Wendy Davis at Media Post Seems To Not Understand 'Pizzagate'

In an article for MediaPost, journalist Wendy Davis summarizes our founder’s federal lawsuit filing against Google and YouTube on civil rights grounds, as well as on perceived material VCPA violations.

Davis’ article goes wildly astray in only its third paragraph, by asserting “Like some other right-wing conspiracy theorists, Seaman promoted the false theory that Hillary Clinton was running a fictitious child sex ring from a Washington, D.C. pizza shop.”

  • David Seaman voted, both times, for Barack Obama. (He voted for Donald J. Trump as he supported Trump’s populist views, and saw Hillary Clinton was and is essentially corrupt.)

  • Seaman was never a promoter of conspiracy theories, and has a long track record of publication at mostly left-leaning outlets, including Huffington Post and Business Insider (source).

  • Seaman was a leading journalist on the NDAA indefinite detention fiasco recognized by the liberal ACLU as a grave threat to liberty, and NSA warrantless wiretapping. Far from conspiracy theory - his coverage was featured on the Joe Rogan Experience, The Young Turks, BBC, HuffPost LIVE and elsewhere at the time.

  • Pizzagate has nothing to do with the erroneous claim that Hillary Clinton maims or kills children in the basement of a Washington, DC pizza shop - a claim surfaced almost entirely by the “mainstream” media itself, and not by reputable researchers (some former law enforcement) close to the widening Pizzagate scandal.

  • Pizzagate is, instead, the demonstrably true claim that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, was using a food-based code language in his emails which were leaked and published on WikiLeaks just weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

  • This food-based code language, in which “pizza” is believed to represent a young female child, is known to federal and state law enforcement investigators as similar - if not identical to - a code set used by wealthy first world child traffickers.

  • We covered these emails and their purported meanings in-depth in our 8 minute documentary on the subject, which has since been scrubbed from YouTube and banned from being surfaced by Siri in the Safari search bar. A censorship-proof backup of the video on Bitchute has already been viewed approximately 211,000 times.

Wendy Davis’ daft coverage of Seaman and his lawsuit against YouTube is part of an ongoing, accelerating behavior set from journalists at large online media outlets. Months ago, as FULCRUM readers may remember, freshman The Hill writer Emily Birnbaum (from the purported Birnbaum DC lobbying family!) accused Seaman (who is Jewish) of being a possible white supremacist, with no basis for her claims. She also attacked his character and mental composure for believing in the Pizzagate scandal.

Within hours of her hit piece on The Hill being published, private researchers located a variety of disturbing posts in Emily Birnbaum’s social media past, including a baby (with no known biological or caretaker relationship to Birnbaum) with a terrified expression on its face, wrapped only in a soft taco or similar dough shell, in some kind of prep kitchen. Another photo in the same photo set from Birnbaum’s now locked down Facebook account showed a pet guinea pig, wrapped in aluminum foil, and with butter on its back - as if about to be placed in an oven of some kind. In a caption, Birnbaum expressed that the guinea pig’s situation made her “happy.”

FULCRUM’s founder David Seaman’s legal counsel has been notified of Wendy Davis’ erroneous reporting, and if necessary formal action will be forthcoming. Thank you all for your continued support.

For additional information:

  • Seaman v. YouTube, LLC et al (Court: Virginia Eastern Nature of Suit: 440(Civil Rights: Other) Judge: District Judge Henry E. Hudson)

  • Pizzagate is real, and implicates Democratic Party-linked lobbyists still in positions of great power in our society. According to DHS/ICE, child trafficking is a leading activity of transnational criminal organizations, and shortly before his death the conservative investigative journalist Andrew Breitbart via Twitter called out John Podesta as connected to underage human trafficking cover-up efforts.