The Modern Day Presidential

In today's world, everything is done on media platforms. From business, to consumerism, to even elections. 

The election of 2016 itself was a fast-paced battle of memes, tweets, and posts about each candidate. The outcome would have been vastly different without social media spreading across every platform. 

What if, in today's media world, even the art of war was solely won on a media platform? 

North Korea has been an existential threat for many years. But, in recent months, Trump's tweets foretell historical significance taking place. The tweets, which sent the media and world into a frenzy,  may have begun as the tweets that changed we know it.

Morning of January 2nd, tweets regarding North Korea and U.S. relations surface, with Trump hinting at change, implemented with sanctions and "other pressures" 


Hours later, the tweet that rocked the entire world, surfaces and became viral, immediately, with media going into absolute chaos.  


Did this tweet, change the course of relations with North Korea as we know it? 

Days later, North and South Koreans open the Olympics together in a historical unity of hands held together after the first time in 11 years.

Historic moment as Olympics begin on divided Korean peninsula

Fast forward to March, and Trump updates twitter verse with positive news regarding North Korea and progress being made. The fact that North Korea and South Korea unified for Olympics was just the beginning of historical events, which followed more talks of progress between US and North Korea relations.  


A few days later, Trump tweets about North Korea again, with North Korea talking about possible denuclearization agreements.


South Korean president Moon Jae-in credits Trump for the possibility of historical talks with North Korea in his own new year's press conference.

South Korea's Moon credits Trump with 'huge' contribution to North Korea talks

After news of a North Korea denuclearization summit hit the internet, even CNN hosts admitted that if this happens to work, Trump deserved big credit for his own efforts in getting the talks on the table. 

Trump's critics amazed, forced to praise him after tough talk brings North Korea to heel

Then, Trump's recent tweet about Kim's meeting with China's Xi, that he remains committed to denuclearizing and meeting Trump.


So, what does all of this mean? Is it possible that talks have already begun, as preparations are well underway for a summit between the two leaders? What if, we really do reach peace with the North Korean peninsula by the end of the year? 

If anything, Trump may well be the man who goes down in history as a modern-day presidential, who changed the world with a tweet. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt