WITCH: Hillary Tweeted About "PizzaGate" One Year BEFORE PizzaGate Broke, And Now Everyone's Freaking Out

Well this is just super weird, isn’t it? Maybe not quite as weird as someone lowering the flag to half mast on Epstein’s island, leading many online to speculate they may have found child victim remains… but still pretty weird!

Hillary Clinton tweeted an emoji of a pizza and alongside it the text, “Guilty as charged.”

Well, of course she did, you’re thinking to yourself. That’s just what the Clintons do—when they are cornered with allegations of something outrageous, which they probably did do to some extent, they mock the living sh*t out of the claim until it is so thoroughly gaslit into oblivion, no one dares mention it again.

But wait a second: Hillary tweeted this in early November 2015, not November 2016—in other words, one full year before the 2016 election, which is around the time the Podesta Emails leaked on WikiLeaks.

So, she is making a cheeky reference to PizzaGate, before PizzaGate has been mentioned by anyone on planet Earth, or has even been broken as a story! The Podesta Emails aren’t yet a thing when she tweets this out.

The URL shortener link she included in her tweet is now dead and leads nowhere, but researchers claim the link originally went out to a PR-style fluff article praising the Clinton campaign on “running on pizza.”

Oh okay.

Oh okay.

These cocky bastards. If you understand that Podesta was reportedly using the word “pizza” in his emails to refer to a child, then Hillary Clinton is essentially saying the campaign runs on pedophilia, and she is “Guilty as charged.”

Let that hair stand up on your neck. It’s okay.

This is one strange world lately.

Why would she tweet that? Well, she’s obviously crazy, but they “hint in public” at what they do in private. Plus, this was one year before Trump Hulk smashed her in the general US election, and she had no indication at the time, poll wise—nor did her advisors—that she would not win.

You can send that Pulitzer any time! I’ll be here waiting.

SAVAGE: European Media Destroys Prince Andrew Over Jeffrey Epstein Visits

If Prince Andrew was so “appalled” by Jeffrey Epstein being a serial pedophile, it is curious that he was recorded leaving Epstein’s Manhattan townhome years after the billionaire was first convicted of being a pedophile.

The same can be said of American tech titan Bill Gates. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder reportedly flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and fraternized with the perverted billionaire years after the world discovered what Epstein was, via his first conviction.

And the European newspapers haven’t even gotten to the sad finale here. We will spoil the ending for you: why do the vast majority of children flown to “the Island” never return, according to pilots’ flight logs? Do they swim back to their home countries? Do they enter a magical mystery Stargate to another dimension? WHERE DO THEY GO?

You’ll figure it out soon enough.

Today’s Sun frontpage, circulated throughout the UK and other parts of Europe—

European media is shattering these “elites” over their pedo billionaire ties: where is the American media’s voice in this round of condemnation? Relatively silent, aside from us,  Breitbart , and a select few others.

European media is shattering these “elites” over their pedo billionaire ties: where is the American media’s voice in this round of condemnation? Relatively silent, aside from us, Breitbart, and a select few others.

INVESTIGATION: Meet The Googler Mass Deleting Trump Supporters From YouTube

I’ve been a video journalist for most of my adult life, getting my start as a staffer for Jim Cramer’s financial news web site on Wall Street nearly a decade ago, and we poured quite a bit of effort into our YouTube channel here at FULCRUM — which had 170,000 subscribers at its height, before Google banned it and deleted the 500+ videos and interviews uploaded there.

After the election of President Donald J. Trump, I was assigned without asking for one a “YouTube liaison” to help me with any concerns — so I thought at the time, at least — since our channel was becoming high traffic and “influential,” according to Google.

This Google executive, Melissa Tecson, pretended to care as painful “de-monetization” ratcheted up against our channel, then stopped replying altogether after Google summarily decided one day to delete the channel and every video uploaded to it.

Tecson’s Instagram, since taken Private, showed a repetitive inexplicable fixation with pizza — yet no photos of pizza from restaurants were posted.

Tecson’s Instagram, since taken Private, showed a repetitive inexplicable fixation with pizza — yet no photos of pizza from restaurants were posted.

We wanted to know why we were banned, and what we could do to get back in good standing with the platform, but Melissa went dark — just ignored us as if we no longer existed, and to many, we no longer did!

In the wake of this bizarre deletion, some of our supporters began to look into Melissa Tecson — a San Francisco-based Google executive with close personal ties to Beijing, China — and we are resurfacing much of that research here, today, for the benefit of our audience.

Additionally, we believe this information will be taken more seriously by folks in Washington, now that the United States Department of Justice has opened a formal anti-trust inquiry into Google, and its politicized censorship practices.

Tecson's Twitter

Researchers combed through Tecson’s Instagram and Twitter profiles, both of which were public at the time. In the hours after we began publishing information about Tecson, she took her Instagram private and completely deleted her Twitter account. On her Twitter profile at the time, her description said she was “Tryin’ hard not to get into trouble, but I’ve got a war in my mind.”

In light of her known connections to Beijing and to radical social justice causes here in the United States, what does that mean?

Google’s bias against Trump and his base has been well demonstrated at this point, with the President himself recently tweeting that Google’s algorithmic bias may have swayed millions of votes in 2016.

Rather than answering any of our supporters’ legitimate questions at the time, she wiped every tweet she’s ever made and deleted her account.

Rather than answering any of our supporters’ legitimate questions at the time, she wiped every tweet she’s ever made and deleted her account.

Does this person have something personally against supporters of the President of the United States? To this day, we have no idea why our channel was wiped — aside from our political views, and strong support of President Trump.

Why is a crucial publicly traded American tech company — worth approximately US $820 billion at today’s stock market value, and reaching billions of users each month — unilaterally leaving its content decisions to a radical with known ties to Beijing?

Do they consider this to be transparency?

And why does Google have, to this day, no answer as to why we were deleted from their platform?

It’s a different world than it was then, and thankfully other tech giants have not treated FULCRUM in such a bizarre manner. Our truthful news content on Facebook regularly goes viral, with our weekly “reach” now above 110,000 views. And our Twitter reached an estimated 1.45 million over the last month, thanks to retweets and shares from our growing audience.

None of these Big Tech companies appear to love Trump or his supporters, but Google seems to be the worst offender by far. We reach zero people on YouTube, because we are still banned from publishing video news content there.

This Fall in Washington, FULCRUM News will make Melissa Tecson and her peers a research priority. Authorities at the DOJ and elsewhere need to do a proper peek into the human beings at Google — biased individuals — making censorship decisions that affect millions of us. -DS

ANALYSIS: Trump, And The Trumps, Aren't Tainted By Vast 'PizzaGate' Fallout

Here we go. The corporate media leftists have gone from denying PizzaGate is real, to begrudgingly admitting it is completely real, and will be President Donald J. Trump’s downfall. Well, that’s not what a “former” CIA man told us nearly two years ago in Washington, D.C., so I’ll relay part of that conversation to you now.

At FULCRUM, facts matter.

Does America have a just, God-fearing leader again?

Does America have a just, God-fearing leader again?

In fact, they’re the only thing that matters to a real journalism outfit — not readers’ feelings, not the fickle public’s tastes, not short term traffic numbers (which lately have been phenomenal), and not baseless threats from the people we have exposed with relative ease since those weird WikiLeaks came out in late 2016. Has it really been three years? Time flies.

At lunch near the White House, this former CIA hog told FULCRUM that if there was “some pedo” (as he put it) in Trump’s past, they simply could not find it. And this is a deepstate hog who has mostly aligned himself with Democrat politicians, and Democrats, over the past several years.

You can’t find what’s not there, which is why they bet it all on the failed RussiaGate collusion narrative instead.

Now who does go down over PizzaGate?

Well, Prince Andrew for sure, at least in the court of public opinion. Are royals above the law? I don’t know; I’m not British.

And Bill Gates, too. Are tech billionaires above the law in America? I guess we’ll find out.

And what’s left of the historical Rothschild banking family. They’ve been awfully quiet lately. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Evelyn Rothschild’s “wife,” used to appear regularly on CNBC, FOX Business, and was very active in the financial community. Now? She deleted her Twitter account more than a year ago, citing harassment from “Russian trolls” (i.e. woke truthers), and has become the invisible woman of global finance.

Really, where is Lynn? Is everything alright, Lynn?

Trump’s multi-decade critics and enemies — they’re still alive to tell the tale. They have grudges, not dirt.

Apropos of nothing, I wanted to share this video we took during the 4th of July celebration this summer in D.C. It was the first time I realized the media is not just trying to gaslight, they’re bluffing at the poker table without any hand whatsoever. This is Trump’s hand, should it become necessary to play it:

The world knows who Donald J. Trump is at this point.

And that’s a good thing.

Need more proof? Well, he wanted Podesta prosecuted last year — as his publicly timestamped tweet shows. It was Treacherous Sessions who did not act, and the “Q army” had a deep Trust Sessions love for the old Keebler elf, which may have made Sessions’ departure more difficult for the administration to carry out. Eventually, they tossed him out anyway, and now we have Barr — for better or worse!

Trump tweets

Need even more proof? He called out Anthony Weiner — a member of the Clinton cult, Senator Schumer’s protege, and Huma Abedin’s husband — 15+ times seven years ago. As Nicole Kidman has pointed out, members of these cults are strictly forbidden from calling each other out, ever, no exceptions. It’s silence until death do they part.

Trumps are clean.

OPINION: Where Are The Watchmen?

by Jeremy Smith, FULCRUM

Where do I start in this mess? How does one even begin in a world where chaos and confusion reign supreme?

The world is weirder than we thought, that much is certain.

The world is weirder than we thought, that much is certain.

Clown world has now ramped up to a new level. Demon world?

Black pilled doesn’t do it justice now. Oblivion pilled, never to return? How does one navigate through this insanity?

We live in a world where literal coup plotters can get caught red handed, but justice never catches up to them. No matter how many predictions and promises from Q, no BOOMS ever come. No swamp draining ever occurs. I have a bad feeling we’ll be waiting on these things to happen for an eternity.

We live in a world where elite pedophiles can get off the hook and get special treatment in prison.

We live in a world where those same pedophiles finally look like they might meet lady justice head on, only to watch them slip through the cracks AGAIN. Let’s not fool ourselves. We’ve been lied to so much, who could blame any of us for doubting “official narratives.” Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide…. I also have oceanfront property to sell you in West Virginia.

The only good news? People are starting to wake up. I’m not talking about those of us who’ve seen for a long time… I’m talking about normies… people who usually buy the MSM narrative. Now, even they realize, “whoa… we’ve been lied to.” The next progression is, “if they’d lie about something as big as Epstein’s suicide, what else have they lied to us about?”

9/11? Bin Laden? The Vegas massacre? On and on and on it will go… an avalanche of doubt (and with good reason).

This is the good news.

John McAfee, in a recent interview, said, “the government shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of the American people… they’ve been in a sleep state and are starting to wake up!”

Where does this lead us?


Never in my life have I seen a story cause so much trouble. Ever since PizzaGate broke, whether some, none, or all of it is real, pandemonium has ensued. The media had Alefantis on one time, and whammy, a few lawsuits later, too many of us washed our hands too quick.

Do I think children were literally EATEN in a pizza joint? No.

Do I think children were being trafficked out of that place? No.

Does that mean every ounce of it - every theme there - every element of that tale is a conspiracy theory (which might end up being a thought crime here soon, by the way)?

Not a chance - not on your life.

We all saw the pictures, no matter how hard some try to deny it… no matter how hard some try to paint the picture of Wikileaks being compromised and those symbols, faked.

Funny… I’ve seen admitted MAPs proudly use those same symbols on social media. Those codes? Cheese pizza, so on, and so forth? These are known terms used on the black market to peddle child porn. These aren’t theories, folks… these are FACTS. Why some choose to write that off because of one loon (actor) who shoots into Comet, is beyond me. That shooter doesn’t change the facts.

Can these “facts” hold up in a court of law? No, BUT, can coup plotters get away with blatant crimes? Yes. Can KNOWN child traffickers fly to the four corners of the earth and own temples on secluded islands? Can presidents and top notch lawyers fly on pedophile planes in the sky with no repercussions?

Here are some facts:

Alefantis’ Instagram was creepy. We have occult symbolism? Check. We have beyond awkward photos of kids in pretend bondage? Check. We have bizarre looking men in “I love children” shirts? Check. Do the math. Stop caring if you look cool or logical. Is this proof that would hold up in court? No… but it’s awfully weird. Come on. Heavy Breathing? Nothing to see there, I guess. Legit pedophilic jokes are just jokes, I guess. Would you let your kids hang out with Majestic Ape? What about the strange artwork of ritualistic scenes? Little spirits leaving little bodies… big bodies with wands laying over little bodies… sexual implications galore. Come on, people. Wake up.

Pedophilia isn’t a left vs. right thing, BUT, let’s be honest. Out of both flawed sides, the left openly promotes “love knows no age.” The left promotes, “anything goes.” I personally think that entire block where Comet sits catered to all, including pedos. It’s the way of the left in the present day. They’ve drove it so far to the left, it went off the rails.

Can I prove in a court of law that Podesta’s emails contained pedo code? No, I can’t, but does that make them any less strange? I’ve been watching food shows for decades. Not once have I heard walnut sauce mentioned, let alone numerous times with strange context. I can prove that he was invited to a spirit cooking ritual, though. I can prove the word “Thelema” was used (more on this soon). What about Dr. Pizza? Was he simply a pizza lover, or was their deeper meaning in that handle?

What about the mysterious adrenochrome? Is it real - is it fake? Was Hunter S. being fantastical or kidding around? That I cannot tell you, but blood sacrifice has been all too real throughout the ages. Hunter S. also talked about the “football months where crazed pedos kidnap children off the streets to sell as sex slaves.” Was that a joke too? Fantasy? Is pedophilia itself a conspiracy theory? Why are the Clintons tied to an epipen company?

When asked about a strange picture on the wall of his office, John Podesta said, “it’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.” It doesn’t take a genius to see that is a Satanic creed. If you can’t believe John’s emails are nefarious, what about his brother, Tony? In his own words he owns a bunker style theater to view “dangerous art.” Judging by the art he deems safe to show out of his home, I’d hate to see what he thinks is “dangerous art.”

As if all of this combined wasn’t enough to make you stop and think, “this might be more than a wacky conspiracy theory,” let’s look at the father of spirit cooking, Aleister Crowley. Marina Abramovic, herself, is an admitted Crowley-ite. What was it she said? “If done in a public setting, it’s art… if done in a private setting, though?” Crowley was tapped in to the darkest energies in this universe. If you need a reminder, look up his poetry book, “White Stains.” I won’t go into detail here, but in that book is a poem entitled, “An Ode to Passive Pederasty.” Beastiality is also a theme in this book. I don’t need QAnon to tell me that these people are sick. Pardon me if I’m a bit suspicious of powerful people in my government who are tied to Crowley, and also possibly tied to pedophilia. How many coincidences can be ignored?

Let’s look at the new hit show, “Strange Angel,” about Jack Parsons. Parsons was alleged to be a devout Crowley-ite. Sex magik is the key. Parsons and his OWN MOTHER allegedly engaged in sex rituals. Pardon me if it seems like this entire culture of alleged Satanic pedos are uncloaking right before our eyes. They want us to know. There’s power in them showing us. How many years has Hollywood shoved this Illuminati/Satanic imagery down our throats? How many decades, actually? It’s not hard to see… they WANT us to see.

Where does this bring us back to? Epstein. Epstein is the key that makes these “conspiracy theories” a reality. People are waking up now. Don’t be so quick to write this off. Don’t be so quick to poo poo something you can’t handle. Not all of us have abandoned the watchtowers. We need watchmen in the watchtowers looking out for wolves. What I’ve detailed is more than enough to make anyone suspicious. Maybe terms like PizzaGate and psyops like QAnon are used to make real life wickedness look goofy and muddy the waters of truth.

I personally don’t care what label is given to this subject… PizzaGate, PedoGate, makes no difference. The fact is there’s a culture of unspeakable wickedness in this world, and through Epstein, we’ve all seen more than enough to be suspicious. Don’t abandon the watchtowers because it won’t “hold up in a court of law.” We have a right to be suspicious. —JS

DESPICABLE: Jeffrey Epstein "Gifted" Three 12-Year-Olds On His Birthday, Promptly Molested Them

European media, including the Irish Sun and British Daily Mail, are now reporting that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a high profile Epstein accuser, “described the sadistic birthday present in unsealed court documents from a 2015 lawsuit.”

The documents, finally made public, will change the world.

PizzaGate was the claim, based on WikiLeaks emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta leaked weeks before the 2016 election, that elites traffick in — and sometimes gift each other — underage girls, referred to as “pizza” by the traffickers, and that these girls are molested, tortured, and in some cases even killed.

As depicted in  Eyes Wide Shut , Stanley Kubrick’s last film, the “elite” aren’t at all like the rest of us. They’re monsters.

As depicted in Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick’s last film, the “elite” aren’t at all like the rest of us. They’re monsters.

