David Seaman To National Press Club DC: "You're A Different Species!"

It's true. I believe, with every fiber of my being, Pizzagate is real. Our vetted mini-documentary on the subject was viewed more than 225,000 times before YouTube banned us, thus deleting that video, and the other 504 videos on our channel. The mini-documentary can still be found & watched on Bitchute here. We stand by our research, and the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta are genuine. He has not denied that. I believe members of the press in Washington tried to cover it up for the past year, and character attacked/gangstalked those of us who KNOW and cannot UN-KNOW.

I also strongly believe some members of that same "free" press are compromised by a wealthy pedophile ring. How does that feel? Is that what you freaks went to journalism school for? To deceive your fellow citizens, weaken your country, and coverup child rape rings for rich people? Absolutely pathetic. FULCRUM is going to eat these losers' lunches. They have verified blue checkmarks on Twitter, and not a thing else. Video not working?

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