Helsinki Summit: A Media Meltdown

As Trump traveled to Helsinki to attend a summit with Putin, the media and liberals amped up a hashtag which trended quickly on Twitter. 

Dubbed #TreasonSummit, liberals had apoplectic tweets about the ordinary summit that every leader has taken since Reagan was President. In reality, even with Rosenstein's press conference ahead of the summit and the indictment of 12 Russians for interfering in elections, it was still emphasized by Rosenstein that NO Americans were involved. Indicating once AGAIN, as he did back in March, that Trump was cleared of any collusion charges.

White House: Russia indictment 'consistent' with claim of no collusion

Tweets from Obama administration's top ex-intelligence officials, the same individuals ensnared into the ongoing controversy surrounding a politicized FBI interfering in the election of 2016, were among the many. 


Super convenient, right? To have the same FBI officials who brought the questioning of integrity among the FBI, be the first to bark about Trump and his ordinary summit. Of course, media threw their own gasoline on the fire with partisan reporting. 

Democrats also piled on the remarks, such as Adam Schiff. 


Rand Paul was crucified for agreeing that diplomacy has to happen, without putting emotion into the mix, in order to have open communication and avoid a war. 


Geraldo Rivera called out the partisan press saying anything that Trump did would have been spun negatively no matter what. 


Scott Adams had his own humorous take in the whole summit, pointing out the persuasion laid out in the press conference. 


The reality is the media will always find something negative to say about Trump. But what about the 400 million dollars Russia paid into the Clinton campaign? Putin isn't to be trusted for sure, and everyone agrees that. But wouldn't that statement warrant discussion? An alleged 125k paid to Stormy somehow seems more of a bigger story because of Trump's name next to it. But put Trump's name next to that 400 million, the press would be covering it for the next two weeks. This is why media and its predictable outrage will not serve the Democrats well for midterms.


  Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt