Midterms: A Democrat's Demise?

Ahead of midterms, Trump posted a warning on Twitter that any occurrence of election fraud would be countered with full maximum penalty by law. 

A warning, or setting the stage? 

One would imagine Trump anticipated that Democrats would cheat. 


Shortly after the midterms concluded, Broward County in Florida became the epicenter of scrutiny as they "magically" found ballots that kicked off a vote recount. 

A judge also found Broward County violated constitutional law

President Trump himself brought attention to the obvious fraud, by asking a question we all wonder…How is it they never find Republican votes? 

Federal agencies may now also be involved in investigating election fraud within Broward County.  

A Twitter user shared a photo of a ballot mailed to her in Minnesota. The woman had moved from Broward County over five years ago, and was still mailed a ballot. 


Another discovery during the recount was the use of altered ballots to be used in recount after election deadlines. Fraud? Why were the ballots ever altered in the first place?

Broward County raised more questions than answers as the entire country was fixated on the ballot recount. 

Marco Rubio called out the disparity in vote totals himself, questioning the integrity of the entire recount. 


While Democrats laughed at Trump when he once said voter fraud was a rampant problem, Democrats and the media have always insisted that there was no such thing as fraud. It turns out, once again Trump is proven to be correct. 

Ever humorous, Trump tweeted that the world should demand an immediate apology from President Putin after what transpired in Florida and Georgia in the aftermath of midterm elections. The tweet was a reminder to the world that Democrats demanded an investigation into election interference...while using fraudulent ballots to fix the results of an election. 


While it was a desperate gamble by Democrats with the attempt to save Senate seats by cheating their way through an election, it may become the deciding factor in securing Voter ID into law. In the end, it would effectively hand Trump another huge win, as voter ID is one of Trump's platform promises. 

Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt