Seaman's Deck: Bitcoin Thoughts, Will Trump Sweep Midterms, & More

Bitcoin has dropped down to US $7,407.10 per coin, in part due to news Bitcoin "price manipulation" is now under US investigation. Way to go, Jeff Sessions! First the good Attorney General focused his Justice Dept energies on literally indicting a canned tuna fish company for possible price rigging. Now, his department is honing in on Bitcoin prices. Big Tuna and Millennials Who've Done Alright From Bitcoin—the two great scourges of the West, and Sessions is tackling them both with profound passion.

Of course, back in reality, destroying the paper profit margins of every millennial on the Internet who holds Bitcoin (60 to 80 million people are believed to use Bitcoin), while continuing a regressive federal marijuana policy-set that is now behind that of both Canada and Mexico (!!!), all while keeping the spiritcooking Podestas and completely criminal Clintons free... in reality-land, a place we hear so much about in the District, hardworking "folks"—whoever those folks actually are, in reality-land—may take offense to an Attorney General focusing on canned tuna fish pricing and libertarian-leaning 24/7 Internet currencies, while granting some of the most despicable people to have ever surfaced from a WikiLeaks dump what appears to be total freedom in their nascent retirement years.

John Podesta is completely free, and even enjoyed a History Channel appearance recently. He also writes for the Washington Post as a contributor. For reference's sake, here's what his emails appear to have been referencing.

The Clintons, serial rapists and white collar criminals at a minimum, are completely free as well. The Clinton family was at a special "event" last night in New York City, paid event of course.

Meanwhile, Sessions focuses on the tuna fish and the Federal Reserve competing cryptocurrencies doing well.

That's not gonna sit well with an increasingly independent-minded, liberty mindset base. What is Pres. Trump thinking? Even as a diehard supporter, my growing distaste for Sessions—a man who seems to singularly personify the deepstate's callous indifference and perpetual lost sense of priorities—can't help but become attached to Trump's brand, tarnishing it. Why did Trump hire that loser? Why did he keep him for so long? And why does it seem impossible for Trump to extricate himself from the Sessions/Rosenstein spiderweb... Is Trump caught in the spiderweb? Does he just not care? Because at a certain point, from a mathematics perspective, the continued non-performance of Sessions and the DOJ is going to wear big time on Trump's ability to get anyone moderate to vote Republican in time for midterms.

The other side is admittedly terrible and disorganized, disheveled and lost. The sane people, if there were any, have long since left the Democratic Party building—leaving behind a thinned out and more zealous than ever herd of Clinton-era has beens. They're born losers, essentially, the wrong people at the wrong time—Swamp cut-outs desperate for another easy evil stretch like the Clinton 1990s, but they're just too old and Internet incompetent to hack it. That's the truth.

They've got the swagger, but they're old, and the numbers aren't there. The Democratic Party is the party of Soros and weird spiritcookers and Hollywood millionaires. It's no longer the party of the working class and the aspiring upper-middle classes, if it ever was, but I mean that today it is not even perceived as a working class party.

The Democratic Party has the marketing muscle of Tide laundry detergent, yet packs the stainfighting punch of a bottle of spring water. That's their problem: money, and media pipelines, but no soul and no sincerity and we see through it. They're spending big to promote milquetoast out of date SJW outrage culture.

Meanwhile, MAGA is putting money in the working classes' pockets again, and dignity. Rarely a week goes by without the President remarking publicly on the tenacity of our nation's coal miners, or the strength of the country's steel industry, or the persistent glory of the law enforcement community.

The Democrats are screwed. Yet, there's cause for concern.

Many moderates gave Trump a chance, and if they don't show up in full fleet numbers for midterms, the zealous wealthy Dems will get plenty of low information SJW-driven voters to lumber out to the polls and cast their votes for the existing crop of Democratic rot.

A stalemate for Trump is a loss, remember. He needs a packed pro-Trump House and neutralized or pro-Trump Senate to push his agenda effectively. To be sure, Sessions is Trump's problem, not the American people's, and patience from moderates for a DOJ that appears inconsistent and glacial is waning. That's just reality. Sessions' job performance is not enough to get moderates off the couch, while the other side can count on their low information horde.

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