Seaman's Deck: Bitcoin Thoughts, Will Trump Sweep Midterms, & More

Bitcoin has dropped down to US $7,407.10 per coin, in part due to news Bitcoin "price manipulation" is now under US investigation. Way to go, Jeff Sessions! First the good Attorney General focused his Justice Dept energies on literally indicting a canned tuna fish company for possible price rigging. Now, his department is honing in on Bitcoin prices. Big Tuna and Millennials Who've Done Alright From Bitcoin—the two great scourges of the West, and Sessions is tackling them both with profound passion.

Of course, back in reality, destroying the paper profit margins of every millennial on the Internet who holds Bitcoin (60 to 80 million people are believed to use Bitcoin), while continuing a regressive federal marijuana policy-set that is now behind that of both Canada and Mexico (!!!), all while keeping the spiritcooking Podestas and completely criminal Clintons free... in reality-land, a place we hear so much about in the District, hardworking "folks"—whoever those folks actually are, in reality-land—may take offense to an Attorney General focusing on canned tuna fish pricing and libertarian-leaning 24/7 Internet currencies, while granting some of the most despicable people to have ever surfaced from a WikiLeaks dump what appears to be total freedom in their nascent retirement years.

John Podesta is completely free, and even enjoyed a History Channel appearance recently. He also writes for the Washington Post as a contributor. For reference's sake, here's what his emails appear to have been referencing.

The Clintons, serial rapists and white collar criminals at a minimum, are completely free as well. The Clinton family was at a special "event" last night in New York City, paid event of course.

Meanwhile, Sessions focuses on the tuna fish and the Federal Reserve competing cryptocurrencies doing well.

That's not gonna sit well with an increasingly independent-minded, liberty mindset base. What is Pres. Trump thinking? Even as a diehard supporter, my growing distaste for Sessions—a man who seems to singularly personify the deepstate's callous indifference and perpetual lost sense of priorities—can't help but become attached to Trump's brand, tarnishing it. Why did Trump hire that loser? Why did he keep him for so long? And why does it seem impossible for Trump to extricate himself from the Sessions/Rosenstein spiderweb... Is Trump caught in the spiderweb? Does he just not care? Because at a certain point, from a mathematics perspective, the continued non-performance of Sessions and the DOJ is going to wear big time on Trump's ability to get anyone moderate to vote Republican in time for midterms.

The other side is admittedly terrible and disorganized, disheveled and lost. The sane people, if there were any, have long since left the Democratic Party building—leaving behind a thinned out and more zealous than ever herd of Clinton-era has beens. They're born losers, essentially, the wrong people at the wrong time—Swamp cut-outs desperate for another easy evil stretch like the Clinton 1990s, but they're just too old and Internet incompetent to hack it. That's the truth.

They've got the swagger, but they're old, and the numbers aren't there. The Democratic Party is the party of Soros and weird spiritcookers and Hollywood millionaires. It's no longer the party of the working class and the aspiring upper-middle classes, if it ever was, but I mean that today it is not even perceived as a working class party.

The Democratic Party has the marketing muscle of Tide laundry detergent, yet packs the stainfighting punch of a bottle of spring water. That's their problem: money, and media pipelines, but no soul and no sincerity and we see through it. They're spending big to promote milquetoast out of date SJW outrage culture.

Meanwhile, MAGA is putting money in the working classes' pockets again, and dignity. Rarely a week goes by without the President remarking publicly on the tenacity of our nation's coal miners, or the strength of the country's steel industry, or the persistent glory of the law enforcement community.

The Democrats are screwed. Yet, there's cause for concern.

Many moderates gave Trump a chance, and if they don't show up in full fleet numbers for midterms, the zealous wealthy Dems will get plenty of low information SJW-driven voters to lumber out to the polls and cast their votes for the existing crop of Democratic rot.

A stalemate for Trump is a loss, remember. He needs a packed pro-Trump House and neutralized or pro-Trump Senate to push his agenda effectively. To be sure, Sessions is Trump's problem, not the American people's, and patience from moderates for a DOJ that appears inconsistent and glacial is waning. That's just reality. Sessions' job performance is not enough to get moderates off the couch, while the other side can count on their low information horde.

