Bitcoin Under Elitist Attack

New hit piece from The New York Times, suggesting Bitcoin's price last year was manipulated.


Nah--the entire financial system is manipulated, by the Rothschilds and a handful of other families.

Millions of us see through the facade, and we are sick of those families, and the rigged currencies they issue.

Bitcoin is mineable, meaning no free lunches. Bitcoins aren't created out of thin air, ever. Instead, they are created through a computer labor-intensive task known as "mining."

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Like gold and silver, no one person or organization controls the flow of Bitcoin. Anyone can mine for it, and anyone can use it.

Bitcoins are rare and capped: 17,091,012 Bitcoins exist in total as I write this post, and the software caps the total amount of Bitcoin at an eventual 21 million coins.

Bitcoins are disruptively easy to use: no bank required, no checkbook. All you need to know is the other party's Bitcoin address, and you can begin transacting with them in seconds.

FULCRUM has a Bitcoin wallet, for example.

You can send us funds just by knowing our wallet address, which is:


Different world ahead. You'll either be a part of it, and glad you are. Or you'll be bellyaching that you missed all the signs of that emerging different world. 

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