BIG ARREST: Hillary Mega-Donor Ed Buck Hauled In For Running Filthy "Drug Den"

Ed Buck, arrested after the third man died in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose, is also  accused  of human trafficking and revenge porn.

Ed Buck, arrested after the third man died in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose, is also accused of human trafficking and revenge porn.

The “John Podesta of the West Coast” as some researchers have labeled him, Ed Buck is a Hollywood-based political operative and Democratic Party mega-donor, known for helping out Hillary Clinton financially in the past — and tied to Podesta, Brock, and the rest of the pack.

As FOX is reporting, “Ed Buck, a prominent Democratic Party donor, was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house after a third man reportedly suffered an overdose inside his West Hollywood home last week and survived.”

After a third man suffered an overdose in his apartment! What are the odds!

Amazing that law enforcement in California acted at all — they let him get away with this several times before doing so.

This is a high level arrest of someone close to the Clintons, and Podesta. Let us hope Buck talks to authorities and gives up some other predatory degenerates in the political class.

Speaking of which… the massage therapist who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, leading to his rapid public downfall and the cancellation of House of Cards on Netflix, has been found dead.

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VIRAL: Joe Biden's Painful "Corn Pop" Gaffe Makes No Sense

Joe Biden reminisces about his mythical adversary, "Corn Pop."

Joe Biden reminisces about his mythical adversary, "Corn Pop."

What even is this, folks? And at what point do we very politely stop calling these “gaffes,” and start calling them what they are—signs Joe Biden is not mentally viable as a Presidential candidate for 2020, regardless of your politics, this does not instill confidence. It’s sad—is this a stream of consciousness poem or something from Creepy Joe, I mean, truly…

Here’s the clip of the bizarre ramble from 2020’s presumed Democratic frontrunner:

And this weekend’s updates from the nation’s capitol, in a short video from David. Still a strong likelihood of Andrew McCabe being indicted, watch here—

'They Know It's Coming' - DC Insiders Shaken By McCabe Indictment Chatter

We discussed the likely imminent indictment of former FBI man Andrew McCabe, who was allegedly at the heart of biased anti-Trump efforts within the bureau. Watch yesterday’s live FULCRUM show from D.C. with David:

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For those keeping score at home:

Those who have gone down—

1) Jeffrey Epstein (his peanut butter brittle neck shattered while in jail awaiting trial).

2) Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s sex ring.

3) The Bronfmans.

Those who have not gone down—


Shocking 'Totalitarian' Overreach of Google Algorithms, Insider Claims

Political censorship within Google, governed by algorithm? Actually happening, says a new high ranking insider, and far worse than many could imagine.

Google under fresh scrutiny.

Google under fresh scrutiny.

Sara A. Carter, an independent journalist who has been retweeted by President Trump in the past year, is claiming the Google insider also turned over about 950 pages of evidence to anti-trust authorities, and a laptop, containing documents which purportedly detail how Google is using algorithms to secretly “hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content,” according to Carter’s exclusive.

One famous possible example of the political bias through AI-run algorithm was the weird memoryholing of “Clinton body count” content on Google search and YouTube results. (Google owns YouTube.)

At the height of the controversy, Google was alleged to have disallowed the phrase from auto-populating in a search query for the Clinton body count, and YouTube results were, it is alleged, manually rank-edited so that videos in favor of the theory were not easy to access.

This new Google insider also reportedly met with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, interviewed in silhouette to protect his identity.

Continue reading: Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Visited Epstein AFTER First Conviction; Is This Why YouTube Censors #Pedogate?

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Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Visited Epstein AFTER First Conviction; Is This Why YouTube Censors #Pedogate?

Wow. Google co-founder Sergey Brin, according to Yahoo! News and others, “attended an elite private dinner with Jeffrey Epstein just 2 years after he served a prison sentence for soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl.”

Nice guy, this Google co-founder—what exactly did he learn from hanging out with a convicted pedophile and serial molester of children as young as 12 years old, and some researchers say Epstein was working to “procure” children as young as eight years old for sexual abuse.

Again, what business did tech executive Sergey Brin have in the company of a convicted pedophile and child trafficker? What insights or business perspective could Brin have possibly gleaned from the serial child trafficker?

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and close friend to deceased billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein.

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and close friend to deceased billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein.

I guess these tech “elites” aren’t like the rest of us in America at all—Brin’s company has shit all over the sacred First Amendment, which many Americans have died in battle to protect, and they’ve done it repeatedly, knowingly, and at scale.

Google-owned YouTube is a censored platform. Google search results and Google News are also censored platforms.

It appears every single major YouTube channel covering Jeffrey Epstein, John Podesta, and the Clintons—including our impeccably well-behaved FULCRUM News channel—was wiped from existence.

My life’s work in video journalism, more than 500 videos and unique interviews, was wiped and replaced with a page not found error message by YouTube. I’m applying for regular work to make ends meet, but my life will never be the same: I built up an audience, then it was wiped away without any court order or prior warning. That means the American dream is dead.

Why work to build it and get there for yourself, when once you get there a guy like Sergey Brin who supported convicted pedophile Epstein will just pull the plug?

There’s a big problem in America today, and it’s these folks at Google.

No other social media platform has punished Pedogate truthers as Google and YouTube have. Our Facebook and Twitter presences as a news company, for example, are still roaring—with 11,100 committed followers on our lively Facebook Page, and millions of views each month across our Twitter and Periscope feeds.

Why is Google more triggered by John Podesta’s emails and Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape island than all the other Big Tech giants combined? (Amazon, also, has not censored FULCRUM.)

Continue Reading— EXPOSED: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island

Pedogate Reference Points: Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, and What We Know So Far

A scandal an order of magnitude bigger than Watergate a generation ago, and it strikes at the center of both political parties, and even reaches as high as the royal family in England — with Prince Andrew having been in Epstein’s company, years after his first conviction — so it’s important not to miss any key points along the way.

Especially as law enforcement friendly Gabe Podesta seems to not understand Pedogate, an extraordinary almost three years after his father’s disturbing WikiLeaks surfaced, he should make sure his contacts in law enforcement quiz his dad, John Podesta, on why he was using “pizza” and other terms used by child pornographers and child abusers, as veteran law enforcement sources have stated. They can also ask him why he was invited to a party where a six, nine, and eleven year old were being Ubered as “entertainment” for the attendees.

Gabe Podesta, John Podesta’s son and purported online image expert. Image taken from John Podesta’s public, confirmed Twitter account.

Gabe Podesta, John Podesta’s son and purported online image expert. Image taken from John Podesta’s public, confirmed Twitter account.

Sometimes, in society, an individual or a group of individuals will overstep the bounds in ways that boggle the imagination. The Podestas are possibly such people.

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Bill Gates Reportedly Was "Directed" To Make Donations At Epstein's Request; Gabe Podesta Doesn't Understand Pedogate Yet?

As we and others had reported, it is already known that Bill Gates flew on convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet — dubbed the Lolita Express — years after Epstein was convicted the first time around.

“Bill Gates flew with Jeffrey Epstein on the Lolita Express in 2013, with the man whose charity aims to empower young girls joining the serial pedophile four years after he left prison,” the Daily Mail succinctly put it.

But now the story gets even weirderBusiness Insider and others are reporting that Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates made donations to MIT’s media lab through Jeffrey Epstein, almost as if repaying a debt of some kind or paying for… something? Emails show he was “directed” by the now deceased pedo Epstein to make a $2 million donation on or around 2014.

What sway did Epstein possibly have with one of the richest men in the world, to tell him where to make his donations?

Separately, FULCRUM Research believes Gabe Podesta — adult son of sicko John Podesta, at the center of the Podesta Emails released by WikiLeaks in late 2016 — may be directing disinformation and deplatforming attacks against researchers who have covered the Podesta Emails, which are real emails, and which demand criminal investigation.

Gabe Podesta with his father, John Podesta. Image posted publicly earlier in the year by John Podesta’s confirmed Twitter account.

Gabe Podesta with his father, John Podesta. Image posted publicly earlier in the year by John Podesta’s confirmed Twitter account.

This is unacceptable if true. Certainly, even the first half of today’s article should tell you this growing scandal is not a “child abuse hoax” — as the paid sockpuppet accounts researchers believe are linked to the Podesta family keep claiming.

The Podestas should ask their old employers, the Clintons, if this scandal is real: why was Bill Clinton a passenger on the Lolita Express, the same problematic child trafficking jet which now ensnares Bill Gates? Why was Bill Clinton a passenger on that plane 20+ times? What legitimate business does a former President have with a serial child trafficker and convicted pedophile like Epstein?

Also, in light of the direct connections researchers have made between John Podesta, his strange friend James Alefantis, and that despicable “Pedo Island” in the USVI run by Epstein — the Podestas should not be crowdstalking, deplatforming, or harassing anybody at all.

They should be asking the public for forgiveness, cooperating with authorities, and doing their best to replatform and make whole again the truthtellers they have maliciously attacked in the three years since the surprise loss of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

They should be answering, in-depth, very legitimate questions the public has about the use of “walnut saucing,” “pizza,” and other strange terms found — repeatedly and in the context of being code words of some kind — in the Podesta WikiLeaks.

And then, Gabe Podesta should look his father in the eyes and ask why John Podesta — a 70 year old — was invited to a place where a six year old and her friends, aged nine and eleven, were delivered by a suspected child trafficker. To a pool, for the stated purpose of “entertainment.” (He should also ask why his father receives personal spiritcooking invitations, another curiosity from the Podesta WikiLeaks. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK.)

This wretched person Luzzatto, described by some researchers as a “shittier version” of Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, was recently spotted at Martha’s Vineyard taking Instagram pics with members of the Kennedy family. What business do a family as wealthy and (once) charismatic as the Kennedys have with a monstrous suspected trafficker of the young and innocent?

Pre-Epstein’s death and all the info about Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged child procuring activities coming out, many people didn’t believe all this stuff was possible. It has been alleged Epstein was seeking out victims as young as 8 years old, and it was reported that Clinton/Podesta pal Epstein had 12 year olds delivered as a birthday gift, and that he molested them before returning them to France.

Now that we see it’s par for the course — and that these people certainly do exist — what business do the Kennedys or the Podestas or anyone have with someone like Luzzatto? Here’s one of her emails in the WikiLeaks:

From genuine Podesta Emails — WikiLeaks  Email ID 52098

From genuine Podesta Emails — WikiLeaks Email ID 52098

Continue reading: The Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island

Stay in the know: get our newsletter and please KEEP SHARING. The public is finally waking up on these sick Podestas. No more harassment of us, Gabe! No more deplatforming! No more calling the biggest scandal of all time a “child abuse hoax,” because that’s offensive to us, and it’s offensive to our many readers, and it’s—most of all—offensive to the victims of these creep families. We want answers. We want justice. And we want it now.

John Podesta And Son Gabe Are Trying To Memoryhole "Walnut Saucing" WIKILEAKS Emails

John Podesta and his adult son Gabe have reportedly done a lot to "punish" and clear the Internet of articles and videos about John's disgusting WikiLeaks emails, which came out in late 2016. Watch our 8 minute analysis of the emails, which has since gone viral on YouTube-alternative Bitchute:

Why take away my YouTube channel and so much of my personal identity? THOSE EMAILS NEED EXPLANATION, NOT FURTHER COVER-UP.

Why send me a lawyer who NEVER DISCLOSED he used to work for Bill Clinton in the 90s, seeing as John Podesta was Bill Clinton's chief of staff in the White House, doesn't that kind of compromise this lawyer?

I agreed with others that the deletion of my livelihood and life's work on YouTube was a violation of my rights, which is why I sued - but I stood no chance suing with a lawyer like that by my side! Swamp trick!

What we reported on in the Podesta emails has not been debunked.

In 3 years, it has not been debunked AT ALL.

Why are John Podesta and his brother Tony frantically emailing about "walnut sauce"? What is walnut saucing? How do you go walnut saucing? Why are the busiest people in the world obsessed with walnut saucing and "walnut sauce recipes" in the months before a US Presidential election?

Why all the references to pizza? How do you access a pizza for an hour? What does that mean?

In the emails, which are real... Why is Podesta receiving invitations to Marina Abramovic "spiritcooking" events? Why is Podesta inviting a former top DOJ official, Peter Kadzik, to an upcoming "pizza extravaganza"? Within the context of busy men working within the federal government, what is a pizza extravaganza? How does this not violate their impartiality, to be partying with top Clinton/Obama officials? What does that phrase pizza extravaganza mean?

WHAT DOES ANY OF IT MEAN? Why were my media startup, rival media company Infowars, and everyone else who covered the Podesta Emails (which include Google's former chairman, Eric Schmidt) DISAPPEARED DIGITALLY by Google and YouTube, which Google owns?

If this is all a misunderstanding, maybe John Podesta and his adult son Gabe should explain what those disgusting emails mean, because constantly trying to disappear all references is not what innocent people do. That's typically not what innocent people do, at all.

Deplatforming me to this extent messed up my life, I didn’t gain in sticking with this story, I lost out big. Lost income, too much stress & ridicule for one person to handle, my life’s passion on YouTube has been replaced with paid attack videos—I wonder who paid them—accusing me of promoting a “child abuse hoax” on the last days of my YouTube channel. They say that’s why I was banned! Gaslighting, cover-up trash liars!

Not a hoax! What is walnut saucing? What is a pizza extravaganza? Why is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange rotting in solitary confinement in the UK, when he should be free? Why has everyone forgotten about him? Why is Alex Jones being destroyed by frivolous lawsuits, when he should have his channel and platforms back?

They ruined my life over this, but it’s the truth: the Podestas are very sick people.

Why are Newsweek and others now trotting out the bizarre, entirely unasked for “Cannibalism isn’t so weird” narrative? Why now?


Continue reading: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Island

FULCRUM WEEKEND: Censorship Is This Season's Big Tech Must-Have, As Alex Jones Fades Into Oblivion

Big Tech has learned little, if anything, since 2016.

Big Tech has learned little, if anything, since 2016.

Stardate 2019, September 7 and the censorship down on Earth continues unabated. President Trump's recent 'social media summit,' which many thought would be the day of liberation for the social media blacklisted — including us at FULCRUM, Infowars, Alex Jones, and Roger Stone — instead was a day of highlighting oddballs and giving Bill Mitchell brief access to the White House.


How is Big Tech top-down censorship of conservatives, independents, and those who called out John Podesta or Hillary Clinton too loudly - how is this acceptable to the electorate heading into the crucial 2020 national elections?

Leading Trump supporters and debunkers of leftist thought spam literally do not have a voice any more in some cases, and the Trump administration would not be burdened by demanding that Google-owned YouTube, Twitter Inc, and other social media platforms start to play fair and restore silenced voices heading into the elections.

Yet no such call has come from the administration, leading a subscriber of game theory to conclude the Trump administration doesn't want any such lifting of speech restrictions on the Internet, and that's odd.

The whole thing is odd. Having to go through the last two years a silenced man, because I read an unelected official's WikiLeaks — it seems a punishment has been imposed for something that is not a crime. Roger Stone found his Twitter account permanently deleted shortly after calling out Podesta — the man whose emails were published by WikiLeaks — as a "pedophile."

Alex Jones' Infowars network permanently lost its YouTube and Facebook perches the day they began to wade back into Podesta Emails waters.

It is vexing, at this point, to have to go through adult life as someone blacklisted from media when media was my specialty. It is vexing that the media guard hasn't changed at all nationally in nearly three years; Maddow is still peddling her nightly batshit hysteria, Will Sommer is still on the ground in D.C. looking to humiliate Trump supporters in the heartland, and Pizzagate believers anywhere on the planet.

The guard never changed, the Swamp was never drained - the Podesta family is still a top employer in the Washington area, and the whole city is awash in Soros money as if the disruptive populist election of 2016 never even happened.

Things must not be as they seem at all.

And when we occasionally pierce through the censorship force field, it is clear there's an audience that still wants this information — our recent article connecting John Podesta directly to Epstein's island and unpacking the meaning of "carisjames," that article has already been Liked 12,000 times on Facebook, with many shares.

Online viral video has not existed in an unrestricted form for the last two years, with YouTube (thanks to a recent James O'Keefe / Project Veritas exposé) apparently instituting manual search result edits and keyword lists to edit reality as it comes in, essentially. Terms like "Clinton body count" have reportedly been subject to the manual Google/YouTube backend edit.

Over the last two years, the American populace has been preoccupied with economic growth and an ever more efficient economy - an economy that is heating up domestically at a time when rivals including China are witnessing the early stages of a possible treacherous slowdown in their economic demand.

During this time, news consumer behavior has changed, people don't spend as much time watching online video since it is so heavily whitewashed and censored.

If this theory holds true, as we near the elections, traffic to independent text news sites like FULCRUM should skyrocket. People aren't sifting through information on their laptops and work desktops; many are presumably reading from a smartphone on the go, and FULCRUM's short, truthful, hard-hitting, legally vetted articles may find the lucrative broader audience. Keep sharing. Keep demanding justice for the criminality WikiLeaks pointed to three years ago. Make-upped creeps on the nightly news panels no longer dictate the national dialogue. All of us do.

Follow our growing, 11,000+ strong community on Facebook for 24/7 lively discussion.

And get the newsletter to stay updated throughout the week with in-depth analysis, as many already do.

Prince Andrew's Royal Reps Despicably Question Validity of Valid Photo of Andrew w/ Underage Epstein Victim

Even by the low moral standards Prince Andrew has set for himself, this is shocking.

Even by the low moral standards Prince Andrew has set for himself, this is shocking.

Now under royal scrutiny: A genuine picture of Prince Andrew grinning with his arm around one of Jeffrey Epstein’s primary legal accusers, who was a child at the time Epstein flew her around the world and offered her “services” to some of the convicted billionaire pedo’s social circle, court papers assert.

Ghislaine Maxwell, as yet remarkably still un-indicted, looms in the background of the photo.

So, we see, those supposedly so compassionate toward the victims of child sex trafficking have a weird penchant for shutting down investigations, intimidating investigators, and gaslighting away public awareness from the headlines that would cause the public to make this a top law enforcement priority. Odd!

Do they really want to go here? What about the photo, or Virginia Giuffre’s disturbing claims about Jeffrey Epstein and his nearly 1,000 “elite” wealthy friends, is not genuine? Constant gaslighting is not remorse, it’s pathetic.

Why did so many in the media refuse to cover the allegations against Epstein and his friends in a timely fashion? Why did some leading names in the broadcast media actually attend a celebration dinner hosted by Epstein at his house, after his release from prison the first time around? Why so much weirdness around the details of Epstein’s alleged suicide while in one of the most monitored correctional facilities in the world?

Why do the wealthy elite in America and Europe seem singularly obsessed with hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein in awkward public encounters, and child sex predation? What possible legitimate reason could there be for flying on Epstein’s infamously named Lolita Express 20+ times, as former President Clinton has? Why does Clinton-linked Daily Beast continue to appear on the homepage of MSN and Yahoo! in the States? (when its presentation of the news—and especially its analysis of the truthful Pizzagate scandal—appears to be materially biased agitprop, set out at the behest of the Clintons, and not public interest journalism.

Why has Google-owned YouTube refused to restore service to FULCRUM News, David Seaman, Infowars and other truthful purveyors of Pedogate/Pizzagate information, and instead reversed course from its earlier surprising public stance of allowing “opposing views” back onto their “open” platform? Why all the top-down Big Tech censorship of an underage sex scandal that implicates billionaires, and Big Tech executives?

Why has a former John Podesta employee launched a lobbying firm here in DC, remarkably calling it FULCRUM DC and trying to bury us in search results so that his firm can rank for that term, when we’ve gone by FULCRUM DC publicly on our timestamped social media and have been based in the D.C. area for some time now… when we questioned him about this, he blocked our FULCRUM DC Twitter account from further contact.

What is all this nonsense? Continue reading:

Researchers have directly linked Jeffrey Epstein socially to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Manager, and to James Alefantis — a shadowy restaurant proprietor and close friend of Barack Obama’s who visited the Obama-era White House at least five times, according to public records.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reportedly flew on Epstein’s infamous private jet, dubbed the Lolita Express by the media, years after Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from minors.

YouTube Changes Mind: No Free Speech Before 2020, Plus Bitcoin / Ether Get Huge Boost From SAMSUNG

What do we have here? Objectively speaking, and in no particular order:

MASS CENSORSHIP. Nearly three years after the Podesta Emails were published by WikiLeaks, the entire topic has become something of a 'Tiananmen Square' level event in the West—you almost aren't even allowed to mention it on social media! The only corporate media anchor on TV to mention the emails’ weird code language, just in passing during a CBS segment on the 2016 WikiLeaks, subsequently ‘vanished’ from the air and nearly all of his social media for a year after that segment. What the fuck is this! YouTube has decided FULCRUM's YouTube channel, as well as Infowars' channel, will not be coming back after all. They still won’t explain which Community Guidelines our legally vetted, truthful journalism channel ran afoul of. You're not allowed to read truthful WikiLeaks in America on video, which means we are not currently entirely free. It seems we haven’t had true viral video online in about 2 years, which is unsettling—and borderline terrifying when you really stop to ponder it.

John Podesta and Hillary should be in PRISON, but that doesn't occur in a society where we are not free to even discuss their emails and alleged crimes on Google-owned YouTube, by far the world’s dominant online video platform, accounting for more than 90% of all videos viewed in many countries and jurisdictions.

Large online research communities on Reddit which chose to focus on Pizzagate, the Podesta WikiLeaks, and related allegations of elite criminality were simply vaporized, due to nebulous and unevenly enforced community guidelines violations.

Some MSM-fed normie comes along inevitably and will say, "you shouldn't spread that harmful fake news, it caused a patsy to 'shoot up' the pizza shop that was mentioned in the Podesta Emails!" - he didn't harm anyone, not even one person, and the only property damaged was - miraculously - the pizza shop's computer hard drive. So convenient that law enforcement never had to look through the contents of that deviant’s hard drive, since it was shattered by the only bullet the gunman fired!

Which brings us to the next problem facing voters ahead of 2020's elections:

RIGGED LAW ENFORCEMENT? If the F.B.I. suddenly wants to get to the bottom of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile island super-scandal, they should be asking people in their own agency. Why was Epstein made a protected informant by the F.B.I.? Why did they know what he was up to for reportedly more than fifteen YEARS, and not do anything until roughly now? Why has Epstein's sprawling New Mexico ranch remained uninvestigated and unsearched for MONTHS? (which is almost unheard of practice in modern-day law enforcement.)

State and local law enforcement are "mystified" as to why the well-connected pedophile billionaire's American properties were not immediately searched by authorities. Months of time is more than enough for accomplices or underlings to clear every piece of legally relevant evidence, and they likely have by now.

The Department of Justice is, some say, looking into how it can crack down on those talking about John Podesta's pedophilic WikiLeaks, instead of investigating the emails themselves. Not freedom right there, censorship and crack downs on free speech are not freedom. And in light of the national focus now on child sex trafficking in the wake of Epstein’s bizarrely timed death, and in light of John Podesta and the Clintons having been in direct contact with Epstein, there is nothing “fringe” about wanting to connect the dots in 2019 — nearly three years after the emails broke, and may have shifted an election in Donald J. Trump’s favor on that fateful election day.

And why is Epstein dead? It increasingly looks and feels possibly like a cold-blooded murder of a man who had the dark details on many others. To believe both Metropolitan Correctional Center cameras went out and he just was able to randomly snap his own neck, without any of the relevant supplies - these are things I just don't believe. I don't believe Attorney General Barr any more; I think this is a cover-up or a botched investigation, not a proper investigation.

Why has Barr kept Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's alleged accomplice and close friend, free for weeks after the arrest of Epstein? How does a very free Ghislaine Maxwell popping up in tabloids and newspapers restore our faith in the "status blind" justice system?

Why did Barr go after Julian Assange - why is Assange still rotting in solitary confinement in the UK for 23 hours per day? Why isn't he interviewed by the DOJ in the US — instead of rotting indefinitely in UK solitary? And why isn’t he asked in a formal capacity about the Podesta and Hillary WikiLeaks, which are real emails? Why aren't investigations of Podesta and Hillary opened up, based on those emails?

Why are the heroes being systematically silenced, and the suspected child molesters are still free, and the big truthful YouTube channels are all banned ahead of critical national elections. Is this freedom?

RIGGED MONEY. The Rothschilds and other banking families are all still completely free. The fact they were the primary funders and backers of the Clintons is just conveniently swept under the rug, along with everything else WikiLeaks revealed in 2016. Nothing to see here!

These handful of families have more money than the rest of us could ever hope to have, and their money isn't proof-of-work generated. In other words, they didn't mine it, they didn't work hard for it or sacrifice any existing property or time for it; they invented it out of thin air, and have created a remarkably complex system where the rest of us have to scramble for it as they toast each other at their wine parties!

Incredible that the masses still tolerate this folly.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 family of smartphones is winning over crypto enthusiasts for its forward thinking inclusion of Bitcoin and Ether via an available SAMSUNG Galaxy wallet app.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 family of smartphones is winning over crypto enthusiasts for its forward thinking inclusion of Bitcoin and Ether via an available SAMSUNG Galaxy wallet app.

Thankfully, change is afoot - leading smartphone manufacturer SAMSUNG, which is especially dominant in Asian markets, has announced Bitcoin and Ether (the world's 2 largest cryptocurrencies, by market capitalization) will be able to be stored on the S10 and future smartphone models, thanks to an available wallet app that SAMSUNG has launched. At first, it was believed only Ether and Ethereum ERC-20 compatible tokens would be able to be stored on the wallet, but SAMSUNG has reportedly since broadened the wallet to include Bitcoin capability as well.

Slow progress, but the progress made is real. Cryptocurrency - peer to peer money that is "mined" into being over time, requiring sacrifice and accountability - is gradually giving the financial elite families a run for their money. Literally.

We'll see what happens, and as with the Podesta Emails, crypto is a topic we will cover 'til the bitter or glorious end. Be sure to get our newsletter so you don’t miss in-depth coverage throughout the week from D.C. Real news is invaluable in these rapidly changing times!

'PizzaGate' Is Still Real

Massive efforts to deplatform everyone talking about John Podesta and his creepy emails are quite the tell.

John Podesta—a man of retirement age—and his adult son Gabe reportedly doing all they can to “crush” PizzaGate references on the Internet… some nearly 3 years after those creepy WikiLeaks emails broke… is also quite the tell.

John Podesta’s former employee launching a lobbying firm in DC and remarkably calling his venture… FULCRUM DC, thus burying us partially in search results… is also quite the tell.

What these things aren’t is a debunking of any kind. PizzaGate is still as real as the day it broke, and in only 8 minutes, you can learn what hundreds of thousands on the Internet already know:

REPORT: "Anti-Pizzagate Attorneys" Met With DOJ To Crack Down On Podesta Critics

Former top DOJ official Peter Kadzik is reportedly still very close with the Podesta family.

Former top DOJ official Peter Kadzik is reportedly still very close with the Podesta family.

This isn’t freedom and equally applied swift justice for all, is it? Researchers have noted that Kim Picazio, a vocal anti-Pizzagate attorney who has filed against “Pedogate” truthers in the past and who appears to be a media favorite (we wonder why that is?), met with US DOJ officials in Washington, DC on or around August 21st, to discuss a “crack down” on those continuing to scrutinize John Podesta’s possibly pedophilic emails, released by WikiLeaks in late 2016.

(Here’s our walkthrough of the Pizzagate scandal, which our D.C.-based research team still stands behind 100 percent.)

Really? Those who want to see an alleged pedophile with direct connections to deceased serial pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein be investigated are now “fringe domestic terrorist groups”?

Really? Those who want to see an alleged pedophile with direct connections to deceased serial pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein be investigated are now “fringe domestic terrorist groups”?

In the past, Picazio has described Pizzagate as “debunked” and a “false flag,” when neither appears to be the case. Pizzagate is very real — here’s our legally vetted evidence which has been viewed by nearly 250,000 people — and it also came to our attention that Picazio has blocked FULCRUM News’ company Twitter account, although we have never interacted with her, nor did we even know about her anti-Pizzagate advocacy until today.

Picazio describes the claims about John Podesta’s “walnut sauce” and “pizza” emails as debunked and a false flag.

Picazio describes the claims about John Podesta’s “walnut sauce” and “pizza” emails as debunked and a false flag.

It is worth noting here that former top DOJ official Peter Kadzik appears throughout the Podesta Emails, as other media outlets including Zerohedge have already noted.

In one Podesta email, Kadzik is included on the list of those invited to what is only described as a “pizza extravaganza.”

Former top DOJ man Peter Kadzik at an apparent wine hour with Tony Podesta and his wife.

Former top DOJ man Peter Kadzik at an apparent wine hour with Tony Podesta and his wife.

Here’s Kadzik pictured with Tony Podesta, John’s brother, and Tony’s wife.

Some in local and state law enforcement are scratching their heads as to why deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch was not immediately raided by authorities—the amount of time which has been allowed for Epstein’s possible accomplices to clear any evidence from the sprawling property is almost unheard of in modern law enforcement.

Similarly, why on Earth is the DOJ meeting with partisan anti-Pizzagate attorneys in private practice like Picazio, and not meeting with the Podestas—this time, to investigate them, not to wine and dine them.

Kindly clean that DOJ house, Mr. Barr. This stinks to high heaven! Incidentally, Peter Kadzik is still a prominent member of the D.C. legal community—researchers say he is currently employed at Washington powerhouse law firm Venable LLP, where he commands “significant” compensation for his work.