Researchers believe the victims are often tortured physically to the point of what is known as psychological dissociation, making it harder for authorities to accurately gain information from the victims later on, and making the victims less likely to come forward in the first place.

The Sun is reporting “Jeffrey [Epstein] bragged afterwards after he met them that they were 12-year-olds and flown over from France because they’re really poor over there.”

It’s important to note that child victims are often sought out for their low socioeconomic status, rather than nationality. The girls allegedly “procured” by Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, for instance, were often targeted due to their economic neediness.

This story is still developing, and more information will be published as it becomes available.

REVEALED: Epstein Wore Bizarre "Screw U" Slippers To 2015 Billionaires' Ball

Whatever Jeffrey Epstein was, he certainly was not remorseful after his release from jail the first time around. The convicted pedophile Democrat billionaire reportedly wore bizarre high-end velvet slippers to a billionaires’ ball just four years ago, in 2015, with “Screw U” emblazoned on them.

Epstein’s black Spanish cotton-velvet slippers had a message for the world.

Epstein’s black Spanish cotton-velvet slippers had a message for the world.

A message for the world at large, or a message for his underage victims in particular? We’ll never know, I suppose, now that his neck has weirdly shattered, ending his life.

In the past several days, FULCRUM has seen unprecedented web site traffic and Facebook growth, as the public is coming to realize we are one of the few US-based media outlets competently publishing new information on this bizarre scandal. Be sure to review our recent coverage below to get brought up to speed on Epstein and his alleged accomplices, and also get our newsletter (as thousands already do) so you don’t miss the latest research & intelligence from the nation’s capitol!

That weekly newsletter issue hits hard. What you need to know about the Epstein scandal:

  1. His alleged accomplice and child “procurer” Ghislaine Maxwell is apparently not yet indicted or arrested, and was recently spotted at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles, California. Really.

  2. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reportedly flew on Epstein’s infamous private jet, dubbed the Lolita Express by the media, years after Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from minors.

  3. Researchers have directly linked Jeffrey Epstein socially to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Manager, and to James Alefantis — a shadowy restaurant proprietor and close friend of Barack Obama’s who visited the Obama-era White House at least five times, according to public records.

  4. In the past, Epstein had 550 pound dental chairs delivered to his private island in the Caribbean, and more recently was shipping industrial shredders and tile extractor equipment to the island. What were the chairs used for? We don’t yet know.

  5. Investigators seized upon a nearly 15 year old note which suggested Epstein and his accomplices had, at one point, worked to “procure” girls as young as 8 years old for sexual abuse or trips to the island, significantly younger than the victims the media has identified thus far.

Wherever this strange story leads, trust FULCRUM!

We will continue to analyze and break the latest information as it becomes available from authorities, and from other investigators in the media. Thank you for your support.

REPORT: Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Flew With Jeffrey Epstein AFTER He Was Released From Prison The First Time!

Say it ain’t so, Bill!

Say it ain’t so, Bill!

Have to say, the American media — including Microsoft-owned MSN.com — is doing a woefully incomplete job of covering the biggest political scandal of all time. Most of the coverage is coming from newspapers and media outlets in Europe, India, and elsewhere outside of the US.

Could this be why?

Billionaire convicted pedo Jeffrey Epstein ensnared some of America’s biggest tech elites including, it appears, Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates.

“Bill Gates flew with Jeffrey Epstein on the Lolita Express in 2013, with the man whose charity aims to empower young girls joining the serial pedophile four years after he left prison,” the Daily Mail is reporting.

Not good.

“Epstein had just been released from prison four years prior after pleading guilty to two counts of soliciting a minor under the age of 18 for sex,” according to the British Daily Mail, and others.

So far, reps for the Microsoft co-founder have refused comment on this issue.

Continue reading: why did Jeffrey Epstein have 550 pound dental chairs and industrial shredders delivered to his private island?

And please remember to get our popular newsletter so you don’t miss any breaking news or research on this — and other crucial topics from the nation’s capitol. Our research is unrivaled, and the newsletter offers a 60 day 100 percent money back guarantee.

Little About Jeffrey Epstein's Death (Or Ghislaine Maxwell's Apparent Freedom) Makes Sense

Purported “rape survivor” and Bill Clinton victim Juanita Broaddrick, followed by nearly 140,000 people on Twitter, tweeted the following just hours ago — “I ask again. Why is Ghislaine Maxwell running free. Vanity Fair, 8-12-19, quoted her as saying about the victims..... ‘They’re nothing, these girls. They are trash’. I repeat. Why is she not in jail?”

Broaddrick, like many others around the world, is wondering why Epstein’s accomplice is apparently still completely free.

Broaddrick, like many others around the world, is wondering why Epstein’s accomplice is apparently still completely free.

At some level, her tweet is channeling the anger and growing confusion many in the world are experiencing. Billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was presumed to be America’s most valuable prisoner and suspect, was found dead in his cell with breaks to his neck bones — consistent, forensic experts say, with either strangulation or suicide by hanging.

The fractures Epstein exhibited are more commonly found with strangulation victims than with suicide by hanging, but that fact hasn’t stopped some of the “blue checkmark” verified journalists on Twitter from trying to throw cold water on the weirdness of this all.

Some of them are vocally asserting that this was a suicide, not a murder, and that these things simply happen in America’s overburdened, racially prejudiced prison system.

Um, alright. We are not disputing either of those claims, it’s just that we don’t see how either of those things pertain here: Epstein, a wealthy white man who included President Bill Clinton and Lynn Rothschild among his close friends, had already been transferred to a supposed “suicide watch” wing due to previously being found unconscious and injured in his prior cell.

What, exactly, did Epstein hang himself with in his new suicide watch cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center — heavily guarded & monitored 24/7 — and a cell designed to deter even the most deranged, committed of criminals from ending their lives prematurely.

Waiting for a burger at In-N-Out, Ghislaine Maxwell is just like the rest of us when she’s not “procuring” children for billionaires to rape and torture. Allegedly.

Waiting for a burger at In-N-Out, Ghislaine Maxwell is just like the rest of us when she’s not “procuring” children for billionaires to rape and torture. Allegedly.

Aside from the ongoing mystery of Epstein’s death, as Broaddrick pointed out, his alleged chief accomplice is still free. Almost impossibly, The New York Post and others have reported she was spotted at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles, a coast away from her friend’s legal woes in New York.

Why don’t prosecutors have her in custody already?

After Attorney General Barr’s comments about the unacceptable unanswered questions surrounding Epstein’s death, how is this even remotely acceptable?

To be fair, In-N-Out does have very good burgers, affordable and fresh.

In all seriousness, though, if you want to pierce the veil here and understand what may indeed be going on, it will take a brief suspension of disbelief. The world simply is not as we were taught it is back in high school or college or wherever — it’s not a meritocracy, where the best are rewarded, and where the wicked are promptly punished by authorities, and so on.

Instead, the world (at least here in the West) is more akin to the strange stratified world of secrecy, and secret sex acts, revealed in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, which incidentally was his last film project before his death.

The film, part of which was actually filmed in a historical Rothschild-owned mansion, shows a young doctor played by Tom Cruise who stumbles into a secret society that engages in late-night strange mass orgies. The members of this society, much to his character’s surprise, include some prominent members of society.

When the secret society realizes Cruise’s character has attempted to infiltrate them, the response is swift, severe, and increasingly bizarre. His beautiful wife is played by Nicole Kidman, who later relayed to the public that the film’s director, Kubrick, told her that pedophiles run the world.

“Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles,” was the exact quote she gave during an interview promoting a HBO project some time later. “He [Stanley Kubrick] studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia,” she told the interviewer.

“They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight, repent, so to speak, he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s kind of how Stanley explained it but it was all very complex. I’m probably not doing it justice.”

She’s doing it more justice than most, I’m afraid, and an A-list actress like her worth millions probably knows more about the subject than most as well.

So, to answer Juanita Broaddrick’s question posed on Twitter, Maxwell is a member of some very powerful secret clubs — and prosecutors, FBI agents, and anyone else under the sun will tread carefully in taking her down, if they do at all.

Are the people who know our past leaders’ dark secrets, fantasies, and (maybe) violent crimes more powerful than anyone else?

I think you already know the answer.

Continue reading: a direct link found between Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, bizarre elite DC pizza shop owner James Alefantis, and Epstein’s Pedo Island.

EXPOSED: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island

Oh wow. If not for all the censorship and orchestrated harassment against us (which will end as soon as John Podesta is arrested by authorities), I’d have to call this a golden era of journalism — Watergate pales in comparison to the depth of depravity, public corruption, and pure evil revealed by Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, and subsequent presumed murder while locked up in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island is the opened “can of worms” for the political elite — hidden in the shadows and protected by the media no more!

Jeffrey Epstein’s island is the opened “can of worms” for the political elite — hidden in the shadows and protected by the media no more!

Epstein was awaiting trial, expected to start sometime around June 2020. Instead, he’s dead, and his secrets gone with him — or at least some of them.

What we know now is a lot more than what we knew in late 2016, when the child abuse and underage sex trafficking scandal known as PizzaGate first broke. At the time, the scandal appeared to implicate the Clintons and their 2016 Campaign Manager, John Podesta — yet some details didn’t quite add up.

Now they do.

At the height of PizzaGate interest, researchers on the Internet combed through the disturbing Instagram posts of James Alefantis, proprietor of the infamous Comet Pizza & Ping Pong in Washington, D.C. — and a close friend of President Barack Obama’s. (White House records show that Alefantis visited the Obama-era White House at least five times.)

Our now viral 8 minute documentary video guiding viewers through some of the disturbing Alefantis Instagram posts contained some things that researchers, at the time, simply did not understand. In one photo, a friend of Alefantis’ labeled an image of a stark looking steel room with the hashtag murder, and in another photo the hashtag carisjames was used. The repeat use of #carisjames confused researchers, and many theories emerged — none of which felt valid.

We now believe carisjames may be a contraction of Caribbean Island of Little St. James, which is the formal name of the property in the US Virgin Islands owned by Jeffrey Epstein. Certainly, within the context established by researchers, this makes sense: Alefantis and his peers appear to use #carisjames to tag images of young girls and children that they feel would be suitable for a visit to the Island.

And what’s done to them, once they arrive?

Investigative reporters at The Intercept seized upon the maritime freight logs of items shipped to Epstein’s island, and they’re bizarre: dental chairs weighing 550 pounds, and more recently, industrial shredders as well as floor tile extractor equipment. Was Epstein running an unlicensed children’s dental practice from his private Caribbean island? Certainly possible, but unlikely — this rabbit hole goes deep, and gets dark fast.


James Alefantis appears in the Podesta Emails released by WikiLeaks in late 2016, Podesta had hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at his pizza restaurant — and James Alefantis posted to his Instagram a personal signed letter from Hillary, thanking him for the event and for his generosity as a host.

Separately, in April 2017, John Podesta publicly thanked Alefantis for the “pizza” in a curious tweet.

Gaslight fail, I guess. Millions now know the truth.

They’ve killed good people to slow down this scandal’s crescendo, which is now at hand. This “fallen world” will be made accountable and whole again, that much is certain.

And the FULCRUM community is owed much of the credit for furthering the facts, when many others were too afraid to tread in deep water.

Continue reading: the list of Podesta’s private media allies is shocking, and explains why “PizzaGate” has been mocked by the corporate media over the past two years, instead of properly investigated.

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WIKILEAKS: Suspected Child Rapist John Podesta Had The Whole US Media In His Pocket

WikiLeaks revealed  all  the major corporate media outlets have gone to Podesta’s house — is that professional distance between reporter and subject? Or is this a true conspiracy? Read the WikiLeaks email and decide for yourself.

WikiLeaks revealed all the major corporate media outlets have gone to Podesta’s house — is that professional distance between reporter and subject? Or is this a true conspiracy? Read the WikiLeaks email and decide for yourself.

Wondering why much of the US media has maligned “Pizzagate” investigators as self-interested, greedy, delusional, and dangerous? Wondering why those gaslights are burning so bright to protect John Podesta, even though his associate George Nader (named in Robert Mueller’s final report) has been charged with child sex trafficking, and even though his other associate Jeffrey Epstein masterminded an entire island of underage abuse?

We may never know the full story now that Epstein’s neck has been shattered; strange things happen, as A.G. Barr would like us to believe.

Or: we are witnessing the largest criminal coverup in American history, unfolding right before our eyes.

At least we know one piece of the puzzle now — why the media protects John Podesta. They’re all his friends!

From WikiLeaks email ID 38636 of the Podesta Emails:

> Subject: RSVP - Podesta


> Here is the latest RSVP for Thursday night at Podesta’s. (Marrissa please print for JP)


> Yes

> ABC – Liz Kreutz

> Yes

> AP – Julie Pace

> Yes

> AP - Ken Thomas

> Yes

> AP - Lisa Lerer

> AURN - April Ryan

> Yes

> Bloomberg - Jennifer Epstein

> Yes

> Buzzfeed - Ruby Cramer

> Yes

> CBS – Steve Chagaris

> Yes

> CNBC - John Harwood

> Yes

> CNN - Dan Merica

> Yes

> Huffington Post - Amanda Terkel

> NO (Panama)

> LAT - Mike Memoli

> Yes

> LAT - Evan Handler

> Yes

> McClatchy - Anita Kumar

> Yes

> MSNBC - Alex Seitz-Wald

> Yes

> National Journal - Emily Schultheis

> Yes

> NBC – Mark Murray

> Yes

> NPR – Tamara Keith

> Yes

> NPR - Mara Liassion

> Yes

> NYT - Amy Chozik

> Yes

> NYT - Maggie Haberman

> Yes

> Politico - Annie Karni

> Yes

> Politico - Gabe Debenedetti

> Yes

> Reuters - Amanda Becker

> The Hill - Amie Parnes

> Yes

> Washington Post - Anne Gearan

> Yes

> WSJ - Laura Meckler

> Yes

> WSJ - Peter Nicholas

> Yes

> WSJ - Colleen McCain Nelson

Staggering, unacceptable collusion.

No longer a conspiracy theory — now just a conspiracy, right out in the open, for all to see.

As we have said more often than most, Pizzagate is real, and John Podesta needs to go to prison for it.

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Sick Swamp

We called out the pedovore, and we stand by it. Pedophilic “pizza” emails throughout the WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman: Fact.

Literal cannibal artwork hanging from his old office: Fact.

Artwork inspired by serial killer (and cannibal) Jeffrey Dahmer in the Podestas’ house: Fact.

Underground “art installation” beneath their Washington, DC home, which they told mainstream magazines was “too complex” for the public to view or understand: Fact.

Very questionable attorney referred to me by former CIA man Robert David Steele — who although long past retirement age, inserted himself into the Pedogate community to an extent few others have, advising me and other Pedogate journalists including Timothy Holmseth to use this Steven Scott Biss as a lawyer. Fact.

FULCRUM is still young, and we won’t allow others to usurp our brand name here in Washington. What former Podesta Group lobbyist Oscar Ramirez is doing to us is completely unacceptable, and we will pursue this using every legal avenue available to us.

The 8 minute video that changed the world — about 230,000 views on Bitchute so far:

Jeffrey Epstein "Procuring" 8-Year-Olds Pretty Much Proves PizzaGate

The same ‘mainstream’ media that spent two years telling us allegations of underage sex trafficking connected to the Clintons were categorically false sludge are now all knotted up trying to figure out how to maintain that position, while shifting 180 degrees to the, “Oh, it’s actually quite real!” overture that Daily Beast and The New York Times have already begun to make.

Jeffrey Epstein’s deep ties to the Clintons are fact, and now researchers suspect Epstein was targeting girls even younger than the teens we already know about.

Jeffrey Epstein’s deep ties to the Clintons are fact, and now researchers suspect Epstein was targeting girls even younger than the teens we already know about.

With new allegations surfacing — technically, new old allegations, more on that in a moment — that Jeffrey Epstein or his friend were in the process of “procuring two 8-year-olds,” it is being reported.

So far, British and Indian media outlets on Google News have done the lion’s share of reporting on jailed Democrat pedophile billionaire Epstein, and it’s truly remarkable how little of the coverage is coming from American media outlets — no American outlets aside from us seem to be covering the claim that Epstein or his friend wanted two 8-year-olds “procured,” even though Indian MEAWW and England’s Daily Mail (among others) are reporting on it with apparent ease.

What’s infuriating here is that authorities have apparently known about Epstein and the note since 2005, yet are only discussing it again now: “A message pad belonging to Jeffrey Epstein was first obtained by police during their search of his mansion at Palm Beach on October 2005,” MEAWW reported.

“One of the messages appears to reference underage girls, while another notes how an 18-year-old ‘loves Jeffrey,’” the article claims.

Incredible that they are only giving this the time of day now, some nearly 15 years later.

Cat got your tongue, George Stephanopoulos, and all you other fucking weirdos who reportedly partied with Jeffrey Epstein after he got out of jail the first time around?

Where’s the proper US media coverage of this absolutely massive, now vindicated scandal?

PizzaGate was the late 2016 name for the very truthful claim that “elite” individuals in the Clintons’ circle are involved in underage sex trafficking; former President Bill Clinton rode on Epstein’s private jet 20 or more times at a known minimum. Bill Clinton’s former White House chief of staff and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2016, John Podesta, had his emails leaked and published on WikiLeaks just weeks before the 2016 national election.

Podesta WikiLeaks emails - “pizza” and “walnut sauce” references baffled researchers in 2016.

Podesta WikiLeaks emails - “pizza” and “walnut sauce” references baffled researchers in 2016.

In the emails, “pizza” was a prevalent conversation topic, and the overwhelming majority of researchers — to this day — believe that pizza was a code word for a young girl or child in some of the coded exchanges.

Also established by the Podesta WikiLeaks was that Podesta and his lobbying firm were not mere awkward orbiters here in D.C. — they were high fliers and helped enact the progressive sounding policies of the transnational banking elite who still fund much of our politics, and legacy media.

In this exchange from December 5, 2007, for instance, FULCRUM researchers learned that Podesta attended a private policy dinner in New York attended by only five others, including George Soros and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, head of the historical Rothschild banking family.

The Podesta WikiLeaks gave a rare glimpse into the social hierarchy of global politics.

The Podesta WikiLeaks gave a rare glimpse into the social hierarchy of global politics.

Jeffrey Epstein's Island Lair: What We Know So Far Is Chilling

Here’s a review of what we know about Jeffrey Epstein’s nearly $80 million private island, which features a “bizarre blue-striped building,” as NBC News put it, or temple of some kind.

“Conspiracy theory” no more — NBC News is covering the Epstein “temple” in-depth

“Conspiracy theory” no more — NBC News is covering the Epstein “temple” in-depth

As more news about the Democrat pedophile billionaire comes to light, FULCRUM will be among the first to report and analyze it. The longtime friend of the Clintons — and many others in politics — remains in lock-up in New York City on underage sex trafficking charges, with a trial date expected around June 2020.

What we know already:

  • The striped building, one of the few above ground architectural features of the island, does not match submitted plans for a building Epstein wanted to construct. Some online have speculated the building may be an entrance to an underground facility of some kind, or even an elevator shaft leading to dwelling space of some kind beneath the island’s surface.

  • Epstein was having dental chairs and industrial shredders, as well as tile extractor equipment, sent to the island. What he and his guests needed these bulky items for, however, is less clear. (Enterprising journalists at The Intercept came across a maritime freight log of some kind, which revealed Epstein’s bizarre shipments.)

  • Jeffrey Epstein maintained a purported “blackmail safe” out of his Manhattan luxury townhome, containing CD-ROMs with guests names written on them. Authorities have opened the safe and are investigating its contents fully, it is believed.

  • Shortly after his lock-up at the MCC in New York City, Epstein was reportedly injured, and was found in the fetal position with evident wounds or bruises to his neck.

  • Finally, a whopping 14 victims have stepped forward so far, willing to testify against Jeffrey Epstein.

Continue reading >>

From Jeffrey Epstein's Island To John Podesta's Spiritcooking Emails, Trust FULCRUM DC!

More than a few of you were deeply disturbed by news that former Podesta Group lobbyists have begun to crowd FULCRUM News off the Internet by promoting and search engine optimizing an identically named outfit — FULCRUM DC — which has nothing in common with us, and which is using our brand name without permission 2.5 years after we launched, and more than a year after our move to Washington, DC.

We have notified Oscar Ramirez on Twitter and informed him to stop using our name.

And we certainly have no plans to leave DC — the attempt to set me up for ruin in court failed miserably, and FULCRUM is currently shopping for new legal representation! Yay!

Since our ad-free real news operation launched, this web site has been viewed/read more than 800,000 times, our Facebook videos are followed by 11,000 of you and frequently go viral (see some of our recent hits below), and our exclusive weekly research newsletter continues to grow in size and reputation.

We called the crypto rally, we analyzed the Podesta spiritcooking emails properly, and we have weathered the worst Internet censorship in history — with my personal YouTube account, and our company YouTube channel, both being nuked into oblivion.

We continue to update the public on the disturbing Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and allegations of child trafficking connected to him and his private island.

They don’t like that we were competently outing the truth of our strange world.

We will never go away, and we won’t let our audience down.

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FULCRUM News DC Literally Doesn't Know Oscar Ramirez

Former Podesta Group lobbyist and self-described “Obama appointee” Oscar T Ramirez has begun marketing himself throughout Washington, DC as a “co-founder” of FULCRUM DC, and yet we have never heard of the man.

On the strength of the FULCRUM brand, Ramirez has already signed CVS and USAA as consulting clients.

Never met him, never heard of him, never had any dealings with Oscar Ramirez.

WHO is this? He co-founded our high traffic news blog, yet we have never interacted with him? Feels like gaslight psyop trash.

WHO is this? He co-founded our high traffic news blog, yet we have never interacted with him? Feels like gaslight psyop trash.

What is this amateur hour?

So a man who used to work for the Podestas wants to — without our permission — almost impossibly call himself the co-founder of our influential news blog, read by 800,000+ people to date without taking even $0 in ad money since our launch in January 2017, at the Inauguration.

This is wild hubris. Who the fuck is this, and why is he claiming association with FULCRUM DC? Get your own brand name, creep.

And your former boss is suspected of being involved in underage sex trafficking. Some of his closest colleagues have been charged with such crimes already, including Democrat lobbyist George Nader, who was named in the Mueller report.

The more attacks we face, the more I think we were right about it all.

Crypto isn’t retarded like Qtards claim it is, it’s the future of everything.

A handful of families — literally child trafficker families who torture kids, in some cases — control 70%+ of the fiat currency on the planet. Fact.

And now even President Trump’s former chief advisor, Steve Bannon, is rallying behind cryptocurrency — calling it a global populist revolt, which it is! Against old Soros, the Rothschilds, and other legacy trash.

Wherever the dust settles, FULCRUM will be there.


