Cali Hit With Strongest Quake In 20 Years; Bitcoin Back Above $11,000

It seems we get everything right here at FULCRUM.

Called those Cali quakes repeatedly over the last couple months, and here we are: yesterday's rattler was the strongest earthquake in Southern California in 20 years, AP reported (

And it may only be the beginning. Seismic activity is cyclical and I don't think we have necessarily seen the crescendo yet. Speaking of crescendos, though! Cryptocurrency markets breathed a sigh of relief as the world's largest and first crypto, Bitcoin, climbed back above US $11,200 on exchanges this morning. Second place crypto, Ethereum, trades at around $292 right now.


Yesterday's fireworks celebration and aerial flyover was unlike any prior Independence Day, it was phenomenal to watch. Even Trump critics here in DC sang his praises yesterday for organizing a truly impressive, patriotic, and mostly violence-free national celebration.

Now, with that celebration behind us, we'd like people to focus on demanding indictments again. Why are Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and everyone around them still free? As long as they're free, we are not. This two-tiered justice system is not acceptable, a Clinton or Podesta are not royalty, and they should be subject to the same laws as all the rest of us in this great nation.

I do regret that my insistence on prison time for Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta, has estranged me from many in the MAGA movement. Trump is a rockstar, and his family are divinely inspired patriots of the highest order.

Yet, many around him at the moment don't do much for me. B-team at best. If you're afraid to rock the boat by calling out (literally) Satanic globalism, and its operatives, then you're not listening to the base. They chant "Lock Her Up!" in their sleep at this point.