Statement from David Seaman

Justice always comes for the arrogant.

Justice always comes for the arrogant.

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO, effectively destroyed my career. Looks like FULCRUM will be shutting down next month due to financial issues resulting from her deleting our 505 videos, and deleting our 162,000 subscriber base. Susan, enjoy everything ahead!

It's been a pleasure since FULCRUM launched in January 2017, and I want to thank everyone involved, from the contributors and researchers to the readers and smart audience. Also want to thank those who flew out from around the world for the FULCRUM two-day deep meet up in Denver, Colorado. That was special.

I'll be retaining my producer Missy for more sporadic video projects, as well as maintaining the weekly newsletter and paid podcast for existing subscribers.

Other FULCRUM operations will be mothballed, as we can't afford to continue. Google and Facebook banning discussions of crypto and banning advertisements for legitimate cryptocurrency companies has hurt my personal savings. These are dummies in a cult, and the push back from millions of us is going to be extraordinary. 60,000,000 of us own Bitcoin, and not one of us is giving up on the idea. Fuck the Rothschilds. Fuck the Federal Reserve.

And fuck Susan Wojcicki most of all:

"Additionally, their foundation: The Troper and Wojcicki Foundation is publicly inaccessible, it has NO website, address, or even a Board of Directors to view." Investigative article 1 of 7 on YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki and her weird DNA/blood data obsessed sister Anne Wojcicki. Susan, you and your husband at a minimum are going to prison. You fucked the wrong team. (Read the full article here.)

I interned at Gawker, remember. This scorned journalist still has a few tricks up his sleeve, as do my friends. You destroyed my startup, Susan Wojcicki. Our turn.