

Nothing we said about Hillary Clinton or John Podesta is inaccurate to the best of my knowledge. But if anything we reported was inaccurate, extrajudicially wiping me from the Internet - across platforms, as they did with Alex Jones, who was incidentally also talking about the Podesta Emails on the day Facebook and YouTube banned him - is not the typical American approach to dealing with media inaccuracy.

Which part did we get wrong?

Why can't I operate a Twitter account in my own name? Why can't I upload YouTube videos in my own name? Why does Google refuse to rank any of my videos or articles in their search results?

This has reached a level of outrage - a level of mass rights violations - that Americans cannot and should not tolerate. This isn't our way of life.

Do you invest in Google or Facebook? If so, why are you investing in enemy stock? These companies censor Americans who simply support their President, and who simply have concerns about the criminality of the unprosecuted Clintons and Podestas.

They've rolled out mass censorship, without our consent.

They've starved voices, ruined startups, silenced platforms people spent years building. All because they don't like our politics? That's not even remotely the American way.

People should be angry, and they should be speaking up. The White House wants to hear from you at if you believe your accounts have also been censored due to your politics! Speak up! Let's not go quietly into the night.

And speaking of that, I don't want to surrender. I don't want to retreat. Despite the year and a half of no YouTube, our community is rebuilding over at ETH.Video. We do livestreams throughout the week, and the chat box is open 24/7 for truth seekers to communicate with likeminded people.

Don't let me starve. Please consider pledging a few bucks on my Patreon ( or sending a tip over PayPal ( Everywhere I go, valves are turned off and doors are closed. I don't want any more of that! I don't want to be silenced! I don't want to be starved! I work hard. Our reporting was not inaccurate, it was so accurate that unelected freaks decided to pull the plug on my voice and income.

Keep FULCRUM alive, without any independent voices here in DC we all lose.

And let the censors know this is unacceptable. We are suing Google in federal court over this (see Seaman v. YouTube on PACER), but in the meantime, life goes on and we don't have our voice or our platform!

Where is the public support? Where are legislators? How is this happening in America?

Why are the truthtellers and independent media people being STARVED by social media companies that rake in billions of dollars in profit? Something is very wrong here, and it must be remedied.

Thank you for reading, and for your attention to this matter.

--David Seaman

Washington, DC