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Censorship proof.

Hosted by FULCRUM’s David Seaman, whose team broke very truthful Pizzagate, just weeks before the US Presidential election in 2016.

WIKILEAKS: Now there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

WIKILEAKS: Now there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

The WikiLeaks emails courageously published by Julian Assange made that story possible. And yes, it is all real, here is our circumstantial evidence so far. There needs to be an investigation; there should have been one two years ago.

Instead, the peaceful publisher of these emails has been targeted by a politicized legal system, to silence him and his WikiLeaks organization.

Tonight’s stream will go over the emails that changed the world, the charges against Assange, how people can support or learn more about what’s going on, and why it’s not useful to assume this political prosecution is benevolent deepstate 5D chess, when it doesn’t appear to be that at all.

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“Pizzagate” was always real. Podesta and his code language needs a proper look, as does his interest in occult spirit cooking ceremonies.

“Pizzagate” was always real. Podesta and his code language needs a proper look, as does his interest in occult spirit cooking ceremonies.

Honorable Mueller Exits, Yet Mass Censorship And Clinton Crime Remain Unchecked

Mueller: a disappointment to the hysterical anti-Trump left in Washington.

Mueller: a disappointment to the hysterical anti-Trump left in Washington.

Exciting things on the horizon. After looming over American politics and life for nearly two years, the useless Mueller has concluded his "honorable" investigation into something or other. All high level child traffickers, suspected pedophiles, and Soros operatives remain conveniently free and even gainfully employed at the close of Mueller's nearly $50 million taxpayer-funded investigation, to make sure all of us really liked Donald J. Trump more than Shrillary.

Don't you feel safer now, post-Mueller?!


Moving on.

Currency is a tension layer, and in modern life currency is needed to get things done, to collaborate with others or to get products and services. We don't live in a Haight-Ashbury sex commune, nor do we live in a distant money-less Star Trek future, and I'm thankful that's the case.

Better money systems have already been accepted by the more than 100 million of us who use blockchain/cryptographic money -- peer to peer money, run by software and where the total supply is easy to check, unlike our central bank fiat currencies, which are run by alcoholic occultist pieces of garbage. In my strongly held personal opinion only!

As with the peer to peer file sharing revolution that disrupted Hollywood and the recording industry more than a decade ago, peer to peer money is also a very disruptive idea, and set of applications. Just as with P2P file sharing services, demand for a particular file or song can drop very low, and very few peers can be hosting the file, making it hard to come by, or slow to download. Yet, by the same unknowable animal spirits, suddenly a song or file can take off on a P2P network, becoming readily available for download and re-sharing within seconds.

So, too, can interest in specific P2P money networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum drop off unexpectedly, leaving "bagholders" (the remaining users of the network, in this case) in an uncomfortable place. Yet, unknowable animal spirits one early morning or late afternoon or whenever the bell tolls, can send demand for these rare, mineable blockchain assets into the stratosphere. Not financial advice, but with the blockchain, feast and famine are both possible.

This is part of what bothers conventional thinkers about the rise of blockchain money, I think.

Because there is no intermediary of a central bank nor is there a protective surrounding consortium of Too Big To Fail tightly regulated banks to dampen the blow of any market swings, what happens?

Well, a proper functioning rare cryptocurrency can hitch itself to the animal spirits of the market, and that becomes one wild ride over time:

-- When the animal within us is very satisfied, oh the national economy is very strong, oh the fiat currencies are run very well and the water is clean and the wi-fi is fast and the politicians are honest: then our faith in the establishment orthodoxy can become nearly absolute, and that leaves little room for cryptocurrencies, or independent media figures who publish on the Internet, or awakening. The establishment becomes temporarily appealing and although inherently unsafe, markets itself as safe.

-- When the animal within each of us is uncertain and increasingly unsatisfied, oh the national economy is nearing the end of its growth cycle, oh the fiat currencies are opaque manipulated garbage run by sociopathic drinking buddies of the Rothschilds, oh the evening news anchors are clown-like junkies who have spent the past two years on Russiagate, a hoax. When this sentiment or any variety of it takes hold in the public mind, cryptocurrencies at the edges of our society, and independent media figures who can't be bought or finessed, become very sought after, and can gain in notional value significantly, as can new political models of thinking such as populism, decentralized voting systems, etc.

At day's end, what is happening is very exciting: millions of us, productive members of society with real purchasing power and real aggregate economic productivity, are partially abandoning the old financial systems hoisted upon us since birth, instead choosing to go P2P -- to let software, open source and mass peer reviewed software, decide the quantity of currency between us, instead of alcoholic bureaucrats in far off lands.

My journalistic work on the Podesta emails and the Hillary Clinton emails was not work done in vain, or work out of congruence with my other interest in reforming the financial system.

Instead, I'd argue that the mass public support for modernizing our financial system can only come after we see how corrupt, how occult, how strange, and ultimately how unacceptable the past crop of leadership was.

The political leaders produced over time by fiat currency largesse are losers, not innovators.

I'm very satisfied with the number of you who have signed up for the end of the month March 30th and 31st two day livestream. I'll be doing a Zoom video conference call from D.C., attendees will get the link sent to them to watch the call and to ask me questions throughout! We'll be going over Bitcoin and Ethereum basics, as well as our plans for here at FULCRUM. If you haven't yet signed up, you can still get info and do so here!

Aside from the financially liberating aspects of P2P money, the blockchain also allows for leaps in information security. The data in a blockchain is in theory unalterable, and backed up all over the world simultaneously, which is why an idea like will be very disruptive to the establishment. The kinds of censorship and topic dampening we've all noticed on YouTube will simply not be possible within a truly democratized, blockchain-based video platform.

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WikiLeaks Publishes Global Pre-Commits For "Sin Files" - The Big One?

Rattled by sudden US DOJ movement possibly against a Mr. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks one hour ago published its pre-commit keys for what are being called the Sin Files, since the word sin appears in the file name.

WikiLeaks tweeted this about one hour ago, at the time of publishing this article.

WikiLeaks tweeted this about one hour ago, at the time of publishing this article.

The files are protected by a password (the pre-commit keys), and WikiLeaks publishing partners around the world can now take note of those pre-commit keys, since they have been tweeted publicly.

Once well distributed, it is assumed that within hours or days the WikiLeaks team will provide the corresponding files, which can be opened up with that decryption key. More importantly, the pre-commits serve as a hash of the data to come — in other words, if the files WikiLeaks is about to share with the world do not work out to the same hash, computer science experts will know that the “data dump” has been altered in some way, and is therefore not the same version that WikiLeaks intended for the world to see.

Regardless of what the files pertain to, it must be a “big one” if this is what they are releasing in the final days before Assange is possibly rendered to the United States for prosecution.


And remember, many politicians in the US — my beloved country of citizenship — are actually not good people. Think of them more like foreign-bought marauders interested in occult pedophilia, election rigging, and general racketeering — because that’s exactly what they are.

The election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 disrupted this group of occult globalist racketeers, for lack of a better term for them.

Yet many aspects of the government, including national law enforcement, do not yet fully answer to the President. Our nation is quietly very divided here in Washington.

The last time WikiLeaks published a major batch of emails on a US politician, it was the John Podesta emails. Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign manager and a George Soros colleague, was determined by many on the Internet to be a possible pedophile, who has received invites to elite Satanic spiritcooking events, based on his own verified emails released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks is irritated by new operative movement.

WikiLeaks is irritated by new operative movement.

In direct response to doing a few viral videos on my YouTube channel about the bizarre Podesta emails, I was stifled, then my YouTube and Google accounts were disabled, then all of my YouTube videos were deleted without my permission and I was banned from uploading further to YouTube. This action is now the subject of a Federal Complaint filed against YouTube and its parent company. You can follow the case on PACER: Seaman v. YouTube.

Incidentally, US Representative Devin Nunes’ attorney is also my attorney, Nunes’ $250m lawsuit against Twitter Inc recently made international news headlines.

Uncle Sam coming for Julian Assange?

Uncle Sam coming for Julian Assange?

Also, in direct response to covering John Podesta’s sick and bizarre emails, The Daily Beast — owned by a company with deep ties to the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton serving on their Board of Directors — accused me of being a con man and fraudster, when I am neither.

This defamatory activity is the subject of a Federal Complaint filed against IAC last year, The Daily Beast’s owner. You can follow this case on PACER as well: Seaman v. IAC.

What’s been done to me over the past two years — the censorship, the MSM-led character attacks and gangstalking, the threats — is unacceptable. I only read a wealthy suspected pedophile’s actual emails, as released by WikiLeaks, and as is my right as an investigative broadcast journalist covered by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. What was done to me, I need to make them accountable for in court and in the public eye. And then I need to ensure that this never happens to another journalist on planet Earth, ever again.

This is exactly who John Podesta is, based on his own WikiLeaks emails: Continue reading.

Return of the Blockchain! Cryptocurrency Market Opportunities & Risks in 2019 (Bitcoin, Ethereum Focused Report)

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The Most Censored Stories On The Internet Will Blow Your Mind

What a weird rabbit hole the last two years have been. In case you haven’t been following along, my YouTube channel, Twitter account, and pretty much the rest of my online presence have been nuked - something I did not believe was possible in America, as a former Huffington Post and Business Insider contributor with a once large following. I did not know they could delete you from the Internet like this.

Yet for looking into the WikiLeaks emails of longtime George Soros and Lynn Rothschild dinner buddy John Podesta, I no longer appear to exist on the Internet, and a lifetime’s archive of work and interviews were wiped from YouTube, and I’ve been banned from uploading any further content to YouTube.

This is, literally, not freedom. If my First Amendment rights can be taken away by someone unelected and unnamed at Google thousands of miles away, simply because they don’t like the truthful investigative journalism we are publishing on suspected serial pedophile John Podesta, who was close with Google’s former chairman, then how are they rights? How is this any different from China, where the wealthy elites can silence whoever is inconvenient?

Our truthful coverage of suspected pedophile John Podesta was simply inconvenient, and for that we have been silenced.

Although much of the video work we uploaded is non-recoverable, the core of our claims about John Podesta and his shadowy ring of suspected pedophile friends are outlined in the FULCRUM links below. Let’s not forget that Andrew Breitbart, of the eponymous Breitbart News, began accusing Podesta of these crimes only months before his untimely death, due to cardiac failure.

Breitbart knew, his Twitter was a barrage of anti-Podesta ridicule in the months before his death.

Breitbart knew, his Twitter was a barrage of anti-Podesta ridicule in the months before his death.

Ready to dive in? Here’s what Google and YouTube keep repeatedly scrubbing from their video and Web search results:

>> Here’s the original 8 minute Pizzagate documentary, scrubbed from YouTube, which was going viral before they flagged it. This backup on Bitchute has been viewed 219,500+ times, a testament to how popular the original upload on YouTube had become. Keep sharing! We don’t want the statute of limitations on any of Podesta’s alleged crimes to protect him. Soros dinner buddy Podesta is being specifically protected by this wave of unprecedented Internet censorship.

>> Google apparently donated the “Google plane” (corporate jet) to the Clintons and Podesta, without any evident disclosure at the time.

Was this ever disclosed properly?

Was this ever disclosed properly?

>> John Podesta’s brother Tony apparently operates a “torture chamber” in his home.

“Still in torture chamber,” he relayed to John and Mary Podesta.

“Still in torture chamber,” he relayed to John and Mary Podesta.

>> “Elite” adrenochrome abuse has been documented for decades, and adrenochrome is produced through the fatal abuse of children, or sometimes pigs.

>> Stephen Colbert on CBS has been one of the loudest “de-bunkers” of this collection of theories around John Podesta’s emails, yet Colbert never disclosed that he has a personal friendship with Podesta.

Keep reading our censored research here. I’d also highly recommend reading my brand new research report, and the book FULCRUM published prior to that. Both go into the banking families who funded Podesta, and what happens now that the public is waking up to how immoral these unelected occult families are.

High-Tech State of Mind

The observed rise in mental illness is a widely debated topic, but still one worth having: what are the causes and effects, treatment options, the works. These are mostly summed up by a collection of social issues; a recent surge in sexuality/gender confusion for instance makes it easy to second guess ourselves now, especially for children whose minds are easily influenced. Some say how much easier it is to survive, live, and thrive in today’s world with an increase in technology; and while that’s true on some level, increased social pressures threaten our emotional and psychological health.

Examining a few examples including: social media pressures, the ‘I’ generation, increased performance pressures, Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS), and the acceptance of mis- prescriptions, I want to elaborate on why these factors have blighted the youth of today.

Beginning with the most obvious one: social media pressures. If you simply decide to visit the most popular video sharing site, YouTube, you will soon discover a thing called “influencers.” Ignoring the seemingly meaningless content, some of these YouTubers are racking in millions of dollars and are their family’s main source of income. Imagine the pressure on these kids - some of them as young as nine years old - from a ceaseless demand to create the content that their gazillions of subscribers are waiting for. If not already, by their teens, a large proportion of them would surely undergo some form of mental illness.

Even amongst young adults who don’t submit to the pressures of YouTube income, many are victims of social media in some other form, be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. I see it on the daily when my peers are unsure of what to post and they are stressing over the precise time of when the majority of their followers are online in order to generate a high amount of likes and appreciation. This generation of youth is insatiable for satisfaction and attention.

Which brings me to the ‘I’ generation. A collective whom have the need or craving for instant gratification thanks to growing up with social media and other miscellaneous technology. This is pretty much self-explanatory, but the level of necessity that goes into this can introduce anxiety or a type of narcissism that can take place in the belief that their opinions are so valued and built- up, the stress of simply being criticized can be detrimental.

When it comes to getting a break from social media and getting “actual” stable income, we get the leftovers - of the previous generation, that is. After Gen X and the elder Millennials have taken their bite (cough cough: the economy), we get the scraps. Meaning the jobs that are available to the common person are not going to be so corporate/executive. Freelancers are on the rise and it seems we’ve sparked a world of entrepreneurs. Though, one can speculate if this is because of the limited job market, or if it’s just in our nature to not succumb to “the man” anymore, illuminating why we’ve decided to become our own boss, to create our own content, and so forth. But for those who are not so creative or, if no one’s buying, a freelance gig can be a stressful situation as a main source of income. Again, the pressure to provide can be overwhelming. This, in turn, can affect the mental state.

Staring at a screen for all hours of the day can have pretty adverse effects on the mind as well, and with parents distressed over their child’s hostile behavior, psychiatrists are feeling pressured to provide a form of relief. Psychology Today points out that “today’s overstimulating high- tech environment has led to an epidemic of misdiagnosed mental disorders, which in turn lends itself to inappropriate psychotropic medication prescribing.” I believe this is a huge contribution to the mental illness increase in today’s youth.

Not all, but most causes of mental distress come from an individual’s environment. In this case, it may be right here in our screens. Experts call this Electronic Screen Syndrome. “ESS can occur in the absence of a psychiatric disorder and mimic it, or it can occur in the face of an underlying disorder, exacerbating it,” says Victoria L. Dunckley M.D.

By addressing and recognizing our own behavior, hostility may lessen as we reconnect ourselves with time away from our screens. Exercise is a much healthier stimulation for our brains, or perhaps a good book will ease our cravings. For this is not only affecting youth, but just about everyone in a developed country. Technology is no longer viewed as a luxury, but has grown into a necessity, at work or school, on the go, everywhere. So, moving forward, let’s be mindful as we try to cross the street and take BuzzFeed quizzes at the same time. We’ve all been there.


Written By Sonya

QANON, Satan's Pedo Ring, And The Biggest Coverup In U.S. History

I have been almost destroyed here, and will not be continuing this project, contrary to my strong desire to continue. If I could go back in time and not be the one to have called out John Podesta on his WikiLeaks emails in late 2016, and pretty much ever since, I'd go back in time and not be the one. 

Not because John Podesta isn't any of the things I've claimed: I strongly believe he's a Satanic pedophile, based on all of the evidence, both his verified emails and the circumstantial evidence around him, such as his DC associate James Alefantis' unacceptably macabre and baby-focused Instagram. In the emails, Podesta schedules delivery of a six year old to his heated pool for "entertainment" from wealthy DC socialite Tamara Luzzatto, one of the single physically ugliest and strangest human beings you'll ever look into, I assure you with God as my witness.

Nothing I said about these people was knowingly false, and in two years of tracking this story, they've not sent me so much as a cease & desist letter or a takedown request, because what we are publishing is factually accurate.

I believe this is the biggest scandal of recent times in the West, if not of all time: Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign chairman strongly appears to be a Satanic pedophile, based on his own leaked emails, and that's a belief shared by millions of people online who have actually looked through the WikiLeaks.

Despite a lack of any formal legal or PR response from these accused Satanic pedophiles - that's what they are, let's use accurate terms when discussing this, always - the informal pushback has been tremendous.

Threats, non-stop harassment, and of course the deletion of every single video I've ever uploaded to YouTube, including irretrievable interviews with journalists, researchers, and pioneers in cryptocurrency I truly respect. In the place of my 505 or so videos on my channel, you now find paid character attack pieces against me when you search for my name on YouTube.

Even critics have agreed the attacks uploaded to YouTube are likely paid, as the claims are so arduous that even people who don't like me find them to be baseless. In one video, I'm accused of being a Satanic pedophile myself, because I sometimes wear baseball caps. I'm not kidding; to this likely paid character attack loser who ranks toward the top of search results for my name, on the basis that I sometimes wear hats, that is apparently a "code" I am sending to the pedophiles, to let them know I am one of them. What sheer bullshit.

In another well ranked video for my name, I'm derided as a garden variety con man and liar, and Pizzagate is dismissed as fake news I capitalized on to sell my out of print marketing book from more than a decade ago. More sheer bullshit.

I've now weathered this bizarre attacks for about a year on YouTube, without the ability to upload a lengthy reply or two, since YouTube/Google has banned me from uploading any further content there. 

This ban, and the arbitrary deletion of my life's work as an investigative video journalist, is the subject of a Federal Complaint against Google and YouTube we filed last year. The case can be followed on PACER, Seaman v. YouTube.

Simultaneously to the videos attacking me, people in the QANON community have attacked my reputation relentlessly, because I don't believe in their scam. I don't believe QANON is President Trump, nor anyone close to him. I don't believe QANON is a genuine government insider. I don't believe it is a savant or clairvoyant person; I think it is a fraud being used to divide and discredit what is left of the online truth community.

If I thought QANON was anything note worthy, that belief would have faded after "Trust Sessions" - the counterintuitive thesis of QANON and its most ardent supporters for months on end - turned out to be baseless, and after numerous other predictions - including the claim that Jack Dorsey would leave Twitter last year, and free speech would be restored there, including the claim that Mark Zuckerberg would be leaving the country last year, and free speech would be restored to his company's platform, Facebook - these are hopes and predictions that simply did not come to pass.

Anyway, I'm over the abuse. Want to believe in QANON? Then believe in it. Want to call me a scammer all day because I read a wealthy Satanic pedophile's WikiLeaks emails on my YouTube channel, and some of those videos went viral? Then go for it.

One of the more peculiar claims from the QANON folks is that I received $160 million, or a substantial part of it, from Mossad (the Israeli security service) to discredit QANON.

Despite this unhinged nonsense, I'm actually poor for the first time in years. I'd love $160 million right about now, where is it? People ask "how's your crypto now?" cynically, and yet when crypto was doing very, very well - some of you bought homes, one of you even bought a small plane - not one person congratulated me on my success. Isn't that wild? Not one person. Yet now that crypto is down, the Rothschild currency slaves who don't even understand why they are slaves, ask "how's your crypto now?"

It's down by a lot, and I'm now poor, and I still believe in it. I still believe in cryptocurrency (peer-to-peer money) and I still believe John Podesta is precisely what he is, and the fact that so many of you no longer support me - in fact, try your best to harm me, is the only reason I wish I hadn't been the one to break this two years ago.

Why be a hero for a public that is totally undeserving? Why take any arrows for you bastards? I mean, for two years John Podesta has been free, and somehow these people are satisfied with some riddles on 8chan posted by the great "QANON." It's laughable, if I could still laugh about it.

No, enough abuse of me, enough abuse of the truthtellers. Alex Jones, me, Roger Stone, Mike Adams and many, many others who are informed about the world around us - and we aren't allowed to be ourselves anymore, in America.

I'm not allowed to operate a Twitter account in my own name. The personal account I had, before it was banned, had 70,000 followers - many of them were interested in our research into the Podesta and Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks.

I'm not allowed to upload videos to the largest video site in the world, which reaches nearly 2 billion unique viewers every month.

I'm not allowed to respond to lengthy video attacks against me on that platform, so the attacks continue and even intensify in the absence of my rebuttal.

Far from the successful man I once was, I'm poor and censored in my own country. And they tell us we've been made Great. I'm not so sure, at all, these days. Is America great again yet?

For further reading:

YouTube's Biggest Advertisers Pull Out Over New Pedo Ring Controversy

"Trust the plan," "Trust Sessions," "2018 will be glorious," etc. QANON has been a fount of misinformation and blown out hopes, while the statute of limitations for many of Hillary and Podesta's alleged unprosecuted crimes rapidly approaches. 

Our worst fears about QANON have been confirmed: after an incredible year and a half of making the Internet truth community look more unhinged than it already is, boomers' favorite 8chan personality only has some publicly available links about Alex Jones' divorce battle, and more rah rah "Where We Go One, We Go All" nonsense to offer up.

Not good enough. QANON is worse than useless at this point, but at least another villain in the truth community is finally getting their karma - YouTube, according to Bloomberg and Daily Wire, is facing a backlash from its biggest advertisers, including Nestle and Disney. The video platform has been reportedly host to a network of pedophiles sharing images and contact information with each other in the comments sections of videos, as well as elsewhere on YouTube. That's right: YouTube banned myself and Alex Jones' Infowars, two places talking about the pedophile epidemic in the West, yet now YouTube is caught red-handed being a place that facilitates, rather than outs, the abuse of children. Unbelievable.

And yet the despicable criminality, the credible links to human trafficking and child abuse demonstrated throughout the Podesta WikiLeaks (see our coverage here: - forming the basis for the Pizzagate scandal we have so tirelessly reported on - have not been properly investigated by authorities.

Instead, the Trump administration and freedom-oriented Republicans in Congress seem completely deaf to the growing plight of independents, conservatives, and many others being summarily destroyed by this new wave of Internet censorship in America.

Where's my personal Twitter account, and its more than 70,000 intelligent followers interested in the same topics as me? Oh, that's right: I've been banned from Twitter for more than a year now, for simply having the audacity to ask John Podesta about his own leaked emails, which have been read by millions at this point over on WikiLeaks. Crazy me!

Where's my YouTube channel, the bedrock of my video journalism career and the project I spent the last decade of my life on primarily? Oh, that's right: I woke up one morning just about a year ago (February 23, 2018, I remember the date as if it was the passing of a dear friend) to an email from Google letting me know they had deleted my YouTube account, I was now banned, and all my prior videos weren't coming back.

Scary shit. And somehow many of you are okay with it, I don't know why.

Continue to investigate the truth - the Podesta and Hillary WikiLeaks reveal a lot, including a close relationship between John Podesta and the Rothschilds, as well as George Soros, that dates back to at least 2007 (

Podesta's perversions have not been properly vetted by the Western press, outside of us here at FULCRUM DC and a handful of brave peers including Infowars, because this thread would quickly unravel the sweater... a sweater apparently worn by Soros and the Rothschilds. If these are the primary patrons of Podesta, and they dine with him privately, how could they not know about his massive Pizza problem?

Continue to support FULCRUM - we go where many others are unwilling to go. Get the newsletter today - next issue from me out tomorrow. And hit our Store to get both of the FULCRUM paperback books, which go into the true treachery of Soros and the Rothschild banking families, as well as how the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump neutralized - if nothing else - the bankers' slow-moving plot. 

Also, crypto is roaring back to life lately, with billionaire space entrepreneur Elon Musk giving cryptocurrency some serious praise over the past week as possibly superior to paper money altogether. Although not financial advice, tomorrow's newsletter is not one to miss, as we go into why Musk might be suddenly so excited about this new form of value!

-David Seaman

PizzaGate Is Real, And John Podesta Needs To Go To Prison For It

One of the earliest mass media “debunkers” of the PizzaGate scandal was Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show on CBS.

Colbert’s CBS platform has been used multiple times to deride PizzaGate as fake news, without looking at the evidence.

Colbert’s CBS platform has been used multiple times to deride PizzaGate as fake news, without looking at the evidence.

From his late night talk show perch, Colbert slammed PizzaGate as shameful and fake news. He derided it as an “alt-right fever dream,” yet did not discuss even one of the coded emails at the center of PizzaGate. Nor did he disclose to his viewers at the time that he has a longtime personal friendship with John Podesta, the man whose leaked emails singularly sparked PizzaGate.

Few in television are more obsessed with PizzaGate mockery than Colbert, it would appear.

Few in television are more obsessed with PizzaGate mockery than Colbert, it would appear.

John Podesta with friend Stephen Colbert.

John Podesta with friend Stephen Colbert.

That seems like relevant information to disclose, that the man whose emails are at the center of PizzaGate is actually close friends with the comedian on television late at night telling people not to look at his emails. That seems very relevant, in fact.

And what is PizzaGate? What could be debunked, or mocked, when the level of corruption revealed by PizzaGate is astounding.

In the weeks before the 2016 US Presidential election, WikiLeaks began publishing the leaked private emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman. Contrary to assertions made by deceivers in the press, PizzaGate has nothing to do with claims that Hillary Clinton slaughters children in a pizza shop for fun or something, and somehow doesn’t get caught. That is ridiculous, something which the media itself cooked up, to provide cover for this massive online scandal that simply won’t go away.

PizzaGate is, instead, the very truthful claim that when you search John Podesta’s WikiLeaks - a 69 year old busy Campaign manager and longtime Clinton insider - “pizza” comes up over and over again, and it’s clearly code language of some kind.

The most powerful men in the world only care about pizza?

The most powerful men in the world only care about pizza?

Another peculiar finding was the use of “walnut sauce” in his emails repeatedly:

Why are busy Democratic strategists fixated on “walnut sauce” and “walnut sauce recipes” before a major US election? Don’t they have more important things on their plate? No pun intended.

Why are busy Democratic strategists fixated on “walnut sauce” and “walnut sauce recipes” before a major US election? Don’t they have more important things on their plate? No pun intended.

PizzaGate is not complete without the fact that a man who owns a pizza shop in Washington, DC, and who was named by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the most powerful men in our city, and who visited the Obama White House at least 5 times as per publicly available visitor logs, and who hosted a private dinner/fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s team… this strange man does appear in the Podesta WikiLeaks, and his Instagram account - which has been since investigated in-depth by many on the Internet - is a true horror show. Images so sick and deranged we cannot actually share them here, in the interest of the public well-being.

From the language used on his Instagram and connected accounts, researchers gathered that “pizza” and “walnut sauce” were indeed code words of some kind.

This is one deep rabbit hole, but if you want to understand the true nature of the very real occult deep state, the Podesta WikiLeaks are the skeleton key that will get you there. In the two years since we first covered his emails, the pushback I have received personally, and the pushback my startup FULCRUM has received, are simply unprecedented… in 12 years in corporate media, I have never seen anything remotely like this.

The media is supposed to love scandal, not destroy the people trying to get to the bottom of it.

To reconcile the amount of harassment, threats, and character attacks myself and others have endured for sticking with this very truthful story, I had to plumb the depths of my past to try to find any other time in my life where my journalism resulted in such ham-fisted attempts to destroy me. This is like trying to shoo away a gnat (FULCRUM) with a machine gun. Something is very off here. This is overkill, and it makes you wonder: overkill to protect what, or whom?

See, this has never happened before! About 7 years ago, when I began covering the N.S.A. surveillance programs heavily and also talking about Obama’s highly flawed drone targeting program, I never encountered anything like this. I was going hard in the paint for months. The N.S.A. were total gentlemen and I didn’t feel threatened as a journalist, much less censored.

Yet around PizzaGate, there has been only threats and carnage. My 10-year-old YouTube channel was deleted and banned by Google without notice or reason. All 505 videos, many of them about PizzaGate and John Podesta’s bizarre emails, were wiped irrecoverably. This action is now the subject of a Federal Complaint we filed against Google, YouTube’s owner. You can follow the court case, Seaman v. YouTube, on PACER.

And despite an excellent track record as a popular former columnist at Huffington Post, and before that at Business Insider, for covering Podesta’s emails I was derided as a lunatic, dangerous person, and a con man by The Daily Beast. This action is now the subject of a Federal Complaint we filed against The Daily Beast’s owner, IAC, last year. You can follow Seaman v. IAC on PACER as well.

Interestingly, IAC’s chairman is a longtime Clinton family friend, Chelsea Clinton serves on IAC’s Board of Directors, and The Daily Beast’s editor was corresponding with John Podesta as per the WikiLeaks, hoping to score some of that precious pasta and walnut sauce!

Daily Beast’s editor to John Podesta: “I look forward to working with you (and maybe getting some of that pasta and walnut sauce dish!!) All best, Eleanor”

Daily Beast’s editor to John Podesta: “I look forward to working with you (and maybe getting some of that pasta and walnut sauce dish!!) All best, Eleanor”

When you research this stuff for long enough, it becomes apparent it’s all one sad little club at the top of the world, and you and I were not invited! Pity! Or is it? These aren’t the people that I would want to call associates here in Washington - not at all. These people are monsters.

And we weren’t the only ones alarmed by the Podesta emails.

Four days before the 2016 Presidential election, Trump advisor (at the time) General Michael Flynn chose to tweet about them:

From General Flynn’s Verified Twitter account.

From General Flynn’s Verified Twitter account.

The vicious media attacks on him and his family began almost minutes later, and haven’t stopped.

This is all so real, they even needed to destroy patriotic Generals to protect their sad secret. Luckily for the planet, none of it is a secret any longer.

Watch the 8 minute FULCRUM PizzaGate documentary that changed the world:

Donald Trump's State of the Union Bypassed The Media & Won Over Independents

Giving Donald Trump the stage, uncensored and uncaged, is exactly why the establishment tries its best to keep him cloistered away - he appeals to the people.

The nearly 90 minute address to the nation, which you can watch below from PBS, was mostly a serious affair, with presidential nods given to a police officer in the audience who helped defend a synagogue from a lone gunman last year, as well as praise given to a Holocaust survivor who was among the gunman's victims.

The President also congratulated the female members of Congress on their growing numbers, and emphasized this is the best economy for American women in recorded history.

Alice Marie Johnson, also in the audience, teared up as the President noted she is free again - he commuted her sentence on nonviolent drug charges, which she has already served more than two decades in prison for. 

Aside from the emotions, Trump's delivery was that of a businessman delivering the state of the business to his stakeholders. He was highly competent, focused, and on message - with even the usually hesitant Democratic Congressional women rising to clap for him at one point.

Watch the State of the Union here: 

DEVELOPING: Crypto Rally Adds Billions to Market Caps of Bitcoin, Ethereum

It’s been a good week or so for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as you can see in the screengrab below taken from a leading multicurrency wallet app.

Those values are current as of earlier this evening. As you can see, Ethereum is up nearly 11% over the past 7 days, while Ripple (XRP) is up nearly 2% and market leader Bitcoin up about 5.7% over the same time period.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP) were all up in USD trading value over the last 24 hours, and last 7 days or so.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP) were all up in USD trading value over the last 24 hours, and last 7 days or so.

A number of other leading cryptocurrency networks, including Litecoin and ZCash, have also seen an increase in trading activity lately.

What is driving the renewed market optimism? And where are people in the US and Europe mostly acquiring their crypto?

It’s worth noting that gold and silver, often seen as safe havens in times of political or economic uncertainty, have both seen modest upticks in price recently. Could crypto’s rise be a more concentrated version of the same sort of phenomenon; money leaving traditional markets and entering “safe havens” as the standoff between Congressional Democrats and the President appears to be not yet thawing, and as situations around the world lead some investors to think we could be in for turbulent waters. When I say situations, I primarily mean the continued chaos and starvation in Venezuela which could conceivably spread to neighboring countries, and I mean the Yellow Vests in France tearing their country apart.

Many people, in many places, are not happy with the establishment. And although cryptocurrency trading in the West is not dictated only by gloom and doom meltdown preppers, that’s one element of it, because from a technological standpoint crypto has not really slowed down. Nor has institutional interest, with US financial services giant Fidelity planning a March rollout of its Bitcoin custody service for institutional clients, and with Fidelity already publishing some content with its take on the potential importance of cryptocurrency:

Coinbase and Gemini are two of the most popular ways to trade the leading cryptos. Both services allow you to link a bank account, and fund purchases with withdrawals from that bank account. When you sell a crypto, you can have the proceeds deposited into your same linked bank account.

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