Open Letter To Google's CEO

Hi, Sundar. Thanks for offering to help. Aside from banning my personal YouTube account, and later FULCRUM's company account, and deleting every single one of our videos off of your platform without notice or affording us the courtesy to make a back-up in any way, you seem unaware that your company's former chairman - Eric Schmidt - practically designed Hillary Clinton's entire online strategy, which is now coming under significant scrutiny in D.C.

Did you know that? Sundar, Eric Schmidt literally was photographed wearing a Hillary Clinton staffer badge, so close was he to the failed 2016 Clinton presidential run.

It's true, Sundar! Here, some pics:


M'lady! Clap for the good woman!

Totally not biased. I can see you're getting a little agitated, Sundar. Here, I'll put on a thing of fresh hot tea. Have a seat over there.

This might bother you even more: Schmidt sat next to George Soros and praised the old thing, way back in 2006, a distant dusty 12 years ago when your company was tiny and in need of establishment support to grow. Precious growth!

It's true, Mr. Pichai:

And until your censorship goons, I mean Quality Moderators, delete it from existence - the cozy interview between old Soros and Eric Schmidt is still available here for mere mortals to view:

Oh how the mighty will fall, young Sundar. You weren't born in America, so I won't belabor this point, but we Americans get very touchy about our Bill of Rights and specifically our First Amendment which many of our own ancestors died to protect.

So when you decide to shut off millions of people from their ability to express themselves and connect with the audiences they have built up over many years organically - especially when you do that to American companies, businesses with expenses to pay and contractors to reimburse - you are politically harming your fellow Americans, simply because you don't agree with their political preferences.

That is what is known in our country as un-American behavior, Sundar. It's not a specific legal term. It's an overarching spirit of the law and spirit of the country itself that every American - from janitor to software whiz, from broke to billionaire - understands at a deep gut level, and we have no tolerance for it.

Every American voice should be given a fair shot, not silenced in the throat before his or her words are even uttered. Yet by looking at your company's former chairman, his tainted politics, and his past - it is clear these cards were decided long ago, Mr. Pichai. And that is what we refer to as a rigged deck, a rigged game.

We deserve real answers, and real accountability from your company, Mr. Pichai - not the three months of weird silence from Eric Schmidt on Twitter, not the continued wave of utterly unacceptable bannings and shadowbannings your company is handing down, with no judicial oversight of any kind.

-David Seaman