PRESIDENT TRUMP & BANNON FEUD: Mainstream Media Fooled Again?

Speculation has reached unprecedented heights with the recent fallout between former chief strategist Steven Bannon and President Trump. According to reports, Steve Bannon decidedly corroborated with author Michael Wolff in relation to newly released, controversial book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The book alleges Bannon called Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the 2016 election “traitorous.” President Trump swiftly replied stating Bannon had “lost his mind” and coined a new nickname: “Sloppy Steve.”


Ben Shapiro, former Breitbart employee under Bannon, expressed exuberant relief towards Bannon’s final departure. Shapiro states Bannon is nothing more than a “con man” thriving by “riding the waves” of arising figureheads within the conservative movement. 

Conversely Milo Yiannopoulos, also previously under Bannon, manages to view Bannon in a positive light and believes the feud will simmer out relatively soon. He explains to FOX 5 DC, “My feeling is the two will reconcile very quickly.” 

Feud or Feigned? 

As the Bannon/Trump feud began unfolding, Q Anon took to 8Chan with a curious posting. He writes: 

    “What makes a movie GOOD? 

    GREAT actors?” 

The mysterious Q Anon figure has been able to provide several tips and insight into the Trump sphere; one instance includes a forewarning of an attack on the Rothschild family. Afterwards, reports of a helicopter crash near the Buckinghamshire’s Rothschild Domain happened. 4 people were pronounced deceased after the crash; 3 bodies identified, 1 still remains unidentified. Interestingly, Lord Jacob de Rothschild has not been seen since. 

As the Q Anon phenomenon expands in intrigue and credibility, it has been used as a significant reference for current events. In relation to the Trump and Bannon feud his recent tip seems to suggest Trump and Bannon are acting. 

q anon.jpg

If the world is a stage, Trump and Bannon certainly know how to put on a show. President Trump has proved time and time again how simple it is to manipulate the mainstream news. Recall Q Anon continuously saying “These people are stupid!” Could this be yet another pointless rabbit hole for the media to chase as fundamental change is being put forward? 

After all, the premise of the argument seems to make little to no sense. If Trump and even the mainstream press agree the book Fire and Fury is largely a fabrication slapped together by an attention seeking author with a history of made up tales, why would anyone believe its claims of negative commentaries made by one of Trump’s most loyal allies? 

Additionally, the timing of the feud seems quite interesting. This arrives at a time of recent announcements involving the FBI and the Department of Justice opening 2 new investigations into Hillary Clinton. Instead of this being the main topic of conversation within the news cycle, the reality show style feud between Bannon and Trump has suddenly taken center stage. 

As of January 11th, it was being reported that Steve Bannon will be testifying on the Trump/Russia investigation this Tuesday, January 16th. The appearance to the layperson is the Russian investigation lead by Robert Mueller is “heating up” against Donald Trump. Of course this is certainly not the case based on the following:  

1) Michael Flynn’s single count of lying to the FBI is likely null and void considering the agent he allegedly lied to was Agent Peter Strzok. According to Strzok’s exposed text messages, he was politically geared towards Hillary Clinton and plotted to take down President Trump. Strzok may now be facing charges of Treason.

2) Papadopoulos was a low level aide who tried setting Donald Trump up with Vladimir Putin but was denied.

3) Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are being investigated for shady dealings years prior to joining the Trump campaign. More specifically, they are being investigated for their ties to the Podesta Group. Podesta Group was the lobbying firm involved in the Uranium One Deal.  

To any person paying attention to the more intricate details of this grandiose case, it is clear the Russian investigation is truly “heating up” towards Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. 

Additionally, the first sealed indictment in the Uranium One case has been released to the public. Maryland resident Mark Lambert was indicted with 11 counts of Bribery and Fraud as it pertains to the Uranium One Scandal. Allegedly, Lambert (former co president Transport Logistic International Inc) arranged a scheme to bribe Russian official Vadim Mikerin in exchange for nuclear fuel. 

Since the mainstream media has massively underreported these important revelations, it seems by basic outward appearance Bannon’s testimony will be the “nail in the coffin” in regards to President Trump collusion. However, the notion that Steve Bannon will testify against Donald Trump is disillusionment (at best). Bannon has scoffed at the Trump Russia conspiracy theory from its infancy. It seems more likely that the appearance of Trump and Bannon being at odds prior to his Russian testimony, is orchestrated. 

This is quite comical when you put this into perspective:

Democrats and establishment sycophants now believe the entire fate of their Russian investigation lies with none other than... Steven Bannon. 

Yes, the person whom they’ve called an evil Nazi puppeteer for 2 years straight, is now “on their side” and will be the savior who takes down Donald Trump to “save the Republic.”


Recall what Bannon said at CPAC in early of 2017: 

“If you think they (globalists) are going to give you your country back without a fight you are sadly mistaken. Everyday is going to be a fight.”

Couple this with his statement shortly after his White House departure to 60 Minutes: 

“I’m going to be Trump’s wingman on the outside...When you side with a man you side with him.”

Written By: Yvonne Parkinson


With recent reports of FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation as well as the Department of Justice examining the Clinton Foundation, some have been left wondering how we arrived here. 


Since the beginning of Robert Mueller’s investigation, most assumed Mueller would be primarily focused on alleged collusion between Russia and President Trump. As time progressed, however, we have seen the Russian investigation instead gain traction towards the direction of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

In October 2017, Mueller announced the indictments of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy Rick Gates. Initially, it appeared as an attempt to hone in on Donald Trump. Upon review of the indictment, it seems it was actually due to Manafort and Gates’ dealings years prior with “Company A” and “Company B.” Company A was later identified as Mercury Public Affairs and Company B was found to be none other than the Podesta Group.

Suddenly, the Podesta Group was under investigation. Founder Tony Podesta resigned from his position at the firm immediately. From there reports of the Uranium One Scandal, involving the Podesta Group and Clinton Foundation handling of American Uranium to Russia, began resurfacing. 

Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta, attempted to publicly distance himself from the Podesta Group. However, as proved in the Wikileaks emails, it is evident John Podesta shared responsibility in coordinating the Uranium One Deal. 

Whether intentional or not, the Russian investigation officially led to the examination of several misdeeds from the Obama administration spying on political opposition, to the Podesta Brothers and the Clinton Foundation; all the while Trump is seemingly liberated.



The Clinton Foundation has been in operation since 1997. However, the foundation began truly amassing massive power and wealth during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. This accumulation of wealth occurred not only due to the Uranium One Deal but also with the Haitian Earthquake of 2010. 

In January, 220,000 Haitian people were killed by a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake. The country was completely devastated. 

On January 22, a charity telethon was promptly formed called “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief.” It was the most widely distributed telethon in history, amassing a reported $61 million. 

The hosts of the telethon were George Clooney, Wyclef Jean and Anderson Cooper. 

It also featured other A list celebrities including: 

John Legend, Jon Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio, 

Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Ellen Degeneres and Madonna.

Even Oprah Winfrey told all of her fans to give as much money as possible. 

Together they raised hoards of money for the Clinton Foundation, Bush Foundation, United Nations and the Red Cross. 

What was supposed to be a grandiose gesture of goodwill turned into one of the greatest robberies of all time. As many celebrities enjoyed the benefits of coordinating with Clinton Foundation for years to come, even joining their “Celebrity Division” with stars including Kevin Spacey, the Haitian people were suffering and dying.

Former President Bill Clinton was appointed co-chairman of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. The total international funds were calculated at approximately $9.04 billion. 

Only .6% of the funds went to Haitian organizations. The former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, claims the Clintons kept 97% of the monies owed to the Haitian people.

The Clinton Foundation was also responsible for assigning contracts for Haiti reconstruction. It was later found these contracts were only assigned to those such as Warren Buffet and Anthony Clinton who contributed large donations to the foundation. There was no reconstruction of Haiti, instead what they received were a handful of mobile homes outlawed in the United States for having carcinogenic properties, Cholera outbreaks, food and water deprivation, and the complete sell out of their country. 

Additionally the tens of thousands of orphans impacted by the disaster were not given schools and homes as promised. Instead they became one of the largest targets of child traffickers in the world. In fact, on January 29, 2010 (only 7 days after the celebrity riddled telethon) Clinton friend Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border with 9 other co conspirators for attempting to smuggle 33 children out of the country without documentation. CNN later reported this was not the first time Silsby attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. The Clintons intervened immediately. Bill Clinton brokered a deal to get 8 of the other traffickers released. Silsby received a lessened sentence of 6 months jail time. 

Once she returned to the states Laura Silsby changed her name to Laura Gayler and now works for Alert Sense, a company in coordination with the Amber Alert system. In February of the same year, Silsby’s lawyer Jorge Puello and his wife, were arrested on the suspicion of leading an international human trafficking ring involving women and minors. He was sentenced to a light sentence of 3 years in federal prison.

With the horrid reports of the Clinton Foundation crimes in Haiti, Hollywood, Media, Government Officials and donors stayed completely silent. The only public figure to speak boldly against the Clinton Foundation? President Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump repeatedly commented on how the foundation “ripped off Haiti.”

After Trump’s historic 2016 win, during the Al Smith Memorial Dinner, he had perhaps one of the best ‘Mic Drop Moments’ of all time:

    “Everyone knows of course Hillary’s belief that ‘It takes a village (to raise a child)’ 

Which only makes sense after all, in places like Haiti...

Where she's taken a number of them.”

He was met with unprecedented booing from the crowd of elite Hillary supporters, as Clinton shot him a sinister look for daring to speak of her deep ties to child trafficking. 


Is it any wonder President Trump has received such vicious hatred from Hollywood, from establishment politicians, from ‘journalists’ and large donors? 

The massive abuse, robbery, and sex trafficking of the Haitian people seems to have been an open secret within elite circles for years now. No one spoke out, instead they helped perpetuate these crimes. As Trump said: Everyone knows.

The take down of the Clinton Foundation alone is enough to permanently cripple The Swamp. From donations by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to corrupt Saudi Princes, it’s tentacles have reached all throughout the globe. After Hillary’s devastating 2016 loss, the Clinton Foundation donations have completely dried up. It is clear to see it’s only survival was through a Clinton presidential win. 

With President Trump’s Executive Orders freezing assets of Human Rights Abusers and his historic battle defeating human traffickers, the foundation is headed towards it’s last lifeline; and the world will be better for it.


Written By: Yvonne Parkinson


Roll-up Of The Cabal & Restoration of Republic in 2018: The Details

Luciferians in our midst, and they came so close to destroying it all: 90% global depopulation and calamitous financial collapse was their goal. Why? Arrogance, greed, in-group confirmation bias.

Luciferians in our midst, and they came so close to destroying it all: 90% global depopulation and calamitous financial collapse was their goal. Why? Arrogance, greed, in-group confirmation bias.

I'll be honest. I hate the Cabal so much, that when I dwell on what these people have done to my country and peers ... it gets hard to remove myself logically.

Yet God protects us best when we reflect on Love. I have so much love for those in the military and government working tirelessly to awaken us from this absolute nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

I have a lot of love and respect for them, so I will focus on that as I proceed. Everything below is real. Some of this information will upset you; I'd encourage you to share it anyway. When everyone discovers they have been a victim, then no one is, and we will plow forward at exponential speed. What Trump and other whitehat world leaders have in store for you would blow your mind if I shared it now... so I won't. You don't need to know that part yet.

What if I were to tell you we should be living like the Jetsons in 2018, not like debt farmers to foreign bankers who worshipped Lucifer?

More important: what if I were to tell you, in 2018, we will be living like the Jetsons. You heard it here first, just as you did with Bitcoin and Ether and the rise of Trump.

Things are not as they seem.

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta really do harm and torture children, but it's so much worse.

The broadcast media - Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and other compromised television men play "theatre class" every evening to their rapidly dwindling audiences and play out a narrative that is not actually happening.

Practice at the gun range if it makes you feel more secure, but no civil war is coming in America. Antifa leadership have ankle bracelets on. Most of the funding has been frozen. Authorities are aware of what Eric Schmidt was doing on his planes, and so much more than that. 

More than 4,000 sealed federal indictments popped up during the course of less than 3 weeks in November. The Sessions Sweep. For comparison's sake, in a typical year only 1,000 or so federal indictments are sealed. Literally unprecedented in the history of our nation's justice system.

A VIP was extracted during the 10 hour Atlanta airport shutdown, and remains in US custody. The underground power lines to the airport terminal were intentionally cut through with thermite and/or high temperature blowtorch, and photos have surfaced online of these cut lines.

During that time, only one aircraft took off from Atlanta.

So much is happening, and the media is not reporting on it. The child trafficking networks are imploded. As many as 604 FBI personnel have been arrested and charged. You're not hearing this on the TV at night because the Administration knows it will cause chaos if not explained properly.

The MSM will say, "Look, Drumpf is a dictator after all!!! We told ya!"

Trump is smarter than that, and will not allow them that opportunity to tear our country apart any further. Enough damage has been inflicted, and soon America will inflict vast damage on her enemies. North Korea is the fireworks show that's ahead to remind the planet America is back, and never being taken advantage of again in this way.

Never again.

And our children will never again be taken advantage in a wholesale, institutionalized manner by people who are simply evil. Pure evil- I feel my anger rising just thinking about it. God is Love. God is Love. God is Love.

There are so many victims of these people, it is chilling and breaks you if you think about it for too long. Many of the victims are criticized, mocked, carefully gangstalked and then led into drug addiction or suicide. Few survive to tell the tale.

Yet the tide is turning. Children have been rescued from underground facilities and transport trucks by US Special Forces. Eric Schmidt has resigned and more info on him will surface publicly soon, in ways the public will not be able to look away from.

Google and the CIA took advantage of us in the worst ways possible, and they will pay dearly. Nerd piñata ahead, and the public's gonna swing hard.

If someone is wearing an ankle bracelet or boot, they are one of the sealed federal indictments, and cannot leave the country. That's the law.

Hillary Clinton has a sealed indictment. Many others will be allowed the courtesy of suicide to save their families the shame ahead. The media will play along: so and so died of natural causes  unexpectedly. You are going to see a lot of those ahead. To the point you'll start to laugh, it will be ridiculous.

Obama is weaker than you believe. He was an installed Cabal Muppet from day one, he's not part of the leadership class, and not very smart. Doesn't have much personal wealth, an order of magnitude less than most Presidents. Doesn't have the crippled Deep State on his side (because he's a liability now). He's just a guy in a big empty house with a Twitter account at this point, whereas Trump is commander-in-chief and has the US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Army and NSA at his immediate disposal.

Many in Silicon Valley are already wearing ankle bracelets, and if they attempt to leave the country at 3 a.m. in a private or chartered jet, the US Air Force is authorized to blow them out of the sky. Their planes and aircraft hangars are monitored.

Trump is very involved in the process, watching some of the raids and arrests on live feed.

Because a state of national emergency was declared on December 21, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, national security resources can be deployed without Congressional approval or oversight.

Language from the 12/21/2017 Presidential Executive Order, activating a state of national emergency.

Language from the 12/21/2017 Presidential Executive Order, activating a state of national emergency.

The state of national emergency also means enemy assets can be seized without judge or court approval of any kind. Many Khazarian globalist freaks awoke on December 21st to zeroed out bank accounts, followed by rendition in a few cases.

No celebrity lawyers and no amount of money will save them.

Because A.G. Sessions is more thorough than ever imagined (Lazy Sessions was a false meme, in order to distract the public, MSM, and Cabal simultaneously), very few people are being given deals in exchange for turning State's evidence. Sessions and the DOJ just don't need their help when they have all the emails and communications.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is, I would argue, a national hero.

At least 90 percent of the military is now "pro-Trump" and "pro-America." You can't wage a war when 50 percent of your armed forces are loyal to Hillary/Obama/MSM, but you absolutely can with 90 percent in your camp.

And shortly after America heals from the synergistic poisoning scheme, massive military campaigns will take out our enemies abroad. People financed this. People knew. And they are going to have their worlds rocked to the core in 2018. Hunting season opens January 2nd, 2018.

America has cloaked jet fighters and high altitude bomber aircraft (if you could even call them "aircraft") at least 30 years ahead of what the public thinks is possible.

Synergistic poisoning scheme

This is evil to do to us. And every single one of them will pay in 2018, no exceptions.

This is evil to do to us. And every single one of them will pay in 2018, no exceptions.

How are globalists comfortable spraying the cities they dine and live in - DC, NYC, Denver, etc. - doesn't it kill them also?

Well, no. Because they tell each other not to drink the tap water, and to avoid any drinks or foods containing hydrofluoric acid, hexafluorosilicic acid, sodium fluoride, or any other fluoride derivative. Little Illuminati secret.

Globalist-controlled food companies and water processing plants have increased fluoride inclusion significantly in recent years. 

You see, spraying aluminum particulate constantly 30,000 feet above your pretty head is not all that harmful, unless you also take in a decent amount of fluoride... and then, it's curtains for you. The fluoride attracts more and more aluminum into your brain, causing premature Alzheimer's, anxiety, incompetence, and eventual death.

Further, the fluoride attracts calcium and "calcifies" your pineal gland, which is the part of the brain responsible for regulating melatonin (the sleep hormone) and other key hormones required for healthy living. This significantly shortens your lifespan. People used to live much longer.

If this topic interests you, search for information on healing the pineal gland, and only drink water that is vapor distilled or purified through reverse osmosis.

Some well known brands of water that are believed to be entirely, or nearly, fluoride-free:

- Smartwater

- CORE Water

- PENTA Water

- Aquafina

Many water brands, such as Dasani, cannot be trusted as its bottler Coca-Cola sources the water locally. If your city has fluoride in the water, chances are your Dasani does, too. And globalist food companies even reintroduce fluoride into water marketed to the public as "spring water." Pure evil. Mass poisoning, no other way to put it. 

They wanted a very weak populace before taking our land.

Instead, we voted in Trump, WikiLeaks exposed Podesta/the Cabal, and millions of us have de-fluoridated already. As a reasonable person who has been fluoride free for several months now, the difference is night and day. You'll feel like a different species.

Water filters for the home that are affordable include the Berkey filter and Propur filters. Neither are FULCRUM sponsors; in fact, we have no sponsors and don't sell any filtration systems or nutritional supplements, to remain impartial.

Even major drugstores including CVS now stock multiple brands of fluoride-free toothpaste, including Dr. Sheffield's, which I personally recommend:

CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond jumped on the fluoride-free bandwagon.

CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond jumped on the fluoride-free bandwagon.

Studies conducted in Europe have shown no higher incidence of tooth decay/cavities, even when populations are not given fluoridated water. In fact, several European countries including France have already banned fluoridation.

Although none of this article should be construed as professional medical advice, many researchers have found success in healing the pineal gland quickly with holy basil and turmeric, which are both readily available and legal nutritional supplements. 

So: spread this information, heal up, and get ready.

America is going to war soon. Propaganda and poison was a very weak way to try to take us down. Now they get to see what a restored United States military looks like; this takeover attempt was a declaration of war on their part. We are pushing back.

For further reading, I'd recommend my friend David Wilcock's latest update:

And please follow me on GAB, as I've been banned for life from Twitter for sharing too much truth:

God Bless you, God Bless America, and see you in 2018. This is our time, and our fight.

Wow, QANON's Identity Revealed + Donald Trump's Storm Is Underway

Is this man Q? I can't say for sure, but it seems plausible, especially since the NSA turned in Trump's favor back in November and warned him about upcoming deep state shenanigans. I've been BANNED FOR LIFE from Twitter for tweeting that Anderson Cooper is a former CIA intern (true) and Gloria Vanderbilt's son (also true), and if you want to continue to see my research and opinions please follow me on GAB instead. Way better on free speech:

Last minute FULCRUM Christmas gifts for yourself or a friend:

Elite MSM Destroyed By Q: Who Is He? | #QANON #PIZZAGATE

It's all more connected than some will ever believe. Who is this man, A. Cooper, and why has Q focused on him specifically in multiple posts? Why was my Twitter account banned for LIFE - similar to Roger Stone's ban from the platform - seconds after I tweeted that A. Cooper is a former C I A intern and son of one of the world's wealthiest women? Q explanation cited and read from-