DISCUSSION: Is Epstein Arrest Going To Bring Down Political Families?

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Who is in the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail safe, which was recently opened up by authorities? How can the public be sure that top level insiders don’t remove any files from the safe, and how can the anxious public also ensure all parties incriminated by the files are promptly prosecuted? No one’s above the law. Not now.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 1.49.27 PM.png

If it is true, as some researchers assert, that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was financed and greenlit by none other than the Rothschild banking clan to gather compromising content on politicians throughout the West, then we have a genuine national security concern to consider — how long have European, occult shadow banking families worth trillions been in secret command of our past leaders’ darkest, most perverse pleasures?

After all, at day’s end, there’s little normal about Jeffrey Epstein’s life story — the billionaire financier with only one known client and no known real large deals, the friend of President Clinton’s who flew on the same jet with the former President 20 or 30 times at a minimum, if not far more. The man who owns his very own weird 70-plus acre island in the Virgin Islands, an island with a glistening owl and other occult symbolism adorning a bizarre palm tree encircled temple.

So little to this story adds up so far. If Epstein’s crimes occurred in 2002-2005, as authorities in New York have asserted, why did we have an essentially non-functional justice system from 2005-2019? Why was Epstein flying back and forth from Paris, other cities, and his island as recently as earlier this year, and last year?

Who are these people?

And, in the wake of what journalists at The Intercept cleverly uncovered — an inventory of items shipped to and from Epstein’s island — what were these people doing with their victims?

How did Jeffrey Epstein get away with it… for all these years? How many in media knew?

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DEVELOPING: 14 Or More Jeffrey Epstein Victims Willing To Testify

In a developing story being covered by Zero Hedge and others in greater detail, it appears 14 or more victims have come forward at the request of the FBI and lawyers representing the existing known alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire Democrat pedophile.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on new charges out of New York last weekend.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on new charges out of New York last weekend.

As the Miami Herald reported, “Following Epstein’s arrest Saturday in New Jersey, four women have reached out to New York lawyer David Boies, and at least 10 other women have approached other lawyers who have represented dozens of Epstein’s alleged victims in the past.”

This seems to be yet another substantial dent in the armor of the well-connected billionaire pedophile Epstein, who is known to be friends with the Clintons and many others in positions of power.

The case is being handled by the public corruption unit in New York, with assistance from the FBI and NYPD reportedly, leading many to believe the Epstein blackmail safe may implicate big names in politics, finance, or entertainment.

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Bitcoin And Ether Rise Modestly After Trump Tweets "Not A Fan" of Cryptos

Bitcoin and Ether rising, even after a Presidential zinger

Bitcoin and Ether rising, even after a Presidential zinger

It may be that any attention is better than no attention here; in the hours after President Trump tweeted the following string of thoughts on Bitcoin and currency, leading cryptocurrency networks Bitcoin and Ethereum saw modest gains in US dollar value.

“Not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money…”

“Not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money…”

The obvious reaction to these tweets would be to become bearish on crypto’s possible future in the USA, but due to the Flexa app, major US merchants including Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble already accept Bitcoin, Ether, and other leading cryptos.

Market watchers may be parsing the President’s words very closely here: he didn’t say or suggest he wanted to ban these technologies, he just expressed he’s “not a fan” of them. Tolerance is bullish!

Also, he uses the word “Unregulated,” and at least for US users on a platform like Gemini or Coinbase, those are very regulated businesses, not rogue fintech startups. So, Trump could be criticizing primarily crypto activities at the fringes of the economy, and not mainstream investment in blockchain adoption, which is occurring, regardless of who is a fan of it.

People understand now that central bank fiat usury is not freedom, and that proof-of-work is one of the only valid ways to issue a token or money fairly. Big businesses seem to understand this also, or there wouldn’t be such investment and acceptance from leading merchants — no one loves fiat, they’re just forced to use it.

Modest gains for Ether in the hours after the President’s tweets regarding cryptocurrency.

Modest gains for Ether in the hours after the President’s tweets regarding cryptocurrency.

What do you think? Is President Trump on the warpath against crypto, or are you hopeful he’ll continue to allow it? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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Unprecedented FULCRUM Growth As White House Social Media Summit Delivers For The Right

The White House Social Media Summit sent shockwaves through, err, well, social media today — FULCRUM has noticed that both our Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope presences now appear organic, which is to say, not throttled or rate-limited in any way. We are reaching lots of people again.

FULCRUM traffic is back on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Fulcrum.News. Smells like freedom!

FULCRUM traffic is back on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Fulcrum.News. Smells like freedom!

FULCRUM did not attend, nor did we seek invitation to, the summit — in order to maintain our impartiality here in Washington. We did, however, submit complaints when the White House solicited them about a month ago, and those complaints focused on the very platforms we are now seeing the most amazing growth from.

It’s almost as if we have been restored to our original following audiences, “with interest paid” on top of that. Truly great to be back, and the ETH.video multistream saw all-time high viewer and chat numbers last night. The next full show is tonight @ 6pm EST on ETH.video. I’m very satisfied, which is a weird feeling for someone as type A as I am. The Trumps might be everything we thought they were on Inauguration Day, and then some. They’re not telling us how to live. They’re just leading a country that went astray for a little while, perhaps (see “The Island”). Leading it back to greatness, in a hurry.

THE ISLAND: Dental Chairs, Industrial Shredders

Truth: it’s stranger than fiction. Welcome to 2019.

Truth: it’s stranger than fiction. Welcome to 2019.

Make no mistake, Epstein and Podesta ran in the same circles, with the Clintons at the epicenter of both. This is PizzaGate, and we are now massively vindicated. Yet, it’s only Wednesday, and many surprises are in store.

Epstein and Podesta will be infamous.

Epstein and Podesta will be infamous.

Watch today’s show, where I talk about rapidly rising mainstream media interest in the Podesta / Epstein super-scandal known as Pedogate, or “PizzaGate,” originally when it broke back in late 2016 around the use of “pizza” in John Podesta’s WikiLeaks.

Today’s FULCRUM multistream:

UPDATES: Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Blackmail Safe Opened

Does the Democrat Party have an unchecked elite donor pedophile problem?

Does the Democrat Party have an unchecked elite donor pedophile problem?

DC bureau chief at The Intercept, Ryan Grim, tweeted out that CDs in Jeffrey Epstein's now opened up safe — which was seized from his Manhattan townhome — are labeled "Young [Name] + [Name]."

Thinking out loud here, sorry: Why has it taken authorities until Summer 2019 to raid this PREDATOR’s home?

SDNY’s detention memo had some sick details on Epstein’s blackmail safe.

SDNY’s detention memo had some sick details on Epstein’s blackmail safe.

According to Grim, it "looks an awful lot like they found the blackmail tapes."

Another blue checkmark reporter, Helen Kennedy, tweeted: "Feds report finding 'an extraordinary volume' of photographs of nude or partially nude girls in a locked safe. Also messages and notes with contact info for the victims which will be 'devastating evidence of guilt at any trial in this case.'"

Read more of our coverage on the Epstein indictment and arrest from earlier here.

In other news, leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin shot above US $13,000 per coin, on significant 24-hour trading volume of nearly $10 billion, according to coincap.io data. Second place cryptocurrency Ether is back above $300, with 24-hour trading volume just shy of $3 billion.

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As 2020's Presidential election here in the US nears, I think Elite Democrat Degeneracy (think Epstein, Podesta, Ed Buck) as well as cryptocurrency policy will be defining flash points for voters. Can't wait for the games to begin…

BREAKING: Billionaire Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein Arrested On Fresh Charges

JUSTICE in store for Epstein; re-arrested on new charges this weekend stemming from 2002-2005 alleged child trafficking activity.

JUSTICE in store for Epstein; re-arrested on new charges this weekend stemming from 2002-2005 alleged child trafficking activity.

Justice better late than never! It’s been reported by Daily Beast, the FOX, and others that a FBI-NYPD joint task force, in cooperation with New York’s public corruption investigatory unit, have arrested billionaire Clinton friend Jeffrey E. Epstein on charges of underage sex trafficking.

He is set to appear in court on Monday.

This is Pedogate, or “Pizza”gate, whatever you wish to call it. Interesting waters ahead for the country and West in general, as Epstein’s shadowy reach extended beyond the US to many elites in the UK and throughout Europe.

Here’s how the Twitterverse has responded to the explosive weekend news:

MUST WATCH: Kamala Harris Cracks & Melts At Iowa Brewery

Welp, this is bizarre and already going viral over on Twitter. Although apparently these meltdowns are par for the course among increasingly unhinged mainstream Democrats looking to test the waters for 2020.

Senator Harris, a former California prosecutor, is running for President.

Past FULCRUM favorite gaffes have included being asked in an interview who her favorite musician is; “Bob Marley,” she replied. When asked which of his songs is her favorite, she replied, “Bob Marley.” You can’t make this stuff up.


Cali Hit With Strongest Quake In 20 Years; Bitcoin Back Above $11,000

It seems we get everything right here at FULCRUM.

Called those Cali quakes repeatedly over the last couple months, and here we are: yesterday's rattler was the strongest earthquake in Southern California in 20 years, AP reported (https://apnews.com/902d275ef9084156ade446454e580ece).

And it may only be the beginning. Seismic activity is cyclical and I don't think we have necessarily seen the crescendo yet. Speaking of crescendos, though! Cryptocurrency markets breathed a sigh of relief as the world's largest and first crypto, Bitcoin, climbed back above US $11,200 on exchanges this morning. Second place crypto, Ethereum, trades at around $292 right now.


Yesterday's fireworks celebration and aerial flyover was unlike any prior Independence Day, it was phenomenal to watch. Even Trump critics here in DC sang his praises yesterday for organizing a truly impressive, patriotic, and mostly violence-free national celebration.

Now, with that celebration behind us, we'd like people to focus on demanding indictments again. Why are Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and everyone around them still free? As long as they're free, we are not. This two-tiered justice system is not acceptable, a Clinton or Podesta are not royalty, and they should be subject to the same laws as all the rest of us in this great nation.

I do regret that my insistence on prison time for Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta, has estranged me from many in the MAGA movement. Trump is a rockstar, and his family are divinely inspired patriots of the highest order.

Yet, many around him at the moment don't do much for me. B-team at best. If you're afraid to rock the boat by calling out (literally) Satanic globalism, and its operatives, then you're not listening to the base. They chant "Lock Her Up!" in their sleep at this point.

'Pizzagate' Child Slavery Arrests Addressed At G20 Summit!

Via France24: "These accusations, if confirmed, are frightening and shocking," Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said at the G20 meeting in Japan.

The accused include psychotherapists working for a social work association in Moncalieri, near Turin, and the mayor of Bibbiano.


It was always real. Didn't fuck up 2.5 years of my life to sell my out of print marketing book from 12 years ago. It was always completely real.

Congrats from FULCRUM to populist Italian P.M. Giuseppe Conte to be the first to address these startling arrests. Where are everyone else’s voices? This is big.

Share accordingly. It was always real. What a strange world we are emerging from, huh?

The Trump Family Lays Siege To Google With Initial P.R. Attack

The “Google leaker” video published by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, and subsequently memoryholed by YouTube and Google, is already causing big waves here in Washington. You can watch our full backup of the deleted Google leaker video here. It is chilling, un-American rhetoric.

Several members of the Trump family fired back after hearing about the video’s contents, including the President himself, who mentioned the video during a televised interview with FOX’s Maria Bartiromo.

“You saw what happened yesterday with Google… Let me tell you, they're trying to rig the election… They should be sued. What's happening with the bias, and now you see it with that executive yesterday from Google the hatred for Republicans,” President Trump told Bartiromo.

In other news, the crypto rally intensified today, with Bitcoin up more than 21.5% in US dollar value over the last 24 hours, and with the #2 cryptocurrency network Ethereum gaining nearly 14%, according to coincap.io data.

Bitcoin is on a tear.

Bitcoin is on a tear.

Some people in the truth community continue to spread mistruths about cryptocurrency. If it’s secretly backed by the elite, we haven’t seen any evidence of that in our frankly extensive research, especially given the many years they’ve given to slowing cryptocurrency on practically every front - regulatory, legal, and in terms of public perception of it.

Yet here we are, ten years after Bitcoin launched, and the world is engulfed in crypto fever.

Bitcoin is simply open source software, the white paper that launched the project is still available to read all this time later: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

And Ethereum? It could be a very big deal, but it’s also open source, and welcomes everyone by design: https://ethereum.org/beginners/

YouTube/Google Ban "Google Leaker" Project Veritas Vid- Here's A BACKUP!

Project Veritas’ “Google leaker” video has already been scrubbed from YouTube, hours after its release.

Project Veritas’ “Google leaker” video has already been scrubbed from YouTube, hours after its release.

Take this backup video viral like wildfire! (Watch it below.) The cold civil war in the United States between globalists in Silicon Valley who bet it all on Hillary, and everybody else, has taken a new turn. Celebrated conservative muckraker James O’Keefe found his organization’s latest journalistic victory, a video purporting to show a top Google executive stating on hidden camera that the tech giant “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.”


Maybe that’s why my YouTube channel was banned and scrubbed from Google & YouTube, as well as many others who support the President. Aside from the wave of YouTube bans, many users have complained of algorithmic ‘tilting,’ that is to say, only one-sided results showing up in search.

This is not acceptable for a company headquartered in America, to do to Americans. That almost goes without saying, yet here we are two and a half years after the nominal fall of the Clinton regime, and an unelected tech elite is assuring us they won’t “let” our voice be heard again at the polls. Disturbing at a minimum.

Shortly after the “Google leaker” video surfaced, James O’Keefe tweeted: “BREAKING: YOUTUBE/GOOGLE HAS REMOVED OUR GOOGLE INVESTIGATION as it was approaching 50K likes and a million views. IMPORTANT: Please download it on @bitchute and repost it.”

For your convenience, we’ve embedded that video right below. Watch it and spread like wildfire:

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Trump Criticizes Federal Reserve Again As Cryptocurrencies Exceed $330 Billion

According to CoinMarketCap.com, all cryptocurrency assets (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) in total are worth about US $330 billion as of writing this. One Bitcoin is again trading above US $11,000.

If the Federal Reserve is the economic villain… is Bitcoin good?

If the Federal Reserve is the economic villain… is Bitcoin good?

One Ether, the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, trades for $311. And many other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin and Zcash, also command significant market values.

With this backdrop of cryptocurrency acceptance growing rapidly, and growing acceptance by major US merchants including Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks, President Trump has renewed his attacks on the Federal Reserve, this time with two tweets published earlier today:


President Trump seems to be arguing that, in effect, the Fed is keeping the Dollar too rare, and interest rates too high - which is making the US economy less competitive against countries like China, which can and do “ease” as additional currency supply becomes needed.

If Trump is angry that the Dollar is too rare, and if he is successful in convincing the Fed to print more dollars, that may be good news for Bitcoin fans - no matter how much quantitative easing the Fed engages in to grow the economy, and no matter how many more dollars are pumped into the market, Bitcoin’s supply will remain at a capped eventual 21 million.

Exciting times for those of us sick of the financial system status quo. If only Trump would hold up that Bitcoin and smile for the camera like the altered image above!

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Moon In Sight? Bitcoin 24 Hour Trading Volume Nears $20 Billion Worldwide

24 hour trading volume of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, sits at near US $19.4 billion according to CoinMarketCap.com. Now, some Doubting Thomases in the crypto world have said that CoinMarketCap’s volume averages can be highly inaccurate, and so for comparison’s sake their competitor CoinCap.io shows Bitcoin’s 24 hour trading volume at near US $7 billion… significantly less, but still a tidal wave of interest in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin crushed through $9,700 earlier tonight. Is this it?!!

Bitcoin crushed through $9,700 earlier tonight. Is this it?!!

Less than a week ago, CoinDesk noted that Bitcoin has hit 1 million daily active addresses again, for the first time since November 2017.

If cryptocurrency is your passion, you’ll be pleased to know that FULCRUM has further plans for working with the blockchain… it’s essential for our content to persist if censorship escalates, so every post here on FULCRUM will for now on also get mirrored over on our Cent page. Cent is a wonderful new blog network, similar to Medium, except it’s decentralized and works with the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, we are posting more often and engaging with users all the time on our Minds page, an exciting alternative to Facebook that runs using Ethereum’s blockchain also! Decentralized Web3 is starting to provide real competition to Big Tech, and we think Cent and Minds are two fantastic examples of how new social networks can be built, and grow with better aligned incentive structures.

On Facebook, “you are the product,” as they say, since advertisers are Facebook’s paying customers. On Minds and Cent, there are various ways that users can earn points or cash for posting interesting content. It’s an exciting shift, from an advertiser-driven model, to a more decentralized kind of “crypto patron” model that relies on each other, instead of somewhat predatory multinational corporations getting into our heads, then marketing to us knowing our every preference and fear.

NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere GUILTY On All Counts

Big news today. As ABC News is reporting, “NXIVM’s founder Keith Raniere was convicted on Wednesday on all seven counts against him, for creating what prosecutors described as a sex cult in which female members were branded with his initials and kept in line through blackmail.

Keith Raniere found guilty on all counts.

Keith Raniere found guilty on all counts.

Raniere, 58, was convicted after a six-week trial of charges including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and attempted sex trafficking. He will be sentenced Sept. 25.”

One less creep on the streets.

Why wasn’t much of the media interested in covering Keith Raniere in-depth, or his ties to some politicians here in D.C., until his conviction today? For that matter, why has the media been countersignaling against Pedogate, when it is demonstrably real at this point?

Too many questions. Not enough answers. Those are coming soon, we hope.

US Senator Hawley Introduces "Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act" - Google's Kryptonite

Senator Josh Hawley’s bill, “Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act, would remove the protection that big tech receives under Section 230 unless the firms submit to an external audit that proves their algorithms and content moderation are politically neutral,” according to a FOX News report.

This is exactly what is called for. Nearly two years of politically motivated censorship, while the President’s detractors and nearly every manner of globalist gaslighting has been tolerated on the major social media platforms, if not intentionally signal-boosted.

Censorship weakens a society, and it has weakened our society. Time for it to end.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter shouldn’t enjoy the legal immunity of being communications “platforms” under Section 230, when they’ve become publishers - in effect - routinely deciding which content they are going to highlight, and which content they are going to wipe away, or de-boost/shadowban into oblivion.

We deserve a better Internet, and kudos to GOP Senator Hawley for advancing that cause.

Livepeer could help a new generation of video platforms compete with the likes of YouTube and Facebook.

Livepeer could help a new generation of video platforms compete with the likes of YouTube and Facebook.

In other news, I don’t think censorship will be structurally possible in the US and Europe within 12 to 18 months. Internet security firm Cloudflare is working on Ethereum gateways to grow the “decentralized Internet,” and Livepeer (also an Ethereum-based project) aims to disrupt the economics of online video hosting and streaming. Livepeer recently raised $8 million in its Series A venture capital round, suggesting the project has some serious support in the tech world.

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Donald Trump Announces 2020 Re-Elect Campaign To Applause In Florida

President Donald Trump announced his 2020 re-election campaign officially tonight at a grassroots rally in Orlando, Florida. To thunderous applause, Trump pledged to continue draining the swamp, asserted his confidence in Attorney General Barr so far, and re-iterated how truly rigged the “Swamp” or permanent security state has been until recent times - and detailed some of how his advisors believe his campaign was spied on from its earliest days.

Watch the rally below:

Zcash Rises 11% As Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Take A Pause

We've been placing some fairly substantial buys of Zcash (ZEC) this morning.

The “other” coin on Gemini and Coinbase Pro, Zcash (ZEC).

The “other” coin on Gemini and Coinbase Pro, Zcash (ZEC).

ZEC trades on Gemini in the US, and on Coinbase Pro for institutions and professional traders (see https://blog.coinbase.com/zcash-zec-is-launching-on-coinbase-pro-b925309ce09c).

With all the political instability in China and the tensions with Hong Kong, as well as rising political instability in the world, I think the world is finally ready for a privacy coin. Aside from having a feature that lets you send "shielded" transactions to another user or address you specify, it functions similar as Bitcoin, and in fact relies on much of the Bitcoin core codebase.

When a transaction is sent shielded, details such as the amount are kept encrypted and can’t be seen by third parties without the view key. For public tipping addresses and other unshielded activity, you can create a “transparent” Zcash address in your wallet, which will always begin with the pre-fix t. (Non-transparent addresses begin with the pre-fix z.)

A market leader like Gemini offering ZEC to their customers for trade tells me it's not a shitcoin, and despite a nice run-up lately, it is still a battered coin in terms of value versus a year ago...

ZEC is down about 35% from this time a year ago, which makes it a potential bargain in my personal opinion, given my personal high risk tolerance for trying out new crypto technologies.

Compare that to Litecoin (LTC), which also trades on Gemini, and which is up about 160% from this time a year ago, despite being an older coin without the exciting built-in privacy features of Zcash.

I look for values, not only risks.

Plus, maintaining your financial privacy is becoming a do or die prospect for nearly everyone on the planet - in China, the wrong transaction means you can be sent to prison, and while in prison even have your organs harvested so that some old politically connected piece of garbage can see using your eyes or live using your heart.

And in the West, it's little better: the President is hounded by his opponents for details on all his past financial dealings, the wrong disclosure could be damaging. And if you support this man - or any of his populist policies - you are at risk of being "de-banked" or otherwise excluded from the legacy financial system.

Zcash was an oddity when it launched a few years ago, and I wisely avoided it then. Timing is as important as picking the right crypto horses. Enjoy updates like this one? Get our newsletter so you don’t miss our political and currency research from D.C. throughout the week! Add your email here.

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