Kanye West & TI Debate About Trump: Ye VS. The People

Kanye West is breaking the internet more than his own wife Kim Kardashian, ending a weeklong streak of tweets with a drop to his new song on kanyewest.com titled "Ye vs. The People". 

People's reactions ranged from anger from fans abandoning Kanye's new political stance, to admiration, with even a tweet from Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, who praised it as a next level genius of a song.


Others praised the cultural change taking place, as the song addresses the emotional impact that has taken place over the course of the year. 


Kanye West releases new song, doubling down on support for Trump

Kanye West & T.I. Debate Trump's Politics On "Ye Vs. The People"

The song was dropped ahead of his announcement of a new album coming up. After Kanye's pro-Trump tweetstorm, many celebrities unfollowed Kanye after he voiced opinions about Trump and societal relations among Americans.  


Kanye then tweeted that there is a silent majority of people. Silent for too long in light of the residual effects of a deeply divided nation after an emotional 2016 election. 

Is Kanye the new face of MAGA? I think Kanye's message is asking Americans as a whole to step back to realize that Trump is our President; put angry feelings aside, and work together as neighbors and friends. Kanye is asking Americans to come together and unify.  Come together and MAGA not because it's Trump's philosophy, but as a whole of good towards the future of America. Because of Kanye's stature, I think his message is one of importance since he is using his stature to be positive instead of negatively tweeting about things he doesn't agree with. 

Kanye's message is Love. Love people despite disagreements. Love people for their own opinions.  Love people as they are.  

It is refreshing to have a celebrity use their image to spread positivity after so many have spoken in a negative light. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt