Pedogate, Elites, & Collapse: Welcome to the abyss!

What's ahead, in my personal view, is a kind of controlled burn: the crash in various national currencies, the ongoing drip-drip disclosure of Pedogate globally (Vatican's finance chief was charged last week), and the corruption of our media allow an opportunity for the elite to offer us a "fresh start" and less rigged systems. Yet we should kindly reject any offer- the elite created these problems, and the massive loss of faith in our institutions that we are witnessing now is totally of their own doing, remember. We need decentralized, fair systems. Money is primarily an accounting system, a system of measurements. We need a fair system, and we can use the public's loss of faith as a positive, rather than negative. The frightened public is up for anything at this point, so why not fair money, honest media, natural food, and a re-localization of our societal values?