We Don’t Lie To You

As FULCRUM spreads its wings and expands, it is important for us to share our values and why we are building all of this for you:

    •    We invest resources and time into original reporting, research, and analysis.

    •    Anything published on FULCRUM, unless obvious first-person commentary, is factual.

    •    We don’t cheerlead for any particular political party, corporation, or special interest; nor do we receive money from any such entities.

    •    We don’t over rely on advertising revenue in our business model, which allows us to focus on the reader and viewer experience, rather than generating “impressions.”

    •    We invest in interactive news experiences because in today’s world the viewer is also a reporter and jury of one.

    •    We keep things simple. If an article can be published in 200 words on one page, it won’t be published in 600 words on multiple pages. If a video can be 5 minutes, it will be 5 minutes. 

    •    We encourage viewers and readers to share our content widely; this is for you, help us make it great.

Although the first iteration of FULCRUM doesn’t contain any special censorship resistant properties, a second iteration will use cutting edge blockchain technology—powered by Bitcoin currency—to ensure that posts cannot be deleted by any government, entity, or private citizen. When a post is significantly edited, the edit trail will be visible for all to see. And when social feedback is received on a post, such as a number of Hearts/Likes or number of comments, our audience will be able to cryptographically verify the authenticity of engagement.

In short, FULCRUM is unlike anything the media industry has ever seen, which we feel will be a net positive for society.



Santa Monica, CA