SETH RICH COVERUP: Everything You Need To Know

A Comprehensive Story. His Name was Seth Rich: 

The unsolved murder of DNC data analyst Seth C. Rich hit mainstream media outlets once again after former DC homicide detective Rod Wheeler’s statements Monday, May 15th to Fox 5 DC News regarding peculiar investigatory findings. 

Rod Wheeler is confirmed to be the private investigator contracted with the Rich Family. Wheeler was retained by the Rich’s in early March 2017 with expenses funded by Fox News financial analyst, Ed Butowsky. 

Rod Wheeler’s Story:

Massive backlash ensued in response to Wheeler’s statements claiming a credible federal investigator source has “information that could link Seth Rich to Wikileaks.” Wheeler also claims a DC police source told him, “We are being told to stand down”

Immediate falsehoods where perpetuated that Wheeler claimed to have seen the evidence himself, yet is clearly stated on Fox News Hannity Show he did not personally see the emails from the allegedly confiscated Seth Rich laptop. Contrary to rumored belief, Wheeler has not backtracked on his story with respect to a DC police stand down, missing laptop, or a meddling DNC staffer. Instead, Wheeler reportedly backtracked on the type of source being utilized, according to Fox 5 DC, now stating the source is not an FBI agent.  

These new findings come months following an initial interview with Fox 5 DC in which Wheeler states:  "Since I've been looking into this case, I’ve uncovered quite a few things but not necessarily related to Seth’s death. But related to a possible underground, organized crime corruption group that may be operating in the district. I've started looking at other homicides and deaths that were called accidental deaths, but may have been homicides. So this case could actually open up a can of worms as far as whats been going on here in D.C.

Wheeler goes on to disagree with D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman’s claims that Russia may have killed Seth Rich. Washington Post has called Wheeler’s findings “A Conspiratorial Tale of Murder.” Yet no such harsh criticism has been directed towards Burkman’s investigation which implies Rich somehow be involved in leaks causing an assassination by the Russians. Washington Post even gave him a segment on their website.

Both Burkman and Wheeler do agree, however, on one thing: the official story of a “botched robbery” is seemingly suspicious considering (as Burkman states) nothing of value such as: Seth’s wallet, cellphone, watch, or gold necklace (worth $2000) was stolen.

The Missing Laptop:

The repeating of these intact belongings on Seth’s person, may be leaving out one curious piece of potential evidence. Daily Mail contributor Alana Goodman closely followed the investigation and reports

“According to staff at Lou's City Bar, a sports pub Rich frequented five or six nights a week, it started off as any typical Saturday. Rich showed up alone that evening and sat at his usual leather stool in the corner of the bar. He was a regular at the pub, often showing up straight from the office in a shirt and tie and lugging his laptop bag.”

If, as according to Lou’s Bar employees, the night in question started off as typical and Rich was reported to continuously possess a laptop bag, this raises serious questions: 

Where is the laptop? Who retrieved it? What were the contents?

According to the Fox News anonymous Federal Investigator source, he not only confirms Rich’s laptop was confiscated by officials but has also “seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks.” Additionally, the investigator tells Fox News, federal law enforcement discovered 44,053 DNC emails shared to Wikileaks from Rich. Rich is said to have initially made contact with Wikileaks through Gavin MacFadyen, an American reporter and director of Wikileaks at the time. Following the DNC leaks, Gavin MacFadyen passed away October 23, 2016 in London. Lung cancer was considered the official cause of death.    

The Rich Family:

The Seth Rich family press statement displayed outrage by Wheeler’s decision to break contract by “Speaking to the press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family unless explicitly authorized by the family.” 

However, this press statement and any further comments were relayed by family spokesman, Brad Bauman. As Wikileaks reports back in 2016: ‘Bauman is a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group.’ 

Shortly after, a YouTube video resurfaced with a message directly from the Rich Family. In this most recent recording of Joel and Mary Rich, they thank the public for their help:

“We are just so warm you would step forward and try to help us find the murderer of our son and try to find the two that killed him and make the world a safer place.”

Donna Brazile

Part of Rod Wheeler’s claims is the accusation of a “high ranking DNC official” berating the Rich family. According to Wheeler, when he first contacted the DC police for inquires, he did not receive a call back until 2 to 3 days later. 

“When I called the police department, they got that information and called the Rich family and wanted to know why I was snooping around.”

This high ranking official who contacted the father, Joel Rich, immediately after being tipped off by the DC police, (Wheeler says) is the same person who Seth Rich was having issues with at the DNC, prior to his death.    

Later, after a cease and desist letter was sent to Wheeler, he decidedly released the name of this high ranking official. Wheeler gives WND a bombshell the official immediately notified by DC police and contacted the family was Donna Brazile. Brazile had clear bias for Hillary Clinton, even giving Clinton debate questions during the primaries. Seth Rich, a Bernie Sanders supporter, was said to be “having problems” with Brazile at the DNC before his murder. 

After World Net Daily released this report, they were suspended on Twitter and journalist Liz Crokin was fired from the news site.

Recent evidence has also shown John Podesta’s sister in law, Heather Podesta, is also on the board of the DC police foundation. With the Podesta family’s strong ties to the DNC it has been speculated that she could be “tipping off” anyone trying to “snoop around” the Seth Rich Investigation.

Ed Butoskwy

On May 20th, Ed Butowsky (@EdButowsky) the confirmed third party funding Rod Wheeler, tweeted out a statement he received from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department in response to a recent FOIA request. 

The application, requesting “all documents including the supplementary reports to the homicide of Seth Rich” was officially denied by the department. Butowsky asks, 

“Why would the DC Police block this?” 

On the same day, Butoswky commented on the issue via Facebook

“DNC publicist Bauman tries to create some conspiracy saying that I knew Rod Wheeler for years and that we conspired to do something mean to the Rich family....Bauman is a bad and dangerous man. I remember Joel Rich telling me he was assigned to them and didn't know where he came from. Bauman is paid by the DNC.


Kimdotcom, founder of MegaUpload, recently entered the Seth Rich murder mystery arena last week after posting the following:

Shortly after, Fox News Host Sean Hannity tweeted at Kimdotcom asking if he had evidence Rich was the source to which Kimdotcom replied: “I am the evidence!...I was Involved” 

Prior to KimDotCom’s statement, Julian Assange sent out his 7th reference to Seth Rich via Twitter, stating Wikileaks does not release sources, yet other coordinating sources may do so: 

Yesterday Kim Dotcom, after consulting with his lawyers Monday, released a public statement describing in late 2014 a person contacted him using the codename “Panda” which he is now able to confirm was Seth Rich. This comes after the surfacing of Seth Rich’s Twitter account: @Panda4progress as well as his Reddit account. (@Pandas4Bernie and @Remove_DNCChair are rumored to be also his social media accounts)

**Rich’s mother has also commented before his favorite animal was pandas, explaining why she typically has a stuffed panda with her during television interviews.

Below is Kim’s statement from the website:    

 Kim Dotcom declares he is willing to go before Congress to give testimony and evidence.

The Surveillance Tape

From this press conference we can conclude there is at least one surveillance tape that has been monitored by the DC police and Rich family. No surveillance tapes, however, have been released to the public along with no autopsy report, nor the body cameras of the three responding officers as seen in this public incident report. 

Rod Wheeler told FOX the “2 assailants where caught on a grainy video tape from a camera posted outside a grocery mart”    

This is cohesive to Mary Rich stating multiple times there are two unidentified assailants including in the parents YouTube video directed towards the public.    

On May 18th, Kim Dotcom asks why the murders have not been identified; citing at least 

14 different camera locations surrounding the crime scene (below):

The Rewards

Currently there are 4 main rewards for any leads to the murderer(s) of Seth Rich. The first comes from the DC police offering $25,000 for information leading to arrest. 

Second, DC lobbyist Jack Burkman who claims Seth was mudered by the Russians. Burkman is offering $105,000 which, as depicted in current interviews, has made Rod Wheeler suspicious about Burkman’s true motives.

As of May 22, 2017 The One American News Network is offering $100,000 in rewards. 

Wikileaks has put out a $20,000 reward for Seth’s murder since August 9, 2016 (less than a month after the murder.) This same day, Julian Assange did the famous interview with Dutch news programming Nieuwsuur which made millions across the world begin questioning and theorizing the actual events leading up to July 10, 2016, the night of the murder. 

In this interview Assange says: 

“Whistleblowers often go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. There’s a 27 year old that works for the DNC, who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.”

Interviewer: “That was just a robbery though, wasn't it?”

Assange: “No. There’s no findings.”

The interviewer blatantly asks Julian: “Is he one of your sources then?” 

Julian does not give a specific answer however, there’s mass speculation between 1:03-1:04 of the video where Julian gives a subtle nod signaling confirmation right before responding.

The Timeline:

According to Lou’s Bar staff, Seth was unusually inebriated. Part time manager Bernard Warren offered him a ride home at about 1.45am near closing time. Seth declined stating he would walk to Wonderland Ballroom instead. Wonderland employees do not recall seeing him and closed at 230am leaving an hour and a half window from the time of the shooting.

Current Online Theories: 

SEIU: The SEIU, Service Employees International Union, is a long time top donor to the DNC. They were also heavily involved in the 2016 election. They’ve endorsed Hillary Clinton and current DC Mayor Bowser. 

Recently they have been implicated in collaborating with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Jennifer Palmieri to carry out direct actions if needed. Robert Creamer is one example of such collusion. Creamer has had involvement with the SEIU and was also caught through Project Veritas last year hiring agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies and engaging in voter fraud. 

The SEIU is also contracted with Medstar Hospital where Seth Rich was later pronounced dead. 

The same day Rich was pronounced, employees in the DC area received a pay increase as well as a monetary bonus.

Family spokesperson Bauman was formerly involved in the SEIU as well as the DNC, calling into question his role in protecting the family or his long time allegiance to the Democratic Party. Bauman also has his own foundation in which David Brock of Media Matter is a major donor.

DNC Affiliates Increase Involvement In Seth Rich Case After Wheeler Claims

Seth Rich was also supposed to join a possible work gathering of more than 4000 people on the White House South Lawn on July 4th, 2016 (6 days before his death. For unknown reasons the event was cancelled on the same day.Seth Rich | White House Visitor Logs

Possible Assassins: According to a recent report claims from a new intelligence SVR, the assassins of Seth Rich were involved in a 2016 DC shootout just two days after his murder. 

The names are: Alpha Jalloh, Keyante Edwards and Keith Jones. No mugshots were ever provided for this particular crime. 

Alpha Jalloh is said to be the “main leader” he was an international criminal who was released earlier that July. Capitol Briefly Locked Down Due to DC Police Pursuit

        Mugshot from 2015

Russian officials are said to have intercepted intelligence of Alpha Jalloh’s early prison release on July 7th, yet when they raised concerns to US authorities they were immediately expelled from the United States. The official story for their last year’s expulsion, however, conveyed an entirely different relation regarding an attack on a diplomat in Moscow. 


Three days later Seth Rich was murdered.    

On July 12, 2016 the suspects were captured by US federal police forces after a shootout causing the temporary lock down of the city capital.

The report continues, Russian intelligence was surveilling Jalloh when they learned of his “suspicious” release and discovered he was in direct contact with Hillary Clinton’s New York City Campaign Office and the DNC office in Washington D.C. 

The report explains Seth Rich accomplished sending tens of thousands of DNC secrets was through his alliance with Kim Dotcom. Dotcom’s Battle with the United States government was instigated by the Obama regime attempts at shutting down his Megaupload website. 

The George Webb theories: 

George Webb has gained much notoriety through his investigation into a DC spy ring. Webb has single handedly figured out how the intelligence between key politicians and figureheads were being shared and utilized with each other. These key officials shared similar Blackberries allowing all content to be synced to an offline server through located towers. The Awan brothers have been an important lead in the investigation handling the software and installing towers. The Awans have been connected to MS13 and even Dyncorp who is known to train these type of Pakistani intelligence spies. The theory is Seth Rich and others caught on to the corruption leading to the massive leaks. Dyncorp, Awans and the DNC collaborated to bring the leakers down. The Accidental Journalist: Part IV — Hillary’s Blackberries