Time To Bring Down Jack Dorsey's Rigged Twitter


They're not letting us have a voice, in America. That is unacceptable. Jack Dorsey, FULCRUM is going to come after you with everything we've got.

Time to boycott this anti-American circus monkey who thinks mass censorship of Trump's supporters, in America, is acceptable. It is not.

I won't stand for it another millisecond.

Effective immediately, we have suspended our use of CashApp, because it is Dorsey's company. All Dorsey companies - Twitter, Square, and CashApp - should be boycotted by patriots.

When a coffee shop or retail store has the Square point-of-sale checkout, inform the clerk or store owner you'd love to make a purchase, but you'll take your business elsewhere - no support of this circus monkey's companies.

He wants to destroy the nascent independent media (us) through outrageous, un-American censorship. 

No thanks.

Expect more content here on FULCRUM, and less engagement with our audience on the rigged Twitter platform.

Don't use CashApp.

Don't use Square.

Don't use Twitter.

Delete or stop using your Twitter account; let the tweet volume fall, this will anger and frighten investors in Twitter. If you support Trump, your tweets aren't being seen anyway. "Quality filter ban," which FULCRUM's account was hit by, and then they suspended our automated account which only tweets out our articles.

Why should all of us support a failed and DISHONEST platform with our time?

You've been slowing the tidal wave of truth in America and around the world for quite long enough, Jack. Time to destroy everything you have ever built. Then, we get to work on personal accountability and make sure you spend a lot of time in federal prison. There was child pornography all over Twitter, you were told about it by thousands of us, and took no action on many of the accounts. Illegal and evil.

The storm is here. And this storm will hold nothing back.