Secret Podcast: David Seaman | Bitcoin China decision, Ethereum, Donald Trump

David Seaman, Justin Giefer ON Bitcoin China decision, vast Ethereum, Donald Trump, legal cannabis coming to Vegas, and more.

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Pizzagate/Pedogate is 100% real. I report the truth. The members of the press who attacked me have serious answering to do: why aggressively cover up a child abuse ring? The 'elite' are disgusting.

PIZZAGATE CORE EVIDENCE: In 5 Minutes (Censorship proof version you can share in all countries, forever!)

Donald Trump, Is MAGA Mindset Dead?

Donald Trump said on the campaign trail (in Reno, NV) that medical marijuana should be a states rights issue. His Justice Department is simply not keeping that promise and is not moving forward against any meaningful aspect of the Swamp; Hillary and friends are still free.

"I think medical should happen… I know people that are very, very sick and for whatever reason, the marijuana really helps them... In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state by state." -Donald J. Trump

Sessions, Time To Go: Reefer Madness

I've vocally supported Donald Trump, even as a former Huffington Post and Business Insider contributor, since early 2015 in his political aspirations. That support ends soon; Jeff Sessions' lack of action on the Clintons' and Podestas' criminality, and absurd "crackdown" on legal cannabis - one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, with zero overdose deaths and countless stories of recovery and healing - outrages me at the deepest level imaginable. I live in Colorado, where many of our veterans and retired people have experienced remarkable reduction in pain and disease from legal cannabis use. They are not criminals.


The Secret Podcast inverts the rigged online media distribution/charts model.

The Secret Podcast inverts the rigged online media distribution/charts model.

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Welcome to the New Internet Order

This invention terrifies the elite.

This invention terrifies the elite.

David Rockefeller, a self-proclaimed leader of the “New World Order,” passed away earlier this year at the age of 101. Rockefeller, a descendant of Standard Oil’s J.D. Rockefeller—one of the wealthiest Americans during his time—had credited the Washington Post, New York Times, and TIME Magazine as being intrinsic to the NWO’s long term agenda.

The Rothschild family, led by Evelyn Rothschild and his wife Lynn, are another prominent “New World Order” family. A nearly hour long documentary on YouTube about the Rothschilds, viewed more than 3,900,000 times so far (more than 1% of the entire US population), purports that they are the world’s only trillionaire family, a claim which I find to be demonstrably true.

3.9 million views; and it's not the only Rothschild exposé online

3.9 million views; and it's not the only Rothschild exposé online

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, advocated during a FOX Business Network interview taking results off the page and substantially altering Google’s search practices to combat “Fake News.”

It should be obvious to intelligent, rational members of our republic at this point in time that “Fake News” is largely any piece of information that is harmful to the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and Eric Schmidt.

YouTube, a wholly owned property of Google/Alphabet, has also begun wildly aggressive moves to combat so-called “Fake News.”

Is it Fake News that Hillary Clinton hired a suspected pedophile and known occult practitioner? Spiritcooking invitations were found in John Podesta's WikiLeaks emails shortly before the US election last year. Also found were emails of Asian children, very young and with no known biological or caretaker relationship to John Podesta, consuming slices of pizza. Podesta and his associates appear to excitedly fetishize these images and children in the email exchanges.

Is it Fake News that Lynn Rothschild hosted a US $100,000 PER PLATE fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at the Rothschild mansion in Martha’s Vineyard? The New York Times even reported on that.

Is it Fake News that many political elite engage in occult practices which sometimes involve the harm of children? Jacob Schwartz, a rising Democratic star who was booked on CNN panels and employed in the Mayor of New York’s office, was recently charged with possessing images of girls as young as SIX MONTHS OLD being vaginally raped by adult men. Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton personal aide Huma Abedin, was recently sentenced to federal prison for inappropriate sexual communication with a significantly underaged girl. Dennis Hastert, a convicted child molester who was recently released from prison, remains friends with the Podesta brothers. Hastert was also, of course, the Republican Speaker of the House.

This is a bipartisan rot, although the (US) epicenter does appear to be the Clintons. As per her own emails, Hillary Clinton holds the Rockefeller and Rothschild families in very high esteem—devoting significant amounts of time to them in her personal schedule, replying to Lynn Rothschild with flowery and apologetic/subservient language while replying to most others with two or three word terse replies.

(She was US Secretary of State at the time these emails were sent and received.)

Hillary Clinton was their race horse, and their race horse lost.

According to WikiLeaks, Eric Schmidt spent the prior two years unofficially designing Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign, and even wore a Hillary Clinton "staff" badge.

By scrubbing these emerging facts and slowing their dissemination, Google has shown they are no longer impartial, at all. If they ever were: Google executives met with the Obama White House on average every week. What information on American users might Google have shared with Obama’s failed deep state? (Obama, too, was their race horse—but a race horse who won big for the “ruling” families.)

We use Google because we believe it is giving us an accurate view of the world and data around us—once we know it does not do that, the value proposition rapidly fades.

I’ve deleted Google apps from my phone; there’s even an option on iPhones to switch your default search engine to Bing or privacy-focused engine DuckDuckGo. It takes 30 seconds to go into your phone’s settings and make this change.

I’ve stopped using Gmail. ProtonMail, a user-friendly free email service based in Switzerland, takes only a minute or two to setup.

Once you stop using their search engine, once you stop using their parasitic ad-based email service, once you stop watching Rigged YouTube… what power or influence does Google have?

At that point, it is another politically entrenched legacy player with a growing number of unsuccessful and expensive R&D loss leaders in its wake. It’s a rabid dog without our trust in it, and no amount of lobbying dollars in D.C. will repair the public damage.

We do not trust you, Google.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, the sister of a Google founder’s ex-wife (nepotism 1.0!), is widely regarded as engaging in mass censorship of politically motivated content. YouTube comments disappear seconds after writing them. We’ve witnessed this. Videos that previously ranked on the first page of results now rank on page 3 to 5, where no one will find them.  

Aside from YouTube’s censorship sins, Google’s business model will soon no longer work at all.

Indexing the Web to maintain Google’s search engine dominance and hosting so many of the world’s videos on YouTube are capital intensive, data intensive, computing resources intensive tasks.

Google is centralized, but can afford these ongoing costs due to its market capitalization on the stock market and ongoing shareholder faith. Yet, if Google’s users have lost total faith in their censorship gulag, can the quarterly numbers and loss of faith in Google’s ability to make a buck be far behind?

I no longer upload YouTube videos. I no longer use Gmail. I no longer use Google Search. These consumer decisions, multiplied by millions of savvy consumers who have noticed the censorship, will have an impact.

Yet more important, a technological breakthrough has occurred which will soon turn Google—a bloated digital media cartel—into the equivalent of a really nice whale oil lamp in the age of lightbulbs.

The blockchain, pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto eight years ago with his invention “Bitcoin,” has advanced significantly beyond the original use cases of value transfer and alternative currency.

Ethereum, the second highest valued cryptographic blockchain after Bitcoin itself, fosters the development of something transcendent called the “Ethereum World Computer.”

Without going too technical in this post, Ethereum combined with breakthrough data serving technologies like IPFS, will in my view soon disrupt Google’s most important businesses: search, and YouTube.

In an Ethereum/IPFS environment, when a video from a journalist or “YouTuber” needs to reach the world, it is uploaded only once. IPFS gives it a unique identifier: there’s no need to upload that same video again, anywhere, ever. When that video is needed, it is serviced efficiently and as locally as possible. The video, if important to civilization, can be served and stored from so many disparate locations around the world that it becomes effectively censorship-proof.

Similar decentralized techniques, in my view, will also soon make possible the division of “labor” required to maintain a search index like Google’s. Instead of an army of expensive computers all over the world, owned by Google Inc, which are sifting the world’s information and indexing it—instead of that centralized model, thousands or millions of consumer-owned computers could in real time each index a small part of the Web.

And the motivation for doing this? Well, Ethereum is also… a currency.

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s founders, recently gave an interview in Russian which someone in the /r/ethereum reddit community helpfully translated into English. In the interview, Vitalik suggests that within a couple decades your average person will hold 15 or so currencies on their phone or computer—and that’s how they will bank.

And that’s the truth.

As the New Internet Order—all of us—continues to grow in size and scope, it makes centralized organizations like Google more vulnerable to disruption.

The next great app built on the Ethereum World Computer might not be a search engine at all, but something we can’t even conceive of yet—like trying to explain Uber or Facebook to someone before either service existed. 

Either way, it’s a bad time to be a parasite in the dead “New World Order.”

There’s a new Sheriff in town—the cryptographic blockchain—and the rectangles of paper the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Soros and Eric cling on to for dear life soon won’t provide the social protection they once did.

These are just people, just human beings. No get out of free jail card, no immortality. And they’ve betrayed the other 7.5 billion of us on this planet. Betrayed us, robbed from us, spied on us, mocked us, and now they are censoring us.

I don’t see good things in their future.


Celebrate the solution and sidestep censorship with the new FULCRUM Video channel, elegantly powered by Bitchute.

Celebrate the solution and sidestep censorship with the new FULCRUM Video channel, elegantly powered by Bitchute.

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