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Fauxahontas Warren: A Splendid Backfire

After Trump offered three months ago to give one million dollars to the charity of Elizabeth Warren's choice if she took a DNA test, the results were finally published

It turns out, Warren was not even close to her claims, which led to a day of some of the funniest headlines and tweets. As reported from Boston globe, it was actually 1,204. 


Twitter responded hilariously with some classics of their own: 


On top of Twitter hilarity, Cherokee Nation responded with a statement saying the stunt was undermining tribal interests with her continued claims. 

If Elizabeth Warren was using the stunt to show boldness and use a DNA test to be the start of a presidential campaign for 2020, well it seems it may have backfired faster than Cory Booker's Spartacus stunt during Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  


Even among all of this, the DNA test unarguably proves that Elizabeth Warren is whiter than most Americans, as the average European American has some native heritage. 


Senator Orrin Hatch even got in on the fun with his own tweet:


Lindsey Graham piled on as well, and pledged he would do a DNA test and see if he has a higher percentage of native roots than Warren.

In the end, the reality that Trump trolled Elizabeth Warren into owning herself over the whole debacle, is proof that the man who wrote the Art of the Deal, is still in charge. 

Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt

FULCRUM's Tuesday October Surprise 1 of 3

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — FULCRUM's Tuesday October Surprise 1 of 3: Skip ahead to about 20 minutes into today's DC show. Ready for a biggie? Former Google chairman Eric Schmidt LOANED THE GOOGLE JET TO BILL CLINTON BY OFFERING IT TO JOHN PODESTA? AS PER WIKILEAKS...

Eric Schmidt’s team offers “the Google plane” for Clintons’ Africa excursion. Did Google shareholders and regulators approve this generous gift to the Clintons?

Eric Schmidt’s team offers “the Google plane” for Clintons’ Africa excursion. Did Google shareholders and regulators approve this generous gift to the Clintons?

"FYI. They are donating the Google plane for the Africa trip"

Didn't quite catch that? Here's an instant replay:

"FYI. They are donating the Google plane for the Africa trip"

Donating. The. Google. Plane.

The. Google. Plane.

A public company, the crown jewel of the US tech sector by market cap at the moment aside from Apple, and they were loaning the Clintons their company jet for Clinton sicko trips to Africa.

Kavanaugh: A Political Backfiring?

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, it's no secret that there has been a barrage of political stunts aimed at trying to undermine the results of Trump's presidency. 

But, have the Democrats gone too far this time? 

First, trying to block tax cuts was a predictable move that everyone understood. Blocking the wall being built, of course. Putting illegals ahead of American citizens? Well, it began a massive movement in the wake of that called the #WalkAway campaign, which was begun by Brandon Straka. By then, Americans were beginning to wake up and see the reality of what the Democratic party had reduced themselves to: 


Where did it make sense to stand on a hill where illegals were deemed more important than American citizens? Here, in America where children are starving. Where real problems such as drug abuse tears families apart. Realities that people deal with every day, are far from the democrat policies being focused on. Instead, Democrats choose to exploit people. 

When the #metoo movement started, it began as a conversation to open up about the struggles women faced as victims of sexual abuse or rape in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's exposure as a sexual predator. I believe that the movement, which began as a form of opening up conversation for women who survived these attacks, got hijacked and exploited as a political weapon. The Democrats saw an opportunity to exploit a movement for political optics and a desperate attempt to hold onto power. 

And that's where we are with Brett Kavanaugh and the massive circus that ensued to block a confirmation. All to save a SCOTUS seat in the hopes of maintaining power. REAL victims, who not only survived the worst part of their lives, get hurt all over again by the political character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh. 

Did this stunt work out the way the Democrats intended? Or are they headed for electoral extinction? The real world is so much different than online media.  

While in a coffee shop, I overheard a group of people talking about the Kavanaugh hearings. 

"I don't believe Dr. Ford"

"I'm disappointed that we wasted a hearing and destroyed a man's family off allegations" another woman commented. 

Another woman, "What about being innocent until proven guilty? Are we supposed to believe women don't lie? What about our sons or our husbands? It could happen to anyone." 

These are the real conversations happening around America. People from all walks of life, are engaging in open conversations. An unintended side effect of the entire sham circus, is that for the first time since the election of Donald Trump, people are opening up in earnest conversations. 

Twitter also had many people commenting they were done with the Democrats after this week. 


It is clear that the political stunt angered many people, from all walks of life. Minorities, real victims, and even liberals.  

Will this stunt cost the Democrats the midterms? 

As Brett Kavanaugh stated in his testimony, "You sowed the wind for decades, and i fear the whole country will reap the whirlwinds."

The midterms will certainly speak of historical significance as November inches closer. Perhaps even, a birth of a new revolution that brings the country back from the edge of political divide- a Democrats worst nightmare. 

Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt

Mass Deletion of Alex Jones, FULCRUM and others part of Pizzagate coverup campaign

A couple of you have reached out to us and asked, can we take small clips of you to use in order to mock Pizzagate and your career? And the answer is no, you don’t have my permission, nor my blessing, not even a little of it.

A handful of these YouTubers are also making videos, in mockery and in jest, of Alex Jones in the wake of his banning from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

These YouTubers do not have my blessing, because what they are doing is dishonorable and shameful. It is not as if Alex Jones and myself and many others who have been silenced and scrubbed from the Internet had some kind of choice. We didn’t choose to retire and ride off into the sunset.

No, we were silenced. Unconstitutionally. Without notice. Without cause. In our own country.

And at least in the case of FULCRUM, our media startup based in Washington, DC, the slowdown from having my personal YouTube account banned and then our company YouTube account banned, and the ways in which Google has ranked Fake News hitpieces on me above all other search results, has had an impact on our ability to grow.

So no, I don’t find that hilarious. I don’t find the destruction of a good man in America like Alex Jones funny, I don’t find the fact that I’m making peanuts and censored in my own country — in my peak earning years and at the height of my popularity — to be funny.

And what we helped break into the mainstream consciousness, Pizzagate, it’s not in the least bit funny — ultra-rich connected Democratic lobbyists raping and harming children. How is that funny? Elitists harming the most vulnerable and innocent among us. How is that hilarious? It’s not. These YouTubers would be better served by amplifying the truth of Pizzagate, instead of mocking men who can’t reply.

Because Pizzagate is entirely real, and this video is nearing 148,000 views on Bitchute alone. It’s not going away, especially not before midterms: