Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and ZCash: 2019's Crypto Majors

The ever-less-mainstream media, which parrots the views of the establishment fiat financial oligopoly, continues to give cryptocurrency markets less than their fair shake, in our view.

When cryptocurrency markets pull back - corrections being a natural part of economics, they do from time to time pull back - it is always hailed by the Rothschild/Soros-influenced press as the end of the cryptocurrency world.

This theme has now been played out countless times in the decade since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, launched. From Mt. Gox to regulatory hurdles to contentious software forks, each conquerable challenge was re-branded as Total Irreversible Calamity by the people who stand to lose the most from the rest of us going peer-to-peer on the issue of money creation, and maybe on the issue of Internet content as well.

Disastrous - for them. Fun - for us.

Despite the apocalypse theatrics, when you look at the growth in userbase and even growth in fiat price, crypto is doing just fine. The nerdy, but interesting video below - which shows off what was, at the time, reportedly the largest Ether mining facility in the world - was released when Ether was “just under $10.” Today one Ether is $106.27, a more than 10x increase in value since that mining video was released.

Similarly, where is the actual Bitcoin apocalypse we keep hearing about? In January 2017, one Bitcoin could be bought for less than $1,000. Today, one Bitcoin goes for $3,421 as of writing this. Bitcoin alternatives Litecoin and ZCash, a privacy-focused currency, have also seen substantial gains during a similar time frame. Don’t buy the hype, but don’t buy the fear porn either. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and many here in Washington, DC follow it enthusiastically.


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