Unsuccessful Elimination of Alex Jones, David Seaman, and PIZZAGATE From the Internet

FULCRUM founder David Seaman, whose team broke Pizzagate based on WikiLeaks emails.

FULCRUM founder David Seaman, whose team broke Pizzagate based on WikiLeaks emails.

My background is a sound one. I had a well-followed column at Huffington Post and a column at Business Insider before that. I was popular, intellectually disciplined, and often right on big topics — like the rise of Bitcoin, the election of Donald J. Trump, and Ethereum.

Days before the 2016 Presidential election in the US, I happened to be one of the first journalists to do a proper deep dive into John Podesta’s disturbing leaked emails, which were published on WikiLeaks.

Podesta, of course, was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman during the election, and as Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff was a well known Clinton orbiter in the DC political world prior to that.

The leaked emails showed an inappropriate level of closeness between Podesta personally and leading figures at major newspapers and entertainment television programs, including a personal social relationship of some kind with the very anti-Trump late night broadcaster Stephen Colbert.

Besides the ethically inappropriate collusion between a Democratic Clinton operative and supposedly independent arbiters of truth in our media, some of the Podesta family email exchanges appeared to show them bragging about torture, and making use of an extensive food-based code language. Pizzagate is called Pizzagate because “pizza” pops up repeatedly throughout the Podesta emails, in a non-literal context that can only be code of some kind.

This word is also known to law enforcement to be used by child traffickers, and serial abusers of children. “Pizza” is believed to be code for very young girl.

Pizzagate has nothing to do with the claim Hillary Clinton slaughters children in the basement of pizza shops in broad daylight—that was MSM-driven Fake News trotted out within days of Pizzagate going viral in leading research communities, we assume to muddy the waters and confuse the public. Shameful.

Now, given how erratic and vicious Hillary has been in the months since the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, frankly, who knows—maybe she does get off to slaughtering children en masse in DC pizza shops. Nothing about Hillary would surprise us at this point.

But that certainly wasn’t our claim, and it wasn’t the claim as far as I can tell of any other leading Pizzagate proponents, including Alex Jones and his Infowars network.

The simple reality is that the Clintons are monsters; Podestas and other Podesta-like families appear in their social orbit repeatedly, and also appear frequently employed by the Clintons.

The monstrosity of the Clintons and those in their social circle makes you wonder, who would fund such people? And all roads lead back to George Soros and the Rothschild family, as far as who funded the rise of the Clintons and their fake progressive Democratic party iteration.

From FULCRUM Research’s vantage, the Soros and Rothschild family are literally the wealthiest families on the planet, even eclipsing the wealth of little-known Asian and Middle Eastern billionaires we have looked into extensively, for contrast’s sake.

Compared to the Rothschild and Soros clans, all other families are merely mercantile successes. Merely successful merchants, still looking up to a multi-generational banking family that tried to weaken the United States’ financial sovereignty.

George Soros funds Media Matters, which has viciously ripped apart the careers, lives, and reputations of those who continue to research Pizzagate. Media Matters also targets anyone who criticizes the ambitions of the Soros family repeatedly.

The Rothschilds are chief funders of the Reuters and AP news agencies, as well as the listed publishers of The Economist magazine—a leading European financial publication which has been wildly anti-Trump and anti-MAGA at every step of the way. Now you know why.

And now you know why the Rothschilds and old Soros seem to escape much-needed public scrutiny—they own and bully the media through their surrogate organizations.

Must be nice!

But the problem for them is that Pizzagate is not going away, especially not any time before the US midterms, because it is demonstrably real, and the leaked emails are even admissible in court—if and when the Podestas are inevitably prosecuted for their alleged crimes. And those alleged crimes could lead directly back to the Soros and Rothschild families, who own and influence a lot of people, and a lot of things.

Apparently owning that much fiat currency really dements the mind within a couple generations. Thank God for beautiful, Illuminati-free cryptocurrency!

My personal YouTube had more than 11 million views last year in 2017, and this year they banned it and wiped all 505 videos on the channel without warning, some of which were not backed up anywhere else because YouTube was being rude and not letting us download archive versions of our own livestream interviews.

All unkindness is always repaid, that’s karmic law. YouTube, owned by Google, has unexpectedly harmed the lives and livelihoods of millions of law abiding Americans using their platform… simply because we don’t share their zealous, destructive globalist politics.

This year they also banned FULCRUM News’ company YouTube channel, which was devastating. We can no longer upload to Google or YouTube at all, while known Fake News purveyors and anti-Trump personalities who frequently criticize cryptocurrency are hoisted to the top of search results. It is inexcusable, weaponized bias.

Every single time our 8 minute long, legally vetted, rigorously fact-checked, professionally post-edited and produced mini documentary on Pizzagate is uploaded by anyone in the world to YouTube, it is pulled within minutes.

We don’t issue any of these takedown requests, and it’s our own content, wholly. Scary.

Thankfully, a censorship-proof high quality version of it is available to view anytime on Bitchute, click here. (That version has already surpassed 140,000 views, thank you!)

Within hours of Alex Jones bringing up Pizzagate again on his network, he was banned across leading US social media platforms—Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter axed him within days of the initial banning.

I only had 11 million views last year on YouTube. Alex Jones’ Infowars had garnered billions of views at the time it was banned and deleted.

His multi-million dollar media company, how will that continue?

FULCRUM DC’s honest newsgathering operation, how will that continue?

I don’t have all the answers. I just report the facts. The Podestas are monsters, this cover-up has absolutely failed, and pretty soon the American public is going to demand these degenerates pay for their alleged crimes, and their sloppiness.

If you want my views and the research from my team, we’re still operating, please get the newsletter and podcast. Keeps us funded and it’s the best way around the multi-platform censorship for the time being. Thank you very much.

One more thing, if Pizzagate is fake in any way, why did General Flynn (from his Verified account), tweet the following just days before the 2016 Presidential election:

The truth is… everywhere.

The truth is… everywhere.