Make it in New York

New York City. Luxurious uptown Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, Wall Street, Mad Men. Or the gritty-yet-bohemian Village (for the gay and free), Alphabet City, St. Marks Place, Taxi Driver. Although these are polar opposites and you could find some middle ground in Chelsea and Midtown, with all opinions aside, this city has something to offer anyone and everyone. Be that as it may, she’s not easy. With a real estate value of $1.5 trillion, or 5% of the nation's total, it seems only the rich or stealthy can make it here. 8.5 million residents made it here one way or another to Be A Part Of It, as the song goes. Now, with the streets clean and subways safe, we witness a new wave of youth fill the void. 


She's here to stand tall and intimidate us, her cavernous skyscrapers that engulf us. I could listen to her sirens and tires on wet pavement all day. She’s everything I was missing, without even knowing. I’ll do anything to thrive here, my pinnacle, my summit of cities. This is it. 

The good thing about the high population density is the turn-over rate, making it relatively easy to get a job. I applied for a high-end retail gig in the Upper East Side and was immediately hired. Finding an apartment came fairly easily as well, this cute little duplex in Queens. If anything, it was the act of sustaining them that came with obstacles. 

I walked into work one Tuesday morning to find out that a co-worker suspected me of being gay; he told my manager, and everyone was immediately uncomfortable around me. What did I do that was so gay? I come to work, do my job, and go home. I like to keep it professional, or at least classy. I wonder what they thought I was going to do. I had urged them not to flatter themselves. Never in my life would I have guessed New York City would be the one to fire me for a sexuality that wasn’t even exhibited. But, of course, it was only a rumor, might’ve been for something else, but from what I overheard and how they instantly became uncomfortable around me, but I hadn’t any sure-fire evidence so I had to keep moving. 

The next job I came upon was at a café in Long Island City. I had a friend of a friend refer me and voila. I was a barista there for five days when a co-worker stole money out of the drawer and framed me. Fired. Get outta here ya fuckin' bum. This is the thing about being young yet competent. I can do a good job and I know I can do even better at a better job, but no one will take me seriously...that's a separate issue. Moving on. 

I’ve been working at a restaurant in the Upper West Side. Been here for about eight months now. The money's decent, my coworkers are charismatic, and my bosses mostly love me. I’m not the biggest fan of working for a corporate franchise, but it’s paying my rent and feeding me so I’ll agree to suck it up. 

The Upper West Side is one of those old neighborhoods with old money and families and parks and quirky little boutiques. I run into a lot of the infamous “old New Yorkers” on my walks from the subway to work. You know the kind; they grunt and shuffle passed you and yell at all the cabs that they swear almost ran them over. The guys smoking Marlboros and groan when the city subtly changes, whether it’s because their rent went up or their train is having signal problems. They’re some of my favorite. That notorious character we all simultaneously mock and love. 

Finding your neighborhood is really important based on your character. Whether you’re uptown chic, downtown bohemian, Brooklyn hip, Bronx tough, or Queens versatile. It's easy to fit your personality to your neighborhood, but as we all know, our personal budget is always put into play. 

Now we get into the sticky situation of a Big Apple Illegal Sublease, only in New York, eh buddy? I woke up one morning, got ready for work, and on my apartment door, I see, in big letters: EVICTION NOTICE. Alright, here's the breakdown: I’ve been paying my rent to an “apartment manager,” as he called himself. He charges me and my roommates twice the rent and pockets the extra profit for himself. Smooth, but you know you’ve been caught when the actual landlord evicts us all. Lawyers get involved but it’s all a medieval fight for land and money. Every force, every motivation is driven by how much you got in your pocket in this iconic city. Money will tear us apart. 


I’d like to think the power and will of us creatives could be enough to shift someone’s opinion and open the minds of our superiors. Unfortunately, authority often has a limited vision, and in this city of hustlers, who has the time? It's like the making of a film: it costs an insane amount of moolah to pay for equipment and a cast and crew, that in most cases, they’ll only make a film that will for sure get the views they need. This means they’ll make a twelfth Spider-Man movie before they’ll create a new or controversial production. Which is especially prevalent here, where every little thing is precious; money, time, space, ideas, performances, living. Even dating in this city is a hassle for a Brooklyn bartender and an uptown designer (who wants that commute?). We will pride ourselves on what it takes to be precise and independent and successful because it’s a New Yorkers' mantra. This entire series of ups and downs, the climbing and falling, it’s an everyday ordeal. We will be prepared for every contingency, every orifice in the world of opportunity. Everyone’s got their story as to how they got here and their strange experiences or what they had to do to get here or there. This city creates memories for all of us- her character and fortitude molds us and kicks us around but in that she gives us the motivation to work and stay here. New Yorkers are ballsy because it’s how we survive, no, it’s how we thrive. The saying is true, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. This city is a never-ending rollercoaster. Let's ride. 

Written By Sonya Bernhagen

Contributor to FULCRUM


What's Happening in America Is Beyond MSM's Comprehension - QANON, The Storm, Etc.

 Trump monitors the International Space Station (ISS) on an unspecified mission back in Apr. 2017

Trump monitors the International Space Station (ISS) on an unspecified mission back in Apr. 2017

The so-called 'mainstream' media is failing to cover the restoration of the United States and its economy that has coincided with Donald J. Trump's 2016 US presidential election win.

At core, this failing is political - the mainstream media is an organ beholden to the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons, the Soros family, the Rothschilds and other criminal elements so bizarre that the label "conspiracy" is often used as a group tag for what is, instead, an incredibly real and complex global political superstructure.

John Podesta ultimately worked at the behest of the Rothschild banking clan, and as Podesta's star fades rapidly, so too must the Rothschilds' - these are truly horrible people. There's a reason why the public was made to distrust 'Russian hackers' for the past 15 months; the elite have no other excuse for why their dirty laundry, in the form of Podesta's perverse and politically corrupt emails, were read and picked apart by millions of savvy Internet researchers on Wikileaks just days before the US presidential election. (Want to see the worst of the emails? We walk through some of the Podesta email code language in a brief video here. Decide for yourself if any of us - former national media, former law enforcement & emergency services - are falling for a "debunked" "conspiracy theory." -Ed.)

Sadly, no one has debunked the perversion that surrounds John Podesta and many of his globalist associates who were largely swept out of power with the surprise election of Trump.

The Oscars experienced 20 percent or more loss of viewership this year compared to the prior year, as Americans tune out a stale establishment narrative and instead dig for information DIY-style online - which has explained Trump's soaring Instagram and Twitter popularity (57.5 million followers across both platforms), as well as the rise of the viral QANON phenomenon.

QANON, believed by many in the truth community to be an administration insider or deep state 'white hat' of some kind, has gained a massive global reputation in the shadowy (yet high traffic) online subculture of 4chan, and later 8chan, where Q has been posting his info.

Many of Q's cryptic postings and data drops seem to coincide with similarly worded Trump tweets only minutes and hours after the postings are made from the "Q" moniker. It is strange, to say the least, and has attracted a growing following since the posts began in November of last year.

Meanwhile, Trump's hint at the imminent creation of a US Space Force to fight non-Earth based military threats was met with confusion and mockery by the 'mainstream' media. These people just don't get it. They are Fake News, truly.

As savvy watchers pointed out, the US Air Force's charter already covers space engagement, so the "Space Force" Trump discussed during his USMC speech in California was clearly addressing something... else.

Yep. :)

Pizzagate is real.

US space technology (and what we know) has been suppressed, big league.

As Trump stated during his speech, "Space Force! We're spending a lot, and we have a lot of private money coming in... we're gonna lead the way in space, we're way, way behind - and we're catching up fast. So fast that nobody even believes it."

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Unmasking YouTube: GOOGLE, CIA and CERN

 Ex-Google/Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt. As Julian Assange of Wikileaks has once stated, "Google is not what it seems."

Ex-Google/Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt. As Julian Assange of Wikileaks has once stated, "Google is not what it seems."

With recent, widespread censorship of independent and conservative media channels on YouTube, it is now vital to understand the dynamics of YouTube, Google, and the overall institutions within the Internet we have today.

Currently, the public seems apathetic to the supreme power amassed by Google, we have even adopted “Google” as a verb within our common language. If we want to research something we say just ‘google it,’ setting a precedent that the only valuable way to educate ourselves is through the use of the Google Search Engine. Perhaps society does not realize how many companies and projects Google is correlated with or how much we, as taxpayers, contribute to their colossal power. 


Let’s begin with examining YouTube as a company. YouTube’s current CEO is Susan Wojcicki whose claim to fame was supposedly renting out her garage to Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as they were incorporating their new company in 1998. When Google took off, Wojcicki found herself an executive position with the company as Vice President of Advertising & Commerce. She contributed in large part to the creation of Google Images, Books, AdSense and Analytics. In 2007, she brokered the $3.1 billion deal to buy DoubleClick, a massive advertisement agency providing services to companies such as Microsoft, GM, Apple, Motorola, etc. Only later would the public find out that Google was selling off consumer information to these (and other) advertisers. 

Google Video was receiving steep competition from the startup company YouTube. In 2006, Wojcicki decided to purchase the company making it an additional Google subsidiary. Still CEO of Google at the time, Eric Schmidt assisted Wojcicki in effectively launching YouTube on a global scale. By 2014, Wojcicki decided to take over the company and became the CEO of Youtube. 

Time has referred to her as “the most powerful woman on the internet.” Additionally, with her $410 million net worth, she has easily become one of the most powerful women in the world. Though with her husband Dennis Troper also being a Google executive, specializing in Android Wear, it is likely they have attained even greater wealth. Additionally, their foundation: The Troper and Wojcicki Foundation is publicly inaccessible, it has no website, address, or even a Board of Directors to view. The sole way to find the foundation is through (Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities). Yet another elitist foundation reminiscent of their Pay to Play pals, Eric Schmidt and Hillary Clinton, who have set up foundations for all their money needs?

Nevertheless, the power of YouTube and sharing of ideas has become abundantly clear. This is why dozens of countries around the globe, including Russia and Germany, have censored YouTube at one time or another. Other countries have the platform completely banned from its citizenry and some, such as Armenia, have been known to block the site around election time to prevent the free flowing of information. According to Alexa Internet, the video sharing platform is listed at #2 on the highest rated websites in the world. It comes as little surprise, then, Wojcicki would want to ban YouTube users who do not conform to the Google agenda. 

23andMe: DNA Collection

Susan Wojcicki’s family members have been in the public spotlight as well for their own successes. Her sister, Ann Wojcicki, co-founded the private biotech company 23andMe, which specializes in DNA testing and analysis. Under the Legal Section on the company website, 23andMe admits to storing genetic data and sharing it with other 3rd party entities.

According to Scientific American, “23andMe is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks.” In 2013, 23andMe and the FDA were having issues regarding regulation, the FDA had concerns with the accuracy of the testing and requested additional information. Suddenly, 23andMe brazenly decided to go rogue. They ceased communications with the FDA and stopped complying in the investigation, as if answering to a government agency was inconsequential. Eventually, the investigation was brushed over; as well as the especially disconcerting main concern. The primary intention of their Personal Genome Service is not delivering a medical device to consumers, but rather to fulfill a fantastic project of gathering massive genetic information on an unknowing public.

Consider the evolution of Google throughout its lifespan. Google founder Sergey Brin married Ann Wojcicki prior to her 23andMe launch and, unsurprisingly, their companies have much in common. Both seem to have a constant, unquenchable thirst for collecting enormous amounts of data on a currently unaware and naive public. In the beginning, Google claimed it was simply a useful tool for the public to use and would not store or share our data. As we discovered, they were selling information from the beginning to the highest bidder and created a massive consumer database. 23andMe follows the same tactic of initially denying any wrongdoing, followed by eventual admission of just the opposite. 23andMe board member, Patrick Chung, tells Fast Company “Once you have the data, it does actually become the Google of personalized health care.” The connections appear to run deep between Google and 23andMe. This business relationship, including everything from genetic information collecting to storing billions of Internet users' data, is worrisome to say the least.


In a recent article on Medium “How the CIA made Google,” Investigative Reporter Ahmed details how the CIA helped Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin craft what we know today as Google. According to the article, from its infancy Google was financed as part of the Massive Digital Data Systems (MDDS) initiative, a network jumpstarted by the CIA. This confirms former CIA officer Robert Steele’s claim of his colleague acting as a CIA liaison at Google as well as setting up the initial financing for the IT project.    


Unfortunately, these Google roads lead even further than the Central Intelligence Agency and directly toward the world’s largest particle physics laboratory: CERN.

CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider, an enormous, experimental device that has been widely ridiculed due to its self-evident dangers of colliding atoms together miles below the surface in an effort (partially) to mimic the Big Bang. CERN is also the birthplace of the World Wide Web, created in 1990 by scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

It turns out the story of Susan and Ann Wojcicki's success actually begins with their father, Professor Stanley Wojcicki. According to the Stanford website and his Wikipedia profile, Professor Wojcicki has been a physicist at Stanford since the 1980s. Officially, the professor’s story includes fleeing from Warsaw, Poland to escape communist control.

From an older Wikileaks document we can see there is a little more to the story. The 1978 document ( shows a travel request for Professor Wojcicki from Poland to the U.S. under the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF is a U.S. government agency involved in science and engineering with an annual budget of approximately $7 billion. At the National Science Foundation, the professor was a fellow working at CERN. Of course the beginning of his work at CERN, was around the time period in which the World Wide Web was created in the same laboratory. 

However the impact of the National Science Foundation does not stop with Susan Wojcicki’s father. The Google co-founders, Page and Brin, also had a fellowship with the NSF. In the late 90s, the founders received massive funding from the agency as they were creating Google... in the Wojcicki home.

To go full circle, it seems it is not merely a private company censoring millions on the Internet and violating free speech. Google, from its infancy, has been a government creation. Its relation to the CIA, CERN and other government agencies have been hidden quite well for some time. 

Recently, with their decision to assist the Pentagon in building Artificial Intelligence for drones, a clearer picture is finally being painted - a frightening one at that. Google has not only collected and stored data from billions of Internet users, it also has easy access to thousands of DNA specimens, has been funded by the CIA and we now know they have been closely tied to CERN from the beginning. This amount of egregious power Google has acquired, has quickly surpassed any company in human history. A power that will only continue to exponentially expand so long as the public remains unaware and apathetic.

Written by Yvonne Parkinson, FULCRUM News

Thriving In The "Different World Order"

 The NWO's members had a strange stoic, detached confidence - the arrogance of a certain win that never came in the final hours of their plot. They hid their goals in plain sight. Soon, retribution from those of us who did not consent to  any of this  is coming, you can be certain of that.

The NWO's members had a strange stoic, detached confidence - the arrogance of a certain win that never came in the final hours of their plot. They hid their goals in plain sight. Soon, retribution from those of us who did not consent to any of this is coming, you can be certain of that.

As we outlined during this morning's livestream show on Facebook LIVE, the "new world order" has failed. Between the rise of cryptocurrencies, varied and decentralized and 24/7, and the election of Trump, pro-America and anti-Cabal, their plot is finished.

Bush Sr., once one of the ruling families' patriarchs, has been reduced to an ass-grabbing senile disgrace. A sexual harassment lawsuit magnet.

The Clintons, never a ruling family and always just compromised criminal pawns, are known to millions of Americans as serial abusers of women, physically and psychologically. "Bill Clinton is a rapist!" is the meme that just won't die, because it is demonstrably true. President Trump even held a panel comprised of Bill Clinton's sex assault victims during the 2016 election cycle, if you'll remember.

 Lynn Forester de Rothschild left Twitter, it appears.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild left Twitter, it appears.

Lynn Rothschild, vocal matriarch of the despicable Rothschild banking family (which bankrolled the Clintons' rise to power), has left Twitter as of February 24th, blaming a deluge of "Russians" attacking her. Nope, we're not Russians, just red-blooded Americans who know what your family has done, and we are not putting up with it for another millisecond. Guess that finally got to her.

The cryptocurrencies aren't going away, Lynn.

The truth media calling out Clinton criminality isn't going away, Lynn.

Millions of us know these families are little more than wealthy degenerates, and we won't tolerate it. With crypto, gold, silver, and MAGA there's just no need for them any more. There never was.

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 Strange to do a show on Facebook Live. Google and Facebook are arch-rivals, however. Let's see what happens!

Strange to do a show on Facebook Live. Google and Facebook are arch-rivals, however. Let's see what happens!

When one door closes... another opens. "But, you should do it on service X or Y no one has ever heard of, instead." No, we really shouldn't, the YouTube channel was successful pre-banning because we reached such a wide, diverse audience on YouTube. Facebook Live offers us a similar opportunity. We looked through the terms of service, and we don't think we will have any issues.

So follow us boldly into the Zuckverse, and let's see if we can pick up where we left off with the YouTube channel. Tell your friends, spread the word.

Rise of the Stable Geniuses: Donald Trump is the standard-bearer

It's true: there's something happening now, specifically in America and in parts of Europe, that the mainstream media and the tech giants have literally no ability to accommodate into their coverage — in the same way that a dentist will never tell you it's okay to eat candy all day, and a person who works at a rehab clinic will never tell you to do hard drugs whenever you'd like.

It'd be antithetical to their stated purpose, and in the same way, the MSM is just doing its role: make-upped whores and court jesters for the establishment until the end. You have to admire that. I guess.

It's all crashing down, yet the MSM focuses on Russia! Russia! Russia! even though Russia doesn't want to wipe us off the map (the Satanic globalists do, however); Russia is a culturally and ethnographically similar nuclear superpower that is battling similar forces — the Khazarians, the Rothschilds, Soros, and the House of Saud's stranglehold on oil.

A handful of families built themselves a nasty little worldwide cartel thing over the last 40 years. Oil and currency, two commodities every man and woman needs in the modern West. And they are the middlemen, the trolls at the toll bridge.

And their "Fake News" (truly that) kept them in control, and tolerated by the populace, long beyond the point of economic reasonability.

The Internet at first gradually, then very abruptly, destroyed their world because they didn't co-opt it soon enough. Sure, they have their folks at TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and GOOGLE censoring content all day and night, like computer-age Stasi agents from some East Germany redux from hell.

Yet the base layer Internet protocols are mostly sound, and much better ones are on the way. Information gets out. It leaks around the world fast. They get their Cabal muppets in at YOUTUBE, and Bitchute and DTUBE emerge. See? What's happening now — this Awakening — it cannot be stopped. 

Information about Clinton Foundation corruption, Hillary's health, and other related concerns circled the globe critically just days before the US election.

Donald J. Trump won. He got his message out, using the Internet, at a time when the MSM was corrupt beyond functionality.

And today, President Trump lobbed a helluva truth bomb at the status quo:

 "DISGRACEFUL!" Trump declared of his Attorney General's lack of real action on FISA abuse.

"DISGRACEFUL!" Trump declared of his Attorney General's lack of real action on FISA abuse.

Trump is willing to call out non-performers in his administration, and replace them when deemed necessary.

He is not a member of the deep state, as other recent Presidents on both sides have been.

The information that comes out over the next few months is going to rock some Americans to the core of their belief system.

Be there for them, and know that the 'disruption' of truth is always superior to continuing to be duped. No more deception. No more Truman Show, literally (President Truman commissioned the original CIA and NSA into existence). Trump already showed us the true nature of the world, and no one was paying attention aside from us and a random staffer at the New York Post. Re-read the JFK Files. Hitler may have actually lived until 1955, if not longer. Internal CIA/FBI documents state that as a distinct possibility. Photo evidence.

Operation Paperclip, the US need for space dominance after WW II, the great truce.

Think deeper.

Things are not as they seem.

Trump and his team are trying to wake us up as quickly as possible without disruption/mass violence breaking out. That is admirable, and the right path. If it takes longer than some people would like, then it does. I want fast arrests because children's lives are at stake, and because key environmental disclosures have not yet been made regarding fluoride in the water and genetically modified foods.

We have nothing to compare this problem against, however, it is that vast. Therefore, who's to say we are moving too slow, or too fast. It sounds as if they're trying to save the patient without severing any vital arteries, so to speak. The Cabal is deeply embedded into many areas of life. Its removal requires time, patience, and bravery.

YouTube didn't ban our controversial 10-year-old YouTube channel with ~162,000 subscribers because we pointed out David Hogg's father is former FBI. David Hogg's father is, after all, former FBI — even Anderson Cooper admitted that during a CNN segment, so it's not a terribly controversial thing to reveal. We were banned, like many others, to silence the disclosures ahead. The true nature of the world. Who or what do the Clintons and Bushes bow to? When, precisely, did an occult group seize the reins of Western power? 

Compared to the absolute insanity of the recent past, and the people who authored it into being, Trump and his team are indeed stable geniuses. Greatness takes time; it also has to be pushed forward, nurtured. We have to do our parts, each of us. We have to spread the word, outside of online outlets controlled by the other side.

Next steps:

FULCRUM, like many others, is under attack

These people are psycho. They lost an election, so now they come for our free speech and our guns? Nah, not on our watch. The reality is that FULCRUM lost a significant amount of income and residual traffic when YouTube banned us and deleted our considerable archive totaling 505 videos. We reminded viewers multiple times to migrate over to Bitchute, but many have not done so as of now and don't even know we've been banned, as we have no ability to update them via a livestream or YouTube notification anymore. 

The good news is that we now accept direct donations to keep FULCRUM going at full speed, click here to send us any amount using your card or PayPal account. It is greatly appreciated. Many others in the free media have been hard hit by Google's lockdown on free speech, so consider supporting them as well. We need to fund the reality we want to see, otherwise creepy senile billionaires with a total lack of understanding of facial care/moisturizers will continue to fund the narratives they deem fit, using wealth that is beyond excessive.

The other good news, a silver lining to the shitstorm of censorship we're experiencing, is that many have migrated out of necessity to DTUBE and Bitchute, and both platforms are working admirably well. In addition to many of our viewers already checking us out on both sites, and leaving comments there, some other major content providers including Infowars have begun uploading to both. is ambitious and impressive; no censorship from the site owners/management (self-regulated community censoring for obscene content), videos are decentralized using cutting edge IPFS and blockchain-based technologies, video popularity is metered in crypto tips/votes received, rather than raw views. Videos load fast and crisp. is ambitious and impressive; no censorship from the site owners/management (self-regulated community censoring for obscene content), videos are decentralized using cutting edge IPFS and blockchain-based technologies, video popularity is metered in crypto tips/votes received, rather than raw views. Videos load fast and crisp.

 Bitchute, although also decentralized, uses a completely different model. Through a decentralized Webtorrent deployment, users watching a video are potentially at the same time serving that video P2P to other viewers of the same video. Comments are uncensored and allow legacy login from a variety of services, including Twitter, Facebook.

Bitchute, although also decentralized, uses a completely different model. Through a decentralized Webtorrent deployment, users watching a video are potentially at the same time serving that video P2P to other viewers of the same video. Comments are uncensored and allow legacy login from a variety of services, including Twitter, Facebook.


Details of my ban from YouTube/Google services

I'll be on INFOWARS with their host Owen Shroyer tomorrow to discuss my ban from the platform. The ban came minutes after doing a video on David Hogg, and his father, former FBI agent Kevin Hogg. Since my ability to upload has been restricted, I cannot be expected to update the YouTube public on what we know about HOGG's father. At this time, I do not believe he is the same Hogg who sold a financial services company to AmEx for around $300mm. Hopefully the public will correct this for me; readers seeing this on the public news platform synonymous with my journalism career, FULCRUM. This serves as abundantly kind public notice, therefore, and correction that former F.B.I. agent Kevin Hogg is, in my view, not the seller of a fintech company to AmEx... however, I stand by our research team's claims about his son, David Hogg. None of this adds up. It pisses me off.

Let me call the Clintons Luciferians all year on your platform, no worries, but minutes after mentioning David Hogg and his former FBI agent deepstate daddy, and my 10 year old YouTube account is permanently shutdown.

Not very nice, Susan Wojcicki.

Not very nice, Google.

Americans haven't been treated very nicely, lately.

And the free speech RIGHTS we enjoy in this country, many have spilled blood to protect in prior wars.

This censorship disparages their sacrifice and this great nation. We won't go quiet into the video night. See you on Bitchute!


-David Seaman 

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2018: Year of the 'Parallel Society' (Don't Call It Collapse)

Don't you dare call it a financial collapse. It is much more akin to an Awakening, or a modern day financial Renaissance. The old systems still work, sort of--the banks, the debit cards, the rectangles of paper with dead leaders' faces printed on them and serial numbers and unknown secretive elite ownership of the bank's books...

Similarly, the old media still works, sort of--it's a farce and a dishonest play, Russiagate is not substantively real in any way, nor is it a pressing national security threat--but to millions of viewers of the networks, that is still "reality." Reality TV, maybe.

Yet, to millions of Internet connected "thinkers" (for lack of a better word for what we are collectively), the nightly news theatre will no longer do. And the funny money bused around by various serious looking people in antiquated suits, with antiquated offices and political affiliations and skyscrapers and ad budgets... when the young people are just trading cryptos on their phones. They figured out Prometheus' fire for the modern age--blockchain based currency--and they won't let it go, that much is clear.

So where does that leave our civilization?

Millions of us wake up every morning, believe the banking system is mostly sound, go to work, go to school, and don't think much more of it.

Yet millions of us wake up every morning, knowing the banking system is a sham orchestrated by unelected pompous disgusting elite families who just happened to be close to the national money printing presses at the right time, way back when... and the other 7.5 billion of us are sick of it.

Dominating central banking was an easier task back when the U.S. population nationally was less than 10 million total, and when Europe was in a near constant state of disarray--and pre-Internet. They controlled the press. They no longer do. 

With proper free floating cryptographic currencies, social news communities like FULCRUM (Facebook, Twitter, GAB) and of course the push toward censorship-proof video platforms like Bitchute, it is inevitable that the people take back the narrative.

And in so doing, the culture, the politics, and the money all inevitably follow.

Different World Order ahead. These disgusting old families have earned the disruptions underway, but it's worth noting these disruptions are primarily technological (online video, Internet media, fast cryptocurrency) rather than ideological.

This is important to keep in mind. Although the rapid changes underway and rapid shift in consumer behaviors may seem startling, it's no true ideological revolution: we aren't tossing capitalism for some unknown other format. We aren't tossing individualism for a return to communalism.

Instead, the tools are being upgraded swiftly, and that's causing many of us to feel like more upgraded and more Awakened users of those tools--which is changing our behaviors. Feedback loop. And that change in behavior and self-identity (knowing we are in charge, not 90 year olds in a globalist cult) intensifies and hardens the feedback loop. Out with the paper checks, in with the cryptocurrency addresses. Out with the banks, in with the blockchains and wallets. Out with the Cabal, in with whoever has enough money and social media following to outstrip whatever existing order has most of the media and money behind it.

Trump and his team, despite the several areas where he Still Has Not Delivered, grasped that reality and brought it to ultimate fruition: a man with no prior political experience runs for President on the basis of his personal wealth, and on the strength of his Twitter following. He wins. The establishment reels in terror, but there's nothing they can do now. Trump realized a mathematical opportunity, and he took it.

The populace at large, through our emerging parallel societies, is doing the same exact thing. Why consume their media at night? It's garbage and we'd rather create and consume our own at night after work. Why elect their politicians any more, or follow their celebrities? We have our own celebrities, our own politicians, our own news brands. The establishment is dead, a victim of entropy and incompetence. It will never return.

And for that, I'm very grateful. FULCRUM's traffic grows by leaps and bounds, because this parallel society is bursting at the seams, eager for its recognition and validation. It's real. It's growing. And it can't be denied or swept under the rug by soulless make-upped things on the nightly news networks for much longer.