FULCRUM Launch - Day 1

FULCRUM has launched, effective today.

Because we are launching with significantly less resources than initially expected, this post will be a brief one.

As we see it, FULCRUM has a role in the new media that must emerge from the dishonest and broken old media landscape.

As long as FULCRUM remains fundamentally honest in its pursuit and publication of the truth, we believe we will be fulfilling a useful niche for readers and viewers.

“News” pre-dates the dysfunctional corporate media spectrum the public has at the present moment, and is arguably a basic human need, not unlike shelter or clothing. 

In the past, news was printed on papyrus, it was passed around via word of mouth, it was shared by the camp fire and on the docks and in the rail yard.

News was simply what was happening that might have an impact on you. The events that might impact you, and the solutions that might uplift you.

Format- We will continue to publish in a rolling blog format, as Nick Denton's Gawker used to. Check fulcrum.news throughout your day and night - new stories and videos will not be announced ahead of time, and we are going to keep our social media footprint minimal, as it is redundant.

Revenue- For as long as reasonable, we will keep fulcrum.news an ad-free property. If you support what we put out, tips to paypal.me/DavidSeaman and our Patreon will allow us to continue investing time. We will not accept money from any special interest groups, advocacy organizations, or political entities.

Mission- The mission is simple; to filter and report truthful information that might be of value to an aware public. To debunk and delegitimize false stories without any grounding in fact, and to uplift challenging stories that nonetheless have credible legs to stand on.

With your help and enthusiasm, and a little luck along the way, I see no reason why FULCRUM won’t become one of the greats in our new media landscape.

Let’s Make Media Great Again. And let’s start today!

David Seaman
Programming Director