Reject all impostors — including Ramirez.

FULCRUM Public Affairs

This serves as public notice, along with our lengthy statement on Twitter (copied below), that we don’t agree with former John Podesta employees forming a shop here in D.C. and naming it “FULCRUM Public Affairs.”

Tasteless, at a minimum, after the amount of harassment we have already been through.

We launched in January 2017 — a demonstrably true claim we can prove in Court with ease — and whatever their game is here, it’s not wise.

They even took the username “FULCRUM DC” on Twitter, evidently to increase the confusion between our brands.

If they are in the business of public affairs, please explain why John Podesta had a 6 year old delivered to his heated pool for “entertainment.” This child had no biological or caretaker relationship to John Podesta at the time. This is child trafficking, and 228,000+ people have viewed this censorship proof backup of the evidence on Bitchute:

This is not going away, and nor is FULCRUM!

Rest Up, And Read Up

As we approach the August news doldrums here in the Swa — ahem, District of Columbia — we will remind you that FULCRUM is ad-free, and therefore we have no financial or other incentive to write about news that’s not there.

The Jeffrey Epstein case, as it advances, may lend itself to staggering news developments — we will see. And when it does, count on us first for groundbreaking coverage of it all.

Until then, enjoy what’s left of the summer, and read up: it’s all coming to pass more or less as we hypothesized it would last year, in our book. So exciting! Keep the faith, we’ve cleared some major hurdles; the Awakening moves forward in earnest.

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Epstein Found Unconscious In Jail Cell; Bitcoin Back Above US $10,000

Jeffrey Epstein found in the “fetal position” in his cell.

Jeffrey Epstein found in the “fetal position” in his cell.

What you need to know this Thursday… As we reported on Facebook earlier, billionaire Democrat pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found in his Manhattan jail cell unconscious in a “fetal position,” with apparent injuries to his neck. He was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Have the Clintons already tried to get to him? Oh, sorry, that’s a “conspiracy theory” — except it’s not at all. Seth Rich was the most likely source for the sick Satanic pedophile emails released just days before the 2016 election, humiliating Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and the rest of her campaign. Rich was shot to death here in D.C., in what authorities had hastily deemed a “botched robbery,” without his possessions or money in his wallet having been stolen… Weird. Almost not a robbery at all, but a hit in retaliation for ruining Podesta’s secrecy around his sick spiritcooking and pizza obsession?

Millions of us have read those emails, and we will never be silent until the people in the emails — namely, the Podestas — see their day in court. These are not elites; they are degenerates in a sad alleged child abuse ring.

In other news, Bitcoin lunged back above US $10,000, currently trading around $10,017 per coin, according to coincap.io. Ethereum saw gains over the last 24 hours also, with Ether trading around $221.15 each.

Why might Ethereum be significant? This short 1 min, 28 second video does a great job of showing the eventual scale of blockchain technology, as Ethereum envisions it anyway —

Mueller "Key Witness" Charged With Child Sex Trafficking — THIS IS PIZZAGATE, IT'S HAPPENING

If you see something, say something: even  The Atlantic  sees some truth in all the allegations.

If you see something, say something: even The Atlantic sees some truth in all the allegations.

How can anyone, even big liberal magazines who despise “conspiracy theories” and right-wing paranoia of all flavors, not see something here? In fact, even they admit there is something here! The Atlantic recently praised FULCRUM’s outspoken founder:

Just this morning, President Donald Trump told reporters that Alex Acosta was stepping down as Secretary of Labor amid mounting outrage over the sweetheart deal he gave Epstein years ago as a federal prosecutor. The resignation will surely draw more attention to what Epstein got away with over the years—and who helped him.

It should not come as a surprise that some of America’s most outspoken conspiracists have spent the days since Epstein’s arrest taking victory laps.

“I definitely see it as a moment of vindication,” David Seaman, a chief proponent of the so-called Pizzagate conspiracy theory, told me. “I think this is a turning point.”

Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire alleged child sex trafficker, is in lock-up on similar charges in the Southern District of New York as George Nader, the D.C. businessman “who served as a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation now faces a charge of child sex trafficking in addition to transporting child pornography,” according to the AP and Yahoo! News.

Nader was reportedly charged “with transporting a 14-year-old boy from Europe to Washington, D.C., in February 2000 and engaging in sex acts with him.”

Nader is not expected to be the only personality mentioned in the Mueller report to be charged with engaging in underage sex acts.

This is PizzaGate, or Pedogate as some have taken to calling it, and this is our community’s moment of vindication — we stood with the uncomfortable truth, which is what good researchers and trained journalists are supposed to do. We didn’t buckle under pressure, we didn’t take money to distract the public with QANON riddles or feel-good “hopeporn,” we stood by the big uncomfortable truth:

These people rape kids. The so-called elite lobbying class engages in underage sex acts, on a scale that many members of the public will have trouble accepting.

In our other areas of research lately, including CBD health and cryptocurrency markets, we stand even more vindicated — a research team here in Washington, DC with no evident equals.

Wild cryptocurrency rally in 2019, few were expecting it aside from FULCRUM — and our subscribers!

Wild cryptocurrency rally in 2019, few were expecting it aside from FULCRUM — and our subscribers!

Our book on cryptocurrency’s current state of affairs was released last year, when Ether was trading around $140 each. As of today, one Ether is worth $226.18, according to coincap.io. Aside from Ether, we have been most bullish on Bitcoin, which has done spectacularly this year — at a time when many in the truth community lost the faith, and asserted that Bitcoin’s brightest days were behind it.

Over the prior six months, one Bitcoin is up nearly 200% in US dollar value.

And major US merchants including Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Petco have begun accepting Bitcoin, Ether, and some other leading cryptos via the Flexa app.

Different world from a year ago, and we called it accurately, repeatedly, and in earnest.

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