Fauxahontas Warren: A Splendid Backfire

After Trump offered three months ago to give one million dollars to the charity of Elizabeth Warren's choice if she took a DNA test, the results were finally published

It turns out, Warren was not even close to her claims, which led to a day of some of the funniest headlines and tweets. As reported from Boston globe, it was actually 1,204. 


Twitter responded hilariously with some classics of their own: 


On top of Twitter hilarity, Cherokee Nation responded with a statement saying the stunt was undermining tribal interests with her continued claims. 

If Elizabeth Warren was using the stunt to show boldness and use a DNA test to be the start of a presidential campaign for 2020, well it seems it may have backfired faster than Cory Booker's Spartacus stunt during Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  


Even among all of this, the DNA test unarguably proves that Elizabeth Warren is whiter than most Americans, as the average European American has some native heritage. 


Senator Orrin Hatch even got in on the fun with his own tweet:


Lindsey Graham piled on as well, and pledged he would do a DNA test and see if he has a higher percentage of native roots than Warren.

In the end, the reality that Trump trolled Elizabeth Warren into owning herself over the whole debacle, is proof that the man who wrote the Art of the Deal, is still in charge. 

Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt