Meet Google's Mr. Deep State & (Alleged) Clinton Campaign Architect!

Google’s current chairman, Eric Schmidt, is reportedly worth more than $10 billion (that’s US ten thousand million dollars) and has $20 million+ homes littered throughout the land - so it is possible, although not probable - that independent content creators on YouTube like David Pakman can understand the recent need to demonetize many of his videos. According to The New York Times, Pakman’s ad revenue on YouTube (which Schmidt’s Google owns) has recently dipped to as low as 6 cents per day - despite operation costs of at least $20,000 per month.

If Google’s YouTube is going to arbitrarily begin morally policing its waters by selectively demonetizing (and, in some cases, allegedly “growth throttling”) its independent voices - the voices whom many YouTube users visit the platform for, not re-uploads of traditional mainstream content, not Buzzfeed videos - then it is imperative for the public to, in turn, demand total moral scrupulousness of Google’s top public officials.

 Google chairman Eric Schmidt

Google chairman Eric Schmidt

Watch today's video about Eric Schmidt's public persona and his known globalist ties:

Google Faces Pushback As It Censors Independent Media

Google is facing intense backlash over its censorship and revenue starvation of independent media on both the left and the right.

Alex Jones apparently dedicated his most recent show to the issue:

But it's far from only controversial channels on the right being penalized by Google, which owns YouTube. David Pakman, a progressive newscaster who has been associated with The Young Turks in the past, has also been hit hard. He told The New York Times his revenue on YouTube has dipped to as low as 6 cents per day, at a time when his show's monthly operation costs are at least US $20,000.

Watch our full discussion on Google's censorship battle below:

"PizzaGate" Still Warrants Public Attention

5 months after PizzaGate first broke by way of John Podesta's Wikileaks emails, the scandal still deserves public attention, in my view - and the bizarre, vindictive MSM hitpieces rolled out against any journalist who covers PizzaGate - as well as near immediate demonetization of many PizzaGate videos uploaded to YouTube - seem to point toward an ongoing cover-up, and harassment campaign, to keep PizzaGate under wraps.


Pedogate is very real and global, which is why I staked my journalistic reputation on it being real and global. Journalist and blogger Mike Cernovich shared his findings about the deep state's pedophile ring on Infowars earlier today; can there be any doubt now? (Cernovich was recently credited by many in the media as breaking the Susan Rice/Obama wiretapping scandal; good luck discrediting him now!)