Why Midterms Matter

On the heels of the summer season swinging into fall, midterms begin ramping up. Is it really a coincidence that big media began its banning rampage? Twitter began a new algorithm called the QFD ban, which not only coincidentally targeted conservative accounts, but even congressional conservative representatives. Jim Jordan, who recently announced his bid for House speaker, is just one of the many members speaking out against Twitter censorship. 

Twitter also suspended a prominent account of Gavin McInnes, his founded organization Proud Boys, and several members. Not only that, Mike Tokes' organization called the New Right, was banned along with the co-founder.  


To further expose the double standard among big media, Candace Owens reworded another Twitter account's racist tweet, word for word, and got immediately suspended for a few hours. Sarah Jeong, New York Time's new hire, posted several anti white tweets, which Twitter allowed to stay up. It's clear that healthy conversations are being decided with political bias. 


Facebook banned Alex Jones from their own platform, sparking outrage not only from a conservative standpoint, but created a martyr out of Jones, in which even liberals voiced their concern over the precarious edge of free speech among social media platforms. 


It's obvious at this point that big media is colluding to interfere with the midterms. I mean, it's just incredibly convenient that conservative accounts with thousands of followers are being banned behind algorithms, while less prominent liberal accounts with following counts as low as 500 are thriving without interference. Really, why do big media monopolies get to decide what is news, what is low-quality tweets or what is deemed to be sensitive content under a Christian's bible verse post? Where does the line blur so much that free speech in the age of media sets a dangerous precedent? It's a slippery slope when the tentacles of media monopolies get to control exactly what kind of content or knowledge even is acceptable for consumption in a free market. 

So what can you do? 

Vote. Get out in the midterms. Our livelihoods are at stake.  Free speech is already on a slippery slope. The biggest, most powerful statement you can make this fall in midterms is to vote exactly like your life depends on it. 

Because it does. 

Because if the midterms didn't matter, big media would never have felt the need to engage in active election interference. 


Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt