Bill Gates Reportedly Was "Directed" To Make Donations At Epstein's Request; Gabe Podesta Doesn't Understand Pedogate Yet?

As we and others had reported, it is already known that Bill Gates flew on convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet — dubbed the Lolita Express — years after Epstein was convicted the first time around.

“Bill Gates flew with Jeffrey Epstein on the Lolita Express in 2013, with the man whose charity aims to empower young girls joining the serial pedophile four years after he left prison,” the Daily Mail succinctly put it.

But now the story gets even weirderBusiness Insider and others are reporting that Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates made donations to MIT’s media lab through Jeffrey Epstein, almost as if repaying a debt of some kind or paying for… something? Emails show he was “directed” by the now deceased pedo Epstein to make a $2 million donation on or around 2014.

What sway did Epstein possibly have with one of the richest men in the world, to tell him where to make his donations?

Separately, FULCRUM Research believes Gabe Podesta — adult son of sicko John Podesta, at the center of the Podesta Emails released by WikiLeaks in late 2016 — may be directing disinformation and deplatforming attacks against researchers who have covered the Podesta Emails, which are real emails, and which demand criminal investigation.

Gabe Podesta with his father, John Podesta. Image posted publicly earlier in the year by John Podesta’s confirmed Twitter account.

Gabe Podesta with his father, John Podesta. Image posted publicly earlier in the year by John Podesta’s confirmed Twitter account.

This is unacceptable if true. Certainly, even the first half of today’s article should tell you this growing scandal is not a “child abuse hoax” — as the paid sockpuppet accounts researchers believe are linked to the Podesta family keep claiming.

The Podestas should ask their old employers, the Clintons, if this scandal is real: why was Bill Clinton a passenger on the Lolita Express, the same problematic child trafficking jet which now ensnares Bill Gates? Why was Bill Clinton a passenger on that plane 20+ times? What legitimate business does a former President have with a serial child trafficker and convicted pedophile like Epstein?

Also, in light of the direct connections researchers have made between John Podesta, his strange friend James Alefantis, and that despicable “Pedo Island” in the USVI run by Epstein — the Podestas should not be crowdstalking, deplatforming, or harassing anybody at all.

They should be asking the public for forgiveness, cooperating with authorities, and doing their best to replatform and make whole again the truthtellers they have maliciously attacked in the three years since the surprise loss of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

They should be answering, in-depth, very legitimate questions the public has about the use of “walnut saucing,” “pizza,” and other strange terms found — repeatedly and in the context of being code words of some kind — in the Podesta WikiLeaks.

And then, Gabe Podesta should look his father in the eyes and ask why John Podesta — a 70 year old — was invited to a place where a six year old and her friends, aged nine and eleven, were delivered by a suspected child trafficker. To a pool, for the stated purpose of “entertainment.” (He should also ask why his father receives personal spiritcooking invitations, another curiosity from the Podesta WikiLeaks. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK.)

This wretched person Luzzatto, described by some researchers as a “shittier version” of Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, was recently spotted at Martha’s Vineyard taking Instagram pics with members of the Kennedy family. What business do a family as wealthy and (once) charismatic as the Kennedys have with a monstrous suspected trafficker of the young and innocent?

Pre-Epstein’s death and all the info about Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged child procuring activities coming out, many people didn’t believe all this stuff was possible. It has been alleged Epstein was seeking out victims as young as 8 years old, and it was reported that Clinton/Podesta pal Epstein had 12 year olds delivered as a birthday gift, and that he molested them before returning them to France.

Now that we see it’s par for the course — and that these people certainly do exist — what business do the Kennedys or the Podestas or anyone have with someone like Luzzatto? Here’s one of her emails in the WikiLeaks:

From genuine Podesta Emails — WikiLeaks  Email ID 52098

From genuine Podesta Emails — WikiLeaks Email ID 52098

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John Podesta And Son Gabe Are Trying To Memoryhole "Walnut Saucing" WIKILEAKS Emails

John Podesta and his adult son Gabe have reportedly done a lot to "punish" and clear the Internet of articles and videos about John's disgusting WikiLeaks emails, which came out in late 2016. Watch our 8 minute analysis of the emails, which has since gone viral on YouTube-alternative Bitchute:

Why take away my YouTube channel and so much of my personal identity? THOSE EMAILS NEED EXPLANATION, NOT FURTHER COVER-UP.

Why send me a lawyer who NEVER DISCLOSED he used to work for Bill Clinton in the 90s, seeing as John Podesta was Bill Clinton's chief of staff in the White House, doesn't that kind of compromise this lawyer?

I agreed with others that the deletion of my livelihood and life's work on YouTube was a violation of my rights, which is why I sued - but I stood no chance suing with a lawyer like that by my side! Swamp trick!

What we reported on in the Podesta emails has not been debunked.

In 3 years, it has not been debunked AT ALL.

Why are John Podesta and his brother Tony frantically emailing about "walnut sauce"? What is walnut saucing? How do you go walnut saucing? Why are the busiest people in the world obsessed with walnut saucing and "walnut sauce recipes" in the months before a US Presidential election?

Why all the references to pizza? How do you access a pizza for an hour? What does that mean?

In the emails, which are real... Why is Podesta receiving invitations to Marina Abramovic "spiritcooking" events? Why is Podesta inviting a former top DOJ official, Peter Kadzik, to an upcoming "pizza extravaganza"? Within the context of busy men working within the federal government, what is a pizza extravaganza? How does this not violate their impartiality, to be partying with top Clinton/Obama officials? What does that phrase pizza extravaganza mean?

WHAT DOES ANY OF IT MEAN? Why were my media startup, rival media company Infowars, and everyone else who covered the Podesta Emails (which include Google's former chairman, Eric Schmidt) DISAPPEARED DIGITALLY by Google and YouTube, which Google owns?

If this is all a misunderstanding, maybe John Podesta and his adult son Gabe should explain what those disgusting emails mean, because constantly trying to disappear all references is not what innocent people do. That's typically not what innocent people do, at all.

Deplatforming me to this extent messed up my life, I didn’t gain in sticking with this story, I lost out big. Lost income, too much stress & ridicule for one person to handle, my life’s passion on YouTube has been replaced with paid attack videos—I wonder who paid them—accusing me of promoting a “child abuse hoax” on the last days of my YouTube channel. They say that’s why I was banned! Gaslighting, cover-up trash liars!

Not a hoax! What is walnut saucing? What is a pizza extravaganza? Why is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange rotting in solitary confinement in the UK, when he should be free? Why has everyone forgotten about him? Why is Alex Jones being destroyed by frivolous lawsuits, when he should have his channel and platforms back?

They ruined my life over this, but it’s the truth: the Podestas are very sick people.

Why are Newsweek and others now trotting out the bizarre, entirely unasked for “Cannibalism isn’t so weird” narrative? Why now?


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