Sick Swamp

We called out the pedovore, and we stand by it. Pedophilic “pizza” emails throughout the WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman: Fact.

Literal cannibal artwork hanging from his old office: Fact.

Artwork inspired by serial killer (and cannibal) Jeffrey Dahmer in the Podestas’ house: Fact.

Underground “art installation” beneath their Washington, DC home, which they told mainstream magazines was “too complex” for the public to view or understand: Fact.

Very questionable attorney referred to me by former CIA man Robert David Steele — who although long past retirement age, inserted himself into the Pedogate community to an extent few others have, advising me and other Pedogate journalists including Timothy Holmseth to use this Steven Scott Biss as a lawyer. Fact.

FULCRUM is still young, and we won’t allow others to usurp our brand name here in Washington. What former Podesta Group lobbyist Oscar Ramirez is doing to us is completely unacceptable, and we will pursue this using every legal avenue available to us.

The 8 minute video that changed the world — about 230,000 views on Bitchute so far: