FULCRUM's Tuesday October Surprise 1 of 3

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — FULCRUM's Tuesday October Surprise 1 of 3: Skip ahead to about 20 minutes into today's DC show. Ready for a biggie? Former Google chairman Eric Schmidt LOANED THE GOOGLE JET TO BILL CLINTON BY OFFERING IT TO JOHN PODESTA? AS PER WIKILEAKS...

Eric Schmidt’s team offers “the Google plane” for Clintons’ Africa excursion. Did Google shareholders and regulators approve this generous gift to the Clintons?

Eric Schmidt’s team offers “the Google plane” for Clintons’ Africa excursion. Did Google shareholders and regulators approve this generous gift to the Clintons?

"FYI. They are donating the Google plane for the Africa trip"

Didn't quite catch that? Here's an instant replay:

"FYI. They are donating the Google plane for the Africa trip"

Donating. The. Google. Plane.

The. Google. Plane.

A public company, the crown jewel of the US tech sector by market cap at the moment aside from Apple, and they were loaning the Clintons their company jet for Clinton sicko trips to Africa.

Kavanaugh: A Political Backfiring?

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, it's no secret that there has been a barrage of political stunts aimed at trying to undermine the results of Trump's presidency. 

But, have the Democrats gone too far this time? 

First, trying to block tax cuts was a predictable move that everyone understood. Blocking the wall being built, of course. Putting illegals ahead of American citizens? Well, it began a massive movement in the wake of that called the #WalkAway campaign, which was begun by Brandon Straka. By then, Americans were beginning to wake up and see the reality of what the Democratic party had reduced themselves to: 


Where did it make sense to stand on a hill where illegals were deemed more important than American citizens? Here, in America where children are starving. Where real problems such as drug abuse tears families apart. Realities that people deal with every day, are far from the democrat policies being focused on. Instead, Democrats choose to exploit people. 

When the #metoo movement started, it began as a conversation to open up about the struggles women faced as victims of sexual abuse or rape in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's exposure as a sexual predator. I believe that the movement, which began as a form of opening up conversation for women who survived these attacks, got hijacked and exploited as a political weapon. The Democrats saw an opportunity to exploit a movement for political optics and a desperate attempt to hold onto power. 

And that's where we are with Brett Kavanaugh and the massive circus that ensued to block a confirmation. All to save a SCOTUS seat in the hopes of maintaining power. REAL victims, who not only survived the worst part of their lives, get hurt all over again by the political character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh. 

Did this stunt work out the way the Democrats intended? Or are they headed for electoral extinction? The real world is so much different than online media.  

While in a coffee shop, I overheard a group of people talking about the Kavanaugh hearings. 

"I don't believe Dr. Ford"

"I'm disappointed that we wasted a hearing and destroyed a man's family off allegations" another woman commented. 

Another woman, "What about being innocent until proven guilty? Are we supposed to believe women don't lie? What about our sons or our husbands? It could happen to anyone." 

These are the real conversations happening around America. People from all walks of life, are engaging in open conversations. An unintended side effect of the entire sham circus, is that for the first time since the election of Donald Trump, people are opening up in earnest conversations. 

Twitter also had many people commenting they were done with the Democrats after this week. 


It is clear that the political stunt angered many people, from all walks of life. Minorities, real victims, and even liberals.  

Will this stunt cost the Democrats the midterms? 

As Brett Kavanaugh stated in his testimony, "You sowed the wind for decades, and i fear the whole country will reap the whirlwinds."

The midterms will certainly speak of historical significance as November inches closer. Perhaps even, a birth of a new revolution that brings the country back from the edge of political divide- a Democrats worst nightmare. 

Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Mass Deletion of Alex Jones, FULCRUM and others part of Pizzagate coverup campaign

A couple of you have reached out to us and asked, can we take small clips of you to use in order to mock Pizzagate and your career? And the answer is no, you don’t have my permission, nor my blessing, not even a little of it.

A handful of these YouTubers are also making videos, in mockery and in jest, of Alex Jones in the wake of his banning from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

These YouTubers do not have my blessing, because what they are doing is dishonorable and shameful. It is not as if Alex Jones and myself and many others who have been silenced and scrubbed from the Internet had some kind of choice. We didn’t choose to retire and ride off into the sunset.

No, we were silenced. Unconstitutionally. Without notice. Without cause. In our own country.

And at least in the case of FULCRUM, our media startup based in Washington, DC, the slowdown from having my personal YouTube account banned and then our company YouTube account banned, and the ways in which Google has ranked Fake News hitpieces on me above all other search results, has had an impact on our ability to grow.

So no, I don’t find that hilarious. I don’t find the destruction of a good man in America like Alex Jones funny, I don’t find the fact that I’m making peanuts and censored in my own country — in my peak earning years and at the height of my popularity — to be funny.

And what we helped break into the mainstream consciousness, Pizzagate, it’s not in the least bit funny — ultra-rich connected Democratic lobbyists raping and harming children. How is that funny? Elitists harming the most vulnerable and innocent among us. How is that hilarious? It’s not. These YouTubers would be better served by amplifying the truth of Pizzagate, instead of mocking men who can’t reply.

Because Pizzagate is entirely real, and this video is nearing 148,000 views on Bitchute alone. It’s not going away, especially not before midterms:

Unsuccessful Elimination of Alex Jones, David Seaman, and PIZZAGATE From the Internet

FULCRUM founder David Seaman, whose team broke Pizzagate based on WikiLeaks emails.

FULCRUM founder David Seaman, whose team broke Pizzagate based on WikiLeaks emails.

My background is a sound one. I had a well-followed column at Huffington Post and a column at Business Insider before that. I was popular, intellectually disciplined, and often right on big topics — like the rise of Bitcoin, the election of Donald J. Trump, and Ethereum.

Days before the 2016 Presidential election in the US, I happened to be one of the first journalists to do a proper deep dive into John Podesta’s disturbing leaked emails, which were published on WikiLeaks.

Podesta, of course, was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman during the election, and as Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff was a well known Clinton orbiter in the DC political world prior to that.

The leaked emails showed an inappropriate level of closeness between Podesta personally and leading figures at major newspapers and entertainment television programs, including a personal social relationship of some kind with the very anti-Trump late night broadcaster Stephen Colbert.

Besides the ethically inappropriate collusion between a Democratic Clinton operative and supposedly independent arbiters of truth in our media, some of the Podesta family email exchanges appeared to show them bragging about torture, and making use of an extensive food-based code language. Pizzagate is called Pizzagate because “pizza” pops up repeatedly throughout the Podesta emails, in a non-literal context that can only be code of some kind.

This word is also known to law enforcement to be used by child traffickers, and serial abusers of children. “Pizza” is believed to be code for very young girl.

Pizzagate has nothing to do with the claim Hillary Clinton slaughters children in the basement of pizza shops in broad daylight—that was MSM-driven Fake News trotted out within days of Pizzagate going viral in leading research communities, we assume to muddy the waters and confuse the public. Shameful.

Now, given how erratic and vicious Hillary has been in the months since the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, frankly, who knows—maybe she does get off to slaughtering children en masse in DC pizza shops. Nothing about Hillary would surprise us at this point.

But that certainly wasn’t our claim, and it wasn’t the claim as far as I can tell of any other leading Pizzagate proponents, including Alex Jones and his Infowars network.

The simple reality is that the Clintons are monsters; Podestas and other Podesta-like families appear in their social orbit repeatedly, and also appear frequently employed by the Clintons.

The monstrosity of the Clintons and those in their social circle makes you wonder, who would fund such people? And all roads lead back to George Soros and the Rothschild family, as far as who funded the rise of the Clintons and their fake progressive Democratic party iteration.

From FULCRUM Research’s vantage, the Soros and Rothschild family are literally the wealthiest families on the planet, even eclipsing the wealth of little-known Asian and Middle Eastern billionaires we have looked into extensively, for contrast’s sake.

Compared to the Rothschild and Soros clans, all other families are merely mercantile successes. Merely successful merchants, still looking up to a multi-generational banking family that tried to weaken the United States’ financial sovereignty.

George Soros funds Media Matters, which has viciously ripped apart the careers, lives, and reputations of those who continue to research Pizzagate. Media Matters also targets anyone who criticizes the ambitions of the Soros family repeatedly.

The Rothschilds are chief funders of the Reuters and AP news agencies, as well as the listed publishers of The Economist magazine—a leading European financial publication which has been wildly anti-Trump and anti-MAGA at every step of the way. Now you know why.

And now you know why the Rothschilds and old Soros seem to escape much-needed public scrutiny—they own and bully the media through their surrogate organizations.

Must be nice!

But the problem for them is that Pizzagate is not going away, especially not any time before the US midterms, because it is demonstrably real, and the leaked emails are even admissible in court—if and when the Podestas are inevitably prosecuted for their alleged crimes. And those alleged crimes could lead directly back to the Soros and Rothschild families, who own and influence a lot of people, and a lot of things.

Apparently owning that much fiat currency really dements the mind within a couple generations. Thank God for beautiful, Illuminati-free cryptocurrency!

My personal YouTube had more than 11 million views last year in 2017, and this year they banned it and wiped all 505 videos on the channel without warning, some of which were not backed up anywhere else because YouTube was being rude and not letting us download archive versions of our own livestream interviews.

All unkindness is always repaid, that’s karmic law. YouTube, owned by Google, has unexpectedly harmed the lives and livelihoods of millions of law abiding Americans using their platform… simply because we don’t share their zealous, destructive globalist politics.

This year they also banned FULCRUM News’ company YouTube channel, which was devastating. We can no longer upload to Google or YouTube at all, while known Fake News purveyors and anti-Trump personalities who frequently criticize cryptocurrency are hoisted to the top of search results. It is inexcusable, weaponized bias.

Every single time our 8 minute long, legally vetted, rigorously fact-checked, professionally post-edited and produced mini documentary on Pizzagate is uploaded by anyone in the world to YouTube, it is pulled within minutes.

We don’t issue any of these takedown requests, and it’s our own content, wholly. Scary.

Thankfully, a censorship-proof high quality version of it is available to view anytime on Bitchute, click here. (That version has already surpassed 140,000 views, thank you!)

Within hours of Alex Jones bringing up Pizzagate again on his network, he was banned across leading US social media platforms—Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter axed him within days of the initial banning.

I only had 11 million views last year on YouTube. Alex Jones’ Infowars had garnered billions of views at the time it was banned and deleted.

His multi-million dollar media company, how will that continue?

FULCRUM DC’s honest newsgathering operation, how will that continue?

I don’t have all the answers. I just report the facts. The Podestas are monsters, this cover-up has absolutely failed, and pretty soon the American public is going to demand these degenerates pay for their alleged crimes, and their sloppiness.

If you want my views and the research from my team, we’re still operating, please get the newsletter and podcast. Keeps us funded and it’s the best way around the multi-platform censorship for the time being. Thank you very much.

One more thing, if Pizzagate is fake in any way, why did General Flynn (from his Verified account), tweet the following just days before the 2016 Presidential election:

The truth is… everywhere.

The truth is… everywhere.

The Decriminalization of Drugs

In the year 2001, the small European nation of Portugal enacted policies to begin the process of decriminalization of recreational drugs. In the seventeen years since drug-related crime rates, STDs, and death-by-drugs, have decreased dramatically and many people are asking why the rest of the EU members (not to mention the US) have not hopped on board the decriminalization train. As of 2012, Portugal’s drug death toll sat at 3 per million, in comparison to the EU average of 17.3 per million. After the example Portugal has set for the rest of the world, in their decades-long experiment, haven’t they already won the war on drugs?

Noted, the US is likely to be the last to fully join, considering our current conservative reign, and the acceptance of change is often rejected. Though I’d like to point out how liberal we have recently become towards the acceptance of cannabis. Many states from Maine to Alaska have legalized marijuana, and even more have decriminalized. Add to this the fact that drug overdoses killed 72,000 Americans (a number that is only increasing), due to unsafe, unregulated injection or usage, you’d think Congress would be all over that sh*t. 

Drugs are dangerous, no doubt, to ourselves and to those around us. We have to look at patterns in history when we’re looking to de-escalate these types of crises. Where marijuana was decriminalized and later legalized, it immediately became subject to regulation, with the positive consequence of an increase in quality and safety. Before, if you wanted to get high, there was a possibility of contamination or the drug being laced with a much harder drug. Even further back, with prohibition against alcohol; people were still getting drunk, but it wasn’t safe. Illicit drugs should be regulated by the FDA for safety purposes, but they should be heavily taxed, like alcohol and cigarettes, to keep the sales down.

It’s in our nature to look for an out, a break from reality, if you will. Even monkeys ferment, or at least rot fruit over time to get drunk. The moment you make this illegal, people may push even harder to get their “break”, regardless of what it may take. Not to say any country should ever legalize meth, but the decriminalization of certain drugs may be a big step. Scientists have ranked drugs safest to most dangerous, according to the number of hospital visits, with psilocybin (magic) mushrooms as the safest drug, followed by cannabis. So decriminalizing “safer” drugs might be a good place to start, with the goal of avoiding any possible incidents. And it’s not written in stone, congress can always change their minds if the experiment should fail. Though, with Portugal as our witness, failure is highly unlikely.

Another factor in all of this that we should acknowledge that some people fall into addiction after injury or disease, with their rehabilitation often aided by prescription painkillers/opioids. Say you injure your femur, and your doctor writes you a prescription for Percocet. Several refills later, depending on how long it takes you to heal, and suddenly you’re hooked. The doctor stops writing the prescription but it’s too late. Next thing you know you’re chasing heroin. There needs to be a safer, more regulated way to go about this here in the states. 

In 2003, Insite was founded in Vancouver, BC. The site provides a supervised location for injection drug use, being the first in North America. People can bring in any drug they were going to inject anyway, typically heroin, and the on-site staff will supervise in a safe environment. The clinic does not supply any drugs, it’s merely a facility for medical staff to monitor for signs and symptoms of an overdose and to provide addiction therapy. With hundreds of visits a day and approximately 3.6 million visits since it first opened, the staff have reversed 6,440 overdoses, and there has not been one fatality. 

Though it isn’t decriminalized, the police won’t raid these facilities due to the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, exempted by the Canadian government. The city councils of Seattle and San Francisco have been discussing opening their own Insite, being the first in the United States, bringing us one step closer.

Besides the pros of keeping overdoses down, drug decriminalization will aid in solving prison overcrowding (which is a huge and separate issue of criminal justice reform that cannot be adequately addressed here). About half of prison inmates are drug dealers, so the impact of freeing these people would be huge. Drug trafficking, in a “free market”, is about fulfilling a demand, and the moral, ethical, and legal terrain of this issue isn't as cut-and-dried as some legislators pretend. The kids that sold a gram of pot to someone shouldn’t be in the same cage with guys that shank people for fun. Like, c’mon. 

Evidently, drug decriminalization is the way to go. Thanks for the example, Portugal.

Written By FULCRUM Contributor Sonya Bernhagen 

Kavanaugh Confirmation: A Democrat Circus

As Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began his confirmation hearings, Democrats rolled out all the stops to block his confirmation. 

It began with tons of protesters sitting in on the hearing, some even dressed up as handmaids in red. 


Protesters disrupted the hearing each day,  adding up to over 200 arrests since the hearing began. 

A photo of a woman taking money, later got arrested during the hearings for protesting.  The photo went viral, bringing into question just how many protesters were paid to be there.  

The women dressed in handmaid costumes, were also discovered to be antifa in disguise. Nothing to see here, of course. Just another "organic" protest, courtesy of Soros and company. 

You would think the circus would have ended there, but Dianne Feinstein had a few dirty tricks up her sleeve as well.  

First, an attempt to make Kavanaugh look bad.  While he was surrounded by staff and law enforcement officers protecting him, an unknown male rushed toward Brett in attempt to shake hands. Brett refused of course, assuming the man was a protester. It turned out it was a father of a parkland shooting victim. Conveniently, it was Dianne who invited Fred Guttenberg to the hearing. 


Dianne admitted she invited him to the hearing in her own tweet, after some scrutiny arose around the spectacle. 


Kavanaugh clarified that he did not know who the man was, assuming he was a protester.  

Then, Cory Booker pretended to release classified documents that were already cleared for release by referring to it as his "Spartacus" moment. So brave. Is this a 2020 presidential tryout, or a hearing? No one can tell anymore. 

After that spectacle, Dianne suddenly announces she has a letter from a woman alleging an incident in which Kavanaugh had assaulted her during a high school party. 

Dianne apparently had the letter for awhile and only conveniently made it public that such a letter existed, just as Kavanaugh began his hearings. Not suspect timing, at all. Or that no one has seen this tactic before, such as when Roy Moore ran and allegations surfaced after 30 years. It smacks of desperation. House majority Whip John Cornyn said it best: 

Several women who were classmates and associates of Kavanaugh came forward defending Kavanaugh after Dianne's stunt. 

After all this, and the hearings are still going. Kavanaugh confirmation is concise proof of the absolute chaos and desperation the Democrat party is now reduced to. And even after all that, none of it reflects badly on Kavanaugh or Trump. In fact, Democrats are the gift that keeps on giving for Trump. 

Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Canada Legalizing, Coca-Cola Entering: Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) Goes Legit

Some East Coast legal cannabis! For “research” purposes, of course.

Some East Coast legal cannabis! For “research” purposes, of course.

Ah, finally: more proof we are living in the distant future we all dreamed about in high school and college. We are living, after all, 2 years after the date in which 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi hit Blade Runner was supposed to take place. No androids or replicants, no floating cars for the most part, but boy did we get the Western marijuana legalization wave that thinkers like Terence Mckenna hoped for several decades ago.

Some of the West’s major governments have taken a serious re-look at cannabis sativa, everyone’s favorite psychoactive plant that grew natively in North America and parts of Europe for more than 10,000 years - and was used by humanity extensively during that time - before the hysterical Drug War included it as a target over the last 50 years or so.

Old cannabis medicine bottle from an American pharmacy

Old cannabis medicine bottle from an American pharmacy

A century ago, leading pharmacies in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, San Francisco and other American cities provided potent cannabis sativa tinctures; high dose THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) suspended in alcohol, which is a method of consuming cannabis still popular to this day among medical users.

Today, more US states and territories than ever before have some form of legal cannabis on the books for either medical or recreational use. Furthermore, amazingly, the Trump Administration has quietly been publishing what appears to be pro-cannabis research for scientists and policymakers to review on cancer.gov. One such government report shows just how much of the country has already gone green:

Legalization map

Can’t stop progress. Plus, Canada decided to legalize, a decision that goes into effect for Canadians nationwide next month. Their military members will even be allowed to toke!

In no uncertain terms, Uncle Sam is now saying that cannabis might be very useful in the fight against cancer: “A laboratory study of delta-9-THC in hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) cells showed that it damaged or killed the cancer cells. The same study of delta-9-THC in mouse models of liver cancer showed that it had antitumor effects. Delta-9-THC has been shown to cause these effects by acting on molecules that may also be found in non-small cell lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells.”

Big Business is looking to the mystery leaf also for inspiration, with media reporting Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis are in talks to produce a marijuana infused beverage line. Furthermore, Anheuser-Busch heir Adolphus Busch V is reportedly launching his own marijuana business, and feels marijuana (not beer!) will be his business future.

Cannabis interest from young professionals and retirees, as well as Big Business, is driving rapid changes in state marijuana laws.

Cannabis interest from young professionals and retirees, as well as Big Business, is driving rapid changes in state marijuana laws.

Were we lied to about cannabis by the federal bureaucracy for a generation? That’s pretty much my takeaway after several years of legal recreational use, and some medical use before that. And now the world is waking up to the truth, millions of anecdotal reports of beneficial experiences simply outweigh the media fearmongering, and outweigh decades’ old scientific studies against this plant that may very well have been biased, or not legitimate at all.

Legal marijuana economies in Colorado, California, and elsewhere could soon get a boost, in our view, if the STATES Act - which President Trump reportedly supports - is signed into law. Senators in both parties seem to support de-scheduling cannabis, and the nation’s capitol has surprisingly progressive views on pot in general. Personal use of cannabis has been legal in DC for three years, and it’s hard to go more than a few blocks without smelling the evidence of that excellent policy.


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Open Sourced FULCRUM DC (David Seaman) Newsletter Issue 9.16.18

US web traffic to FULCRUM has soared in the wake of our banning from YouTube and capped Facebook Live account.

US web traffic to FULCRUM has soared in the wake of our banning from YouTube and capped Facebook Live account.

Editor’s note: This issue went out to subscribers yesterday, 9/15/18. Our in-house analytics suggest it got many forwards and reshares, so in the interest of keeping our greater public informed, we are open sourcing this particular issue here on our site. PLEASE consider getting our newsletter so you get these weekly updates from David and the team - nearly all revenue from the newsletter goes to supporting FULCRUM’s real news, ad-free, unvarnished newsgathering operation in Washington, DC. For the latest on cryptocurrency, DC politics, and the legal marijuana boom in the US and Canada, the newsletter is a must.


Still deplatformed from planet Earth and so it goes, yet I'm certainly not lonely. Unbelievably busy in DC, FULCRUM has been. Much change for society, there will be.

Sorry, assuming we still have a few Q faithful among us reading, and y'all seem to like Yoda inversions followed by vague aphorisms. Trust the journey. There you go. Where's FULCRUM's deranged Boomer army to promote our news site for free now 24/7? LOL.

In all seriousness, though, we're proud of the ad-free real news we've published over the last 1 year, 9 months with your generous support. Some of those stories went mildly viral, and may have changed the world in time. Here are just some of our recent hits by traffic:

https://www.fulcrumnews.com/blog/2018/8/28/understanding-adrenochrome-and-political-elite-rituals *

* that one really seems to have pissed someone off, because our company YouTube was nuked without cause within hours of posting it and discussing it in a video- party on!

So there you go.

Happy to see genius-built Ether and beautiful Bitcoin bounce back as much as they have, that's just not a part of life I worry about because as the public becomes more woke and actually thinks about currency, they'll find handing over all their financial destinies or whatever to a handful of Luciferian money printing families at the central banks just truly doesn't cut it any more. Netflix has arrived. See ya, Blockbuster, enjoy the fall.

Given how traumatized FULCRUM's revenue and traffic has been since the Q boomers began scraping at our startup's reputation like frenzied extras from a Walking Dead episode, we probably cannot and will not continue at this level of production beyond next month. A video news startup located in DC which has been banned from publishing to YouTube, and which is capped severely on Facebook Live, can't be expected to thrive.

A deluge of personal PayPal or credit card wealth (contribute any amount here) would give us more runway, but unlike the Q scammers, we don't beg and we don't force the media marketplace of ideas to go in a direction it doesn't want to go in.

In this case, for whatever reason, it is clear to us that the marketplace is not accepting the business model of an honest, non-Cabal owned influential online media company operating from Washington. Maybe it will in the future, yet it's not right now.

Not accepting market conditions is what dumb people do. I certainly disagree with all the reasons why FULCRUM is being attacked and slowed down, but I can see precisely why they're doing it to us and the Art of War tactic is to leave the battlefield altogether, at once, and fight on a different battlefront, from a new vantage.

We competently broke the biggest story of all time - Pizzagate, the truthful claim that Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman extensively used a code language in his leaked emails known to law enforcement to be used by child traffickers, and the ensuing viral takedown of the pedophile "Illuminati" that has infiltrated Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC - none of that is going back in the bottle, and they know that.

The viral ripples will continue to go out wider and wider. Irreversible math at play here.

Our 8 minute legally vetted mini-documentary on Pizzagate and the "pizza" code language, with demonstrable proof from the real WikiLeaks emails, is approaching 137,000 views on Bitchute alone. People are talking. Watch and share here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dEZgzABhjXsJ/

Granted... We thought that video would be at 12 or 120 million views by now, we thought the public would be OUTRAGED and supporting WikiLeaks right and left out of gratitude, we thought John Podesta would be so in prison by now.

We thought wrong, I guess.

We will strictly follow market conditions and move into other business lines, because FULCRUM is certainly not over.

In fact, we have been hard at work on our first major consumer product, something so revolutionary I can say almost nothing about it for the time being. FULCRUM's chemists and lawyers work best when I keep my mouth shut on under development projects.

FULCRUM's applied sciences division will not disappoint. :)

Speaking of which, the STATES Act is gaining strength here in DC. Some truly awful Swampy Senators have signed on and given their support, meaning sooner or later I'd expect to see the federal prohibition on cannabis come to an end in America.

Trump's a market guy. Canada being allowed to mass export this medical & recreational cash crop, while US companies in Cali and Colorado with arguably better growing conditions are prohibited from doing so due to 50 year old dusty legislation, you can be almost sure a Trump Upset of some kind is in the works.


Not financial or medical advice; no warranties or guarantees provided. Copyright © 2018 David Seaman, All rights reserved.

Open Letter To Google's CEO

Hi, Sundar. Thanks for offering to help. Aside from banning my personal YouTube account, and later FULCRUM's company account, and deleting every single one of our videos off of your platform without notice or affording us the courtesy to make a back-up in any way, you seem unaware that your company's former chairman - Eric Schmidt - practically designed Hillary Clinton's entire online strategy, which is now coming under significant scrutiny in D.C.

Did you know that? Sundar, Eric Schmidt literally was photographed wearing a Hillary Clinton staffer badge, so close was he to the failed 2016 Clinton presidential run.

It's true, Sundar! Here, some pics:


M'lady! Clap for the good woman!

Totally not biased. I can see you're getting a little agitated, Sundar. Here, I'll put on a thing of fresh hot tea. Have a seat over there.

This might bother you even more: Schmidt sat next to George Soros and praised the old thing, way back in 2006, a distant dusty 12 years ago when your company was tiny and in need of establishment support to grow. Precious growth!

It's true, Mr. Pichai:

And until your censorship goons, I mean Quality Moderators, delete it from existence - the cozy interview between old Soros and Eric Schmidt is still available here for mere mortals to view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zzQk8IwSJE

Oh how the mighty will fall, young Sundar. You weren't born in America, so I won't belabor this point, but we Americans get very touchy about our Bill of Rights and specifically our First Amendment which many of our own ancestors died to protect.

So when you decide to shut off millions of people from their ability to express themselves and connect with the audiences they have built up over many years organically - especially when you do that to American companies, businesses with expenses to pay and contractors to reimburse - you are politically harming your fellow Americans, simply because you don't agree with their political preferences.

That is what is known in our country as un-American behavior, Sundar. It's not a specific legal term. It's an overarching spirit of the law and spirit of the country itself that every American - from janitor to software whiz, from broke to billionaire - understands at a deep gut level, and we have no tolerance for it.

Every American voice should be given a fair shot, not silenced in the throat before his or her words are even uttered. Yet by looking at your company's former chairman, his tainted politics, and his past - it is clear these cards were decided long ago, Mr. Pichai. And that is what we refer to as a rigged deck, a rigged game.

We deserve real answers, and real accountability from your company, Mr. Pichai - not the three months of weird silence from Eric Schmidt on Twitter, not the continued wave of utterly unacceptable bannings and shadowbannings your company is handing down, with no judicial oversight of any kind.

-David Seaman

Nike Takes A Knee

Nike has begun receiving tons of backlash in the aftermath of their announcement that Colin Kaepernick, who began the kneeling momentum within the NFL, was chosen as the face of their new Just Do it campaign. Colin is also involved in a legal battle with the NFL since his exit off the San Francisco 49ers. 

Twitter reacted swiftly with thousands of comments on the move by Nike. 

Many posts had footage of burning shoes, and people denouncing buying any more Nike products. Even Trump and John Rich, part of the Big and Rich band, reacted to the news with their own commentary. 


Less than 24 hours after the ad was released, Nike shares tanked and lost over 3 billion from its market cap.

A Christian college President spoke up as well on the move to remove all Nike products from their college uniforms, stating Nike's idea of sacrifice pales in comparison with the thousands of people in uniform who work daily to protect the nation. 


A Lousiana mayor even banned the purchase of Nike products in the parks and recreation department. 


Chris Kyle's widow, Taya, slammed Nike for the decision, stating their idea of sacrifice is nothing compared to men who lose their lives in the line of duty. 

Many people even suggested other players  would have been much more valuable to the message of sacrifice, such as Pat Tillman, who gave up his football career in the aftermath of 9/11 to serve his country and later lost his life. 


In the aftermath of the ad being aired, memes began to bubble all over the internet, poking fun at the Nike ad. 

Will this move cost Nike? 

Nike very well could be the latest victim in political correctness, who loses out in the end.  Not only has Dicks Sporting Goods been a victim of recent backfiring from political correctness, they also sell Nike products. A potential double whammy for the sliding of sporting goods sales for Dicks. Americans are tired of companies who decide to make everything about political correctness and identity politics. Consumers vote not just at the voting booths, but with their money as well. A lesson that many companies have learned in the aftermath of Trump's election, by choosing political correctness over staying out of the politicized atmosphere that has plagued not only the entertainment industry such as the NFL, but movie theaters, restaurants (red hen) and consumer culture. 


Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Alex Jones Wiped From App Store

It has been reported elsewhere, and we can confirm, Alex Jones' Infowars app was just deleted from the Apple App Store and is thus no longer accessible to iPhone users.

Alex Jones globally deplatformed for speaking the truth?

Alex Jones globally deplatformed for speaking the truth?

This is not freedom.

If a group of suspected occult freaks can wipe Alex Jones' media empire extrajudicially off the map with a few clicks, which is what they have done, imagine what they can do to smaller fish. This needs to end.

Alex Jones, like us, was speaking the TRUTH about Pizzagate in the days and hours before his mass media deletion from Planet Earth. This is unacceptable. Pizzagate may be an uncomfortable topic for many, but it's totally true, and needs to be processed by humanity and PROSECUTED instead of laughed at or dismissed.

8 minute legally vetted mini-documentary proving a Clinton-linked 'Pizzagate' conspiracy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dEZgzABhjXsJ/ (viewed nearly 130,000 times already! Keep sharing! YouTube banned this video twice.)

Allegations of Democratic Party-linked pedophile rings is precisely the message the Democrats don't want leaking right before midterms, yet they have sealed their fate: by banning Alex Jones everywhere for talking about this hot button issue, it will be all the Internet can focus on, and it proves what thugs and brutes the Democratic Party-linked censors in Big Tech have become.

America should not have censors; censorship is not the American way.

What you can do: keep sharing our content, both the mini-doc linked above and our article on adrenochrome use, because it explains why the pedo stuff is not merely at the fringes- it is at the core of elite politics & belief, sadly.

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Grateful for the support that has come in since yesterday. These are people like you and I, teachers, part time restaurant workers, real estate specialists - not detached crypto geniuses or billionaires - pitching in to keep DC-based real news going. I don't draw a salary at FULCRUM and the readership, as well as the team, doesn't seem too demoralized by all the censorship. We are working around it, the best we can, although it's obviously not an acceptable situation.

Look at it as a game. There's this hot potato, Pizzagate information, and we are just trying to pass the hot potato to the public before the other team - the Censors - nuke the hot potato or allow it to grow cold.

Can we survive when the Internet has become hostile to truth?

That's the question FULCRUM asks, and we already know the answer. We will persevere.

Our website, fulcrumnews.com, becomes more important than ever as nearly all centralized Big Tech platforms seem to be compromised to varying degrees.

All this censorship is certainly uncharted waters, and if you can see the whole picture as I can, it's important to remember that the pedophile freaks in Hollywood, the censorship freaks in San Francisco, and their lawyers covering for them in DC... are actually all the same people! 

It's the same sicko occult club, the Bushes and Clintons and MSM broadcasters are a part of it, and you and I aren't! The currency of the land is a foreign currency - theirs - yet we have to scramble for it?! And treat it as our own, when it's been pre-mined and pre-awarded to these sicko families without them lifting a finger or paying any sweat equity? 

Not fair, and makes no sense- that's why FULCRUM sticks to the cryptocurrency/Bitcoin beat. So that when the masses realize the Hollyweirdos and the IMF weirdos are the same exact people, part of an elite club, they will have an exit ramp: beautiful, Illuminati-free cryptocurrency.

Trust The Plan: Mass Censorship, Virtual Enslavement



Being unpersoned from the Internet is a vexing occurrence. Google allows radical Islamic content, pro-pedophile content, promoters of the occult, and vast quantities of generally anti-Trump, anti-American content to flourish on its video platform YouTube and in search results, yet it has scrubbed InfoWars and Alex Jones as if his 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube never even existed.

They did the same to my personal channel, wiping 162,000 subscribers away and nuking a channel that attracted 11 million views in 2017.

When we setup the FULCRUM News YouTube presence months after that banning, we did so carefully, making sure never to violate their capricious “Terms.”

They just don’t like what we are about, we get that now — truthful newsgathering is not welcome on Google any more.

They nuked our nearly 6,000 subscribers on the company account, and we won’t give them a third opportunity to screw us.

YouTube is the second most viewed website property in the world, so in our view, this is an anti-competitive, monopolistic problem. An anti-trust issue.

YouTube is not someone’s quiet private backyard, it’s the most influential video platform in the world, owned by a publicly traded US-based company whose embryonic founding juices are 100% deep state, taxpayer funded weirdness.

Not only did they nuke our company account, now they surface negative and months out of date videos about our founder, to hasten a failed credibility attack.

This is a crown jewel of the American tech sector, Google? It seems more like a fetid pile of garbage. A nightmare sprawling conglomerate made possible by a corrupt federal regime—the Clintons and Bushes and their nasty financiers—that thankfully lost to a new start, a new chance for the nation and the planet.

Do you see yet? That’s why the media cries out against the Trumps 24/7—in their view, they have no choice. The media are degenerate colluding anti-competitive criminals. There is no Plan B for the traitors who bet it all on Team Soros, instead of on the country and each other.

We can stomach the censorship here at FULCRUM and survive, which is why we are rushing development of our censorship-resistant App and greenlighting our first blockbuster psychoactive product.

Many others can’t stomach or survive all this anti-competitive pressure, and their unique voices will surely perish. That is a disgrace, and it’s not the American way.

Loyal supporters say to us, “Oh, you’ll come out ahead of this better than before!”

Yet without the public’s support and focused outrage, that’s not the case.

My personal YouTube channel was banned back in February, 7 months ago. The resulting drop in business and traffic to FULCRUM has been substantial. The drop in revenue, for a growth-hungry startup like ours, has been calamitous.

As for our colleagues… InfoWars’ YouTube channel was banned a month ago, and despite encouraging words from the President against unilateral Internet censorship, their content has not been brought back online by Google/YouTube, nor has FULCRUM’s. This is an outrage.

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I don’t believe in handouts or undeserved charity, which is why we put out such a firehose of premium research content to our subscribers. In exchange for a small monthly fee or pre-paid contribution, subscribers get our very best. And we ARE among the best, I truly believe that. We called Bitcoin at $80, Ether when we did, and Trump just days after he announced his candidacy back in dreamy 2015.

The mainstream keeps telling us cryptocurrency is “over,” yet that’s the game they tried to play with Donald Trump's rise, and they failed every step of the way until the man was in the White House. They’ll do the same with crypto, because that’s what their masters demand: weaken this alternative to Federal Reserve and ECB slavery, their masters shout.

Yet recent surveys show as many as 18 percent of millennials already own some cryptocurrency, and they aren’t giving up on it.

Obama-friendly and Clinton-friendly Goldman Sachs deciding against further crypto involvement for now doesn’t matter to these millennials; Goldman Sachs executives are not their arbiter of coolness or legitimacy—if anything, the opposite.

Not financial advice, but crypto is irrevocable freedom and security to the millennial, and to anyone else. It is the dignity of ownership in a weird world. As the Awakening continues—this is a global political awakening of some kind, which explains all the censorship—more workers and savers will regard fiat currency issued out of thin air by unelected occult “bloodline” families as more and more insecure, and unacceptable.

Draining a major checking account into cryptocurrency is easier than ever before. I voted with my wallet, will you?

Draining a major checking account into cryptocurrency is easier than ever before. I voted with my wallet, will you?

80 million people already believe in and use cryptocurrency, and those 80 million provide the belief bridge to get everybody else off of the Rothschild made-up currency prison. Unlike made-up currency, Bitcoin and other cryptos are created through an irreversible process (called “mining”) where energy and computing time is burnt up for the possibility of creating a new Bitcoin or Ether or whatever the specific coin is. This, in FULCRUM’s view, is a function jump in freedom for all end users of currency.

What gives a Bitcoin value? It was created (mined) into being at some point in time, and that process took someone’s time and computing resources up in an irrevocable manner (i.e. they can’t get their time or computing energy back; no Bitcoin mining refunds).

The Post-Rothschild world feels better than fine.

The Post-Rothschild world feels better than fine.

The dollar and the euro, on the other hand, are created from nothing imperial credits that the Bushes, Soros, the Saudis, and the house of Rothschild own the majority of—then they make the rest of us scramble for the scraps, which buoys up the value of the credits they already own, which is most of them.

If you doubt the validity of this claim, turn over a US $1 bill.

There’s an image on the back of a glowing demon eye resting atop a pyramid of invisible debt. “THE GREAT SEAL,” it is written in fancy lettering beneath the pyramid, yet in all my years of schooling and university after that, not once did I hear in a US history class that we are all bound to some great seal. It’s an occult symbol, mocking us in our faces, as we strive for a currency that is not our own.

Well, my Big 3 bank which has restricted my debit card transactions to $2,000/day for being a Trump supporter and rabble rouser got quite the surprise. They keep sending me surveys via e-mail to ask “how they’re doing.”

Not very well, I’m afraid. Not very satisfied at all with these Rothschild bloodline debt dollars, and even less satisfied with my limited access to them via my own debit card. So I made use of the instant linking (a service called Plaid) my preferred Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange offered, verified my checking account, and drained that checking balance into precious Bitcoin, and intriguing Ether. I won’t be a servant to these dummies any longer, and with every breath I take I will work to weaken their broken systems and their censorship and their droopy sad faces and dumb sex abuse cult.

They are godless, weak trash and a new world order (simply not theirs!) is, for certain, ahead.

That’s not a fair system they’ve created with the made-up glowing demon eye debt currency, and the introduction of something more fair obliterates them competitively over time. Doesn’t matter that anti-Trump deepstater Peter Strzok’s wife is literally the head of the US agency that keeps rejecting cryptocurrency ETFs one after another. That doesn’t matter, because freedom keeps knocking, and the knocks are getting louder, more pronounced, more clear. We aren’t going away.

They can censor, they can mock, they can Fake News attack, they can restrict, they can shadowban, they can threaten…

We are not going away.