Gun Control Is Not The Issue

Honestly, the gun control debate could go on forever. We all want change, but why do we equate tangible change with the idea that Congress should pass more laws when criminals obviously don't follow them? 

I think a solution is much closer to all of us then we want to admit.


The reality is society is what has changed. Twenty years ago, most Americans went to church every Sunday, volunteered our time to clean highways, give time to youth activities, and were members of PTAs, soccer teams,  and involved In almost all aspects of our youth. 

As the cost of debt accelerated, school funding for such after-school programs has had its own effect on youth. Many after-school programs have costs associated with getting parents and kids involved.

But, despite even societal setbacks, we CAN change things. 

Even for FREE. 

That's right. Change can be as simple as a smile at a stranger. Helping an elderly lady load groceries in her car.  Paying for the next guys coffee at Dunkin. 

Social media has created an absorbed social mentality. Too often, we don't see the world around us as we see it THROUGH our phones. 

I challenge all of us to choose change. Put our phones, our filters, our cameras...down. 

Look around us. Is someone carrying 2 kids and needs a hand opening a door? Open the door for that woman. 

Do you see an elderly man crossing the sidewalk? Walk with him and ensure he crosses safely. 

Do you see a stranger having a bad day? Pay for their coffee in line at the store  

Do you see a mother struggling to find change as she checks out with groceries?  Offer to cover it. 

Change always begins with a ripple in a pond. Imagine the waves, that thousands of small gestures would add up to?

I challenge all of us to choose change.  Choose to commit one deed a day, no matter how small, as our reinvestment in society. 

I think, after all, change always begins with ourselves, not Congress, not the President, not even our own state elected officials. 

It begins with ourselves.  



Written By Fulcrum Contributor  @pink_about_it