Kavanaugh Confirmation: A Democrat Circus

As Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began his confirmation hearings, Democrats rolled out all the stops to block his confirmation. 

It began with tons of protesters sitting in on the hearing, some even dressed up as handmaids in red. 


Protesters disrupted the hearing each day,  adding up to over 200 arrests since the hearing began. 

A photo of a woman taking money, later got arrested during the hearings for protesting.  The photo went viral, bringing into question just how many protesters were paid to be there.  

The women dressed in handmaid costumes, were also discovered to be antifa in disguise. Nothing to see here, of course. Just another "organic" protest, courtesy of Soros and company. 

You would think the circus would have ended there, but Dianne Feinstein had a few dirty tricks up her sleeve as well.  

First, an attempt to make Kavanaugh look bad.  While he was surrounded by staff and law enforcement officers protecting him, an unknown male rushed toward Brett in attempt to shake hands. Brett refused of course, assuming the man was a protester. It turned out it was a father of a parkland shooting victim. Conveniently, it was Dianne who invited Fred Guttenberg to the hearing. 


Dianne admitted she invited him to the hearing in her own tweet, after some scrutiny arose around the spectacle. 


Kavanaugh clarified that he did not know who the man was, assuming he was a protester.  

Then, Cory Booker pretended to release classified documents that were already cleared for release by referring to it as his "Spartacus" moment. So brave. Is this a 2020 presidential tryout, or a hearing? No one can tell anymore. 

After that spectacle, Dianne suddenly announces she has a letter from a woman alleging an incident in which Kavanaugh had assaulted her during a high school party. 

Dianne apparently had the letter for awhile and only conveniently made it public that such a letter existed, just as Kavanaugh began his hearings. Not suspect timing, at all. Or that no one has seen this tactic before, such as when Roy Moore ran and allegations surfaced after 30 years. It smacks of desperation. House majority Whip John Cornyn said it best: 

Several women who were classmates and associates of Kavanaugh came forward defending Kavanaugh after Dianne's stunt. 

After all this, and the hearings are still going. Kavanaugh confirmation is concise proof of the absolute chaos and desperation the Democrat party is now reduced to. And even after all that, none of it reflects badly on Kavanaugh or Trump. In fact, Democrats are the gift that keeps on giving for Trump. 

Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt