RIGGED: YouTube, Cannabis Policy, The Planet.

It's true: YouTube is completely rigged and is engaging in editorial decisions, which makes it a publishing company, not a user-generated content platform.

It's true: the regressive march backward on cannabis policy in the U.S. to benefit corrupt pharmaceutical companies and an even more corrupt private prison lobby is wrong, and will lead to a weakened MAGA base, especially during midterms next year. Especially as our neighbors Canada and Mexico have already modernized their cannabis policy, and as Colorado tax revenues continue to soar, Sessions' "reefer madness" falls on many deaf and angry ears.

And it's true: the entire planet's financial system, no longer linked to gold, silver, or anything else of provable rarity, is a central bank scam of interlocking debt-based tokens which largely enrich the Rothschilds and a handful of other early adopter families, at the expense of the remaining billions of humans. When their sham ends, provably rare cryptocurrencies and gold/silver deposits could gain new relevance in the global restructuring ahead.


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