Manafort: A Tale of Hypocrisy

Paul Manafort was recently convicted by a jury on 8 counts of tax fraud, mainly for failure to disclose foreign payments and falsification of records to enrich his lifestyle. 

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But what remains is the blatant hypocrisy of the justice system. Why does Paul Manafort get solitary confinement and 80 years over a tax fraud case while Tony Podesta, who worked closely with Manafort, get off scot-free with immunity? 

Never mind that Al Sharpton has not paid his own taxes, owing millions in back pay. If we are going to go after tax evaders, many others should be included. After all, everyone else is subject to equal justice under the law, right? 

For example, Imran Awan, who allegedly operated a spy ring out of Congress, gets three months supervised release after lying on loan applications. Imran Awan is also implicated in the role of missing servers and equipment from the DNC, none of which the media showed any interest in pursuing answers for. 

Then you have the question of the Clinton Foundation who has incorrectly filed taxes and refiled years of taxes because of "unreported donations". 

While the Clinton Foundation is now under scrutiny from a federal investigation, it stands obvious that pay to play schemes are bottomless in association with Hillary. Uranium One leaves a huge question mark next to it. WHY exactly was the uranium sale given in exchange for 145 million to the Clinton foundation? 

There also brings the question of congressional representatives. Dianne Feinstein, for example, is worth millions while on a salary of 170,000 a year. Nancy Pelosi, the same. Why are so many congress members worth far above their salary? The answer seems to indicate some obvious insider trading, given the cozy relationship to Wall Street. Should they also be investigated? I think that Congress members should be audited far more scrupulously, sure. Especially before and after leaving office. 

The reality is the Manafort trial was more of a mob mentality, in association to Trump hiring him for a short period of time on the campaign. Had Manafort not had his connection to Donald Trump, it is likely he would never have been under the thumb of Mueller's investigation. 

A juror after the trial, even admitted that she believed the trial was more about "getting Trump" by forcing Paul Manafort into a position to flip.  


It is obvious by now, that Democrat privilege is real, and equal application of the law doesn't exist, as the FBI has become a two-tier justice system. The blatant hypocrisy is what divides Americans, as the world sees the Mueller investigation as it is- a witch hunt. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor: @PinkAboutIt