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FULCRUM DC Summit w/ David Seaman

Riding on the excellent turnout and success of the FULCRUM summit earlier this year in Denver, Colorado, we have decided to do a similar two day event in Washington, DC:

 You can have your cake, and eat it, too — FULCRUM DC Summit

You can have your cake, and eat it, too — FULCRUM DC Summit

- Location: Washington, DC (nearby airports are Reagan/DCA and Baltimore/BWI)

- Dates: August 17-18, 2018 (food and drinks will be provided as we did last time!)

We will cap this event at 25-30 participants so everyone has time to hang out with us as well as participate in discussion groups that may emerge. Early bird special is available here; as we did last time, the ticket price closer to the event date will be significantly higher. This discount is for those who already know they can attend and who want to reserve their ticket now. Look forward to seeing you there!

The Storm Is Here

Last Friday, Trump began a tweetstorm regarding the news that a spy may have been embedded in his campaign. He emphasized that if true, it would be the biggest political scandal of all time. 

Trump: FBI embedding spy in 2016 campaign would be 'all time biggest political scandal' if true

Then, on Sunday, he rocked Twitter with his announcement that he would open an investigation into the scandal surrounding the embedded spy, and whether or not it was for political purposes.. 


Trump's tweet prompted responses from John Brennan and Dianne Feinstein, who suspiciously seemed defensive. Brennan went as far to subtly threaten McConnell and Speaker Ryan. Brennan is interestingly vocal whenever Trump tweets about abuses that occurred under the Obama administration. 


Dianne Feinstein tweeted that it is "disturbing" and shows contempt for the law to order the Justice Department to investigate abuses. 

HOW IRONIC. Isn't that exactly what the Obama administration did under the DOJ? 


Trump, ahead of his Monday schedule, started off early morning a new barrage of tweets, aimed at John Brennan, stating he was panicking about the investigation. 


Eric Bolling also pointed out a key element of the whole spying scandal which rests on one basic truth. Any spying would have had an existing FISA warrant in order to be legal. If the only known FISA warrant was based on the Steele dossier, MONTHS after the spy was embedded into the Trump campaign, it would be surmised that it is constitutionally illegal. 


While the spying scandal is only one small element in the scale of abuses that occurred under the former Obama administration, it seems an uphill battle as beleaguered Jeff Sessions is nowhere to be seen. One really has to question what FBI director Wray, or even Sessions are doing. Considering the amount of people involved, firing McCabe and Comey, has been so far the only steps taken. But, when do people start going to jail? Americans are frustrated and impatient waiting for the scales of justice to tip. As this week's tweetstorm indicates, only time will tell. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt


President Trump Angry Podesta Not Yet Charged Or Arrested

In a tweet Sunday morning, President Trump wondered in tweetform: "why hasn’t the Podesta brother been charged and arrested, like others, after being forced to close down his very large and successful firm? Is it because he is a VERY well connected Democrat working in the Swamp of Washington, D.C.?"

This is precisely in line with what FULCRUM has been reporting from Washington: the swamp isn't yet drained, no one appears willing to take on the Clintons and Podestas with indictments/arrests as the entire world knows is necessary, and "QANON" is relaying a parallel reality that is not actually occurring—the Podestas, Soros, Clintons aren't even under indictment yet.

It looks like Hillary is on global vacation, because she's really on global vacation. For whatever reason, Sessions is not doing the job he was hired for, and the Justice system is in rigged disarray.

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Bigger Than Watergate

Last March, when Trump sent shockwaves through Twitter-verse with his bold statement of being wiretapped, the internet exploded. Media went haywire, working overtime to debunk Trump's tweet as him being a nutjob for even believing it to be true. 


Known leaker Comey himself, even requested that the justice department deny those claims.

Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump’s Wiretapping Claim

New York Times also weighed in on the claims, dismissing them as unsubstantiated. 

Trump Digs In on Wiretap, No Matter Who Says Differently

Let's fast forward to May, 2018.

Recent revelations suggest otherwise that Trump's tweet is factually correct, as Clapper admitted that there was an informant within the campaign, then justified it as a "good thing." Let it also be a reminder, that Obama's former Intelligence chief, now works for CNN. The same guy who was suspected leaker behind the infamous Steele dossier. 


Clapper: It’s ‘A Good Thing’ FBI Was Spying On Trump Campaign


NYT also verified the validity of statements while attempting to gaslight the public with deceptive phrasing, downplaying it to an "informant", not spying. Sheer absurdity, at this point. 

F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims

Then, Washington Post takes it a spin further, saying it was to "protect" Trump. Never mind, at this point, the Steele Dossier was not circulated in existence yet. 


Perspective | The FBI didn’t use an informant to go after Trump. They used one to protect him.

If anything is obvious by this point, it is the laughable claim of journalistic integrity. The bias of journalists such as those at New York Times, lean heavily towards protecting the former Obama Administration. The left-wing media no longer operates on journalism, but sheer will, to protect criminals who operated on large-scale corruption. NYT's recent articles even go so far to actually attempt to justify the spying. Make no mistake, had Trump done the same thing, media would not be justifying the behavior, but actively seeking impeachment.  

Trump's suggestion that it's bigger than Watergate, is an understatement. The scale of such a political operation easily supersedes that of any administration in history. Nixon's 18 minutes of tape erased is nothing compared to the scale of interference to actively prevent the election of Donald Trump. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Founder's Thoughts: QANON, What Comes After MSM, & Trump vs. Deepstate DC

The heat our organization has taken regarding our views on QANON, which are District-sourced fact, should not distract from other pressing issues. If we don't cover these topics accurately, who will?

Parkland woke many up to the extent of the mainstream media (MSM) coordination in dishonesty across personalities and networks -- why were only 2 students out of nearly 3,000 students at the school getting all the air time, confused television viewers wondered. Focusing on 2 witnesses out of a possible vocal pool of 3,000, isn't even bias. It's fucking journalistic malpractice.

For those who weren't paying attention at all, or for those who wanted to buy in to the false MSM narrative one last time for convenience's sake, another shockwave came just the other day:

The President of the United States, during a televised and unedited conference, said he regarded MS-13 members as "animals." The organized transnational crime ring, largely consisting of Mexican nationals interested in the occult, is responsible for a growing network of underage sex-trafficked girls, some of whom are brutally beaten and murdered if they fail to meet profit quotas or otherwise annoy their captors. The ring also profits from opioid pushing and heroin sales, which are destroying an American generation.

The threat this organized crime ring poses to the livelihood and safety of everyday Americans across our country is literally unprecedented, yet the MSM took President Trump's clear words against the crime ring and intentionally spun them, to serve a dwindling and sad leftist agenda.

He called illegal immigrants animals, they blasted across the airwaves, in clear violation of the truth of the President's own words.


What else do you call that? The MSM still reaches millions, and they could use that platform to rally around the President's efforts to eradicate MS-13. They could provide tiplines to call into, other ways to help, etc. Instead, they used it as yet another opportunity to sow division and hatred. And in the wake of today's deadly shooting at Trump Doral resort, by an eccentric who shouted anti-Trump jingoisms he got from MSM (it is believed), it's clear that what MSM tells millions at night on the tube has an impact on public discourse, and opinion, even during waking hours.

Part of why I've been singularly against the QANON phenomenon is that it amounts to shouting "no fire, stay calm, stay in your seats!" when there is, in fact, a theatre fire. That's not compassionate. It's sinister.

The public, in a daze from newfound economic prosperity and Internet riddlers, has not been kept well apprised of the overall continuing culture of corruption in government and media, at all levels. Chaos, rather than a meticulous 'whitehat'-led cleanup, may be ahead for US politics.

This morning's angry tweets from President Trump underscore that troubling reality. "Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a “hot” Fake News story. If true - all time biggest political scandal!," the President wrote in one of the tweets.

A corrupted federal law enforcement agency, possibly assisted by other federal agencies, embedded operatives in a Presidential candidate's campaign - and had a material interest in the candidate's opponent winning the election. That would, indeed, be the biggest political scandal in modern US history, as well as one of the biggest scandals in Western democratic history.

The "deepstate" believed it knew better, and that the American people's national election choice should not be carried out, if it were to happen. And it did happen. That's unprecedented, and unforgivable.

Crossfire Hurricane: A Political Storm

A year ago, shortly after Trump had begun his first term, he dropped allegations of being wiretapped on Twitter. The tweet sent the media ablaze in a determination to debunk his claim,  by shrugging it off as a false statement. 


Department Of Justice Says It Has No Evidence Obama Ordered Wiretap Of Trump Tower

However, as each IG report comes out, more and more corruption becomes uncovered. There is no mistake that the FBI under Obama became politicized as people like Comey leaked to news publications. The upcoming IG report focuses on Comey's role in handling Clinton's email investigation.  

Justice Dept. inspector general finishes draft of report on Clinton email case

Meanwhile, NYT prints out an article that suspiciously seems to be downplaying the role the FBI played leading up to Elections 2016. 

Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation

One of the most important aspects of the article is the outright admission that the FBI dispatched agents to London in a covert operation called "Crossfire Hurricane". The most interesting detail of it all is that it was never revealed before. As it stood, the infamous Steele dossier had been the basis of the whole Russia investigation. This completely contradicts much of what Comey and others have testified in front of Congress about. Buried way down in the piece, is the fact that the Steele dossier was not a part of the whole investigation until late September. This puts holes into the investigation and then claims it was not political. While Peter Strzok was part of the covert London operation, he was also investigating Clinton emails at the same time. How can anyone not question conflicts of interest? 

Another interesting find within the article was a direct admission that key players within the Trump campaign were in fact, surveilled. "The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena". This seems to lead credence to Trump's original claim last March, that he was being wiretapped, during the Election. Trump tweeted about the recent finds, in a tweet storm earlier today. 



Trump again called it worse than Watergate, as previously stated in his earlier tweets last March. 

Operation Crossfire, if anything, seems to be an ironic twist on the entire Obama era FBI administration. Comey himself has put himself into direct crossfire as the upcoming IG report seems to indicate. It is becoming increasingly clear that the embattled FBI was in fact, abused by the former Obama administration. Operation Crossfire may very well be the storm that blows the roof off the FBI. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt


Schneiderman's Demise

Eric Schneiderman, who resigned just hours after 4 women accused him of abuse, seems to have a long history with Trump. Whether you love or hate Trump, looking at his past tweets, it is comedic gold, to be honest. Trump has tweeted several times about AG Schneiderman, even back as far as 2013. It seems to have begun when Trump found out Schneiderman was suing him, after a meeting with Obama. The first tweet hints that Trump was given some very interesting information. 


What follows after, is just pure gold. If you didn't find it funny, maybe you just have no humor.  The first seems to foretell the future, 5 years later, to Schniederman's recent demise and resignation. 


Then, in a twist, Trump tweets about his eyeliner, seemingly quoting Cuomo's statements regarding Schneiderman. To be honest, this cracked me up big time. 


Then, in a June 14th tweet, Trump questions what brand eyeliner Schneiderman was wearing.


Later that year in October, Trump again brought up eyeliner. This one is probably my favorite tweet regarding the whole debacle.  

Trump's past tweets are a goldmine of information that seems to age very well as President. Already, AG Schneiderman's own resignation is quickly out of the news cycle. However, if Trump's tweets are any indication, his story is just beginning to trickle out to the public. Schneiderman's demise is nothing short of over. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt


One Tree Hillary

November 8, 2016, Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America. That same evening Hillary Clinton refused to step out on stage, as per tradition, to give a concession speech in front of her dumbfounded worshipers. Tears were shed on both sides, it was a heavy moment for all. The world continued to turn.

It is now May of 2018. The economy is up, North Korea are surrendering their nukes and U.S. hostages, ISIS (sister of the Anti-Christ Osiris) is on the run. So too, it looks, is Hillary Clinton. Writing a book is a sure way to rake in some speaking fees and stay out of the US, now that Goldman Sachs doesn’t have time for you. Sure, it has to be collected from the peon masses, some of whom you’ll have to touch and mingle with but you gotta do what you gotta do.
There is always money to be made when you’re a Clinton - an abundance mindset.

Published in September of only last year the book is doing exceptionally well on Amazon in terms of reviews.


Much better than her husband’s book on his entire legacy.


Though nowhere near the success of a book on them both.


Stronger Together you could say.

On a brisk Monday in Auckland, New Zealand, May 7, Hillary Clinton spoke at an arena to those willing to pay US$155 for general admission and up to a premium US$390 package for a pre-talk private cocktail event - one which Hillary did not attend. See, as featured on InfoWars, CSTT footage of the event. What I assume a majority of those in attendance didn’t know was that Hillary’s 2nd failed presidential campaign was in part financed, NZ$7.7 million, by the New Zealand taxpayer.


She could of saved the nation of New Zealand the trouble and simply asked millionaire playboy Kim Dotcom for the money. He likes to spend his wealth on cars, planes and everything you could think of throwing away money on if you had an endless supply. Why not throw some to Hillary too?



What’s this bibble babble you mentioned earlier about Osiris and Isis?
Oh that…yeah, well, these elites believe in all this anti-christ occult mumbo jumbo, as documented by David Seaman of FULCRUM News over the past two years. I’m not just speculating. “The Cremation of Care” ceremony at Bohemian Grove for one, (say that phrase to yourself and break it down. Language is important) is but a goofy summer camp once a year for the CFR and Bilderberg types. Hillary speaks with and to the Council on Foregin Relations. It is clear about where her allegiances lie.

On her trip to New Zealand, of all the sights and places she could visit, where does she go and what does that represent?


There are no stools on One Tree Hill. Why not visit Hobbit Town, the national museum or one of 100s of other sights Auckland city had to offer?

For some Masonic enterprises, an original Egyptian benben was not good enough. Since 1848 an obelisk had been going up in Washington, DC, to honour America's founding President, George Washington, who had been a Freemason. His funeral in 1799 had been conducted according to Masonic rites. The coffin had been draped with a Masonic apron given by a brother revolutionary and Mason, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the many Masons present each cast a sprig of acacia, to symbolize both Osiris's resurrection and Washington's own imminent resurrection in the realm where Osiris presides.”[14.]
- Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short

Is Hillary hoping to resurrect Osiris and herself from the dead? Is this a stretch folks? You decide.

In 2018/19, the tax payers of New Zealand will be handing over another NZ $5.5 million to ex-Secretary of State, failed Presidential Candidate and sister of the anti-christ Hillary Rodham Clinton.

hillary face.jpeg

In this age of appropriation and bastardizations, and when you take into account Hillary’s handiwork around the globe, it wouldn’t be out of step with the times to label Hillary The face that launched a thousand ships…would it?


Written By Fulcrum Contributor Luke Ryan

#MeToo: The Shortest Movement Ever


Hollywood spent months promoting a #MeToo movement after Hollywood's famous film mogul was outed for sexual assault.  Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax, had women such as Ashely Judd come forward as victims. 

How the Harvey Weinstein scandal unfolded

Then, Keith Raniere was arrested and indicted on charges of a trafficking cult, NXIVM, which is based in New York. The allegations against Keith are long, stemming from rape charges to trafficking.  

Who is Keith Raniere? NXIVM 'sex cult' leader who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Smallville actress and 'slave' Allison Mack?

Shortly after Raniere's arrest, Smallville actress Allison Mack, who was a top recruiting member of Keith's cult, was also arrested. Her charges were sex trafficking, conspiracy, and forced labor.

Recently, Eric Schneiderman resigned just three hours after four women stepped forward with charges of abuse. 


Interestingly, Eric Schneiderman, as NY Attorney General, suspended the probe into the very NXIVM cult that Mack and Raniere were just indicted on. 


Many Twitter personalities also questioned the endorsement of Eric Schneiderman by none other than Kirsten Gillibrand. 


Gillibrand's Republican rival for the midterms, called her out over her father's involvement in the NXIVM cult, saying she needed to come clean about his role. 

Gillibrand rival slams her father’s ties to alleged sex-slave cult

All of these connections to NXIVM on the heels of Schneiderman's exit seem to be too many to ignore. Schneiderman, as a self-proclaimed proponent of #Metoo, his decision dropping the NXIVM probe seems suspect. 

Not only that, Hollywoods silence above it all is interesting.  Considering Allison's role of recruitment, it begs the question that perhaps Hollywood has more ties than they want known.  As the champions of #Metoo, one would think Hollywood would have spoken up and condemned Mack. As it is, very little has been said. 

It seems as if Hollywood's #Metoo movement was never about the victims, but saving their own careers from their ties to Harvey Weinstein. Perhaps, NXIVM will be the final blow to Hollywood's demise. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt


SQREWED: Understanding The QANON Phenomenon

They’re all still free.

7 months after the unusual Q postings on the Internet began, and roughly 18 months after the Podesta emails were released by Wikileaks, the globalist lobbyist class that enshrined Obama’s rise to power is still alive and well.

 Trust the deepstate! QAnon wanted us to trust A.G. Sessions back in February. Sessions has not delivered, on anything.

Trust the deepstate! QAnon wanted us to trust A.G. Sessions back in February. Sessions has not delivered, on anything.

And free. We’ve even seen Heather Podesta out and about in DC recently. If she’s worried about the “Q army,” she’s definitely not showing it publicly, and she is wearing no ankle bracelet.

Q has stated twice “TRUST SESSIONS,” yet our sourcing in Washington suggests Jeff Sessions is either a deepstate plant, or terrified of taking them on. Either way, not the chessman that the MAGA base has been waiting for patiently. If you think we are wrong about Sessions' intent, ask Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch if Sessions is doing an admirable job with his office. He is not. Even FOX's Sean Hannity - beloved by the President - has recently asked if Sessions is a deepstate operative.

That’s disappointing, because like many others, I was hopeful Q was showing us a takedown in its advanced stages.

As others have pointed out, it would be illegal and ill-advised for anyone connected to the administration to be warning us ahead of time of takedowns.

Sorry, folks. Q is theatre. Was it always? Many people believe Q was dropping relevant insider information from its start until January 2018, at which point the material became demonstrably recycled content. Some have speculated the Q poster is using a content aggregator; basically stealing viral tweets and articles, concentrating their themes into short little posts.

This would explain why some popular truthers feel they have been “quoted” or “noticed” by Q.

And while we’re on the subject of popular truthers. David Wilcock is a friend of mine, and has done a lot to promote awareness of FULCRUM and my work, but I don’t really share his worldview. At all.

I don’t believe aliens are at the top of the political food chain, because I see no evidence of it; I’m not convinced they’re a part of the picture at all. Our world can be explained entirely by central banking oligarchs who have compromised the elected leadership in the West with pedophilic blackmail and strict secret societies. This has occurred gradually over the last century, and the roots of this practice date back to ancient times.

This is demonstrably true, and there are some details on this subject FULCRUM is not yet allowed to disclose.

What about Antarctica? I think they found something down there. The historical record we are taught in school is puerile and incomplete, if only because it leaves out the fact that biologically identical humans (Homo sapiens) have lived and died on this planet much longer than our convenient Western-centric history allows for.

For instance, anthropologists estimate 100 billion humans lived and died on this planet so far. That’s a lot of people, and it’s unlikely much of their advanced tech - if they had any - would survive into the present day. Sophisticated electronics are typically metallic, and oxidize into non-existence within a few centuries. Landmarks and architecture are also wiped from the record by the hand of time.

If they found something in Antarctica, it’s likely to be an architectural find that challenges our incomplete historical record. It may be much older, and more advanced, than we give “ancient” human civilizations credit for.

Whatever they found, it is believed to be a human architectural find. And the recent visits to Antarctica by many US officials suggest it is not insignificant, although who knows for certain without actually visiting. We haven’t been there, so we can’t say for certain.

Hillary Clinton, the Podestas, and other well-known political families have engaged in occult practices that demand punishment and justice.

We can’t move on until justice is served, and it has not been served.

Q serves up a titillating sense that you’re in the know and that it’s “all happening,” but as someone who lives just blocks from where the Podestas are rumored to live, I can tell you with certainty:

Justice has not been served.

And with every day they all remain free, it’s a mockery to our Creator.

So keep Q-riding if you want to. I’m off the boat, I want a peaceful march on Washington, and the public to demand arrests.

Judge a tree by its fruit. Q wants you locked on the couch in an information daze, I want you off the couch and angry. Guess which one will lead us to justice sooner?

David Seaman

Promises Made, Promises Kept

During Trump's campaign tour for Elections 2016, Trump made a promise that the Iran deal would not fester. 

Trump has spoken many times on the issue, stating that Obama's infamous billions sent to Iran were one of the worst moves he had ever done.  Never mind that nobody even chose to investigate the shady deal. 


Before Trump announced his Iran deal, he knocked John Kerry's recent secret meetings with the Iranian foreign minister Zarif, in an effort to salvage the Iran deal ahead of his announcement. 



Trump finally announced on Tuesday his final decision to scrap the deal, which prompted lectures from Obama and Hillary themselves, in the wake of his announcement. 



Hillary and Obama were quick to reply, which seems to indicate their own investments are far deeper than anyone realizes. With John Kerry himself secretly negotiating without any communication to Trump administration, it reeks of corruption. What exactly is at stake? What exactly transpired in the middle of the night when Obama sent 1.7 billion in unmarked cash? Why did Congress and FBI remain silent? Trump is absolutely right that the billions of cash sent out in the middle of the night should have been questioned intensely.  

John Kerry's recent secret meetings with the Iranian foreign minister seems to indicate Obama's administration is actively meddling in foreign affairs, which falls under the Logan Act. Will the FBI even address this? In a time when their credibility is low, it is hard to say if the two-tier justice system is still in place. After an entire year of corruption coming to light, it is clear the FBI is broken.  

While Obama and Hillary's tweeted responses seem ominous, it is clear that Trump remains committed to keeping his promises to the American people. The Iran deal should never have happened and today, it is no more. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt


QAnon: A Warning

Q Anon is an internet sensation, who emerged shortly after Trump became president. Q Anon started dropping riddles on 4 Chan's /pol/ board about things happening within the government. Many people speculate and post on Twitter and other platforms daily after each post, giving their own ideas to what Q posts mean.  

Even Roseanne Barr, posted about Q ahead of her own controversial post on Trump. Her post spoke of how his administration is freeing kids from bondage all over the world, which sparked an Internet-wide debate.  

Roseanne Roseanne Keeps Promoting QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory That Makes Pizzagate Look Tame

On the heels of Q Anon's new post, Q warned of infiltrators using Trump's movement for ulterior gains. He warned Patriots to be alert and to pay attention. 


Q's post reminded me of a highly controversial figure, who became embattled within the Trump movement as a fraud, who was using Scientology to profit off Trump's MAGA movement.  

Joy Villa, a musical artist who was not well known before jumping on the MAGA movement, made a debut by wearing a statement MAGA dress on the red carpet. Soon after, she became more known and started profiting from the movement as people purchased her MAGA song and got it trending to number 1 on iTunes.

Joy Villa's "MAGA" Dress at the Grammys Paid Off

Not long after, people began recognizing a connection between Joy and Scientology. People began questioning her motives, as Scientology is not a Christian based religion. 


Then, Joy upon confrontation, called those questioning her motives, fake supporters.  She then asked those who supported her to unfollow the fake supporters, who dared to even question her. 


Kaya Jones, who initially supported Joy, also posted a tweet in reference to the duplicity of Scientology and Joy's connection. 


The designer of the infamous MAGA dress, also spoke out, tweeting how he received a scientology recruitment kit from Joy. Kaya also commented, saying she recieved the same. 


Recently, Joy Villa wrote an article for Fox, about Kanye and praising him for his role in the movement. 

Joy Villa: Kanye West supports Trump -- Here’s why his actions are so monumental

Whether or not anyone believes in Q Anon, the post does lead credence to the fact that MAGA has been an opportune movement for some. MAGA is such an energetic movement, that one can only imagine how many may be fake supporters. I think a little skepticism is always healthy, no matter which movement is being supported.

As Q stated, "True freedom is the only profit we should all be striving for". 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Kanye West & TI Debate About Trump: Ye VS. The People

Kanye West is breaking the internet more than his own wife Kim Kardashian, ending a weeklong streak of tweets with a drop to his new song on titled "Ye vs. The People". 

People's reactions ranged from anger from fans abandoning Kanye's new political stance, to admiration, with even a tweet from Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, who praised it as a next level genius of a song.


Others praised the cultural change taking place, as the song addresses the emotional impact that has taken place over the course of the year. 


Kanye West releases new song, doubling down on support for Trump

Kanye West & T.I. Debate Trump's Politics On "Ye Vs. The People"

The song was dropped ahead of his announcement of a new album coming up. After Kanye's pro-Trump tweetstorm, many celebrities unfollowed Kanye after he voiced opinions about Trump and societal relations among Americans.  


Kanye then tweeted that there is a silent majority of people. Silent for too long in light of the residual effects of a deeply divided nation after an emotional 2016 election. 

Is Kanye the new face of MAGA? I think Kanye's message is asking Americans as a whole to step back to realize that Trump is our President; put angry feelings aside, and work together as neighbors and friends. Kanye is asking Americans to come together and unify.  Come together and MAGA not because it's Trump's philosophy, but as a whole of good towards the future of America. Because of Kanye's stature, I think his message is one of importance since he is using his stature to be positive instead of negatively tweeting about things he doesn't agree with. 

Kanye's message is Love. Love people despite disagreements. Love people for their own opinions.  Love people as they are.  

It is refreshing to have a celebrity use their image to spread positivity after so many have spoken in a negative light. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Pedogate: What Did Avicii Know?

On April 20th, famous Swedish EDM DJ Avicii reportedly died in Muscat, Oman. Mainstream media has claimed it as an apparent suicide, family members stated in a letter to the press, “He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace.” There were no significant details until just recently, however. According to TMZ, sources now say he committed suicide with shards of glass from a wine bottle. One source said it was a cut to his neck, another one says it was to his wrist. While many will speculate on his death, it is important to look at his life, his artistry and what he attempted to display to the world.

Avicii was suffering from a lengthy battle with acute pancreatitis caused by excessive and chronic alcohol consumption, a common issue with celebrities. Many artists have explained their drug and alcohol usage as a method utilized to deal with the industry and soothe their mental afflictions or disorders. But is this merely due to their sensitive, artistic nature, or a product of a sick and dysfunctional environment? 

Born Tim Bergling, he became known as “Avicii” which is a term used to describe the “lowest level of the Naraka or ‘hell’ realm where the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn. Avici is considered a Hot Naraka where beings are roasted in an enormous fiery oven with terrible suffering. People sent to Avici Hell are considered criminals of the highest degree. These are people who commit one or more of the “5 Grave Offenses” including killing one’s mother or killing one’s father.

Just last year Avicii was reportedly talking about undergoing a “moment of spiritual rebirth,” he was traveling the world and relaunching his life and career. He appeared to have a different, more improved outlook on life. Avicii’s brother, David Bergling, informed media outlets that he was going to Oman to “seek answers” surrounding this sudden death. Bergling is staying only a few miles from Muscat Hills, where Avicii is said to have died. Swedish outlets reported Avicii had checked out of Muscat Hills the week before this tragedy, another reason why Bergling would want to look into the days leading up to his brother's untimely death.

His other family members such as half-brother, Anton Korberg, has not joined this search for answers. After newly released hits such as “For Every Step” with Dead By April, Anton’s father Tommy Korberg remains a famous celebrity. He made a brief statement, “I’ve known him since he was little...It’s tragic, considering his mother and brother.” Fans have also speculated on several pictures taken prior to his death in which he appears to have a bruised right eye. 

 Avicii in Oman prior to his death.

Avicii in Oman prior to his death.

Muscat, Oman has become a hotspot for human trafficking activity as many transits from India, the Philippines and others find themselves there. 

The past few years Royal Oman officials have made significant strides in order to slow down this activity, especially within recent times. Just last month hundreds were arrested for violating labor laws and human trafficking in Muscat.  According to the Daily Mail Muscat Hills (the luxury farmhouse believed to be where Avicii passed away) was said to belong to a relative of the Sultan of Oman. The same Royal Sultan who has issued major crackdowns in trafficking crimes. 

It has become well known Avicii was passionate about raising awareness regarding the child trafficking epidemic. He directed his own music video entitled “For A Better Day” in a graphic, yet powerful, display of the world of child trafficking. In the video, he shows 2 victims who were able to escape their traffickers; they later go on to slaughter all of those involved in the crimes. The survivors compile a list of all offenders, the last one is the politician who purchased and imprisoned them on what appeared to be a farm. One of the last scenes depicts an angry mob of people outside of the politician’s building, the 2 hooded vigilantes sneak in and brand the man with the word “Pedofile” on his back. They then hang him with a rope off of the building rooftop for all the outraged citizens to see.

Just as many artists before him, we may never know the exact details surrounding Avicii's death. However, we do know that whatever he did or was involved in, he attempted to turn his life around and highlight the epidemic known today as "modern day slavery." Millions of people have seen the "For A Better Day" music video and perhaps may look back on it to see the underlying message: Yes, there are currently politicians in our governments that are highly involved in child trafficking and it is time the rest of the world recognizes this horrific reality.   

 Scene from "For a Better Day" music video.

Scene from "For a Better Day" music video.


Written By Fulcrum Contributor:

Yvonne Parkinson